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https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PsqvliyTQwY Former dope head here checking in that was lost in the Florida shuffle in his youth, watch this and tell me this doesn't need to be a boog target

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PsqvliyTQwY Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself but these ass holes are still alive and well with addresses and family members

Just got an FN15 to celebrate Eugene stoner's birthday


Custom boog dust cover

Custom BOOG dust cover on the FN15 I bought to honor Eugene Stoners birthday



More new toys (it was an expensive day) glock17 to Gucci out as a range gun (maybe comps) and a 19 to edc


Suggestions to replace the hand guard on the FN15?


M-lok or pic?

Disrespect Authority


Real meme warfare from mysoytherntactical.com

@thedarkness05get back in the trenches and shot out when back

Just got my level for Spartan armor plate set and my So F TQs And dear God these plates are heavier ship


Level 4*

Level 4 plates and SOF tqs came in today


Any brothers in New York? I'm trying to get information so I can get a plane ticket to morrow

This is where we have to appeal to the public one more time if not this could be the start is could be the kick off

Trenches let's discuss

Who is going to take the trip to New York? This is where we make our appeal one last time to be civil and make this man the poster child for how our 2nd amendment has been eroded by unconstitutional state actors

We will not come with anything but markers and poster board

But we must let them know that this will not stand, you know how much infighting happens in the booga lu communities but this is one thing that we all need to stand for

There are multiple people and route I'm saying who else is ready to go make their voice heard about this issue

Contact everyone you know in the area if you cannot make it, if you have the means stay in touch so that we can devise a plan because this is not the kick off but this is extremely important

Also if anyone has information on the go fund me for his bail I need to donate

I don't care this is who I feel would be a perfect candidate for us to as someone who the system failed and then was failed with an almost life ending incident


It doesn't matter what he did before to day he did not kill anyone all he did was have a standard capacity magazine that someone arbitrarily decided was illegal

@INNYGMATYK Well a blow job is a blow job

This is absolutely insane this is not going to be a kick off which is why I'm even considering going to that God forsaken state from my 2nd amendment heaven in Kentucky

But this is where we need to make a stand my buddy from Florida is the chairman of the proud boys

Hes running for a seat at the Florida House of Representatives and hes been posting about it on his campaign page

I just talk to him and he is about to mobilize every chapter of the proud boys in the surrounding area and I'm in talk with our people and am going to try to make this happen On an actual movement level

We're not going to kick anything off but this is where we did the show up with markers and posters

We need to make our voices heard that this is not OK

Link to press statement?

So maybe we should exert pressure to help the lawyers get him off

We are not go even joined to bring anything New York compliant quite frankly because I don't own anything New York compliant

But this is where we need to make our voice heard

Let's be honest it would be a lot better if the boog did not kick off and we could actually play by their rules and make our voice heard

I have a pretty dam good life I don't want to give it all up but I'm willing to however I'm going to exhaust every opportunity to play by the rules that they have set until the alternative becomes the only option and if you are holding off from at least speaking up for the people that are being sacrificed like lambs to the slaughter that are literally an almost perfect representation of how these laws go wrong then you're not even about that life on it does kick off

Vibe check borther

We have people in route as soon as I have confirmation I'm sure I won't be the 1st to spread it but I will let you know

Not to do anything illegal just simply to find out what's going on

Think about it even if the guy was messed up this is still a matter of how combat veterans are treated which means we have a fairly large number of people that are still normie Xe by our standards that would instantly go with us on a political statement this is literally a very smart political position to take and at this point I feel like it's still the best option to at least get more people on our side for if and when it does kick off

And it's a segment of the population that they really do not want engaging and insurrection because they still have contacts and friends and knowledge

This is our chance to actually get the message out

Exactly if they're reacting that means we are winning we have few do what Patton wanted to do during World War II and keep pushing Through Russia

This is where we need to make a stand and use it for wider benefit

If you don't have the means to do something that's OK but don't discourage other people from making their voices heard this is the example that we can use to positively affect change or at least make the attempt


You lacking borther?

Facebook Twitter we need to start the Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself effect with this guy

That started on pages that we frequent

We control the narrative they don't

I'll join you on trenches

We got other stuff to talk about anyway but I'm already drinking heavily so I feel like we can touch on a number of subjects

I be in trenches I'm smoking a cigarette and probly about to roll up a Blunt

We are gonna be discussing in trenches via voice

I'm already in the trenches comms

@Trash Squid add me we are organizing political action

This what it takes to make a difference


Back to trenches

Trenches chat

Till van Halen borther

Do we have his full name I'm trying to look him up on the booking report

I know his 1st name is Alex

Article from heavy but go down and look at the raw video footage of them interviewing the neighbor and the interview gets cut off when the county sheriff pulls up with an armor deployment

This is fishy as ship

Like $5 stripper at the lunch rush fishy

I can't find any mug shot but I'm from Florida originally so I'm used to being able to find everything public record I'm pretty sure New York has stronger privacy laws

How much do you believe that they're going to make a huge deal of him saying faget

The redcoat faget line about the cops I guarantee is going to get play

They're going to call him a homophobic white nationalist

Maxley screenshot ing that so I can call it later

Go for the smaller companies that heavy article I posted is actually a pretty good one

They're definitely going to spin it away but they actually have posted video of that armor deployment vehicle showing up and them ending the interview immediately

@queefburgleryes don't rely on it but we need every info Avenue open

@jaruspk fb link?

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