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So if somebody wants to get in touch with me about what specific channels we should have on here I would be happy to set things up, I jus don't want to overstep by bounds so to speak

That'd be cool

Another feature you guys should be aware of is you can tag people in messages and it will create a notification on their phone


You can also pin messages to a specific channel


You can also tag a specific channel for instance if you were directing someone where to put specific discussion


We should try to do like a weekly voice chat or something that would be cool


Welcome all newfags lol 😆

I will invite my baaaaaaaased gay Jewish friend. HeS totally baaaaaased. *shot*

This is a thread in which to post pdfs of flyers, etc for common use in operations

This is a thread for posting links to recommended YouTube videos, books, articles etc

This is a thread for discussing, planning and coordinating legal operations in the community

Thread exclusively for members to post their protonmail addresses in case they go off the radar or an individual member wishes to contact them more privately, no other communications in this thread please

Thread specifically for discussing details surrounding the scheduled monthly meetings

Thread for discussing scheduling voice chat meet ups

Personally I think we should aim to have weekly voice chat meet ups in between irl meetings

Potentially we could use the app Signal to do this instead of Discord if there are concerns about the security of the discussion

What are @everyone 's thoughts on this?

@everyone want to do this every Saturday afternoon?

Whereas the redpill section is specifically devoted to media designed to edify members on proper information and ideological basis, this thread is intended to be a place where members can post and discuss less information oriented media. Non-cucked/kiked movies and such are highly encouraged.

@everyone Anyone have any input or what time Saturdays would be ideal or should I just put something out and whoever makes it makes it? 😆

Great to see everyone making use of the server, I hope to eventually see this shift to be our main "informal" operations center with "formal" communications relegated to Proton. I'm currently discussing taking on a more organizational role for our SO branch with Blackhat

@everyone Today if I get the chance I'll be designing a "flyer" that looks like a dollar bill (Christian propaganda style) which specifically is a "6,000,000" dollar bill with either Happy Merchant or worried Merchant as the portrait and perhaps "The Goyim Know" as the header. Any suggestions are welcome. I will post it here when I'm done.

@everyone is everyone here but me and @Wehrmacht a <@&304026151402340355> because I would like to update everyone's "roles" on the server to make networking and organization easier

Doesn't look like it

Do we have any Washingtonians or Canucks? I made roles for them as well

So who all is from Washington? Any idea?

Good shit thanks fam

Just updated their roles

Anyone who hasn't either chimed in by tonight or had their status reported to me by tonight will have their status updated to <@&304029634943778818> lol

Gotta have gold for the shekels


Which one would you prefer to be in? @beornmod

Alright cool

No <@&304026229432909824> here?

Lol yes. I'll even change the role name if they come over lol

Underneath the threads it should say "voice channels"

You click on "General" and it should say "join voice chat" or something to that effect

We'll do it tonight if we can't meet up for a beer @Wehrmacht

Okay give me a moment to sort through this all please

Man @Wehrmacht we're really alone down here lol

Updated all member roles to accurately reflect their geographical location

Unfortunately nobody is left for me to label as <@&304029634943778818>

Updated all member roles to accurately reflect their geographical location

Unfortunately nobody is left for me to label as <@&304029634943778818>

Updated roles to reflect actual locations

In the event of any moves everyone can keep me informed of the changes and I will alter their role respectively

Hopefully this should fix all the "who else is in _____" shit

Okay I'll fix that

are the specific threads for each region unnecessary or should I keep them and make one for each?

Also btw everyone can mention specific roles just type @ and then the title for ex. <@&304029634943778818>

Will do

I'll do it tomorrow actually I'm exhausted from my flight

Lol nice

Just updated Jimmy's role to <@&304040059231797261>

@Happy Gerry which role should I put you in (where's your general location?)

For anyone who likes metal music, "Critical Acclaim" and "Danger Line" by Avenged Sevenfold are both good songs that have patriotic and to a certain extent explicitly anti-liberal messaging

Who's this? 😈

If you're good at something, never do it for free

I have a state of Jefferson flag lol

Guns can be brought but keep in the car unless otherwise instructed

Flags are totally up to you I'd guess.

@blackhat 16 Would you prefer to have a dedicated thread?

@beornmod I got you fam. Also deleted unnecessary #north andc #south channels

While I have you here any idea where @Artair is so I can set up his role?

I'll change it to that for now and update it later if requested

Is <#306559768712183809> intended to be used for electronic resources, organizing platforms and such?

Yup yup just wanted to make sure

This channel is intended to be used for electronic resources, organizing platforms and such.

Yup that's what I figured, it's a useful distinction so I see the need for it. Wanted to make sure before I went posting in there.

