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I don't wanna die

Howsit howsit

how does one become a verified za

Imma shill myself as a stellies kind

Do a video on how lekker stellies is ans how we actually do get a long. I got friends of all races. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ†

That vid is amazing.

BA mathematical proofs

Beautiful maths

But tbh sick of trig rn. Deriving the inverse trig functions is kanker



schooled the flatters


Just typing random shit right lol


lotta crop circles my dude

Via russian collusion. jk. Like Trump.

despacito 2 anyone?


L i ve and b r e a th afrikaans lekker ness

Culture and language you know.

Maybe religious practices


I might not be able to go to Ornia but I am happy for him.

I meant stay


I mean it means farmer so you have that

Western cape type of person @Daniel van Straaten ?

I mean I am WC boi

What I mean is that it sums up the various aspects of afrikaans cutulre

KC naaistad

which one?

I am muted

@Rendier preachy peachy

probs Shiver

who is dan mace

the dude we were talking about

bi g g ay

they are alright

I don't mind em

But watching 3BlueOneBrown is next level shit.

You is gay XD

But there are instagram memes i follow

I don't hate gays what is this kak now I am lost

I really want to watch Sacha Baren Cohen's new series

Looks kak funny

meming rn i believe

Worcester independance is the only way forward. XD

Imagine if the DA became the Democratic Party and Hellen Zille started making memes

Ek het nie geweet nie.


Using Fedora

I need the latest toolchain

Need gcc, need alles.

You use what you need.

I do compsci en alles so I need the latest stuff. Also Fedora workstation has all I need to get started.

GNOME 3 for me is the best DE. Just helps me get my work done.

Systemd is kak

Doesn't follow the UNIX philosphphy

I agree on that.

yeah yeah



see y'all later mense

Hey all

Howsit going vandag?

Bitconnect is bae


Dj Sous.

Sadly yes

Virtual slavery. Hahaha. These people are killing America's history, a beautiful one (as are all). Very sad. Leave the names alone.

As for zA. We have enoufh Mandela streets. He wasn't that great okay, not a saint.

Telkom are the type of people to delete their routing table because they are poes dom

Is this a bunch of non math degree people talking about lack of gravity and flat earth.

Aai the shit people say.



Dis kak man

She spoke sense

Ah sarah jeong

Oh shit I see what she did there

Hating on anyone but whites is bad

Acvording to twigger

Twitter*. Nice. This is clever.


Cant google. Got poes vodacom

Jk just too lazy.

Guys can someone help me integrate

Somebody help me please. Jk fam.

Who is a troll?

Yeah peaceful discord

I agree

We don't need to be revolutionary's as they say

No need for stirring up shit for nothing

We already have kak in za

No need for S A p S to piss on this discord

@deavmi the folks who come to your house, tell you to keep on larping and get details, or you go to jail for long long itme, those folks.
Ah kk


I would rather leave than ewsist

Are yoy mad. Why would I fight. We would be useless. Idk. I dont want to comment.

Go overseas. Refugee status of iets. My grandfather go into US like that.

Long time ago

Mozambique civil war

We are Portgiese



No worry arcda


I aint doing iets


Apply for Portuguese citizenship

Thank me later

Also mo muslims.

And when was the last terrorist attack. Idk.

I am not provoked.

And we have poes fast inter et

I aint demoralizong

Dont talk shit on somebody who has had famy in a war and had their empire of a tabacvo factory lost



Both in Africa rho

Africa is the same shit dude


The ones who can will leave

I agree faving the music will haplen

I hope it doesnt tjo

And i feel for tjose

* those

Not all Penkop

But many a shif ton yes

Try seek asylum

I aint saying it woll work for all

It wint

I can assure you. Not almal has casj


I agree that not everyone cam leave

I agree with you

Well i know not everyone can leave

That is fact

I am donnering myself

Guys it is currently real stellies hours


Yeah i stidy here


I dont drink much but hey

Exceptions can be m a d e



That is biggay

Awe mense

Anybody have a link to Renaldoinho's discord that works

snaaks bru



he said he didn't want one then he got on the willem bandwagon

after seeing how dank it was

no rare minerals are minerals

that's like saying atoms art evil πŸ˜‰

when infact they are dank

just drink whisky with em

and m a k e a tradew deal nibba

somebody has to go into the mines

just saying

same for space travel

Although one is way cooler to die in

we gonna get up in this chat later tonight lads

Howsit howsit mense

That union flag is poes seksi

The f*ck is my union flag. Not mine. Just claiming it.

*opens mspaint*

Awe mense

As I was saying. Waar die poes is die union flag

Dit was lit as fok fam :fire emoji:πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ πŸ’¦ πŸ˜‚

Rip alex jones. We will remember gay frogs

Which tbh wasnt all bs. Just the way he said it

Grand plan of whom?

Fuck rhat is poes funny

Damn the nose is like the eyes. Fok

Guys I am a soutie

De Le Rey

As that actually a person hemce the song?

How legendary

Like poes amazing

Kak amazing

Sounds lit fam

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