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Fuck chopstick man

I can confirm myself - Expect 20-30 from the DETROIT RIGHT

If they will play ball our way, they can come. Otherwise a sodomite and a race traitor are certainly not worth compromising over.

Kevlar wick torches this time.

We should figure out a few people to designate as the torch commitee - In charge of assembling the needed number of torches and bringing them to the rally. It will ensure uniformity and complete preparedness by eliminating the possibility for individuals to fuck up and come unprepared.

Pool funds and figure it out. Point is leaving it up to each individual leaves room for error. It would be best to have bodies show up and be handed what they need at the event.

Well thats a good reason to shoot them then


Interview with @MadDimension and writeup of the goings on in Charlottesville coming soon.


Let's start filling up hate busses and figuring out lodging - hopefully closer to Cville than last time since we will be moving between different events a lot more this time it seems.

@Hand Banana I hope we are thinking of the same Chicago goy, he better go. Haven't seen that nigga since NPI.

Shield wall?

Concealed carry only because open carry is retarded. You will get cracked in the head from behind and they will steal your pistol. Bring your rifle and plates in the car parked nearby, pistol concealed with enough ammo to get to the car if shit really goes down. That's worst case, I doubt antifa will really even do much with the sheer number of people we have.

The DETROIT RIGHT will be organizing a Hate Bus or three. If you are in the Midwest region and can make it to our rally point in SE Michigan or are en route to Charlottesville from there contact myself or @TiborSzalasi-MI to get in the Hate Convoy.

I've heard einsatzgruppen would like up suspected Jews against a wall, pull their pants down and shoot the circumcised ones. I hope that part is true for the comedic value alone.

Execution would be nice for him

In self defense, of course.

Does anyone actually watch/listen to Alex Jones? Has he talked about Unite the Right?

@Gustavschwer-OH is an open faggit he's good to go with his samoan swastika aesthetic

This server is compromised. Walking into an ambush is never a good idea

If something happens tonight, they will have all the ammo they need to shut down tomorrow. Risking the main event tomorrow for a tiki torch procession is a terrible mistake.

So don't risk the big event for a torch march that has been announced on a compromised server.

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