Any TV show from TVLand or MeTV except Hogan's Heroes lol

Happy Days, The Andy Griffith show

Old TV shows actually had depictions of functional families instead of glorifying mentally ill dysfunctional families

This channel is intended to be used as a designated area to discuss and store chants, slogans, etc for all of our field <#300814538519871488> particularly those involving counter-protestors, or antifa types.

After doing some cursory research Threema looks to be a decent option. I would rate it probably lower than protonmail but higher than Twitter and Discord. Tbh, there's no real reason to use it over Discord unless we get to the point that we believe our group is being specifically monitored or something, since all *sensitive* communications can be relegated to ProtonMail.

Was that Based Swede, or the dude who kinda looked like he might be on drugs? 😆

For BLM everyone seems to like "Kike Lies Matter," I'm personally a fan of saying White Lives Matter

When you see antifa:

"Here, step into my shower."

Updated his role

Cuck knight from the event with the Proud Boys in New Orleans

F for your shoah Wehr

I'd say US flags, Cascadia flags would be ideal

"We are growing implicit"

@blackhat 16 As in a thread or a completely separate server?

I could create a thread that only people with the proper role could access

Or multiple threada

It's up to you really

DM me what you want i created the APB role just now

I could do that dm me who you want added to the role and then all you'd have to do is mention it in the private thread and everyone would get the notification


Hm did I misspell it?

@APB there

Someone has to be in the group for it to be mentioned maybe

Got it <@&314532855164436482>

What's nathan's screen name?

Also if you could let me know geographical roles for new server member's I'd appreciate it

<#314534900839612416> channel set up only people with the <@&314532855164436482> role can access it

People can post their Xbox Gamertags, Steam Usernames, or whatever else here if they are interested in gaming together as it could provide an opportunity for further group socialization

I'm sure I speak for everyone who was there when I say I had an awesome time at the flagocaust with all you guys and I'm looking forward to more events in the future

We must earn our ethnostate with our blood goy

What we're up against

I work that day so I might not be able to make it but it sounds like a good time. I might see if I can get the day off

Good news @everyone, we just found out that my wife is pregnant. 😀 Aryan baby on the way, will keep everyone posted.

@My Name Is Hate Which location group should I put you in?


Thanks everybody

So is everyone having a good Thor's Day? 😂

So it occurred to me I might want some advice from @everyone with a little one on the way. Ideas for appropriate, non pozzed children's shows/books, the preferred method of schooling, how to instill a sense of proper community, heritage, and values (normally provided in ideal situations by "church.") Anyones thoughts theories and personal experiences are welcome.

In the future, this thead may be utilized by anyone seeking advice or input on maintaining and cultivating healthy white families


I'd shy away from it as much as possible personally but any ideas on non pozzed childrens shows?

Sesame Street alternatives, that sort of thing?

Might have to do that. Get dvds or load a hard drive with old stuff

Lol excuse me?


Thanks all for your contributions I'll do some research and continually cultivate an arsenal of supplies over the next nine months while discussing it with my wife at each step

It's a unique question I'm pondering now. How young do you want to start redpilling? How hard and how deep do you want to go? Redpilling isn't even really an approprirate metaphor since it implies "waking up" from a pre-conditioned stupor where as this is more just like always being taught the truth

I already told my wife although she was already in ageement before we talked abt it - if it is a boy, we are not mutilating my son's penis in some bizarre kike ritual.

@Wehrmacht just informed me he has resolved whatever issues there were so he has been re-added and I re-assigned the proper roles

If it's that importat you should consider using a locked folder or something? I know you have an Android so probably a little more security measures available to you


Wehrmacht and I were discussing some supplying and protocol in case of collapse or martial law and thought everyone might want to share any non-sensitive information which might be helpful in preparing for this eventuality

Or proton mail it if you feel it is sensitive

As I said, everyone should have paper maps in case the internet is taken down

Any recommendations on ham radios?

Anyone have any partiular reommendations as to brand, power etc or is it mostly up to personal preference

>not preparing for the inevitable collapse of society/forming our own parallel infrastructures to replace existing institutions in the event of collapse

>thinking you're woke 😜

Obligatory server image change to the fascadia flag

Looks awesome

I think it should be our official flag

I would like Wehr to eventually create an armband version

Set up a local lan wifi network on our compound. Done. 😂

Speaking of which those who run this shit should consider the idea of eventually acquiring property for the purposes of a compound/commune for the organization.

