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Lol Willem thought you were talking about OBS


You should be careful though with Discord

Time to spice up this chat

I'll dump some random memes

My favourite is "Sic vis pacem parabellum"

No joke though

I say controversial stuff all the time


Life imitating art it seems


The alt light is just in it for the shekels and to guide people back to mainstream conservatism

2018-07-17 22:45:01 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #memes]  



Who must I kill for more xps?

Can't find quest NPC

Or is it a gather quest?

I can do that

More appropriate avatar now

I'm going to create Robinson Crusoe and Friday accounts to troll on twitter with

Good guy to have around then

"Dat ons in vrede en harmonie kan leef" Bly hierdie ou in dieselfde land?

I spent my 67 minutes triggering retarded Mandela worshippers on Twitter and elsewhere.\

Only when they acknowledge their primate status or else they get nothing

This triggers Mandela worshippers to no end.


Watter een?

The liberals just hyped him up to be a saint and he played along. He got millions in return + whites kissing his ass.

Was a really simple decision really. Get into a civil war where you will most likely get wrecked by whities or become rich and have whities all over the world grovel at your feet like dogs.

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Took forever to make...enjoy!


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Shit's about to go down

People don't realize that a farm is a home, a job and a heritage all in one. People are going to defend it.

It's like the government taking your house and job and the same time and throwing you out on the street

The first gun battle between farmers and police is what's going to spark this powder keg

This is not Zimbabwe brah

There is nowhere else to flee. Those in Zim could return to Britain or move to South Africa.

They are going to try to take a farm and a farmer is going to resist, getting killed in the process

Then other farmers will start organizing and all the people who have been preparing for this conflict are going to get involved

Rhodesia at is height only had 200,000 people and they only lived there for slightly more than 80 years.

We are 4.5 million and have been for 350 years

Most people cannot leave and are thus cornered with nowhere else to go.

What do you think is going to happen exactly?

Do you think we are just going to lie down and die?

Where are you from exactly?

Are you even South African?



What kind of a cuck are you then?

Then leave you pussy

and stop trying to blackpill everyone

Who is larping as AWB?

Yes it will be ammended and they will try to take farms


This is going to be a war man. Accept that you might die or something might happen to you

Can you imagine if your forefathers thought like you? Wtf

Then leave you pussy

Why are you here exactly?

This is our country

we built it


Wtf cares you moron

The British also legislated that the US is a British colony

under british rule

If blacks legislate that you should have sex with pigs, are you going to do it?

I willing to fight and die for my people. If you are not then shut your mouth and leave

I am*

This Arcade is like commie infiltrator trying to demoralize

Ho are most people going to leave idiot?



You obviously have no vested interest here since you are not willing to risk anything for it. Weak pussy

I seriously doubt you are a boer.

You don't sound like a boer, you sound like a leftist shill.

You tell others to leave, yet here you are?

You supposedly have 2 farms and can't leave, yet you expect the millions of other whites who cant leave to do so?

Do it you pussy

Leave, we dont need your faggot sort here

This guy is a limp wristed numale

Have never heard any boer talk like this guy ever

Go live in Sweden, you will fight right in

fit right in*

Owning farms is not the same as being a farmer.

There we go. Rich little boy who probably never drove a tractor in his life.

It's gone alreayd


no one is going to buy a farm now

Unless they have inside info or connections with the ANC

Trading in livestock is not the same as buying land (which the ANC wants to confiscate)

You are literally a "hensopper". The fight has not even started and this guy already surrendered

I think he is

Demoralization tactics

Helping what?

What are they going to do? Kill us?

Are they going to kill farmers?

That ship has sailed friend

2,000 and counting

And you assume that I am a limp wristed pussy like you?

Are you saying I'm a honeypot?


If you do not leave south africa immediately you are honeypot, got it\

Leftist shill

This guy is advocating for everybody to up and leave even though he knows they can't.

He is advocating giving up and that there is nothign we can do because they ANC has made it law that they can take our land

Classic concern trolling

He is saying the same thing someone else said a while back

About getting picked up and made to talk

dont know if it as in the voice chat or something

If they are scared they should leave, but don't try to demoralize everyone else like a coward.

@cΒ΅rvy I also hope we can get the women and children out

We will have to watch the news. As soon as a country grants assylum I'm sending my family to safety

Good idea tjoppie

Did a west coast tour a few years back adn didn't see a single black person in the entire time we were going up the coast

Conspiring defense

is not treason

no one advocating violence

or sabotage you idiot

This guy man, talking about saving women and children is treason...wtf?

No one is recruiting

And you should not respond to anytone who does


What would I say?

That people should not respond to people trying to recruit them?

"It is stupid to defend your family and property" Aracade_Hustle

You are dillusional man

Show me where I recruited anyone or made war plans

I'll wait

I was the first person on this server to tell people not to discuss warplans or any illegal activity, so you can go suck a dick\

Arcade is by far the most enthusiastic about leaving and not resisting.


In Zim?



Did I say that?

You can be a coward and leave, but don't come here and demoralize people who can't leave and have to stay

talking to Arcade

Mozambique is not South Africa mae


Difference is those in Mozambique could leave to SA or go overseas, most whites here cant

have to stay and face the music

And what about my family that cant leave?\

Must I leave them here?

Not everyone rich you asshole

How many people have R40,000 cash for plane tickets for a family?

I'm not alone you idot


For what?

I owe more on it that it is worth

This rich kid thinks everyone can just up and leave

what about my grandparents

what about other family members?


Because I don't have $40k cash?





how?, by not spending money for a few months?\

I'm not staying because of finances, I was just arguing his point

I'm better off than most and I will find it hard to leave

You can jack eachother off

Just have a low tolerance for cowards

It's not name calling if its true

I'm pretty chill dude, you seem to be the one that gets spooked easily and runs at the first sign of trouble

Lees die thread

My financial situation is better than most yet will find it difficult to leave (financially) yet here you are advocating everyoen should leave

Besides that, there are no other pros

Lived in 4 ways for 5 years

Lots of crime man

Had 2 armed home invasion while 4ways

My female roommate was almost raped

they dragged her into the bushes, but she managed to get away and ran to neighbors

My car was stolen at Deco Park

if you know where that is SGL


inside the complex

we were at that pool place

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