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Fellas I think we need a mutiny against Patrick

Most of the guys I work with who are under 20 males seem to like Trump at the very least

The ones who don't like him/don't have an opinion on him just don't pay attention to politics in general, the one kid said to me today "I don't care about politics I'm focused on sports" 🀒

Even getting to the MAGA kids I know is hard in my experience

The one understands races are different but doesn't care because "I'm going to marry a korean girl"

There is one friend who's 100% woke on everything though, watches Allsup even, he's my white pill when I want to talk about my true feelings on what's going on without getting looked at like "Here he goes again with his crazy theories"

This kid is an autist though, like actually, I don't think anything will get to him for a while. he's still really young though so I won't go too hard

I don't expect a 16-17 year old to be 100% involved in what's going on

Most of my friends have a pretty good idea of my views and they think I'm the odd one so whenver I try that like I mentioned, I get looked at like I have 3 heads, I'm more so worried about just planting some seeds and activating those almonds

I know I seem like I'm jumping over with how other close to me see the world, but some even realize the demographics are destiny thing but just don't care, Its so frustrating when someone is right there but won't take the jump

"If jews see themselves as their own ehtnicity they're dumb because they're not" <:sad:366743316475281408>

Yeah I shouldn't sperg about it as much as I do

I do always bring it up humor at least and odn't go all Patrick Little on them

Iranians are?

Maybe dumb, but aren't Iranians arab or am I missing something

The absolute state

That's using your noggin

Or we can just have woke guys say they're trans and cause a shitfit if they're rejected for being a guy

I tried watching the Last Week Tonight segment on Kavanaugh and couldn't stomach listening to John Oliver make fun of a man for crying after his entire life is being ruined in front of him

Kavanaugh isn't some dumb boomer, he's used a computer and has seen what the MeToo stuff does to guys, he probably thinks there's little use in defending himself if she was able to get it all the way to the senate judiciary committee, he knows he's guilty until proven innocent, and he'll have a hard time being found innocent. Even if he's cleared of everything, even if he wasn't in the same state, for the rest of his life he'll be known as 'accused rapist Judge Kavanaugh'

https://archive.is/7wnP2 Where have I seen this a dozen times before πŸ€”

Venezuela at $531 a coin, go to venezuela, mine a bunch of coin, come back to US so you don't die, and sell for insane profits

I liked the anchor's "well there you have it" as if what he said was completely crazy

Fox showing tweets from someone who put echoes around their name, maybe someone will look into their meaning

He already does

IE Minecrart server when

https://www.autcraft.com found the IE server actually

Any fortnite merch @Reinhard Wolff

http://archive.is/jANil here's the whole blog post for those interested

2018-10-02 04:31:38 UTC [Fitness #general]  

How exactly do you guys train calves? I basically just do calf raises and a calf extension machine

But we need to focus on lowering those taxes!

I think they know not to just go after the top guys because it'll be a rallying cry/someone will just replace them

What about his wife's boyfriend?

I've yet to have any direct (as far as I know) interactions with the chosen ones surprisingly

Actually that's not entirely true, I worked with a gay half jew who as shitlibby as they get but other than that not really

This guy I knew said he was staunchly anti-israel

The zionist anti-racists I'm familiar with seeing at least, I saw a video about some jews protesting zionism but they were all religious converts so I doubt they'd even be considered real Jews

Yeah kinda crazy how she just flat out said diversity is non-white and not something like "more non-whites" I know they sound exactly the same but you're all smart cookies I trust you know what I mean

I think its hard to push the issue without acknowledging that races are different so, and I understand this is a 4d chess meme here, they just kind of leave it open for others to figure it out on their own

Yeah I'm not seeing anything on it

@Jacob What site is that?

