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I live in guttenberg iowa

So what's everybody running? And how can we roast east others gear.

Aero precision 10.5 gang

Radian adac lower

Me too law tactical is pricey theres another company making them now

I have a surefire scout 600df with switch wired 12 o'clock

Dont mind my fudd gun in the center

Also in the plate side if thinks I'm looking to get a ferro concepts slickster or a spiritus systems

Yeah first gun i paid for @ 14 ati 1911

I like it though what p80 is that?

Nice I cant do that small a grip

I love my 43x most comfortable

19 is pretty easy to conceal still

Dude po7 instead

So nice to shoot

Yeah nods plates and most of all ammo and training

I recomend a 34 if your going to get a 17

@Boog Toomsen do you want to add those events or let me

Doesnt let me

February 27

For rally day in Desmoines

February 29th range day at hawkeye range

Kalash life

My ak boi may be smol but he do the deffen and breathes the fires

Yall never been out my way have you

I propose to use this thread for firearms questions as in manipulations and drills as well as sharing good training resources

We are trying plan a meet up and we figured we would shoot and that range at the moment works the best

Hawkeye Wildlife 'Mud Hole' Rifle/Handgun Range

2200 Amana Rd NW, Swisher, IA 52338

We are hoping to do it the 29

It's a public range according to the guys that know it

Current plan is cr guys will get there at 8:30 to stake out a spot

Also should probably go without saying either bring your own ammo or money to buy some

I be 205

Dang boi slenderman

Also bring medical if you have it I think jacob and myself have volunteered to do the saftey meeting

Dk we want a 3d print site link on here?

Conducting ourselves in a professional manner is always beneficial

Need to organize is by category's can you put it on a mass google doc

Yes dry fire and practice sight acquisition

Obviously some of these are higher round count drills but practicing trigger work over prolonged strings of fire is important.

Also are you wanting dry fire or live fire

I would say plan for none being there

You mean lodi

I'm planning on getting uv 5r

With better battery and a few other advantages

Yeah this is just an initial right after the rally

So idk much about radios but issac botkin of trex arms just did a live video and said to check out these

The jsa8 radio idk anything about it but he said the capability is worth looking into

Do you want an extra mag

If not the trex arms raptor, or the txc holsters are the best imo

If you want the extra mag go fo tier 1 conceal or standard co

Txc has a extra mag option but I've never used it. The trex extra mag doesnt flex and I found that very uncomfortable

Do you have to have active retention?

And do you run a weapon light

I love my 300s I have both a and b

The trex arms ragnarok is passive retention and wonderful which is what I have but otherwise safari land is king

Shes pricey but this I probably the best

I would not use this strap set up thpugh

Ubl midride is where its at

Yeah I just sent cause it was first example that came up

Yeah steve pinkman runs his fast af and hes had it for years

Same companies I mentioned above i think all make left hand options

Odin holsters is another good company

I'm scared they heard us talking that's creepy af

I've got a berreta 1201 for sale 😁

It's a police model

Since it's the police model it has no choke and a shorter barrel so duck hunting would be not great

Nah cz 75

Or shadow

Yeah you say that now

I thought I was going to buy 2 suppressors but

Allegedly you do that

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