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2017-04-08 23:16:48 UTC

Boy this place seems like a party

2017-04-08 23:29:47 UTC

We gotta start somewhere.

2017-04-08 23:34:09 UTC

This is a good idea tho. I like it

2017-04-08 23:36:39 UTC

yeah, I prefer dedicated chat apps/platforms.

2017-04-08 23:46:58 UTC

Spencer & Alt-Right gang live from DC -

2017-04-09 00:10:26 UTC

It's over?

2017-04-09 00:13:19 UTC

yeah, I believe so.

2017-04-09 00:13:48 UTC

Ended 14m ago

2017-04-09 00:18:36 UTC

Looks like it's over already

2017-04-09 00:21:18 UTC

Are you able to see the replay?

2017-04-09 00:45:42 UTC

So if somebody wants to get in touch with me about what specific channels we should have on here I would be happy to set things up, I jus don't want to overstep by bounds so to speak

2017-04-09 00:50:40 UTC

We might try getting some people in here first.

2017-04-09 00:52:45 UTC

Yeah the replay is pretty good

2017-04-09 00:56:55 UTC


2017-04-09 18:33:50 UTC

Banned from Twitter for 3.5 more hours for some reason

2017-04-09 19:23:29 UTC


2017-04-09 22:49:25 UTC

Well the timer ran down and now it just says I'm suspended.

2017-04-09 22:50:48 UTC


2017-04-09 22:50:59 UTC

That's what they always do to me too

2017-04-09 22:52:26 UTC

That's pretty devious.

2017-04-10 00:29:14 UTC

Hello kameraden, I have arrived

2017-04-10 00:30:37 UTC

I have never used Discord before, total n00b

2017-04-10 00:31:34 UTC

It has really good voice chat and file sharing

2017-04-10 00:34:51 UTC

Who are you in our Twitter DM?

2017-04-10 00:44:03 UTC

Oh, nvm. PDX I presume?

2017-04-10 00:49:23 UTC


2017-04-10 00:53:22 UTC

I sent an invite to 1488, hopefully we'll see him join us soon...

2017-04-10 00:55:11 UTC

Very cool

2017-04-10 02:07:38 UTC

That'd be cool

2017-04-10 02:08:05 UTC

Another feature you guys should be aware of is you can tag people in messages and it will create a notification on their phone

2017-04-10 02:08:12 UTC


2017-04-10 02:08:19 UTC
2017-04-10 02:08:31 UTC

You can also pin messages to a specific channel

2017-04-10 02:08:45 UTC

2017-04-10 02:09:17 UTC

Is this the jewish support group? My rabbi sent me the invite code.

2017-04-10 02:09:22 UTC


2017-04-10 02:09:54 UTC

You can also tag a specific channel for instance if you were directing someone where to put specific discussion

2017-04-10 02:09:57 UTC


2017-04-10 02:10:38 UTC

We should try to do like a weekly voice chat or something that would be cool

2017-04-10 02:12:58 UTC

Oy vey this is the own borders for Israel group, I think your rabbi was confused

2017-04-10 02:13:04 UTC


2017-04-10 02:13:10 UTC


2017-04-10 02:19:00 UTC

Your right goyim, Israel does need more diversity. I will have to tell rabbi babycockstein about your insightful wisdom

2017-04-10 02:21:34 UTC

Back to my original handle

2017-04-10 02:21:48 UTC

Fourteen Eight Eight

2017-04-10 04:40:45 UTC

I think I'm IP banned from Twitter. I'm going to need to do some janky shit to get it back

2017-04-10 04:47:01 UTC

Yeah I'm literally getting banned as soon as I make an account

2017-04-10 05:16:33 UTC

All the chat history seems to have disappeared for me...

