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Just ordered a UV-5R 😁

I know nothing about HAM radio so it’s gonna be a learning experience for sure

It should be interesting. Are you planning on getting licensed or nah

Do you have that figured out yet? Gotta be able to do it online I would think

This is a well set up server!

Shitty condor PC, Hoplite lvl 4 ceramic plates, aero precision 10.5” upper on an 80% lower with an SBA3 and a Sig Romeo5 red dot, magpul flip up irons. Concealed carry is a p80 glock 26, boog sidearm is a glock 17. I have a pile of guns, but those are my go-to

Also recently did a camo paint job on the 10.5, I’ll find a pic. Highly recommend to anyone interested. Looks way better than I expected

It works and seems tough, but my buddies crye jpc just fits so much nicer. I would avoid condor if you can afford better

New upgraded PC is in the future for me

I love the folder 😍

What light do you have?

Lmao I have a 1911 too, I think they’re fun, obviously not a gun i carry.

Also, disregard the grip. I made that years ago 😬

P80940sc I think is the name. Glock 26 size frame

Yeahi feel that. if I can put on some lbs I’ll start carrying the 17. But I’m too skinny to conceal that rn

My next handgun will probably be a cz75b. Gotta get outside the glock comfort zone πŸ˜‚

Never shot a po7. For sure will try it out before I purchase though. The CZ is far down the road. I need a lot of other stuff before that

I have one coming on Friday. I’ll definitely be trying to figure it out as soon as I get it

What do you use it for? Just chatting? lol

I need to set up a day to study to get the certification shit

Mine was $20

I forgot you can listen to fm

What kinda target things are there? As in should I bring targets w me or are there steel targets?

I bought a uv 5R. I can’t speak to it’s quality yet though

My thinking is for $20, it’s probably a good learning tool

2020-02-06 00:57:29 UTC [Iowa MKII: Cornfed Boogaloo #memes]

I can’t do the rally either... for sure the range day though

That’d be awesome if you got to making a google doc of all that @fire_mountain

No idea man. I’d take work off on a weekend to go there. But no way can I miss classes AND work on a Thursday

Sweet, I’ll have to check it out

Yeah that’s where I don’t know enough yet to know what to look for in a good radio

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