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@piola#7749 you don't even know /pol was socialist before becoming republican in the last years.

@andy? I agree it was more socdem kind of thing. But do we copy from /pol or /pol copies from us? We were there first.

@Alexie Hellooooooo

@andy? we are here, yes.

@Alexie every day they fracture more and more

@andy? reforms to be made.

@andy? too many kids will join with "roles"

2017-05-22 03:58:55 UTC [/leftypol/ International #russian]  

@Garlic the Soviet Он же индус, как он может быть антисемитом?

@Deleted User why one even want to dox it? If it is not necessary.

@OF-8 How you doing here?

@OF-8 that is too easy.

@OF-8 too easy to enjoy

Banter of socialist keeps itself up

You don't even need to provoke

Just join the flow

@OF-8 how you do it?

@OF-8 you didn't learn anything about dialectics in two weeks. Because you are incapable.

Some people are more free


It depends on the commies.

So many different types

Some do stuff. Some don't

That is true.

The "other side"

Weak memes he said

You don't know yet the power of our memes.

Is there any?

Some people here like it too. Some are not

@Deleted User stopped.

@Deleted User why do you ask questions on which you know the answers?

Every matter is to be transformed but some will stay in history some will not.

Classics did stay

for a reason

2017-05-22 06:45:59 UTC [/leftypol/ International #russian]  

@MyLittleSweetie судя по статистике, не так много.


Of its time

@Deleted User you know the reaction of most people on Soviet art, right?

@Deleted User We are just to enjoy it really. As a little extra.

Quality is important at all times.

Unless it is quantity.

or a measure.

@Deleted User what do you see?

Any quality can be taken outside of its time. The best might stay.

For a time

@Deleted User of course. The best qualities are not even qualities. They are the essence.

@Deleted User essence is a dialectical matter.

It changes

all the time

But stays

at the same time

@Deleted User the profit motive of the creation of the quality is a pure perversion of all things.

Is a pure destruction of quality.

The degeneracy.

@Deleted User yes. The quality of art is able to meet the beauty of the reality.

@Deleted User materialism doesn't even care.

It just is

@Deleted User it is a place for educational materials in here.

Erotic too

@Deleted User If you do things according to how they are?

Completely possible.

Materialism makes everything its own

but also relative

subjectively too.

@Deleted User matter is constant and relative

At the same time

@Deleted User yes, otherwise they are not Marxist

It is fundamental

nothing is ultimate, friend.

Matter is moving.

Change is flowing.

And everything is ultimate at the same time.

Matter is a funny substance

Very prone to change

But always present

and changes

every fkin time

How can be something that always is?

And always will be?

Sometimes objective comes too close subjective.

Or is it the opposite?

Or is it happaning all the time?

@Deleted User material, yes.

are you a material yourself?

@Deleted User and before?

@Deleted User what is the history of this material?

@Deleted User What qualitative, quantitative changes in your essence did you experience?

@Deleted User tell me about it.

@Deleted User Materialism is a cure for dialectical mind. But there are not many to be cured.

Most material is idealist. One sided. Very limited.

At this moment

but there is a way

@Deleted User a materialist way.

@Deleted User what was the previous way?

@Deleted User which belief exactly?

Ex-Fascist are best anti-Fascist.

That is a diamat way

Preservation and altering.

That is good.

exceptional even.

@Deleted User how are they short-sighted?

What are the best methods of anti-Fascist propaganda?


Ill go smoke

You can bring it up in theory at any time.

Science of materialism is the best anti-fascist method, I think.

Russian Oligarchy list with data.

I bet oligarchy has better online than /leftypol/

2017-05-22 17:15:17 UTC [/leftypol/ International #russian]  

@Trestkie#1090 агитация на один день.

@Deleted User Do you speak Chinese?

@Deleted User ni hao ma, comrade!

What is going on

@Deleted User Would be nice to have Chinese brothers in here.

@Wintermute are you leftiest?

@Wintermute it depends.

@Wintermute do you think kids should receive early broad sexual education?

Compass is a lie.

@Wintermute than you most likely a lefties.

you know many italian comrades, pony?

2017-05-22 19:08:38 UTC [/leftypol/ International #chinese]  

If you need Chinese voice channel just blink me.

@Leonid Illich Brezhnev It is more like Philippines tbh

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