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Hey people, I'm from the book club also

Thanks for the welcome! I'm gonna invite my based black friend, he wears a MAGA hat and it triggers people haha! American nationalism, loving the country no matter your skin color, that's what it's all about.

Maybe, where is his house at?

Hmm I doubt I'll be able to make it, unfortunately that's the day of my senior prom Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

I'm Washington not Commiefornia lmao


Red Ice is live now with the Spencer event btw

Fantastic! And a perfect day too

"so that they could paint the picture that they are being attacked.” --(((Berenstein)))

Always projecting, schlomo

And Chad was basically the most prominent one in the video too.

LOL. They'll do all the work for us.

Does anyone want to respond to Antifa in what my attorney has advised me are reasonable and perfectly legal self-defense measures?

Fun developments: I am chosen to give the speech at my high school senior baccalaureate event. Let me know any fun dogwhistles and references to include. I'm going to repeat GLR's "be a fanatical doctor" bit almost word for word haha.

Any video links?


Good idea, lots of potential. Just have to differentiate and be high energy and interesting.


Just got on Twitter a couple months ago; I'm not extremely active

Same, it does tend to get rather cluttered

Something something atlantis and constellations

Ugh, bad situation either way, if they were going to actually blow something up they're as idiotic as muslim jihadists because no, hate to break it to you, but timothy mcveigh did not end up starting rahowa, and if it was in fact leftover rocket fuel well good job leaving it there for a police investigation, just phenomenal optics πŸ‘πŸ»

Or, it was Devon's explosives? I'm hearing two different things apparently

Strange, places are contradicting each other. Guess time will tell

"Oh- wait for the cream!"

Wonder if you could get the cross parallel lines to extend to the collar, and under the arms and whatnot

Ok looks badass regardless

I think it lets you go wider if I'm not mistaken, might as well take as much area as they allow

Based just on the image you sent

I feel as though such wide white stripes seem somewhat empty, would look better with either parallel-to-existing-ones equal-sized black stripes or a larger black stripe in the center, as in the German style flags.

Confederate had stars to fill it in

I dig it.

I dig the "Hugo Boss" and "NSDAP X" versions for "battle flags". Maybe different color inner bars for different regions? Not sure if that would look good

Or maybe like the Americana versions, but slightly darker/muted colors and in the original line's style

Colors like Green and Blue would fit the Cascadian theme and could represent different regions. That said, I agree that the red, white, and black is best aesthetic and wouldn't want to necessarily sacrifice that.

Ultimately a variation in color scheme would be to differentiate the flags without changing style significantly. A universal overall design with some particular identifying feature would be ideal, color would provide that but would detract from the NS color scheme

Autism is the last stand of implicit white identity, after all.

good song. Version from that movie also rather good

Cabaret, pozzed but they've sure got the music

Absolutely. Everytime I watch some Jewified movie I just end up totally identifying with the antagonist lmao. Unintended consequences.

Only a tiny minority of orcs ever attacked gondor. In fact, those don't even deserve to be called orcs at all! So technically no orcs have ever attacked gondor, bigot.

Besides, gondor's birthrate is declining, don't you know that orc laborers will pay our pensions!

Arson attacks and violent rallies? They almost make us sound like antifa!

Yea the compass quiz asks you nonsensical questions that don't really have anything to do with politics, and then the rest are often loaded

Absolutely. When I try to interpret their intent I end up somewhere around natsoc but when just answering everything at 100% face value they put me right in the middle somehow

Honestly there are better tests out there, 8values for example

SolidπŸ‘ŒπŸ» A bit more on the Strasserist side than me

"If immigration is inevitable, should they assimilate?" Good goyim can't stop immigration

Listen to the War Room?

Haha fair enough

>not spelling Europa with a "V"
Are you trying ti trigger Damigo? You forget we wuz centurions.

It would be funny if someone put swastika bumper stickers on antifa's cars.

Of course, I disavow, never condone vandalism etc etc

Something something Godfather


Option A could be Northern and B could be Southern Washington. Following in the trend of the previous two. Though I'm not in a position to purchase one myself personally.

Congrats @Uberhat ! for an extensive list of movies. Master and Commander, Zulu, October Sky, all fantastic movies.

Age discretion for some of course.

Tough to find, other than older shows

Is it worth watching for the lols?

Haha fantastic. What, did he become an official or something in that timeline?

Guess now I know why I like gardening so much

We need WN biotics labs

Just create a virus to target all jews, give it a week to show symptoms. Booya!

Also see:

According to ancient texts, the custom of throwing coins into wells is because wells serve the dual purpose of also being top-notch jewtraps.

Saw the first two episodes of Man in the High Castle. Ironic how the message seems to be "people would oppose the system if they understood what it was doing and saw a potential alternative"

If only the police had shown up a little later

It seriously triggers me how confused the antifa flagwaver was looking at the end. He was literally trying to provoke the cameraman the whole time. What are they expecting?

