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2018-03-28 02:22:10 UTC

Politics channel.

2018-03-28 02:22:12 UTC

I am here.

2018-03-28 02:22:36 UTC

But yes I feel that this discord is I guess you would say "far right?"

2018-03-28 02:22:50 UTC

Given the 4 4chan aspect

2018-03-28 02:23:05 UTC


2018-03-28 02:23:11 UTC


2018-03-28 02:23:11 UTC

4Chan aspect?

2018-03-28 02:23:17 UTC


2018-03-28 02:23:30 UTC

start here in Venezuela here, we have Millions of CUCKS to kill

2018-03-28 02:23:44 UTC

I would not be interested in violence.

2018-03-28 02:23:54 UTC

Yeah ya know the red pill was made by 4chan

2018-03-28 02:24:11 UTC

Yeah me neither

2018-03-28 02:24:18 UTC

I had no idea. Once again, 4chan delivers.

2018-03-28 02:24:21 UTC

I love that place.

2018-03-28 02:24:29 UTC

Always so hilarious.

2018-03-28 02:24:46 UTC

Also a good mover of political activism, surprisingly.

2018-03-28 02:24:58 UTC

so wich are the Origins of THE RED PILL?

2018-03-28 02:25:17 UTC

4chan is truly an awesome but random place

2018-03-28 02:25:29 UTC

they are the creators of the BIGGEST CAPTURE THE FLAG GAME OF ALL TIMES

2018-03-28 02:25:35 UTC


2018-03-28 02:26:02 UTC

On another note. I would not start with violence. What we need is organized opposition here in the US. Conservatives need to organize and be public about it.

2018-03-28 02:27:06 UTC

i'm not from the US but i can still support you

2018-03-28 02:27:20 UTC

i don't know wich Method you guys would use since i live in a Socialist Tirany

2018-03-28 02:27:34 UTC

but as far as i know those ANTIFA Virgins always trying to provoke violence

2018-03-28 02:27:40 UTC

what you guys would use?

2018-03-28 02:27:46 UTC

What was the image?

2018-03-28 02:27:51 UTC

It was there and then it wasn't

2018-03-28 02:28:07 UTC

A long explanation of the red pill

2018-03-28 02:28:32 UTC

I just decided that I can explain it

2018-03-28 02:28:48 UTC

Well, I think we should start with trying to get people to show up to a single location we can all talk on.

2018-03-28 02:29:19 UTC

This is the first step. Once we have a group who can talk to one another and communicate, we can collaborate on steps to take.

2018-03-28 02:29:37 UTC

Places to show up and stand in contrast to the terrorists like antifa.

2018-03-28 02:30:17 UTC

Also, we should be prepared to organize, primarily (as of right now), around supporting our rights -- i.e, the 2nd Amendment.

2018-03-28 02:30:27 UTC

Yep the thing about antifa is that they use hit and run tactics and are small groups that are always ready for the protest

2018-03-28 02:30:43 UTC

Then we do the same thing.

2018-03-28 02:30:47 UTC

Fire with fire.

2018-03-28 02:30:59 UTC

We need to do that through here

2018-03-28 02:31:05 UTC


2018-03-28 02:31:17 UTC

But first we need to get people on board and get them over here.

2018-03-28 02:31:36 UTC

I do not know you, but I will promote this Discord server on my media accounts.

2018-03-28 02:32:06 UTC

We should start meeting up at Starbucks and other local places till we have the numbers

2018-03-28 02:32:15 UTC

Make it look like a fan meet up

2018-03-28 02:32:25 UTC

Do you think people would do that?

2018-03-28 02:33:07 UTC

Yeah if we get people from certain areas of the country

2018-03-28 02:33:29 UTC

Like we talking people from big city's

2018-03-28 02:34:11 UTC

I agree that people should congregate. I think online would be the easiest ignition of starting people off don't you think?

2018-03-28 02:34:33 UTC

Yes 100%

2018-03-28 02:34:40 UTC

First people have to feel at home here. That their ideals are welcome.

2018-03-28 02:34:56 UTC

How can we grow Redpill Sharks Discord?

2018-03-28 02:35:44 UTC

We could try to promote it through our social media accounts to local people and friends

2018-03-28 02:35:54 UTC

@Gandros At a Starbucks? Meeting at a Starbucks?

2018-03-28 02:35:59 UTC

remember one thing

2018-03-28 02:36:12 UTC

Stickers and posters?

2018-03-28 02:36:15 UTC

Soy Boys, Libtards, The Virgin ANTIFA and the

2018-03-28 02:36:21 UTC


2018-03-28 02:36:23 UTC

Mental disorder LGBT

2018-03-28 02:36:24 UTC


2018-03-28 02:36:30 UTC

Why would I forget those people?