Wow its crazy, almost like theyall realize there's no such thing as white privilege and its actually seen as bad to be white in America so they go with the side that grants them sympathy πŸ€”

@Deleted User *extremely Ben Shapiro voice* Well you see we will win on ideas when the general public wake up to this absurdist leftist censorship and its effects on our civilization, as, of course, we're all natural conservatives until we're brainwashed by the Democrat plantation

He didn't respec a woman and kicked her at a pro-choice event

Imagine being so non-masculine you seem to think it rolls over and resets to peak masculinity and can Bruce Lee kick a phone out of someone's hands and only hit their phone

Honestly the whitepill section is a good way to at least Temp. unblackpill me, seeing the reactions to the Kavanaugh stuff by senators is a small step, nothing has been openly about identity but I think a lot of people lowkey see it as

Fortnite merch to give him

How does Sierra Leone have a 91 IQ?

Ice is keto

ad mixture?

Her name makes me suspicious @Wood-Ape - OK/MN

Maybe a dumb question but just want to make sure, Found a thread with doxes of some students who are pro-kavanaugh, should I post in cyberstrike or no just because its not our guys?


Kinda crazy how much you find by just clicking on a few profiles, the one guy "Cop Respecter" looked around his profile, click on some people who seem more radical and get some off the wall stuff

Yeah its bad really quick

51-49 for Advancing Kavanaugh

Final vote Saturday

Where is it

No problem, understandable

I reached out to the one guy who's twitter was listed and he told me they'r all looking after each other

Not to cuck the conversation you fellow whites are having but my school is having a guy come and talk to us who wrote a book called "Not another diversity book" I haven't read it, I feel obviously, but one of the chapters is called "Is that white privelage i smell?" and says where he grew up everyone co-exists so peacefully yet has a crime rate almost 3 times higher than the rest of the state

Author is black by the way not πŸ‘ƒ that was my first thought as well

I don't rememebr when he's coming but if it works out for me I'll try to go and see what its all about

The black kids wear hoodies with "Italia" on them

We need a big brain wojack emote for people like PJW

looks like a few dozen detained at some anti-kavanaugh protest, gonna be a wild scene when he gets confirmed

How long will the actual voting process take

Tfw at work and can't watch the reactions <:sad:366743316475281408>

Brett Brigade

I hope Trump rallies in Wilkes Barre again so I can go to a real trump only rally

Jurnos don't even have dignity for other hysterical crying leftists to wait to ask her name

Best I can do for now

Unrelated but what will we do without our official italian-american representative http://archive.is/TaHt1

I would have had a way higher score but I spaghetti'd the math section because I literally never learned like 80% of what was in it, still got a 1090 which is like a 1490 with the old scoring method

@Distracted the reading sections were a joke that's the only reason, my math was pretty in the red on that red-yellow-green bar they have

When I took it they said they used to take a quarter point off or something for every wrong answer but they did away with that

I may be remembering incorrectly but that sounds about right

I had an idea of taking it again, just going HAM on the math section and basically just sleep the rest of the time because they combine your three highest scores

But I decided that just an abysmal idea

They'll start throwing more wamen in the ring until they're called implicitly racist for being white/not enough POC

I don't mean to black pill, but I feel the GOP will follow suit eventually as well, I think it was on TDS one of telhe guys said "In 2036 both candidates will be gay black trans but one of them likes tax cuts"

15-20 years from now we'll have ex antifa running for president and if they don't boast about how they fought against fascism in the streets they'll be seen as weak

Just saw an article about a movie called "The Hate U Give" about a girl who joins BLM after witnessing waycism of an unarmed black teen being shot by evil white police officer

The star is biracial, non binary and a lesbian

@Asatru Artist - MD Gonna take a shot in the dark and say no

@Bjorn - MD Her last name is Stenberg as well

Are there any guys in Vermont? If so they could easily do something with that headline if they didn't already when it came out



It is unfortunately true

The whomst effect

How many do you have?