2017-04-10 05:16:49 UTC

Ok wtf it's back, nvm

2017-04-10 05:20:56 UTC

On Discord? Yeah it can take a minute to load

2017-04-10 05:33:20 UTC

Thoughts on

2017-04-10 05:34:16 UTC

Happened to key too beorn

2017-04-10 05:37:01 UTC

Jfc I'm autistic everywhere

2017-04-10 05:39:58 UTC

So is run by The Foundation for a Better Life

2017-04-10 05:41:05 UTC

Which is funded by the Anschutz Foundation

2017-04-10 05:42:23 UTC

Which is seemingly not run by a jew

2017-04-10 06:12:58 UTC

2017-04-10 06:14:13 UTC


2017-04-10 06:15:48 UTC

Welcome, leuk

2017-04-10 19:00:39 UTC

Everyone rocket off location for new goys

2017-04-10 19:01:28 UTC


2017-04-10 19:02:39 UTC

Jackson Co.

2017-04-10 19:17:30 UTC

Kushner's office looking at muh gassed babies pics. Crying with Ivanka.

2017-04-10 19:18:37 UTC

They would have cured cancer if not for the Russians and Assad!

2017-04-10 19:19:44 UTC

Some of those babies were part of the human expansion project, destined to colonize planets of nearby stars. F

2017-04-10 21:55:14 UTC

Can I throw an invite link here to the book club?

2017-04-10 22:08:32 UTC


2017-04-10 22:12:51 UTC

Sure, I don't see why not. I'd feel good if they came in with a least a little self-introduction as the rest of us here are already well acquainted...

2017-04-10 22:17:06 UTC

For sure. I will instruct everyone to introduce themselves

2017-04-10 23:14:20 UTC

As social media is becoming more restrictive of common sense speech, it is important that we up our IRL activity now. We already have a solid group to do this, so that is a white pill.

2017-04-10 23:18:33 UTC


2017-04-10 23:35:44 UTC


2017-04-11 00:32:03 UTC

Heard that shout out. Keg @Uberhat

2017-04-11 00:32:11 UTC


2017-04-11 00:35:54 UTC

Does @Uberhat have a show?

2017-04-11 00:47:01 UTC


2017-04-11 00:47:26 UTC

He is on the @WokeFolk and has his own now

2017-04-11 00:51:48 UTC


2017-04-11 03:04:04 UTC

Hey people, I'm from the book club also

2017-04-11 04:27:32 UTC

Chuck shoomer

2017-04-11 04:42:57 UTC

Welcome all newfags lol ๐Ÿ˜†

2017-04-11 04:47:03 UTC

Do you guys mind if invite my Based Mexican friend. His name is Jose. He's so based. He's legal and doesn't like illegals. (insert squeaking toy noises). You guys are civic nationals right?

2017-04-11 04:47:58 UTC

Proper response: No way Jose.

2017-04-11 04:48:30 UTC

2017-04-11 04:50:56 UTC

1488, you doing an impression of r/TheDonald? I totally got that. Lmwao

2017-04-11 04:52:35 UTC

Welcome @Siegurd. Good to see you here @cos/sin-WA

2017-04-11 04:53:44 UTC

I see @Marcus in the house as well, excellent!

2017-04-11 06:24:54 UTC

Thanks for the welcome! I'm gonna invite my based black friend, he wears a MAGA hat and it triggers people haha! American nationalism, loving the country no matter your skin color, that's what it's all about.

2017-04-11 06:26:01 UTC

I will invite my baaaaaaaased gay Jewish friend. HeS totally baaaaaased. *shot*

2017-04-11 11:09:28 UTC

Snuck my way in yesterday. Hello goyim!

2017-04-11 17:13:21 UTC

2017-04-11 17:16:53 UTC

I could not guess because race is social derp a duuuur *fart* construct. See guys we are all the same. (squeaking noises)

2017-04-11 17:43:18 UTC

Comparisons must be made between person of the same species please. No animal posting. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘Œ

2017-04-11 21:50:14 UTC

2017-04-11 21:50:46 UTC

that's one happy merchant

2017-04-16 00:54:07 UTC
2017-04-16 01:47:42 UTC

Who is datgoy?

2017-04-16 01:48:01 UTC

Explain yourself

2017-04-16 01:51:10 UTC

level 26 shitlord, Nazi focus, reporting for duty

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