2018-03-28 02:36:31 UTC

meet at a Starbucks

2018-03-28 02:36:46 UTC

you can just see em drinking soy and complaining about capitalism on their Iphones

2018-03-28 02:36:50 UTC

i say it because

2018-03-28 02:37:04 UTC

remember how they behave when they see someone who disagree with you

2018-03-28 02:37:28 UTC

you guys would have a bunch of Triggered Soy Boys and Girls with a huge autistic screeching at you

2018-03-28 02:37:46 UTC

i would suggest, meeting something like a Park or some place in a Plaza

2018-03-28 02:37:52 UTC

I can't wait

2018-03-28 02:37:58 UTC

@Gandros for what?

2018-03-28 02:38:09 UTC


2018-03-28 02:38:24 UTC

To be face to face with soyboys

2018-03-28 02:38:40 UTC

Parks are always good

2018-03-28 02:39:39 UTC

Yes, true. But remember. When we argue with one of these people, especially in public, you are not trying to convince them, you are trying to convince those who are watching and listening.

2018-03-28 02:39:43 UTC

@Grimm0175 btw I do think that there will be another Kosovo conflict

2018-03-28 02:39:55 UTC

Kosovo conflict?

2018-03-28 02:39:59 UTC

Let me look it up.

2018-03-28 02:40:19 UTC

Yeah tensions are rising between serbia and kosovo

2018-03-28 02:40:22 UTC

@Gandros me too i would like

2018-03-28 02:40:24 UTC

yeah because

2018-03-28 02:40:40 UTC

a Mistake from Marko Valic i believe

2018-03-28 02:40:44 UTC

let me see his name again

2018-03-28 02:41:19 UTC

@Gandros Are you in the US?

2018-03-28 02:41:47 UTC

Marko Djuric is his name

2018-03-28 02:41:56 UTC

Yeah in northern Michigan

2018-03-28 02:41:59 UTC

this politician commited a mistake to have a Permit at time

2018-03-28 02:42:10 UTC

to go to Kosovo

2018-03-28 02:42:18 UTC

Oh nice. What brought on the Kosovo conflict?

2018-03-28 02:42:20 UTC

but since he didn't have it at time

2018-03-28 02:42:37 UTC

What I mean is, why did that come up?

2018-03-28 02:42:40 UTC

the "Kosovar Police" raid into a building who he was having a Debate

2018-03-28 02:42:55 UTC

I think Russia is stepping in rn

2018-03-28 02:42:58 UTC

and even trow some tear gas and some flashbangs (i believe) to disperse people

2018-03-28 02:43:24 UTC

He asked me about it @r00thkr

2018-03-28 02:43:57 UTC

annother thing is that a journalist was injured by the "Kosovar Police"

2018-03-28 02:44:08 UTC

the Journalist works for the Serbian News RTS

2018-03-28 02:44:35 UTC

so in this case

2018-03-28 02:44:41 UTC

maybe if tensions keep rising

2018-03-28 02:44:49 UTC

the 3rd Kosovo War will broke out

2018-03-28 02:44:55 UTC

at this time Serbia has an Advantage

2018-03-28 02:45:16 UTC

it's army has now more modern equipment, their air force has more modern MiG-29's (MiG-29M2)

2018-03-28 02:46:08 UTC

also they have numerous domestic built weapons and they even upgrade some of them incluing Attacker aircraft like the J-22 Orao (modernization of this one is under the name Orao 2.0) and the G-4MD Super Galeb

2018-03-28 02:46:34 UTC

and yes, Serbia is developing a Medium Range Conventional Balistic Missile called "The Sumadija"

2018-03-28 02:48:07 UTC

If it happened i could imagine Russia trying to extend its influence in the region during the chaos

2018-03-28 02:48:21 UTC

Does @RedShark have t-shirts or stickerswe could use to promote the discord/group?

2018-03-28 02:48:54 UTC

not sure how well they would be able to do it logistically, or politically, but they certainly have every incentive to recapture their old chokepoints with the falling size of the military

2018-03-28 02:49:57 UTC

I just arrived however, so may i ask where you're from? And I assume military background?

2018-03-28 02:53:01 UTC

I feel like Russia just doesn't want American troops on their border and is just trying to get old allies back

2018-03-28 02:53:06 UTC


2018-03-28 02:53:34 UTC

Where is who from ?

2018-03-28 02:53:42 UTC

I personally doubt America would bother, or at least they soon wont.

2018-03-28 02:53:50 UTC

Grimm, he said hes from a socialist tyranny

2018-03-28 02:54:03 UTC

and has the title interview guest, so it made me curious

2018-03-28 02:54:45 UTC

Yeah what does that mean are you going to be interviewed for a video?

2018-03-28 02:55:32 UTC

scrolling up, it seems Venezuela, in that case im sure he has more than enough interesting things to talk about.

