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Can I join the communist party

You can join parties or you can join the Party™

What about centrists

One centrist.

Oh. The Conservative party 🤮

Fuck the state!

I don’t need to answer your questions, statist!

Pretty much.

The state is controlling you all

Death to you, fascist!

Oh this is gonna be fun

I can’t coalesce with the god damn statists

That’s why I’m fucking here

Cause it’s a meme

Maybe I’ll turn to socialist

Or commie

But libertarian is too close to what I actually am so that’d be boring

Ooo I like that better

Red is commie but also fashy

Maybe dark red can be fashy

Blue is too close to socialist

No that’s anarchism

Cause of ancaps are black and yellow and ancoms are black and red

Maybe conservative and socialist should switch

Since capitalism is yellow

And blue is Democrats and they’re basically socialists.

Com has to be red though

Or you’ll get reers


Mostly red.

Tiny bit of yellow

No libertarians green for weed

And it won’t be for long!

We need enough people to have real voting blocs

What about non-Americans?


There will be no power!


Except Maryland and Delaware

Delaware should be northeast, Maryland southeast

I’d vote for FL(((anon)))

But I’m the leader of the Anarchist Party

David Hogg is a statist.

Taxation is slavery

Greater Ireland

Greater Isle of Manx

Same thing

Greater France.

New Colorado

Fuck the NCR!

Jefferson please

New California doesn’t work

How about New New York?


“Nig nog”

What does that mean?

Niggy niggy?


Negro head

Because the Rockies are a massive area

The Appalachians don’t really have whole states

They’re close enough

Also, the Appalachians are over the southeast and northeast

Rockies is perfect

That would include the Southwest though

Call it Rockies

A negro head?

I deserve African American privileges if that’s the case

Too complicated

Hell naw

That’s a paradoxical statement

In a true state of the people, it would be owned by the people.

>under trotsky

I’ve read it too and it’s exactly why I don’t want a fascist government

*1984* was specifically about fascism and its dangers.


*Animal Farm*, yes, but not *1984*.

What of the Jews?

Join anarchists

Join the Anarchist Party today!

Not yet I don’t think

We need time to form coalitions

Let’s form an anti-fascist coalition

Nah that sounds bad

We might go ancap

Depends on who we can get a good coalition with

Right now the commies are the better coalition

The Anarchist Party agrees

No anarchists ;-;

You follow a misleading and intellectually incorrect philosophy @Michael Flynn.

Time to start booting fascists

I AM the revolution!

Viva la Résistance!


That’s only because black people are poor due to oppression from capitalism

IQ isn’t fair to other races/cultures

IQ tests only measure western ideas of intelligence

Just don’t use that word please.


Blacks only have lower IQs because they aren’t given the same opportunities as whites

Same reason they’re more violent

They’re raised in a different culture as a result of their race and the oppression they face

That’s called chance

Again, the culture of them just being black causes this

It’s different, not worse

No culture is superior to any other

That’s not an argument

“American” culture values murdering others too

Blacks, Muslims, Latinex people, gays, etc.

Also imperialism

Also supporting Israel’s murdering of the Palestinians

Yes, but the cops do it all the time

Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, etc., all murdered in cold blood with no repercussions

Not the kids’ damn fault

No, but not his fault

Not their fault

Oppression by the whites caused this

Because they are poor as a result of the ethnic oppression from capitalism

Wow, people committed crimes

People of all races commit crimes

Join the Anarchist Party

Anarchist and dead.

I’d’ve deleted it but I don’t have perms

Or remove it

We only have one party right now

Because no one else has enough people to have a proper party

O shit they do

The socialist party is dead rip

2 anarchists ;-;

It was crazy

Come join the Anarchist Party™ today!

Anarchists are more fun @Guardsmen 603296

Cause they’re the largest so far


The anarchists have unity

Yeah there’s a lot of them

Join the anarchists to resist them today!

Or go commie so you can unite

Just not for party leaders

This isn’t gonna work 😂

We’ve got a single party state before we have a state

We can’t.

Because we don’t have enough people to get one

Well we have a stance

But no leader because not enough people


I’m Anarchist, not communist


No, join Anarchist

You don’t want him, he’s a negro

Join the Anarchist Party @firemaster @||-//

FLanon wants to gas you @||-//

Oh shit nevermind that’ll make him want to join more


And that’s ir

Go to the region area

This is true

Also join pacific @||-//

Fascists believe in state controlled religion

You don’t actually have to be one

Just argue as one

See? They’re dumb

@||-// join Anarchists in Party joining room

Join Anarchist or commie so we can start growing

And die like Mussolini

Or shoot yourselves in the head in a bunker cause you’re pussies

No, only to Anarchist

Or come to Anarchist

The point of the server is to have a mock country

And having too many fascists makes it a single party state and boring

Join anarchists @TheOneRJB


No we need to make an anti-fascist coalition @GucciToiletSalesman

Bash the fash!

It’ll be a split

Ronald Reagan was a tyrant

We need to unite against the fascists

Libertarians, anarchists, and commies

Conservatives can join the libertarians or the fascists

Gonna be interesting

None of you have leaders smh

Except you

But libertarians aren’t socially right wing

So why

You’re completely different than the libertarians


Join anarchists @Pipsqueak

We’re not gay

Fascism is from the Italian word “fasces,” which is a bundle of sticks. In other words, fascists are faggots @Pipsqueak

So are you FLanon

Not anarcho-communism!

@||-// nigga join Anarchists

If Christianity is gay, join anarchists @Pipsqueak

Join the Anarchist Party™!

That’s the joke

It’s called irony

It should be a big penis to represent your homosexuality

I’m deciding

@Moose the Anarchist Party™ hasn’t decided whether we’re ancap or ancom but I’m conservative/libertarian

Not actually an ancap

But my party might be

Join the Anarchist Party™ @Marini

We’ve tried

Anarchist servers are hella gay

Can you don’t

Yes you should

The fascists are retarded @εïз irma εïз

Rigged af

Join the Anarchist Party™ today!

Join the Anarchist Party™ @tsarsNeezy!

You’re big gay

It’s Cenk

And it’s pronounced like Jenk

Jesus Christ

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