Never seen anyone own a peacock

*Extremely Sargon voice* The alt-right really th-*scripted laughter* really thought taylor swift was pro-MAGA *more scripted laughter*

That black and white bicep embraced meme with boer's and zulu's and saving the boer

Secret antifa <:nervous:359009898115104770>


Was a little more left libertarian a few years ago though so I'm making progress

all the political compass memes just list my section as some variation of queer Feels Bad

That political Sextant quiz brought back even more worrying results <:nervous:359009898115104770>

The Obama Romney ones never made sense to me

Unrelated to doggos but I just wanted to point out something about the "Natural Conservatives" of the country




Didn't think they'd all be that big my πŸ…±

"I met my subjects around my future kingdom"

No interest but if you don't pay back your loans you get a knock form the Meds

I couldn't make a zelle account

IE being asthetic? What else is new? <:teehee:381917632359563264>

boutta dab on these jurnos

IE Bake sale fundraiser

Magazine subscription sales

Cookie Crisp, literally a bowl of cookies for breakfast

This is now a Proud Boys initiation

Cooridinator of chapter of the year gets a "Congrats big guy" and a firm pat on the back from Uncle Jared

Its good optics tbh to just act like you're big shit

How can you not like cookie crisp are you dumb

Milk before cereal is a meme and I don't know a single person who's ever even thought about doing that

Some guy's apartment

"I had a black gf and she broke up with me"


The factions in the Metro games are a better choice than Skyrim

We need to get that footage of Patrick's band and open LOPF 2019 with it

Is there footageof the minecraft thing?

If race is a social construct why do things like 23 and me exist

Why are different doses of medicine needed in some cases depending on the race if the individual?

Identity is so important to minorities, I told a girl I didn't know about my Irish heritage until recently and she was dumbfounded I didn't know. When you're a white guy your told your heritage doesn't matter for so long, Hispanics from very young are endlessly beaten over the head with "you're this this that and the other and be proud of every single one because it's who you are" whitey is just whitey though. ..

Anything more than 2.5% Heeb and you're out

@V.Balboa - PA That video Allsup just made is a good list of talking points, more focused on the nationalism part of Shapiro but it expands on it a good bit if you want to roll with it

Sorry to hear about that man @The Eternal Anglo glad everyone's OK, know how any other Florida guys are doing?

My school has some guy who wrote some book about diversity coming to do this talk/diversity sctivity stuff, a chapter in his book is about white privleage, if he starts talking about it, what are some easy normie friendly counters to"muh white privelage?"

Red Dead Redemption 2 is pure Americana goodness πŸ‘Œ

Whenever I used to played gta I ran into a lot of blegs actually, blegs and little kids

The fellow whites thing is crazy how often it happens, I'm starting to think they know its a dog-whistle but know no one will care, just like how they echo themselves

What am I looking at chief

Watching a video about someone who i probably shouldn't mention, (not that guy) and its honestly amazing and funny in a very dark way how the same exact tatics being used today to silence and force any dissidents to submit have been used for decades with the same results

"Do you agree that there were 'very fine people on bith sides' and the deadly neo-nazi rally in which a peaceful protestor was killed?"

That's been written on every candidate's white board since the day it happened

Any rumors/ideas as to who the R's will even run this time around

Besides Trump though

@Jacob Fresco the wage cuck

Who would I ask to get some business cards? Not looking for sticker/posters as of now, still adverse to doing anything big like that due to being relatively remote and I don't want to do that alone for obvious reasons, but business cards I feel a lot more comfprtable maybe just leaving a few around

Alright, thanks

My county is 92% but you wouldn't think that looking at any school

but that was 2010 numbers, they're bound to be way different come 2020

Has striker ever talked about how exactly we should go about getting to his ideal world or is it mostly talking about his ideal society?

"Big Brain nibbas only" -Civnats

Amish gang rise up

I'm OK with a strategic alliance with civnats for now, but of course don't just capitulate to them, actively try to bring them to our side

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN You going alone?

