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2018-07-16 12:35:58 UTC

2018-07-16 15:50:50 UTC


2018-07-16 15:50:51 UTC

2018-07-16 15:50:51 UTC

2018-07-16 15:50:51 UTC

2018-07-16 15:50:51 UTC

2018-07-17 15:34:25 UTC

Hey @everyone, **Willem Petzer** just posted a video! Go check it out!

2018-07-20 11:36:20 UTC

Nyone up for live chat in a few minutes? @Arcade_Hustle @Conscious Caracal @Rational Gent @Shiver @Klipkop (Clip-Cop) I want to show Rene how a discord works...

2018-07-20 16:59:43 UTC

@here, the server will be undergoing restructure and maintenance to create the best possilbe experience for this community. Please note that if a channel gets nuked from orbit and all your precious posts is gone, that it will not effect your ranking (if you care about ranking). Although I believe it should not come to that. Sorry for any inconveniences that you guys might experience during the process but we will do our best to do it as fast as possible! If there is any queries please feel free to post it in the #suggestions channel as we do value your input.

2018-07-20 20:55:41 UTC

GET INVOLVED!!! - Let's properly p1$$ off the Left!

We are trying to get the hashtag #CrimeFreeOrania going.

Go to twitter and search for "Crime South Africa"

Comment on as many as possible posts "#CrimeFreeOrania"

2018-07-21 09:07:27 UTC

@everyone Willem praat tans LIVE oor Pofadder Media:

2018-07-23 12:28:13 UTC

@everyone Remember to read the rules under <#469198815585370122> in order find out how to get verified to use all the server channels.

2018-07-23 13:11:37 UTC

lol or get into the server ๐Ÿ˜‰

2018-07-26 13:01:35 UTC

@everyone Please go support the best South African cartoonist out there, Jerm, in his new, needed endeavor:

2018-07-27 09:43:11 UTC

@everyone I just released a new video:

2018-07-27 20:26:59 UTC

@everyone this is Renรฉ's two channels I just made, you are welcome to subscribe so long! Her video's will be released on Monday and Thursday...

2018-07-29 14:11:03 UTC

@everyone I will be hosting Gavin McInnes on my show 3 hours from now. Set a reminder here:

2018-07-29 14:11:28 UTC
2018-07-30 09:22:43 UTC

@everyone Renรฉ just released her first Afrikaans Video! Go Check it out and SHARE IT far and wide! Also remember to COMMENT and Like!

2018-08-01 17:03:14 UTC

@everyone I am debating the EFF youth leader in 5 minutes:

2018-08-02 14:11:38 UTC

@everyone Its time to cast your votes! 50 yes votes gives you guys your own Exclusives Books Channel! <----------

2018-08-04 16:29:48 UTC

Hey @everyone I will be talking about my experience with @realReneKruger in #CrimeFreeOrania...

Join us here:

2018-08-04 16:33:31 UTC

This will happen 7 pm

2018-08-11 01:49:07 UTC

Hey @everyone I'm finally done editing my #CrimeFreeOrania documentary! It will be released at 11am on my channel (in 5 hours)!

2018-08-11 09:15:10 UTC

Hey @everyone my #CrimeFreeOrania documentary is out!

Please remember to go on Twitter and tweet the #CrimeFreeOrania hashtag (as many times as possible ๐Ÿ˜‰

2018-08-14 15:01:55 UTC

Hey @everyone I will be live tonight at 8 with @ErnstRoets to have an in depth conversation about the 195 farms that the government has marked for Expropriation without Compensation.

Tune in and set a reminder here:

2018-08-14 18:00:34 UTC

@everyone we are going live now

2018-08-15 16:01:47 UTC

Hey @everyone I am going live with Renaldo now, talking about #CrimeFreeOrania.

2018-08-15 22:11:26 UTC

Hey @everyone, if you are still awake, it will be nice if you can join me on JFG's live stream (otherwise go watch it when you are awake again) :)

2018-08-15 22:18:41 UTC

@Willem Petzer Sien jou daar!

2018-08-16 19:34:15 UTC

Hey @everyone, my video on the racial hatred expressed by CEO of MiWay, Renรฉ Otto, will be released tomorrow at 11am.

I humbly ask of you to spread this as far as possible tomorrow and to retweet this tweet. โ˜บ๏ธ

2018-08-16 21:32:36 UTC

@everyone can vote on the best thumbnail, whichever gets the most Ernst Roets faces will be the one...

2018-08-16 21:32:45 UTC

2018-08-16 21:32:50 UTC

2018-08-17 08:24:21 UTC


**Happy Birthday @Willem Petzer **

Please be safe while celebrating over the weekend.

We wish you all the best for the coming year.



2018-08-17 08:43:01 UTC

Geluk Willem!

2018-08-17 09:06:43 UTC

Hey @everyone
My video on Rene Otto's comments is out!

PLEASE RETWEET, and SHARE this everywhere so that every White South African know how much hatred the CEO of MiWay insurance harbours for them!

2018-08-17 14:32:33 UTC

Stream of Consciousness: Tonight I interview the author K.M. Breakey about his works, specifically his recent book, "Never, Never and Never Again". We will also be discussing the broad topic of crime in South Africa.

Hope to see @everyone there!

Tune in @ 20:00 CAT / 18:00 GMT / 14:00 EST

2018-08-17 15:19:56 UTC

^^^@everyone should support Kalahari Gumbas' page. He is an old retired man who draws brilliant cartoons^^^

2018-08-17 17:58:57 UTC

I'm LIVE, @everyone, interviewing author K.M. Breakey:

2018-08-19 11:38:39 UTC

Hey @everyone if you have Twitter, please help out with a retweet here, it is very important

2018-08-19 21:25:47 UTC

BUSINESS INSIDER just labelled me as a far right critic...

2018-08-22 08:29:50 UTC

Hey @everyone go vote for Renรฉ Otto

2018-08-22 08:35:32 UTC

It is to troll Renรฉ (he follows me)

2018-08-22 12:47:29 UTC

@everyone This is a big one, live in a few minutes,

Tell everybody and their momma.

Come show your support.

See you in chat.

2018-08-22 12:54:09 UTC

Hey @everyone I will be on Jesse Lee Peterson's show in 5 minutes

2018-08-22 14:18:23 UTC
2018-08-22 15:03:38 UTC

Hey @everyone Check out Rene's launch of her English channel!

2018-08-23 06:09:25 UTC

Hey @everyone, if there is one video you have to SHARE with everyone, everywhere, then it is this one! THIS. IS. HUGE!!!!!!!

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