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2019-08-01 15:22:36 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

2019-08-05 02:53:02 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #weapons]  

Where is the best website to buy an arsenal ak-47 online?

What would be the best thing to do to get better overall at running? Sprinting short distances? Jogging long distances? Some mixture?

I've been doing "sprint laps" where I run for 100m and walk for 100m

Albiet I'm totally shit at push ups. I still do them but I know I'm not doing "real" push ups

I run at the track at my high school

That'd probably be pretty good

Yea. Sprint laps make me want to die too

But I always feel better during the day when I do them

That would be good

I can run from the ATF longer

You just run to the trees. Then you climb them and give the vietnam vets flashbacks

@Hellhound6 Thanks for tip on running up the bleachers! I wanna die a slow painful death but it was a good workout

2019-08-08 02:58:30 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

No this is how you fix governmemt

2019-08-08 02:58:42 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  


2019-08-08 03:03:46 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

Y'know what public school has done for me? Made me so bored I design homemade missles and grenades in class

2019-08-08 03:04:50 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

I'm sure I've been flagged

2019-08-08 03:05:30 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

Gonna make me some rockets though. I just need a coffee grinder now

2019-08-08 03:05:58 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

But I want an ak more

2019-08-08 03:14:53 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

The hell is 8chan?

2019-08-08 22:01:44 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

Everyone say привет to товарищ кошка


2019-08-15 04:07:47 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #war-wave]  


2019-08-15 04:07:57 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #war-wave]  

Whoops wrong chat

2019-08-30 12:22:17 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #weapons]  

How much does it cost?

Does anyone have advice on how to stay motivated while working out? I always seem to get really motivated for 3-5 days but then I just stop. It's really frustrating.

I want to end myself

I just had my first wrestling conditioning practice

Im just 220lbs of pain and too little oxygen

In a couple months I'll be swole

I'm almost there boys. I want to get under 200lbs and I weigh 204.3lbs. It's taken months to get here but it feels great 👍

Yea baby. I've already lost 45lbs from last November, I can do this

Thank you king

I'm officially 203.3lbs today. Just an update to keep myself motivated to get down to 200lbs by Sunday 👍 Stay at it kings

Alright, if anyone who joins tells me who they are I'll get you set up with roles

What city do you live in?

Got my atlas out to generalize location based on proximity to major cities


If you would like to recieve roles please dm who you are (if I know you)

I got a road and national park atlas for the us

But I need topographical maps too

Aight so we're thinking of having a goon meet and greet sometime in the near future (month or 2), I was thinking maybe somewhere near Marshalltown? It seems to be resonable central for the gang

So we should try to find a gun range somewhere near there, albeit some have already suggested that we go to waterloo, it's just a ways from panora

I may try to photocopy my Iowa map and post it here

Basically we're trying to give roles to people that designate what major city they live next to in order to help people to connect and network with each other

Pink-Definite locations of boog bois
Blue-General areas where boog bois claim to live
Top Right Orange-Waterloo
Bottom Left Orange-Marshalltown


We're making a new role

I'll do my best to find a good outdoor range somewhere in marshall county so that dudes from ames and panora don't have to drive for 2-3 hours to meet up

Gonna do my best to make sure no one has to drive much more than anyone else

1. Respect the Admins

2. Admins will always have the final say

3. No bullying

4. Try to stay on the topic of a chat as best as you can

5. No spamming chat

6. No actual racism, nationalism, sexism, or creedism (discrimination of religion)

7. No actual nazis, nationalists, or socialists

Welcome to my server, I'm Henry. I made this server to connect like minded individuals across Iowa in order to promote unity and friendship and prevent the degradation of the God-given right of self defense. I also created it in order to organize events such as armed protests and rallies. So please, come on in, please follow the <#673206521659785287> and be friendly. I hope you enjoy the server, meet new people, and make some new friends and allies, God bless.

2020-02-01 20:33:30 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #servers]  

I made a chat for gun enthusiasts in Iowa

Welcome to all the new people

Of course

I'll add it

Please put all random shit in <#673284275432587265>

Why thank you

I made an instagram page for this discord "iowa_mkii_cornfed_boogaloo" where I'll post any important announcements and event reminders

@rat smacker that goes in <#673211106482716691>

Actually I made a new chat so now it goes in <#673307592746860565>

Oooh! I didn't know it was happening but let me take a look

Sadly I'll habe school, I didn't realize it was a thursday

If it was a saturday or sunday that would be better

It's a shotgun shell reloader

Thank you!

Welcome everybody

@here Please keep this chat free from discussion. Just post a server with a short description of it

You can hang a paper on your wall with a dot on it. Then stand on the opposite side of the room with your rifle down and stare directly at the dot, then shoulder your rifle and see where it is in relation to the dot, adjust it until it is aimed at the dot. Do this over and over to cause your rifle to automatically aim where you are looking when you shoulder it.

Then with your two round drills. Have two magazines with one bullet in each. Then start in the down position while looking at your target. Shoulder your rifle and fire. Then reload and kneel. Fire again and see how long that took. I figure that uses a lot of different skills so it will help you the most.

@gunsforthepoors17 What is this range day at hawkeye range?

Nice, what town is hawkeye range in?

Very nice!



Cutting down to 195 lowkey sucks ass man

Hell yea brothers! I'm down to 199.5lbs. That's a first in 5 years! Stay at it kings!

It is glorious

Its cancerous but I want it

Buy it and buy an m4 stock adapter for an ak

Then the police will give you these cool bracelets

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