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I am legitimately happy that trump was elected

he shows perfectly how the whole thing was a show

he betrayed absolutely all of his election promises

everything he ever standed for

he behaves EXACTLY how killary would

it literally doesnt matter who is elected

the only single thing that bourgeois elections do is making people pay attention to this garbage

it just makes people less class counscious

if you support any of the candidates of the main parties in bourgeois elections then you are already pretty much an instrument of boirgeoisie

because there were plans to reunify Germany

they wanted to get the western requirements

they will rather tell you how greedy dictator Stalin divided the germany himself

i wanted to learn polish

learnt just a bit 😃

Finnish language is a recordsman in this

they have nearly no words that you can recognize

if you read Karl Lenin, you will see that revolution can only be achieved through 420 bajillion killings


you just described CNT FAI

how is luxembourg libsoc

anarchism can hardly be followed at all

and CNT is a bright example

можете порекомендовать хорошую книгу по истории Китая в 20 веке

какие книги от него


but cnt fai was dank

a bit at least

МБ может скажу что-то наивное, но мне кажется что таких людей как этот еще можно убедить в том что либералы в целом и навальный в частности точно такие же воры как и наша власть в данный момент

ну просветить

просто это один из тех у кого в голове сложилось ложная противоположность "либералы - существующая власть"

кажется что они противоположны, на самом деле одно и то же

anarchists are still better than other lefties and pseudo leftists, and there will always be people who are wrong at something. Anarchism was already criticized hard enough and i doubt we will do anything new about

makhnovshina and CNT-FAI pretty much prove that theory of anarchism is wrong

anarchists are very different. I have seen an anarchist who seriously claimed that his main enemies are "tankies", and then i saw an anarchist who defended DPRK

tbh if we ally with anarchists in case of revolution and they just make a CNT-FAI #2 that will be better than not allying with them

you cant prevent some people to have wrong opinion about something

who argues

there is just enough criticism of anarchism to me

its not a problem to show this material to anarchist

if he is educatable he will convert to marxist hopefully

if not then not

these videos are just pure concentrated criticism of anarchism

finbol made a brilliant job

these videos are easier than books

which is why i am showing them

he is Stalin reincarnated

there are

eastern marxist

i was one of the first subs

his blog site is even better than his videos

believe it or not, 8 months ago he was an ancap

and his first videos were responses to mr dapperton

he literally converted from ancap to mutualist to marxist for 2 weeks

he reads literature like vacuum cleaner

red vanguard radio is a channel with several marxists including finbol and eastmarxist talking to each other

this is epic win


>supporting pinochet

kill it with fire

what invite

have you ever heard of jason unruhe


xexizy is shit

unruhe is perfect compared to xexizy

and his old videos were great

xexizy is pathetic trot

he made an awful video

about "succesful socialism"

he put 1956 hungary upraisings

as an example of socialism

but he didnt put 1919 soviet Hungary as an example of socialism

he didnt even put USSR or Mao's china

he is an absolute idiot

he is one of those autists who keep repeating that real socialism never existed

i never understood why people think he is a meme, his videos are good and when he made a couple of angry videos he was pissed off by idiots

i think its mostly trots who are completely the opposite from third worldism

what left communism even is

relatively to what

>western countries

for example

IMHO communism is quite popular in Russia, but we have a tonn of revisionist organizations and simply just some abstract patriotic that exploit soviet symbolics

and these catch a lot of people

with pro-communist opinion


but its just one example

we have shit like

essence of time

where the leader says that marxism was wrong about class struggle and we need to mix it with christianity

and its considered socialist organization


A LOT of patriotic people who are good opinion of the USSR enter organizations like this

and it has a terrible effect

not to mention that CPRF is pure revisionist cancer that only exists to support the ruling party

