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2020-04-27 23:42:46 UTC


2020-04-28 02:22:33 UTC


2020-04-28 02:43:59 UTC

@Dejectedhook04 AD or vet?

2020-04-28 02:45:58 UTC


2020-04-28 02:49:20 UTC

@Bob Dole vet dd214 life

2020-04-28 02:51:52 UTC

@Dejectedhook04 ayyyy SFMF. How long you been out?

2020-04-28 02:52:51 UTC

1 year in June! And raaah bro

2020-04-28 02:53:36 UTC

So you escape the ninja punch or are you a real muhreen

2020-04-28 03:06:21 UTC

@Bob Dole lol I didn't make e4 until I hit my 4 years and 1 month in
I didn't drink for almost the whole time I was there.
but the times I did was 2 particular times

2020-04-28 03:06:32 UTC

the time I went to Mexico with my sgt and his PFC girlfriend

2020-04-28 03:06:38 UTC

And another when i drank everclear

2020-04-28 03:07:18 UTC

Ayy. NorCal here

2020-04-28 03:13:30 UTC

@Dejectedhook04 oh hell no I was drunk anytime I wasn't deployed but things were a bit more up tempo when I enlisted in 06. Got my first NJP about 3 weeks after I got back from my first pump lol

2020-04-28 03:14:26 UTC

@530_hound that's hella cool

2020-04-28 03:16:00 UTC

@Bob Dole I honestly don't remember typing that haha. I've been up for almost 48 hours so that could be it

2020-04-28 03:17:35 UTC

@530_hound lmao no worries

2020-04-28 05:36:30 UTC

From the Valley here

2020-04-28 06:11:19 UTC

Anyone near San diego

2020-04-28 12:56:59 UTC

Silicon valley

2020-04-28 14:04:45 UTC

@KJTR bout an hour away and in contact with another down that way

2020-04-28 16:49:56 UTC

From the valley here

2020-04-28 17:31:13 UTC

Okay so we have @Bob Dole , myself and @KJTR nearby in Socal, would you valley gents also drive a bit to meet up?

2020-04-28 17:36:14 UTC

Of course, but what can we accomplish in person that we cant get done right now? These are not small movements to close our gaps

2020-04-28 17:37:36 UTC

@P. At the very least being able in person will help build up our community and allow us to speak plainly

2020-04-28 17:38:02 UTC

F2f communications are 100% still the best way to do things uncompromised

2020-04-28 17:38:20 UTC

I myself have met 2 other boog bois in CA and 1 in Arizona

2020-04-28 17:38:43 UTC

I've done some range time with 2 of them and plan to do some range time with the other
baby steps

2020-04-28 17:39:39 UTC

Well our halfway point from San Jose to San Diego is Bakersfield

2020-04-28 17:41:06 UTC

That's 4 hours south for me, 4 north for you

2020-04-28 17:56:58 UTC

I think we should get the boys down here together for bbqs, range days, whatever and the northern boys should do the same. We can plan bigger meets with both groups for funs but honestly if shit kicks off I don't think we would be operating together anyway- that's one issue with California is just the sheer size of it necessitates breaking down via region

2020-04-28 18:00:32 UTC

I'm down for that, flights are cheap.

2020-04-28 18:01:19 UTC

I'll get you guys up to Eldorado county where we can meet some NV bois

2020-04-28 18:49:57 UTC

Definitely down for that

2020-04-28 19:17:41 UTC

I'd love to check out the nv boys lol
and as for us southern bois
Myself and a buddy were planning on a shoot sometime soon
it will be great to network

2020-04-28 20:05:40 UTC

@Dejectedhook04 lemme know. Got a dockworker in SD who's been wanting some range time, and I always appreciate a good pull

2020-04-28 21:58:33 UTC

@Bob Dole 100 true. Thats why there is a debate on dividing up charlie company into a new delta company

2020-04-28 22:22:18 UTC

I live in newman kinda inbetween everyone

2020-04-28 22:28:23 UTC

@KJTR not sure if it should be 2 or 3 companies honestly. Central covers a lotta ground too.

I guess it'll depend on how many of us spring up and if theres enough demand for a central co

2020-04-28 22:29:25 UTC

my company broke down the state by area broke it down into 9 areas. might be a good way to get some organization here

2020-04-28 22:29:42 UTC

They did it for the farmers

2020-04-28 22:30:41 UTC

And honestly just a heads up theres no water there but I5 right near me the hills are for sale. a couple hundred acres for about 600 thousand

2020-04-28 22:31:47 UTC

its cow grazing land but if you can drill deep enough the water is there

2020-04-28 22:36:40 UTC

@thiefs_magic would you have a copy of that region map? As of right now I think 9 is way more than needed but would be good to have that for reference if we have enough people to justify that. As if right now we only have what, 9 or 10 guys in the state?

