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2019-04-23 05:00:56 UTC [Legio Christi Hangout #art]  

His neutrality still costed him

Would it be wrong to honour Tsar Nicholas? He was a martyr after all

Pretty sure those were rumors to discredit him

Yes, that is tangible

He's a martyr in the orthodox church, just pointing that out

His wife might've been the adulteress, in that case

Pretty sure it was other families that actually wanted Rasputin dead

Yes but that's a strawman there, no one's talking about living conditions

And agreed there Caedes

Nick was a shy and distracted ruler

Pretty sure it can be done

His father was the good ruler, murdered, however

Yes, it's mostly to discredit his simplicity

Allegedly he had an affair with a ballerina

But there's not really much backing that up

Wild claim

Alexander II was industrialising the nation and reforming the old feudal system

However he was murdered

The III, my bad

or was he not?

hmm, i'm mistaking someone

Yes, my bad, they murdered Nicholas's Prime Minister who was reforming things for good

Pyotr Stolypin

He was murdered by a jew leftist

This was the assassin

I'd rather not risk it and not trust any

Both Muslims and Jews are the enemy

Muslims don't really seem to hide it though

Whilst Jews attack from within

I mean, should boomer parishes be considered Catholic..?

Just in name

I don't like it that there's only boomer parishes in my city

No, just a terrible country

The countryside is even worse because it's very deprived of resources

Parishes here base off money lol

I go to the one near my house, but it's run by a guy who had control over the last bishop

Yes, it's a wealthy parish because the people around are wealthy

Er, I believe they're something else

Diocesans or something like that

Hm, haven't really checked

I'm a spaniard living in mexico, lol

yes, yes I am

Indeed, but it's mostly novus ordo

I've been to latin rite mass though, an entire week in a seminary

I hate it too

There's a state where they mix the old aztec shit

They have witches burning stuff outside the church

The priests also allow people to get into witchery and those pagan things, they don;t warn them at all


Well, only two FSSP churches are located in another state, gg

imagine having a bishop whose coat of arms is some indian style picture of the Virgin of Guadalupe

God, someone eradicate mexican indians already

@LuxCo I reckon we're both white and can point out how ridiculous it is that novus ordo doesn't acknowledge the fact that mixing pagan stuff should be considered as heresy

just to appeal to indians

also, FSSPX seems to have more presence in mexico

there's one in the state where I'll be attending university, _excellent_

boomer parishes break canon law changing mass as they see fit

yeah but if sspx sticks more to tradition it should automatically be considered better

yeah, I really don;t know that much

I just don;t enjoy boomer priests/parishes

Worst thing I've heard was my local priest saying _it doesn't really matter if you don;t believe in Mary as long as you believe in the Lord_

meme, I took all seriousness away and wanted to laugh

I don't know Lux, I'm not exactly pale but I'm pretty sure I'm mediterranean, basing off my family


Hm, if the priest is brown, at least in Mexico, he's probably novus ordo

just an observation

To be fair, jesuits are lowkey jews

Anyways, in all honesty, Mexico probably is not fit for a large scale traditionalist movement, mainly because locals, be it race-mixed or natives, have a great disdain for anything European

How can they want tradition if it's something not deeply rooted, and as for that, it usually just fuels the syncretism, as someone mentioned here before, it becomes more appealing to the locals and it counters the actual goal of promoting traditional catholicism

You'd be surprised with the level of witches and such that take the patronage of Guadalupe

I'm not saying that Guadalupe is heathen, nothing like that, but her name is used for syncretism and usually novus ordo priests use this to their favor

Hm, is it normal that my chat randomly clears itself?

Seems like a glitch

what are you trying to say

Benedict was and probably still is, the reason why that hasn't happened

What about Mueller?

I believe he leads a faction that opposes Francis's loose reforms

Burke is also nice

I mean, most of these Cardinals don't have much of a chance either

They have either stood up against new doctrine or against the Pope

That's instant disqualification

Mueller might have the upper hand because he does have several Cardinals backing him up

But who knows

Pro-Francis dislike him quite a lot

I believe he also called for the resignation of Francis for protecting known child-molesters

That made him a persona non grata in the Vatican

Novus ordo?

I mean, if it's novus ordo I suppose you could, but then again canon is broken there so many times that I don't think it would make a difference, I guess it would be more of a personal thing

Then again in my parish, despite being novus ordo, since it's in an affluent/rich community you have a lot of people dressing up more than in your common parish

Hm, every time I shut down discord the message history cleans itself in this particular server, any idea why?

Mรผller has a better chance

It's funny enough when the pope's black in Crusader Kings 2

The left would probably use him as a tool to attack Catholics

Burke is probably the one we need

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