2018-03-28 02:59:18 UTC

@Grimm0175 a nd I are chatting in the voice chat in Main #1

2018-03-28 02:59:22 UTC


2018-03-28 03:04:25 UTC

I might join you soon

2018-03-28 03:04:35 UTC

Feel free. It is quite interesting.

2018-03-28 03:04:41 UTC

@Gandros Got a mic?

2018-03-28 03:05:35 UTC

I did not see that @Gandros was offline.

2018-03-28 03:05:46 UTC

@Goodbye You should definitely join us.

2018-03-28 03:06:01 UTC

I need a new mic, so will have to use my phone, its on charge at the moment

2018-03-28 03:06:20 UTC

Can you hear us?

2018-03-28 03:06:31 UTC

ill be able to hear, just listening to something else atm

2018-03-28 03:06:38 UTC

Go tit.

2018-03-28 03:06:42 UTC

*Got it

2018-03-28 03:06:43 UTC


2018-03-28 03:08:39 UTC

Spring break for me guys so I'm in Florida rn I'll be able to talk on Friday when I come back

2018-03-28 03:08:57 UTC
2018-03-28 03:09:15 UTC

@Gandros I'll be on. I am enjoying the chatting right now.

2018-03-28 03:09:29 UTC

Night guys

2018-03-28 03:10:36 UTC

@Gandros See you later. Take care!

2018-03-28 03:23:39 UTC

>Supports Communist ideals

2018-03-28 03:23:45 UTC

>Be asked about Venezuela

2018-03-28 03:24:10 UTC

>Says "What the hell is Venezuela?"

2018-03-28 03:24:24 UTC

>Doesnt know his Southern Neighborg is suffering by a communist regime

2018-03-28 03:24:56 UTC

Proof that in the "Fair Venezuelan Elections" are fully cucked

2018-03-28 03:25:08 UTC


2018-03-28 03:30:15 UTC

This is Chávez did in 27th November 1992

2018-03-28 03:30:22 UTC


2018-03-28 03:35:13 UTC


2018-03-28 03:35:44 UTC
2018-03-28 03:35:51 UTC


2018-03-28 03:37:42 UTC


2018-03-28 03:37:52 UTC


2018-03-28 03:39:32 UTC


2018-03-28 03:39:53 UTC


2018-03-28 03:40:37 UTC


2018-03-28 03:41:46 UTC


2018-03-28 03:42:16 UTC


2018-03-28 03:42:49 UTC


2018-03-28 03:43:30 UTC


2018-03-28 03:43:42 UTC


2018-03-28 03:45:03 UTC

Communist public transplantation?

2018-03-28 03:45:08 UTC


2018-03-28 03:45:12 UTC


2018-03-28 04:47:34 UTC


2018-03-28 04:47:38 UTC

@Goodbye when he posted the video

2018-03-28 04:48:26 UTC

when aussies are with their m8s

2018-03-28 04:48:26 UTC


2018-03-28 04:48:58 UTC


2018-03-28 04:49:30 UTC

when @Goodbye see's an ANTIFA Cuck in Melbourne

2018-03-28 04:49:42 UTC


2018-03-28 04:52:27 UTC

>Be Strayan
>Be proud of it
>loose a war against Desert Steroid birds

2018-03-28 04:52:29 UTC


2018-03-28 04:55:23 UTC

It has been a pleasure talking with you guys. I have to head out. I will definitely be back on. Take care you guys and fuck the liberals.

2018-03-28 05:00:10 UTC

My discord crashed

2018-03-28 05:00:17 UTC


2018-03-28 05:00:17 UTC

Definitely talk again soon

2018-03-28 05:00:17 UTC

🆙 | **Grimm0175 leveled up!**


2018-03-28 05:00:28 UTC

same aussie take care

2018-03-28 05:00:29 UTC

hey also

2018-03-28 05:00:39 UTC

please teach me your shitposting technics

2018-03-28 05:00:50 UTC

so we can overload Libtards Servers

2018-03-28 07:05:34 UTC


2018-03-28 12:48:37 UTC


2018-03-28 12:49:28 UTC

the moment you kill more people than nazis did and call yourself good

2018-03-30 03:28:58 UTC


2018-03-30 03:28:58 UTC

Congratulations, @Grimm0175 for reaching level 4!

2018-03-30 03:29:28 UTC


2018-03-30 03:29:46 UTC


2018-03-30 03:30:11 UTC


2018-03-30 03:30:15 UTC



2018-03-30 03:30:39 UTC


2018-03-30 03:30:52 UTC


2018-03-30 03:31:38 UTC


2018-03-30 03:32:08 UTC


2018-03-30 03:32:17 UTC


2018-03-30 03:32:42 UTC


2018-03-30 03:33:17 UTC


2018-03-30 03:33:26 UTC


2018-03-30 03:33:44 UTC


2018-03-30 03:49:33 UTC

Guy Verhofstadt

2018-03-31 01:12:59 UTC


2018-03-31 01:13:03 UTC


2018-03-31 01:14:59 UTC


2018-03-31 01:14:59 UTC

Congratulations, @HiddenDragón for reaching level 1!