Sabaton: Any of it

Basically military history power metal

See: "Ghost Division", "Talvisota"

Dunno about 'goyim', i heard he's got 2% jew and negroid! So much so that he can channel his inner Dequan

Nah that was part of his series, watch the last 5 or so merchant minutes, they're top quality

His mind controlled by his inner jew so uh probably?

He becomes a schizo with ethnic personalities

Well they pick up strands that correspond to different groups More commonly, and the share of those strands determines your %. So you could just happen to have similar genes to jew but not have any jew ancestry and it could say like 2%.

Once it gets 5-10% an ancestor is very likely but below that, it's no proof

Haha no I don't doubt it. My point is that even accurate, unmanipulated tests have room for error. So don't take much stock in them.

This shitlord is destabilizing the economy by setting non-optimal prices!

Really though that's very kind, might just have to take you up on the offer eventually

Will say- I've been absolutely livid recently over the pedophilic "elsa spiderman fun" videos, and what (((they))) are doing to innocent children, so it is a bit of solace to see ourguys having children and committing to raising them in a far healthier environment. Keep fighting the good fight.. 14

Can y'all read the message I said in thunderdome public? I think I was banned or something... was kicked and now can't read message history in the server


The vikings were smart 1000 years ago:

"A man shall trust not | the oath of a maid,
Nor the word a woman speaks;
For their hearts on a whirling | wheel were fashioned,
And fickle their breasts were formed." -Havamal


Kekistan: Revisited

Your hair is curlier than mine, get on my level

I feel like long-sleeves rolled up neatly is a better aesthetic than just short sleeves. That one otherwise is very solid.

A bit of muay thai, and HEMA, if that counts. But, I need to do a lot more. Looking into MMA places.

Jew jitsu

surprisingly effective

Thanks. HEMA's probably not as combat-practical as knife things but it's fantastic exercise. And of course the historical bit

They're not racialist/natsoc afaik, just wider fascist umbrella

Guess it depends on individual, I've definitely seen non-racialists on IM. That said, I don't browse it regularly

Facial cleanser morning and night after face wash. Benzoyl peroxide topical in addition.

Generally works afaik

Idk that's supposed to be pretty bad

If all else fails there's what do you call it, the ingestible

I forget the name but lowers oil production by a lot. Some side effects though. Possible depression increase and dry skin

Going out in the sun helps temporarily but causes long term damage

Cutting out types of food like dairy?

I used to have it pretty bad, Idk what ended up making the improvements. Gotta keep trying things I suppose

Seen a dermatologist? Maybe they can find the issue

If it's not cost prohibitive

I'd be probe to assume the other way around


I drank half gallon soy milk each day for a few months, for the calorie/nutrient supplement. Never again let me tell you...

I was crying over pride and prejudice! Pride and prejudice!

Soy diet: transgenderism without the commitment!


Especially not when they have cashew milk available

Nah but it seems you're a big fan

Maybe I need to try it tbh...

Dreads are dreadful. Rap is crap. Trades are high-grade. Have appreciation for your nation and end immigration to these locations.

There's my rhymes

Wish I could join the eclipse... have to move in to Uni in Seattle the day before. Worst possible timing.

Ima do like finance or... something. Get money, be accelerationist or whatever Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

@blackhat 16 But that would require me being, in the words of the esteemed Dr. Pierce, a degenerate weaboo faggot!

Yikes, I'm feeling some spooky esoteric vibes roundabout here

@Australopithecus Jordan believe me, I know. I had to write a cucky essay on how enriched I've been by diversity, just to get in.

Bias evolved for a reason

My advisor is a Jew. He gave a speech to something around 25 of us, explaining how "we should take classes that feel socially engaging and relevant" and to "not think too much about what career we want to go into" because "your major is just what you find most engaging on campus. A lot of people love activism, or maybe art."

Etc etc

Oh hello new guy

Good ol' Harold

Hmm... the university kvetched majorly when Milo went... I wonder what would happen if someone were to invite, say, Psycho Sacco and the Vandal clan?

Also apparently GTKRWN is an available license plate in Washington. I know what my first paycheck is going towards

University has a lecture hall called "Sieg hall". Looking forward to directing people to class. Thot: "Hey do you know where econ is?" Me: *points* "SIEG HALL"

Dawnguard... you an elder scrolls player, or am I a nerd mistakenly finding references in things?

Time to give up, they already have us beat on the aesthetics department!

In seriousness I agree, sonnenrad is a fantastic symbol

Eh, they call themselves national socialist, that's good in my book. Obviously they are making an effort to appeal to as many people as possible in an incredibly pozzed region

Hmm you're starting to sound like a progressive!

Y'all gotta be aires = aryan

Cucked by sieguerdo once again. Viva la raza!

