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Good afternoon

Would be great to get a room in the same hotel other folks are using

hey hey

ok this is lodging

anyone looking to share a hotel room or can I get a hotel room and share?

or is there a hotel folks are staying at?

I'm cool to chip in on an AirBnB too

im down for either of those

hotel nearby sounds nice

make frogs heterosexual again!!


I am from SC

but up in boston now

my sister is a police officer in SC


haha she has a bf but I am getting aggrivated they are dating so long

PM me your credentials and I can introduce you to her on facebook, she is big into hunting and shooting clays

thats not a woman

Not super upset, hes a nice guy, but I am worried my sister's choice for a police carreer has poisoned her some

ive talked to her about it, I hope I came across the right way

if I get married I bet she will

she always looked up to her brothers

and I have had a talk with him about pissin or getting off the pot

so to speak

we need an alt-right dr. phil

I guess that was supposed to be sam hyde in his world peace skit?

well said norah

Our sense of honor and duty are worthy and good... but this society really mixes up a healthy expression of these traits of our heritage

Im glad she is in a very safe state for police, I couldn't imagine what would happen if she ever got hurt

id go nuts

hey what does LS mean?

don't have time to drive, likely will fly

a guy needed a roommate for a hotel room right near the park

one more here

SC bbq is better

stop by maurice's in Columbia

get the mustard base

im takin a plane

has anyone tried to do "identity americana"?

God is bringing judgement on our enemies

do not rejoice overmuch at their deaths

be somber and fearful of the might of the Almighty

when our cause is righteous, when we resist the synagogue of satan, the angels do battle

live righteously

put away all filth and degeneracy

no pornography

do acts of kindness daily, and continue always in prayer

this is our victory assured

the blessings of children and peaceful lives do follow

theere is too many windows on the left of the screen

I cannot keep track of all this

These cops saw the truth of what was happening and had to be killed

@MadDimension I don't know where any leadership is, but I'm here and ready to go

I am going to church from 11 till noon Thirty and should be free afterwards. I recommend we meet up for lunch around 1 and then proceed to the press conference at 2

The Jews are going all out fellows. There may be a lot of us homeless after this. God please protect us and don't let me get fired

I'm at the bottom of the article and thankfully I'm still unidentified

Guys I need some good news...

59 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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