2018-03-31 01:19:22 UTC

<#429439143249182730> please

2018-03-31 01:26:27 UTC

@karat next time We will use that

2018-03-31 01:26:35 UTC

@karat thanks for setting that up

2018-04-01 00:34:49 UTC

Something the liberals know nothing about. Patriotism.

2018-04-01 00:50:21 UTC

The US will never fall to tyranny.


2018-04-01 01:22:55 UTC

do you think US Should be isolotianist in a future or now? or no for their own interest?

2018-04-01 01:43:06 UTC

They should only involve themselves when needed.

2018-04-01 01:43:07 UTC

Congratulations, @GunSniper for reaching level 2!

2018-04-01 14:03:31 UTC

The problem with being dissed involved in other countries Affairs is that after World War II we had treaties with most other countries to get involved when asked 98% of the places where we are involved in other countries issues is that we are invited in because the world recognizes us as a power to help solve problems

2018-04-01 14:03:31 UTC

Congratulations, @JarlMezentius for reaching level 2!

2018-04-01 15:09:26 UTC

that explains all

2018-04-01 15:43:39 UTC

Congratulations, @HiddenDragón for reaching level 3!

2018-04-01 20:03:44 UTC

@HiddenDragón That article made my day. #MAGA I love it when I see our president standing against the globalist scum bags.

2018-04-01 20:05:26 UTC

All those mexicans who think they can just cross with no repercussion have another thing coming. California (Commiefornia) might be alright with illegals killing US citizens because they want to replace their voter base, but that does not change the fact that the dems and liberals are insane morons trying to destroy our country.

2018-04-03 17:08:54 UTC

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnELqLuqF9nIo_5bwAUGfUg I see this guy everywhere in videos related to Poland he does a really good job stating the facts and defending my country, Rzeczpospolita Polska.

2018-04-04 17:42:46 UTC

>Be a 39 y/o Female that owns a Vegan Bodybuilding youtube channel
>Youtube starts mass demonetisting your videos
>Have a name that sounds like you would do a terror attack
>Start going broke because Youtube is your main source of income
>Turn SJW
>Start blaming youtube for all your problems
>Buy a gun (ironic)
>Go to Youtube HQ in San Francisco
>Conduct a shooting and kill no-one but yourself


2018-04-04 17:42:47 UTC

Congratulations, @GunSniper for reaching level 5!

2018-04-04 17:42:56 UTC


2018-04-04 17:47:01 UTC

If anyone can, post it on /pol/

2018-04-04 18:29:43 UTC

her stupidity levels are INSANE

2018-04-04 22:02:03 UTC

CNN's Ratings Disaster Continues | The Daily Caller

2018-04-04 22:34:17 UTC


2018-04-05 08:30:01 UTC

"Medium rare kebab*

2018-04-15 01:34:14 UTC

Congratulations, @GunSniper for reaching level 6!

2018-04-15 07:02:13 UTC

@GunSniper saw the video and yeah the filthy communist militants need to be purged from the earth

2018-04-15 07:02:13 UTC

🆙 | **Agent Smith leveled up!**


2018-04-15 07:04:11 UTC

The mobile bomb making factory they had in the back of a van in Germany about a month ago was a pretty clear indicator for that necessity of purging them from society

2018-04-15 07:06:16 UTC

These mongrels are a Bolshevik Revolution waiting to happen

2018-04-15 22:45:56 UTC


2018-04-15 23:53:54 UTC


2018-04-16 00:38:31 UTC


2018-04-20 01:45:41 UTC

doesn't work

2018-04-23 16:24:56 UTC

What is redpillssharks discord name i have a couple story suggestions he might be intrested in

2018-04-23 16:24:56 UTC

Congratulations, @TheOhioNorseman for reaching level 1!

2018-04-23 16:25:19 UTC
2018-04-23 16:25:25 UTC
2018-04-23 16:28:39 UTC

Thank you

2018-04-23 17:04:13 UTC

National Socialism or Capitalism under White Nationalism?

2018-04-29 14:15:25 UTC

both are terrible

2018-04-29 21:17:55 UTC

How about...
A crumbling democracy, or a powerful dictatorship

2018-04-30 22:32:04 UTC

republic is the greatest system ever created

2018-05-01 15:51:20 UTC

I never thought he would make such a video

2018-05-02 18:57:02 UTC

We made the news. Multiple times. The fight for race and nation continues! https://www.bloodandsoil.org/in-the-news/

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