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You're a cuck


@Aaron - VA already got dibs

Being the ref


I'll take your money wade

Why isn't there a channel for the Detroit right?

Can't see it either

Im Reichwings


If I was IE would you make the Detroit group public?

Because if you will, I am.

@Erika that's pretty stupid.

That's a great name by the way^

But they can have a public channel and we can't?

But they aren't being advertised?

Sounds kind of personal to me...

@Erika pls respond

Thanks @Erika

Who is American Vanguard here?


Good idea

Why are you trying to see dick pics?

You sound jewish

I am not insecure about it, I am insecure about you wanted to see dick pics of people who live in a country where 90% of men are circumcised to verify if we are kike shills.

So why would being circumcised matter if 90% of us are?

You sound like a faggot who wants dick shots...

Wood chipper NATIONALISM

What are you loling at? @Tyrone

Looking at their dicks isn't it, I'm sure we'll find another way.

Why do I have to prove your Whiteness?


What's your point though?

But looking at dicks isn't.

Check out this guy everyone

So how is looking at dicks going to prove if we are jews or not though?

I mean are my parents jewish because they bought into circumcision like almost everyone else at the time did?

You aren't making any points here

Well no shit faggot

But what's done is done, and according to you I am a jew because I'm cut?


You can't call on people to prove a negative though. The burden of proof lies on the one making an accusation.

And it's EASY as fuck to spot a jew

You need to work on your detection skills

No it's not lol

Your jew detection skills are garbage if you can't spot a jew by look.

Alex jones on the JQ

I am back fuckers


@Hand Banana will there be tacos?

Swastika brand*


We've all done it

It's a rite of passage

Can I be added to the vanguard sever please



Austria has already backed down from sending in their army


Everyone has a plan

Until they get drunk


I'm filling my water bottle full of whiskey

Going to be drunk the whole time

In self defense

That's what I'll have my standard edition Louisville slugger for

In self defense

I am bringing my mg42

For self defense



I am going to mount it on the back of a 94 Toyota pick up truck

For self defense

Jokes on them

I'll just bring several h bombs for self defense


Showing up early when we have a PERMIT and the LEGAL right to organize is pretty stupid tbh

Let the commies show up early and then watch them cry foul as the police crack their fucking skulls for resisting. It'll be fun to watch.

I'm coming dressed as Stalin.

Wait no swazis? What about my face tattoo?


Let's disavow racism too

And welcome jews

Our greatest ally @TheFash

I am so far right it would be impossible for me to punch right.


We are coming and they aren't going to stop us

Ask in modhelp @GoyMeetsWorld

Tfw Alex McNabb shows up to the bar to give you a stern talking to about your driving habits and your marriage

Artificial wombs are irl nao. Women have become mostly useless.

ARYAN super army when?

good idea to operate under that assumption tbh^

That's actually stupid

Everything you've just said

Underestimating your enemy is retarded

And these fucks want you to be with a couple or three of your boys so that they can mob you with 20

So no, that's stupid

Big groups are better

Saying that you don't think they are going to do anything when they've been shown to act violently any time they can is underestimating.

They are crazy and erratic individuals

You can't expect them to act logically

They literally want to kill us man.

We have to be ready for everything

And saying they aren't going to do anything is stupid

Because you don't know what they are going to do.

Well your 2 cents is stupid

And if you are going to tell people not to be prepared you're not helping at all.

And saying "they won't do anything" is the same as saying don't be prepared

I don't know why you are getting butt hurt about being corrected when you are being stupid

I mean, if I made a ridiculous claim and someone corrected me I wouldn't get upset

But that's just me I guess

If someone wants to suggest things that are going to get my brothers hurt I am going to make my opinion known so that it doesn't happen.

And it's not so much that it's an opinion that I disagree with its blatant stupidity that's going to get someone hurt.

Street shitter nationalism

Mix water with maylox @Melektaus

Golden dawn does that though?

The Internet says water and down soap

But that's just the Internet

So it's probs horseshit

>only vetted servers
>cville discord
Pick one


If you want to become our Horst Wessel then going to the march is a good idea.

Someone dying has more to do with bad planning and inept organization than anything .

David Duke is making a last stand holding two pistols like a Nigger

Henlo goyim

Hol up, a trap?

Like, Traps aren’t gay trap?

All kidding aside

Why should I delete my cookies? What can they do if I viewed the site?

Are they for a 74?

He still does it

Idk if they do

My dad is just a boomer

If you don’t put your peepee in the belly button for giggles every once in a while you’re not white

Chillin Man. Just showered

Offering on a different house today

Hope I get it

Sonnenrad decal

Offer is accepted boys!

Thanks nibba

I leave notes for the electrician when light bulbs burn out

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