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Southern Ohio here

Hell yeah

Gauze sponges are cheap and can easily be bought in bulk

Trying to keep the word spreading

Those Canik's are nice. I have one

I love my Canik as well, though I like my Glock 17 more

When it comes to cheap radios, steer away from "Onn" brand. They're trash

If Duncan had succeeded in finishing, we wouldn't be in the situation we are currently

^ those are great ideas

I've been trying to get my group to do some things for our local community as well

Organizing around the neighborhood, offering to help senior citizens get groceries delivered, etc.

I found that the Motorola T465's are awesome. Multiple ways to charge them, 35 mile range, around $85 for two of them. There's multi-packs up to 8 and 10 on Amazon I believe.

Cincinnati here

That plate's epic, but those rifles look super nice

That white finish is pretty sweet

Very nice. I run 5.56 for my rifles, but my next one will be a .308 with a bipod and leupold scope

Very nice

What's your current favorite handgun?

I want a Hudson H9 so bad! My dream handgun currently would be the Walther Q5 SF. Of the ones I own, my Glock 17 is probably my favorite, but I really enjoy my Canik TP9SFL as well.

My Glock is a Gen 4, I love the finger grooves. I'm not as much of a fan of the Gen 5's, but I do like the flared magwell

That's an amazing deal

I'm super close to Kentucky. An outdoor range get-together would be awesome

I work in Cincy as well

I've got some awesome friends in northern KY in Covington

Covington sucks lol

BCM is super nice. I also really like Aero though. Both are great quality

What's up Ohio family? How's everyone doing today?

That sucks. I didn't see it either

Doing good. Wearing new body armor at work today, so just breaking it in

What are you getting?

Hell yeah!

Nice. I mostly only save up 9mm and 5.56, but I also keep some .22LR on hand

I should get more buckshot for my Mossberg, but I don't run it often

I love the Cobra belt clips. I need to get one. I currently am just running a 5.11 duty belt with the velcro inner belt and keepers, but the Cobra belts look so much nicer and is much better than having a plastic clip.

5.11 makes a Cobra belt in Nylon, I thought about going that route. I use mostly all 5.11 gear.

Damn I think it's the machines running that hot that's contributing to your overheating though

Try wearing the n95 masks and full body armor in an armored truck with no A/C all day

Dude, using a shitter with a vest and drop leg holster on sucks

Vertical Coffins- You Should Have Ran (Official Lyric Video)

!play Vertical Coffins- You Should Have Ran Official Lyric Video

Unfortunately it requires both, but that's the sacrifice

As well as what we choose to die for ๐Ÿ‘

We are a family

It would definitely be used as an excuse for some to try to implement more control

Unless they get the point

Good Morning

For base camp water filtration options, there's also the "Big Berkey water filtration". Has anyone checked those out?

The Sawyer mini is essential for individual backpacks, and I've been looking into getting a Big Berkey for base camp

Also for great fire pit/cooking options for base camp, has anyone checked out "Solo Stove"?

We have one and it's pretty amazing. Distributes heat nicely and it's semi-portable. There's a smaller camp-size portable option

The Sawyer Mini filters quite a bit more water than the LifeStraw, I would recommend the Sawyer

These are amazing ideas

What's everyone's opinion on B.A.D. Levers? Worth using or no?

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