Don't feel bad I'm sure you're at least 30% pure bavarian phenotype, that's good enough for the ethnostate right? πŸ˜‚

We need greenshirts. Take back kekistan and cascadia

Blue jeans, green shirt, white belt? πŸ€” naah that'd just look faggy

If I was on my PC I'd photoshop this onto Rambo

The esoteric bowlcutting headband

If not, this needs to happen

Isn't Sly Italian? We got the Axis action stars. Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Fukumoto

Ancient people survived on elk, milk, and berries. Technically, you can survive decently on just meat. Low-cooked meat even has good amounts of vitamin C.

Damn it, AWD used my Sieg Hall joke in their description before I could use it!

Haha, I have a class in that hall this fall.

I will be a Freshman this fall

Haha, you got many people who are enrolled there?

Ah. Well, maybe time to start a trend then!

True. Reminds me of the ridiculous ways false rape accusations have been handled by schools. They should have no business imposing their own laws.

I believe it's economics that's there

Microeconomics 200

I'm doxing myself severely but w/e

Sonnenrad looks a little disproportionately small

Inside the circle

Ayy gurl, you know what they call me... the "aesthetics officer"... knowmusayin...
Truth be told though delegating responsibilities is a good move.

I've always been partial to this one

(Though I might countersignal the cross a wee bit)

>search university courses for "jewish studies" for the lols

>course 105: "Introduction to liberalism"

nothing to see here folks

Yea I looked into it a lot a few months back, basically tries to discredit legitimate racialism. Divide and conquer = oldest Jewish trick in the book.

That individualism bit sounds like the faux philosophy bs that the left uses just to confuse people

Jesse Owens, yes. Funny that people thought he "proved the evil nazis wrong" when every racialist believed blacks evolved sprinting more anyways

"What is wrong with nazbol?" "See North Korea"


Wtf did they just kick me from thunderdome again

Someone ask about this


Well kicked i guess, dunno bout banned

I was talking about angry goy video game, mentioned some people claimed it had spyware, i get ejected? Is that against the rules

Don't think so

At least to my knowledge

Do they have an invite code up?

Does the DS discord have a code posted for invites inside the server


Yeah I think I tried that one but it doesn't work anymore

I see

Oh it expired

Guess I was a few mins too late

Still says it was expired... I wasn't banned was I?

Jeez. Idk what the problem is. Wasn't even making a claim about it.

I see a pete townsend but not with the same number

It's worrying that this wasn't incredibly obvious for everyone.

BTW thoughts on this

Might do postering on behalf of stormers. Dunno if a link dump is a good idea. (VA is cool with poster editing)

One reason for this is to show plainly that there is legitimate scientific, academic basis.

the font makes it a bit difficult to read the "x" in marxism

someone might misinterpret it

i like the design, however


Definitely. I'm partial to linking to websites and having a group name (gonna get on SPLC map!) but if that's not what you're going for, it's a good poster.

HOI4 is a fantastic game. If you're good, you get to see this:

I wouldn't worry about it

It's not knifing an individual anyways, just the antifa symbol

Books arrived πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Ironpill life best life

Lol yep

What's AWD's ancestry req? 100%? Or like 15/16 vs VA's 7/8, or what

People like tara mccarthy count?

Off topic but anything backing that assertion? I've heard it a lot

Shes 1/16 jew 1/16 dot indian

I can agree with that. I'm not going to defend anyone too much but I do hesitate to call people something like psyop if they're not 100%. Hitler didn't give a shit about quadroons or whatever you call em

Yeah I agree there

Noted. People say Mystery of the Grail is good to start with; I think that will be my next.

Sounds reasonable. I'm probably entirely European save for Neanderthal. Got a bit of an underbite and occipital bun etc etc so maybe 4% or so. But y'all would accept Morrakiu I assume. 1.5% Jew and nog. Or is that too dangerous combination?

Viva la Revolution

Triggered the media like 5 times

Will there be any cascadia flags for purchase about a month and a half from now?

I've read a bit of Yockey's Imperium which seems to be largely based on Spengler. I might have to go back to that eventually also.

When AF and Skull mask profile pictures are telling you to chill out

Haha that makes more sense


Fantastic as ever. That'll get people at least thinking

Arrived in rural Idaho for a wedding. Strange how well maintained the streets are... and how friendly the locals are... how tight-knit the community... I can't put my finger on it πŸ€”

Blackpilling but likely accurate

I've heard bad things about coldsteel constructions on their machetes / longer blades. Admittedly don't know as much about the knives...

They *already* hate the eclipse!

I have confidence in weev and co. They'll find another provider or something

No one has surplus Fashcadia flags do they? Now that I'm getting my own place I'd buy one if available

Haha. Hmm, I don't mind forking over decent shekels as long as it isn't astronomical. You could mail it to Seattle?

Mm of course of course

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