CPRF is amazingly similar to CPUSA

in that regard

zuganov said shit like lenin was extremist and we dont need to do revolution in Russia just because we are patriots

that dead party body takes like the third position in elections

i had a luxury to vote for rotfront party in Leningrad oblast, its the only region where it managed to get to local election

which seems to be anti-revisionist

it still got like 1%

but i didnt expect anything anyway

in which elections

may be

it was still the best party to vote

i probably wouldnt even vote if there wasnt this party or something similar

may be it was

who is that

if he is socialdemocrat like bernie then fuck him

its not good for anything

the only thing you do by supporting socdems is fooling people

reducing their rev potential

it would not

look at Sweden

the socdem party

it doesnt open up anything

its just fooling people

the whole reformism thing should be abandoned

bernie would literally do the same thing as trump or hillary would

he is just a clown

an actor

Uphold Judaism-Christianism-Islamism with buddhaist characteristics

religion should wither away, imo

in socialism

its not achieved through state atheism

if you will opress people for being religious you will only sabotage the revolution

you will turn people against you

it is achieved by teaching the masses

religion is dogmatic and idealist, which is reactionary

the question is how much

but you cant just make everyone athiest by prohibiting the religion

just like you cant "prohibit" the state

religion should wither away in socialism as with good education people will realize more and more that religion is wrong

this is the only way

i am surprised you are asking this question

lets just say that

in socialism everyone is a worker who has a lot of education

and if you are educated on how world works

you kind of realize that religion is wrong

but when you are illiterate peasant

barely surviving

on a piece of land

you are obviously going to let religion evolve

same with proletarians who worked like 12 hours per day and were massively illiterate and extremely uneducated

right now the only role that religion is plays is fooling people

its literally just a fooling instrument in hands of bourgeois governments

in other words

for at least last several centuries religion evolved as an instrument of opression and fooling

of the ruling exploitator class

where is it going to evolve

when there is no ruling class

it will evolve in the same direction where state will evolve

it will disappear

gulag, where


people already get more and more atheist


even without socialism

why is this welcome thing


are you being triggered by right winter

why this right winter is not in gulag yet

no freedom withoug gulags

karl zedong stalin said this 100 years ago

so this channel basically becomes trollfest

free market libertarian - definitely

i think this is pretty much spamming now

but whatever

i ll just mute this channel

just go to <#308995540782284817>

what is separatists channel

there are people who didnt block yo djdtm yet?

в одном видео Соркин сказал что маоизм - это троцкизм

что по мне глупость полная

wait what

where is unoficial leftypol?

is htis what u r talking about?

you are talking about unoficial leftypol?

it just disappeared

как будто между либералами и фашистами большая разница

more like he killed the server

i didnt even have any notification

дык то же самое и со Сталиным делают

пытаются его изобразить как монарха какого-то

типа сильный государственник

форсится два разных мнения, чтобы у людей возникло ложная противоположность в голове

вот только оба мнения ложные

это как кургинян и свинидце по телеку

вроде как две противоположности, а на деле оба капитализм защищают

я помню, некоторое время после видео Гоблина и Попова на канале вышло видео где Гоблина поливали говном за то что он бизнесмен, или что-то в этом роде

потом опять видео с Поповым продолжились выходить

как-то странно очень

да я о том же

не знаю о чем

не слежу за поповым

имхо очередной "марксист" на зарплате у государства

more like CancerU

what did i think before

indeed u r right

wtf i am capitalist now


on full seriousness all canceru cunts deserve to get cut on pieces alive

Какая игрушка если не секрет

Насколько я знаю роботам не платят зарплату

Роботы по сути те же машины только сильно усовершенствованные

За ними тоже надо следить и др.

Это та область в которой капитализм теряет смысл

Если автоматизировать производство по максимуму то количество работников сократится к минимуму (управляющие роботами) и производительность труда будет стремиться к бесконечности

коммунисты и сталинисты отдельно


это как некоторые левые делают отдельные категории "ленинистов" и "марксисты-ленинисты" чтобы угодить троцкистам

типо второе - не первое

discrimination of bourgeois

as i understand it

if you own MOP and hire people, you are bourgeoisie

you dont own MOP and work for wage, you are proletarian

bourgeois can be big, medium, very big (etc) or petit bourgeoisie

petit bourgeoisie is bourgeoisie that owns MOP, hire people but doesnt extract enough surplus value because it owns few MOP and he has to work himself

basically small business

if you own a MOP and only work yourself here

you are self employed

which is technically a petit bourgeois but you are like the smallest bourgeois possible

peasant who works on his private piece of land, even if he is very poor, is bourgeois

just very small

if peasant works on someone's else land for wage, however, he is proletarian

this is why Lenin said that peasants have double heart

my father is very bright example of petit bourgeois

he is director of small factory

but he works himself in the office

what kind of question is this

i have no idea what you are talking about

we are not in middle age

everyone has factories

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