I've thought that too but I'm too nervous to go out alone, even if like I did it at night or something I just don't feel comfortable doing it, even though I doubt anyone in the area knows what IE is

I do live near a Penn State campus though so I feel that'd be some good media attention "Neo-nazis at Penn State"

@Jacob I'm just nervous about activism as a whole, I wouldn't go at night, just using as an example of even more aninomity but still having nerves about it

Need IE posters with Koba on it so we can just say its a lost dog ad

I watched part of an episode of that show with some buddies and it was one of the few times I was ever actually uncomfortable watching it, this girl is talking to her vagina about the changes she's going through, the kids in this show are in their early teens, its disgusting

lmao that video of gavin just pulling a sword out in the middle of like 10 cops, wonder what he screamed

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL great to hear man, glad you're all well and safe, any idea how any other FL guys are doing?

More Chad than Rufio knocking all those commies out, that kid's life probably flashed before his eyes, he's lucky the guy didn't hit him after he blocked him

What's that of? @Deleted User

Pretty much any old statue of a person, espically marble though, always amazes me, how they are able to mold something like stone to look so beautiful and life like, paying attention to every detail

I have a buddy as well who's 10000% set on specifically a Korean woman, some apps on his phone are even in Korean, he's basically said he's given up in white women because "they're all thots and American women are ridiculous"

I've brought up the fact the6 might have identity issues being half white half Korean but the response is always "not if they're raised American" or "Ya know there's this thing called mental strength and not everyone is the same way"

My kid in my case isn't an outcast or anything either, tall fit kid, normal all around but just has a constant hard on for Korea, everytime we talk about anything cultural he always has to say "Well in Korea..."

Yeah there's no changing this kid's mind at all, he wants to be an F1 driver (no fault for having big aspirations by the way) and he's going to marry a K-pop idol

My thing? Not at all

I've tried, but he says he's deadset, he wants a nice traditional woman, which he thinks he'll never find in white women and only in qt asian gfs, he's a great kid all around other than the wanting a qt asian gf though

I don't he'll realize until he sees, in person how xenophobic Asians are, if I bring it up know he goes "Well there's a lot of American influence in Korea now so obviously they don't hate America " its frustrating honestly talking to him about anything cultural

Yeah I need to basically just remind myself that not every is as spergy as I was in high school with this stuff

Not to be spergy about it, genuinely curious, does Jared Taylor, in private, have any different ideas on the JQ or is he always "They look huwhite to me:

>mini board games
Yeah Im sure he's not an autist

*Russell isn't worried. Such threats usually come through a private message, and he has a ready reply: "I usually snap a photo of my gun."*

There's just that many brave souls risking themselves on the front lines of exposing the deceit

@Singleton Mosby WV Not religious at all but that is easily something I could see myself saying in dark times

Whenever someone asks me where I stand politically, I always just say I'm a nationalist to avoid having to explain identitarian, its definitely good for normie conversation

2018-10-15 13:21:23 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

What are some easy ways to add fats to my diet without getting carbs?

How long until they say 'NPC' is an anti-semetic dog whistle

"Lmao stupid amerimutts have no distinct american culture" -guy whos country is next in line to become welshistan

It also seems like he's going off the "dumb redneck gun toting freedom loving warmongering American" view, you'd think someone who says they're an idententarian wouldn't be so narrow

I love when people think there's time for infighting now when we're all still relatively weak, there should be nothing but support for any idententarian/nationalist groups trying to insert themselves into the main stream

My school has "friendship windmills" in their floor pattern <:nervous:359009898115104770>


>implying they're not

Didn't an IE chapter pass a group of kangz on day while flyering not too long ago?

>Brits are a large part of American heritage
>Brits were really black
>Blacks are the real Hebrews
>Israel belongs to Americans

That whole documentary is amazing

Abraham Linconl could have been black, Shakespeare was 100% black, some real spicy takes

Tucker definitely has an application filled out somewhere on his computer tucked away under dozens of folders just waiting for the moment to send it

My πŸ…± fam

More native American than Elizabeth Warren

https://militaryhistorynow.com/2018/10/16/the-last-to-fall-world-war-ones-tragic-final-casualties/ Short read about some personal, very tragic and sad, stories of WWI some of you may find interesting

Justice Ben Shapiro


Who are 1, and 4 through 6?