2020-04-28 22:37:21 UTC

yeah i can get one on thursday when i go into the office

2020-04-28 22:38:05 UTC

and yeah that does seem like a lot for the amount of people. but just in case membership increases

2020-04-28 22:47:13 UTC

Never a bad call to have a readily agreed upon region disbursement in place *before* its needed. We can even look at that map and set up phases implementation as needed too

2020-04-28 22:58:47 UTC

Hella. Check out california malitia company devisions they already have it chopped up.

2020-04-28 23:00:35 UTC

California dreaming amirite

2020-04-28 23:03:51 UTC

@KJTR you mean the "official" california militia?

2020-04-28 23:05:58 UTC

@KJTR yeah the one i have breaks it up by orchards in california

2020-04-28 23:13:27 UTC
2020-04-28 23:27:08 UTC

I must be blind because I am not seeing a region map. Closest I see is their companies with a city list that could be superimposed over a map to get a region list. But 2 or 3 of their companies don't have anything listed

2020-04-29 08:31:39 UTC

I’d fall under dog company

2020-04-29 14:34:44 UTC


2020-04-30 00:13:46 UTC

Dirty 530 here

2020-04-30 02:40:44 UTC

530 here

2020-04-30 02:54:51 UTC

Fuck that's close

2020-04-30 03:52:02 UTC


2020-04-30 03:52:21 UTC

Anyone going to the open California protests Friday?

2020-04-30 06:35:03 UTC

I might. Likely not tho.

2020-04-30 13:30:14 UTC

I'm going to the San Diego one. Looking for brothers to join me or to be in the area for QRF

2020-05-01 01:03:01 UTC

don't forget your gloves and medical mask

2020-05-02 02:34:53 UTC

Response time check
Reply when you read

2020-05-02 03:20:34 UTC


2020-05-02 03:20:51 UTC

Not like I've got notifications on tho

2020-05-02 03:21:12 UTC


2020-05-02 03:21:50 UTC

Set it so you can help your brothers

2020-05-02 04:41:12 UTC

Moving to Cali this year any advice

2020-05-02 04:45:25 UTC


2020-05-02 04:53:12 UTC

Any LA people?

2020-05-02 04:53:40 UTC

I don’t have a choice

2020-05-02 06:20:16 UTC

Sup yall

2020-05-02 06:23:33 UTC

Getting lit, watching anime.

2020-05-02 07:00:40 UTC


2020-05-02 07:01:33 UTC

Where you from man?

2020-05-02 07:23:55 UTC

My notifications are off and in shit at communicating lol but I'm here

2020-05-02 07:24:10 UTC

Will check in every couple of days

2020-05-02 07:49:22 UTC

@P. riverside m8

2020-05-02 13:35:00 UTC

2020-05-02 17:22:07 UTC

Damn nice to see I'm not the only one in Cali!

2020-05-02 17:24:37 UTC

I'm in Sac, anyone nearby? I also travel around to Fresno/Tulare county at times

2020-05-02 17:32:01 UTC

Hey guys, gonna be protesting in Morgan hill today

2020-05-02 17:32:10 UTC

Should go smooth

2020-05-02 17:33:38 UTC

Nice! Any idea on what the turn out will look like ?

2020-05-02 17:35:04 UTC

Should be about 30-25 person march near the courthouse

2020-05-02 17:35:32 UTC

Nice, good luck? Yell gonna luvestream or anything?

2020-05-02 17:36:14 UTC

Haha, probably not. Its pretty lame imo, but we're getting a good response

2020-05-02 17:39:36 UTC

Nice, I would love to go but hall are a bit out of the way for me lol

2020-05-02 20:55:11 UTC
2020-05-03 00:29:58 UTC

Just saw this lol

2020-05-03 02:56:57 UTC

Seabee base. My wife is an EO. I’m out now I was a BU. I’m a welder now

2020-05-03 02:57:12 UTC
2020-05-03 03:02:07 UTC

Ah. I may be moving that way too, depending on this whole covid shit.

2020-05-03 03:06:18 UTC

I liked Seabees

2020-05-03 03:33:38 UTC

Hey boys

2020-05-03 03:34:05 UTC

We got a sizzler in Morgan hill that wants to open aginst state order

2020-05-03 03:37:53 UTC

Good, heard that the governor is saying "days" instead of "weeks/months" to start opening up as well

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