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guys, I am about to start the reading Of "Atlas Shrugged"

After that It will be "Mein kampf"

@Big Al the Exquisite Meme Man Still would like to read it, lol thanks for the heads up tho-
@Lawrence of Eurabia I shall

I agree with you, let us be real here. they could give less of a crap about blacks and gays, they just use them to enforce their agenda. I mean, LBJ said it himself "If we pass this bill, we will have the n*ggers vote for 200 years" and each act not only violated the constitution, but also the states powers. and with the gay wedding cake, it just shows their is a huge bias against Christians, did they go to a muslim bakery? they drove past 100+ bakeries just to go to this one specific Christian Bakery, and violated the first amendment of "freedom of religion" why did they make such a huge fuss when they could have gone to one of the other hundred bakeries they frove past? and Fags want gov't because they know what they are doing is wrong lol.

tbh would prefer Israel over Muslim nations

(((Trump's stance)))

fellas, what are your thoughts on Mcdonald VS Chicago?

Boys, get the IQ charts out

Slavery is their biggest tool and our greatest demise.

If the South won we wouldn't have much unity

@Bean of Texas I'm sorry, but the language thing is invalid. I'm pretty sure we would need a national language first.

@TraitorGG we should, before it is too late lol.

^ I have seen an argument about that and it is more of an emotional appeal claiming "It's unfair to our high hispanic population"

Precisely, granted the argument revolved around education and should we fund far more bilingual classes. But that was still the talking point. Honestly, instead of Spanish why not Latin? lol.

I hate it how we cater to an invasive population that hasn't truly benefited us.
"Guys look, MS-13 gangs! love the enrichment!"

"Hey stupid gringos! Viva el Mexico! Wait, no I don't wanna go back!"

On the topic of the left, I find it hilarious that they
1.) Support a religion that opposes equality, Homosexuality and females. A movement that believes there is no Gender, and a movement centered around gender equality.
2.) Want to give a single individual unlimited power

They see them as votes, and minorities cannot see that. I find that depressing

We need our propaganda, either takeover YouTube or something else in the least.

and people are foolish enough to listen and obey, as long as their concerns are met.

In all honestly our Common ground should be the Constitution

"If we pass this bill, we will have the N*ggers vote for 200 years"~ Multiple sources of what LBJ said before passing the bill

He was usually naked

He was one of our worse.

And now, after studying up on Abe. I feel as if he cucked big time with the 14th amendment

Sure Abe did some good, but the 14th allowed for states to abuse their power

I also love it how I used to believe everything Public schools would say. Then I actually started reading and realized how much propaganda is stated.

I was raised Liberally, and I remember the first actual redpill moment I had was when my social studies teacher she is voting Hillary because she would be the first female president, and I thought "Wait, that's not right." and I became awakened.

my mother was definitely Liberal. But as soon as I began studying and saw the other side, I gradually became far more Conservative. I live in New england. So I'm surrounded by lefties.

I used to be a CIVNAT, then I met James's YouTube channel

@David Darnell - MT True, I used to be more cucky would have been a far better way of articulating it. Any place with Different Cultures tend to lead to violence and chaos.

40 pushups in either 36-46 seconds, either way... Getting back in shape

>Implying being pro white is white supremacy

ahhh, the average Moderate Cuckservative. in its natural state

National socialism ruined fascism in certain regards.

Nice to hear

Was I just roasted?

dropped harder than he was as an embryo

David Hogg already gave up his guns, look at his biceps

eradicate equality with the truth'

Conservatives (I am conservative but would fit more align with traditionalist) need to grow some balls, I feel like they forgot what it means to CONSERVE

Conservatives play defense far too much, they let the left steer America into something that isn't America. We need to start taking ground back.

ew, Anarchism


Did you join a party?



Eradicate commies

Anarchists follow a misleading and intellectually incorrect philosophy.

>Uses same exact quote I said

USSR's economy was trash compared to Nazi Germany's. Its living conditions were far lower too

>USSR beat them because they were being supplied with capitalist weapons and goods
>USSR lost 20 million to the Nazis, nazis on both fronts lost 5.6 million
>Hitler made a few mistakes but still was technologically superior

>Finns sided with the fash
>Italy's military was lead by incompetent leaders
>Italy still controlled most of Africa
>Soviet's at peak couldn't handle a few afghani's

Communism economically failed, Fascism was doing far greater than an commnist nation

Communism failed in 1991

Nazis were bombed by dozens of allied countries, USSR naturally collapsed


Eradicate commies

Eradicate commies, send them crying to their mommies

Well... Afghani rebels destroyed the commies...

>Admits race exists

>It-it isn't because of IQ
> Same amount of time, Europeans destroyed Blacks

Fascist action, we take matters first because we care.

>Involuntary child servitude (Commies)
> Maybe we don't want children to get molested and their mind warped? (Fascists)

Bigot reeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Conservatives need to get goin' lol

marxism anything= big gay


No one likes Anarchists

they have big gay

Oi vey goys

We are the only one's with unity

isn't Anarchy about individualism? how can we have unity with only individualism and nothing to align around?

>Anarchists with a leader

well, the fascist's are always open

Flanon is our temporary leader
American Nationalist is second in command

gee wiz

Fascism is beautiful, it is an art form, it is an inspiration, it is a beautiful philosophy

The end game of everyone is to take control, we are the only ones who understand control.

Conservatives and fascists share a decently similar world view

we both wish to have social order, and believe in tradition. do we not?

define 'us'?

and the average citizen is feeble minded, are they not?

they prefer pleasure over need

Mob rule by the weak is a truly dangerous thing. Even Alexander the great feared this.
Commies are disgusting

Conservatives, Fascists, Libertarians and all Right wingers must unite in a combined effort to destroy a common threat, the commies.