There's a piece of property in Springfield in my family already that's 1-2 acres but I'd have to convine my uncle and cousins to sell me their shares of the inheritance

I may have an in but it kind of depends on how my family feels abt my plans. And no work has been all consuming lately but I'll read it in its entirety this weekend


Lol I'll get you one @Wehrmacht

I think I may fly mine from a flag pole with the eagle topper

Will it hold your order until enough people order them? I'll be ordering mine and Wehrmacht's either tonight or tomorrow

That's awesome man, thanks for sharing that inspiring story

@everyone I'm in desperate need of moral support anyone please contact me through whatever method is most convenient for you

My wife is extremely hormonal due to the pregnancy and it's causing a lot of conflict

Fighting constantly

I'm calling someone else will check back in here before I do anything else so don't be too worried if you don't hear from me

Support is appreciated

Things are a bit better today

Talked to a couple people

Worked it out mostly with the wife and we'll take your suggestions into account going forward

I'll make sure they end up in there. Also we'll be doing an eventual overhaul to how the rules and new membership works

Got my support 16 shirt looks great


Saw this in Eugene any idea what it is?

It's been better I wouldn't be up here but had some car issues lol

With respect to that problem, I think the solution may be to appoint people to "positions" or be "officers" of a specific field

For instance Wehr could be in charge of poster design and uniforms an "Aesthetics Officer" almost

That way we have shared responsibilities but not a decentralized, indecisive decision making process

100% on board especially considering the long weekend

@everyone Read most of this last night found it at times quite illuminating and others quite confusing I was wondering if someone would be willing to give me a second opinion on it

That's what I suspected but it sounds kind of cliche lol

They almost seem to imply that TRUE national socialism is in fact Civic Nationalism that's merely willing to do horrible shit to people who disrupt the society

And that it involves leader worship basically

But talks abt this as if that's a good thing somehow?

I also noted then quoting some person named "Rosenberg" extensively through the article

They outright reject "identitarianism" and "racism"

Basically the only thing they seemed to say was absolutely haram was Jews but only because they are the "physical manifestation of Judaism" which is bad I guess

Okay thanks I'll check out the vids later today

I saw a quote by Rudolf Hess in hoi4 the other day "With most men you admire from afar, they lose their magic when you draw closer. With Hitler the opposite is true."

Yeah I noticed when they were bad talking anti tribalism that what they were describing sounds suspiciously like globalism - Jews + leader worship

@Artair I believe that's what he and I were specifically referring to

So does the "hail" thing come from Nordic traiditons

I joined a non NS Nordic pagan chat room and they all use hail as a greeting as well

They even went into this section where they said that they believe that the "pop icon" phenomenon and the messages they pushed in the post war period were subconsciously caused by the infatuation people had with an avatar like Hitler, and that then the Jews tried to claim credit for what is basically in my opinion degeneracy anyways

They call NS "the true left" and modern leftism as we know it "the false left" lol

Their whole idol worship ideal is poised as "maximally expressed individualism," that essentially in a society with a fuhrer that is peak individualism because one specific individual is maximally expressed and supported by everyone else

I think their main misunderstanding is that they conflate racism and racialism

After the Olympic games Hitler shook hands with that famous black runner whereas the American president wouldn't even meet with him in the White House

Hitler was probably less racist than I am

Racialism is merely looking out for your own people

It sounds like Marxism dressed up as NS honestly


At one point in the article they implied that white identitarian movements might eventually have to be "dealt with" much like the Jews for refusing to conform to their glorious vision of total collectivism disguised as "maximal individualism"

From their description of NS, precisely *what* separates it from Communism?

They even somewhat posited North Korea as an example of modern day NS lol

Well precisely. Suggesting NK and CommChina are racialist is obvious. Suggesting they conform to some kind of weird idealized leftist version of NS is pretty weird.

I'd call them implicitly fascist at best

Soft eugenics is honestly not only morally defensible but in my view the most compassionate position

NS and fascism are not meant to be totalitarian in the sense that most people understand the term but rather a means of uniting the people in a shared will

@Wehrmacht I have the next few days off if you want to meet up for some 4th festivities

Lamb and cabbage stew for dinner tonight goys

She's not even doing the cooking lol but yeah she is



Although this should mostly go without saying, Discord has recently started banning servers and users that they believe have violated their TOS. They are claiming that they don't read over chat logs, but my advice would be to not take their word for it. As is should always be your standard operating procedure, you should *always* assume that everything posted here can and will be read by at the very least, Discord staff.

What you feel comfortable disclosing or posting when it comes to yourself is really up to you, but good guidelines are to not self dox, and not self incriminate. "Encouraging" or "threatening" physical violence are apparently not (((kosher))) either, but if Discord is to be believed that shouldn't be a problem if we don't have mole.

All communications that you believe are of a sensitive nature should be sent using ideally Protonmail, or if you must, Signal.

Attached below are relevant screenshots from Twitter showing what I'm talking about for those of you who aren't on or don't use Twitter.

I wouldn't freak out, if Discord is telling the truth, we shouldn't have a problem but just wanted everyone to be informed of the situation

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