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@Arcade_Hustle as long as humans exist, there will always be conflict

@Arcade_Hustle Also, if you "over" war, the cost of submission is far too great for you and your brethrens to bear

trust me on this

@Arcade_Hustle say that SA implements what Paraguay used to have as legislation, will you submit to that?

@Piesangslaai well, i'm not a boer, but I support your notion

ouch, self-hate...

I suppose you can join serpentza

@Arcade_Hustle you need to make use of what you have

i know it's hard, but the consequences of submission is a LOT worse



do you have any idea what "expropriation without compensation" means?

@Arcade_Hustle to whom, exactly

consider economics

if one is to have "expropriation without compensation", it means that the transfer and recipient of the land is of $0

meaning, it's worthless to buy/sell

i.e. you get nothing for it

@Piesangslaai stop bagging him out, he's just scared of what's coming ahead

US is suffering with immigration issues, they're NOT gonna consider you

Australia had discussions to bring you guys here, but leftists are calling these plans "racist"

and it ended up getting shut down

@Arcade_Hustle practically no one that has ties with the world's sickness will make a move that is deemed "racist"

you have $500k?

I don't

@Arcade_Hustle I understand that there's very little insight on economics on your part. But as soon as the announcement of "expropriation without compensation" is out, the window is gone

It's common sense

If you can get something for $0, you will not spend an ounce more

@Piesangslaai @cµrvy @Gonzo guys you're not helping

you're meant to provide support, not demonise him

he's not responding to my private chat, so I'm just classing this as "trolling"

cos i don't have the time/patience to go through stuff

this convo is getting retarded

@deavmi just google it, i did that

everyone here should just back off

@deavmi you mean IELTS?

In theory...


there's possibilities to buy jammers of massive sizes in the black market...

@Gonzo Sorry I missed the context... What was that about?

@Guss Maybe change your username?

I see

49 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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