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2017-04-18 23:17:16 UTC

1. If it is not already clear who you are and why you are here (e.g. everyone is not already familiar with you from a Book Club or the Twitter DM) you must provide a brief introduction and have an extant member vouch for you.

2017-04-18 23:25:50 UTC

2. No discussions around illegal activities, not even in a joking fashion. If the topic can be used in any way to implicate your fellow chat members on conspiracy or other charges, it is not allowed.

2017-06-23 17:32:08 UTC

3. No sperging out. Wall-of-text autistic rants, flooding the chat with unsolicited advice or open-source information, and religious debates should all be taken to <#327865280888045569>. Breaking this rule will get you sent to the Showers 🚿 (i.e. Categorized as <@&304029634943778818>)

2017-06-23 17:59:42 UTC

4. Protonmail ONLY in the <#301521248481968128> channel! And ONLY Protonmail! For the 1000th time this is because emails sent between protonmail accounts are encrypted such that the protonmail service providers themselves CANNOT decrypt your emails! Emails sent to non-protonmail accounts do not include this feature.

2017-06-23 18:47:16 UTC

5. If cyber security is a concern:
- use TOR
- use a VPN
- use a password manager
- use a custom router config or even better:
- use a good browser
- always be mindful of attribution

2017-06-23 18:53:46 UTC

Spare us all your regurgitated script kiddie advice on cyber security. If you can't dox me on the device I use to post here, you have no place giving other people advice on the topic. Bad or incomplete information on this subject is cancer; don't give people cancer!

6 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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