There were a few things that had issues

Here's the today show clip http://archive.is/mLIxW

News cucked

Is there a full version of the interview somewhere?

I like the headline too as if Patrick or an IE member is on the ballot in November

An IE sympathetic friend actually texted me when she woke up about seeing it on TV and I shot awake looking for it when I saw the text

In more tragic news, apperantly there is a school shooting in Crimea with 18 dead including perpetrator

There's so much outrage over it, bound to see a large uptick

All they do is say is "don't give them a platform" but by constantly quote tweeting/writing articles they're doing the exact thing they're opposed to

"I can't believe l they're govinga platform to these horrible nazis" *links video of same people they call nazis and shouldn't pay attention to*

If there's any sort of media kvetching saying that trump is a member, even though he isn't it'll just be more publicity

Need Trump Jr. to retweet Patrick or someone similar then we in there bois

Patrick on Tuckah πŸ‘Œ

Steve king even endorsed Faith Goldy

Now would also be a great to hit places hard with flyers stickers whatever it may be as a show of force,

Remember those guys you saw on the Today Show? They really are all over the US

Hello epic department

6 million

@Deleted User Check DMs when you get a chance chief

@Reinhard Wolff Any plans on pamphlets or something of the like with basic IE talking points/goals etc we could hand out to people or leave around?

At the roast of Patrick casey when he's supreme leader those pictures will come back

@Patrick Casey - VA Any plans on pamphlets or something of the like with basic IE talking points/goals etc we could hand out to people or leave around?

Prize is a signed copy of the Chuck E Cheese's photo

its about to


@Jacob Gang gang gang

We respec wamen

@TMatthews do you know the original article for it so I can see other states

Koba's replacement doggo


"...with a promise that Identity Evropa provides a path to a career in politics" yeah OK bud

Personal little white pill: Was talking to my Writing Professor about an argumentative paper he assigned, I told him I wantes to do it on increasing border security, and in the process of talking to him I said little tid bits of my views and we basically ended with "If you want to write a paper on why multiracialism/multiculturalism is bad go ahead" completely civil the whole time as well, pleasant surprise to say the least

You're not, I get it, I'm not in a super liberal college or anything as far as I know, so it was more of just me psyching myself out with what his reaction would be

Just imagine the outrage if it said white, its little things like this that annoy me more and more, not that they have pride in being native American of course, but the fact we can't to things like that


@Jacob That thotnest is a pitmommy too, I'll practice some MMA with her though, wowza

<#358430131447922688> Has been popping off

How many, approx, are there anyway?

There's more R's than Dems in PA congress but its always so close during elections

Love how pointing out differences is automatically racism even without suggesting anything off it

Like how if you google "White scientists" the first result is the wiki article on "Scientific Racism"

IE Baby Boom is real m8, congrats @Felden - CO

2018-10-22 00:54:47 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

What are some decent thing you goys would recommend to snack on besides protein bars or something similarl

2018-10-22 01:03:50 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I've been flying through these peanut butter fiber one bars since I first had one last week, they're just πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ

2018-10-22 02:18:00 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Is there anywa/app or something to at least semi accurately track how many calories you're burning a day?


Go the Alex Jones route


If he wasn't the white guy why would he be in here <:teehee:381917632359563264>

What's VIX

That's too big brained for me right now

I have a black coworker who is a We Wuz Kangs, woke on JQ but wants racial harmony and every race to live together in harmony

Rise and Grind players let's get those Fortnite sessions in

Oh gawd

Baseball is implicitly huwhite, nons can't take the slow pace

Watching baseball not playing, I see a lot of hispanics playing but not too many in the crowds

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