Join the Fascist party

Fascism is the only one who uses natural forces that are at play and takes it into accordance^

free shit until everyone doesn't make free shit

All oppressed groups will eventually starve under communism

^Except commies did

In far larger numbers

they both did, but Commies killed people in far larger numbers.

Y'know you could turn it around?

What have I missed lol


"How do you tell a Communist?
Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin.
And how do you tell an anti-Communist?
It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin."

>Getting personality and gender mixed up


Smash commies, send them crying to their mommies

that came out wrong

Centrists big gay

Centrists= Cuck with no opinion
Anarcho- anything= Fools with no understanding on the state and history
Marxists= goys who have no grasp on history and economics
Liberals= Need I say more?
Libertarians=No social values?

Fascists are the only ones with a true grasp on how the world works

China's government only controls around three percent of the industry lol

Whenever given the chance, the weak (Majority, unless changed) will ALWAYS go for pleasure rather than going for what is truly needed


for the final 2 parties, will there be some sort of Q/ A or Debate type thing?

yes, it'd be really good. Lol

>Inferring we are cucks



>Backs out of debate
>Gives up
> @Adoring Fan probs

Too suspicious, he probably is a fascist in disguise lol

?roleinfo Nationalist

This series scared me to death as a kid
Also the dad is a chad

Why don't we have a signature color and nod we give to each other. Or we could borrow Identity Evropa's symbol

Signature color in a similar fashion more or less. we could obviously use the diamond triangle for IdE or we could do something different. Like a white sweatshirt etc.

2018-10-17 23:42:29 UTC [Red Storm Official #customs]  

Can't too young
For Ideology, there's Right wing, There's conservative, there's Authoritarian/Monarchist. Then there is me.

2018-10-17 23:42:41 UTC [Red Storm Official #customs]  

I can elaborate further.

2018-10-17 23:44:40 UTC [Red Storm Official #customs]  


1.) these are estimates
2.) Growing
3.) Illegals cross all the time, they could have a lot more than we even realize. Think about all the Illegals we have currently residing in America, the one's we know of. Now, Imagine a ballsy group not just supporting them financially but literally walking through. People get encouraged and then maybe not follow the march, but join in on it all by sneaking in with multiple, but scattered groups.

My uncle is gay lmao

Anyone else bothered with PragerU's recent video telling us to support Israel?
Or how they attempt to tell us IdPol is bad by using a black female conservative?

^ Sad to see many of my friends support such a channel

Glad to see many others who have started to question it.

We should view pragerU in the same light we view 'NowThis'. Or at the very least, hold them in the same realm

Well, that is a better way of putting it. Rather than put them in the 'Same realm'.
But most of the time, they don't help at all.

Sure, they make good points here and there, but in the end they are no different than most.

Deus vult gang

niggas really be existing today

Someone JQ me pls

Woah! So, now we should go send Israel money! haha I see it now, only culture matters! and the left are the real nazis!

Remember when all the Trump loyalists Sided with bombing Syria?

Now they are siding with pulling out?

Literally incapable of independent think.

Who made the first holocaust joke?

Was it an SS soldier who saw a jew being put in the oven and just gave out a single "ha."

next person to comment is a Jewish man

Yo, can someone spare a few shekels,

Why do I find this funny


Zoomer = Gen Z?

Welp, Zoomer nation rise up

Wanna bring back Latin?

Aperta hac nocte oculis somnum uno nigga

Illa non realiter niggas parata est scriptor reditus Romam

Fight me nigga

I know how to run

next person to comment got beat up by me.

haha lol this nibba rlly fell for the b8, lol XD Im dying rn lololoxdxd

ill bench your doritos

lmao moms really be taking expiermental drugs in the 70's and got fucked up kids.

they was born with hands 4 feet

What if we declared that Muhammad was gay

What would the muslims do?

Woah, then. . . do we Jihad the guy who started Jihad?

Holy crap guys

Make Muhammad gay and alienate Islam from the rest

lil grich is my spirit animal

Could it be a future template? lol

JROTC nigga here, can confirm we Americans can do this better.

some niggas somewhere really got coal.

ty orange man

Don't let them change what it is called.

Guys can Trump get an "I love you"

Bigthink: Get each ethnic group (50 males, 50 females, single, some old, many in their prime) and divide them by Ethnic group and drop each in a secluded space and see who can do the best within a 1 year timespan.
Then, get a diverse group and toss them in their own area and boom!
show the world what really works.

Anti federalist gang wya?

Top ten JQpill's in Anime history


Lol, welcome to survival of the fittest motherfuckers

lmao, Christcucks trying to deny Idpol

I only use certain words if someone is deserving of it, and quite frankly, the lad I encountered is someone deserving of such a title.

Call me a goofball again

Because if you do

You are just a boomer

I'll make you eat my xans so you can suffer with the rest of zoomers

wtf why wasn't Erwin Rommel Chosen to be Kaiser

fact: You can't be greek without being 30% Albanian

White names rise up

Stfu, thinking you colored names are important n' shit

Just fucking wait

Wait until the rest of the white names get active

Wait until us white names get ahold of your children

Then we'll see what happens

That's what you think

Listen here fellow European, there is a thing called the sewers, okay Colored name gang?

we'll just starve and slip through

The hero we need, but don't deserve.

lmao imagine failing at the African front

Saw some muslim yelling at someone for buying Ham (I think) Today.
That was cool

Muffins tasty

Don't go disrespecting Emus like that

>claim to be God's chosen people
>Crucify his son

Who the fuck took the first black pill

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