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Silicon valley

How many times you break it?

Emergency Broadcast channel, so I don't end up muting everything and not hearing about the happening.

Duncan was working on it

But now we need it more than ever

Can we tap into the Sanctuary movment?

Of course, but what can we accomplish in person that we cant get done right now? These are not small movements to close our gaps

Well our halfway point from San Jose to San Diego is Bakersfield

That's 4 hours south for me, 4 north for you

I'm down for that, flights are cheap.

I'll get you guys up to Eldorado county where we can meet some NV bois

Were missing a few states

Alska, Idaho, etc


Can I share thus server on a wide scale?

I got 1000 people I can share this to

@me when you get around to it

I help mod a Duncan page


we screen

Alright man, but after seeing todays failures of communication, we desperately need something.

Your SOS board is exactly what we need

Just need a way to blow it up

Were gonna make it happen, one banner to unite us all.

I'm working to it

Perfect, he's already a vet

Got it

Response time check
Reply when you read

Anyone got a member count?


Set it so you can help your brothers

Bring me goodies from the south

Stock up on shit, I got people near LA

Any LA people?

Getting lit, watching anime.

Where you from man?

Hey guys, gonna be protesting in Morgan hill today

Should go smooth

Should be about 30-25 person march near the courthouse

Haha, probably not. Its pretty lame imo, but we're getting a good response

Got a bro up there

Hey boys

We got a sizzler in Morgan hill that wants to open aginst state order

Need people ready for a trip to Morgan hill soon

Sizzler wants to open its doors

Yep, I need some dudes down for the cause.

It's in progress right now, I'm indirect contact with owner

@[CA] SoyBoi yes sir, keep your ears on

@[CA] SoyBoi
I know foothill ammo in Cameron park has it in stock

Jesus, every day it's getting closer

Hey guys, who's the go to guy for pre-made ifaq and stop the bleed kits

Nah it's good to go, they just got a supply problem

Most wear III+ or IIII

22-250 SWIFT FTW

Need goon kits for 1 medium male, 5'10 175lbs

1 male 6'4" 350lbs

Ca shipped

I knew you were online

Make friends and get them in the group

Where you from?

2020-05-06 13:44:34 UTC [Citizens Liberty Organization #🪕memes]  


What's your price?

Let me ask the buddies, will you knock the price down for some trades?

What kinda memes we talkin

Anyone got a Sword?

Definitely need a meetup

Assuda bro

How yall feel about gaybois in the boog?

Untapped potential imo, the government has not been very kind up until these recent years.

I'm in san Jose

Lot of dudes are from LA and SD tho

Video game music is mostly cringe

But this

So what should I tell my frosty friends to do in this time of crises?

2020-05-11 20:10:54 UTC [Citizens Liberty Organization #ohio-news]  

They did it here I cali, its bullshit the test hurts too.

2020-05-11 20:11:06 UTC [Citizens Liberty Organization #ohio-news]  

*in cali

Its eh

put it in berk.b

forget about it

bitcoin, Probably see a return on that in a year



I too take drugs

Who's willing to do trades?

Anyone got some build kits? PM me

Look at how many fucks I give. <:emoji_15:709929011090030622>

Anyone know a MoA ar 15 upper I can buy?


Lol, yeah fuck the zucc, but it's good to link up with people. Were all spread out so much.

San jose here

FUCK this goddamn state

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