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2017-09-20 23:10:25 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

2017-09-20 23:21:04 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

@Orchid "yeah i personally beliefe in the notion that hardship breeds strength and weeds out the undesirables"

Hard times create hard men.

2017-09-20 23:32:03 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

I should be off work by then.

2017-09-20 23:35:54 UTC [Cascade Front #recommended-reading]  

@Orchid found it

2017-09-20 23:47:09 UTC [Cascade Front #member-bio]  

I've participated in or followed more of these sorts of endeavors through /pol/ and the other boards than I can count. I'm interested in seeing if something like this can really be pulled together with the support and effort of a group of determined individuals. I grew up in the country and served in the military so I have a varied skill set. I've grown my own food, cut and split my own firewood, hunted, and learned to live in the woods from a young age. In 5 years I see myself living on a farm near like minded friends and working on accomplishing self sustainability.

2017-09-20 23:51:33 UTC [Cascade Front #general]

2017-09-21 21:12:12 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

The rustic feel is quite nice. Calls back to our ancestor's days in Europe.

2017-09-21 21:14:37 UTC [Cascade Front #homesteading-general]  

Not much, I knew some folks that had a milk cow. They also had a couple goats and said that the goats ended up producing more milk for their size than the cow.

2017-09-21 22:01:14 UTC [Cascade Front #homesteading-general]  


2017-09-22 00:12:23 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

@K_Wagner "Question, are you allowed to build housing for multiple families on a single piece of land like that?"

Late reply, but it all depends on zoning. Most farms are zoned as agriculture/residential and will state if they have a limitation on what housing can be built. Like "No more than 2 residential family buildings"

2017-09-22 00:17:09 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Yeah, there are other options I would imagine.

2017-09-22 00:33:58 UTC [Cascade Front #homesteading-general]  

Wool doesn't burn.

2017-09-22 00:34:40 UTC [Cascade Front #homesteading-general]  

I watched a guy drunkenly fall into a fire before, the only reason he didn't go the ER is because he had a wool jacket on it and it saved his skin. Literally.

2017-09-22 00:35:39 UTC [Cascade Front #homesteading-general]  

I shouldn't say "Doesn't burn" as pretty much anything will burn, but wool is a protein fiber according to google, which makes it burn very slowly.

2017-09-22 00:36:12 UTC [Cascade Front #homesteading-general]  

And like Nix said, wool doesn't absorb water like cotton or other materials.

2017-09-22 00:36:26 UTC [Cascade Front #homesteading-general]  

There's a reason almost every army in the world at one time issued Wool jackets to their soldiers.

2017-09-22 00:36:52 UTC [Cascade Front #homesteading-general]  

@MKUltra agreed, it's still better used for clothing than insulation

2017-09-22 00:37:05 UTC [Cascade Front #homesteading-general]  


2017-09-22 00:37:26 UTC [Cascade Front #homesteading-general]  

Straw would make a better insulator, though you need to change it from time to time to avoid mildew.

2017-09-22 00:37:29 UTC [Cascade Front #homesteading-general]  

Like thatch roofs.

2017-09-22 00:41:32 UTC [Cascade Front #homesteading-general]  

Well, the house itself acts as a barrier from the ice and snow. Thick walls make it harder for the outside cold to get in. Insulation helps actually keep the heat in, better insulation, less wood or propane you have to burn to heat the house.

2017-09-22 00:42:07 UTC [Cascade Front #homesteading-general]  

@dmac100 agreed, and you can raise many more sheep and goats per acre than cows.

2017-09-22 00:42:20 UTC [Cascade Front #homesteading-general]  

For starters, animals smaller than bovine would be a good idea.

2017-09-22 00:46:19 UTC [Cascade Front #homesteading-general]  

There are flame resistant chemicals that can be sprayed or painted on.

2017-09-22 01:02:45 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

We are all muted I think.

2017-09-22 01:17:43 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

@Vaghar. I would be a little cautious about college campuses.

2017-09-22 01:18:00 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Basically what Orchid just said

2017-09-22 01:18:49 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

American Vanguard did posters on campus and it got a lot if negative news publicity cause "muh white identity is bad"

2017-09-22 01:19:07 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  


2017-09-22 01:20:23 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

@Orchid agreed. If you build it they will come.

2017-09-22 01:21:46 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

93.5% white in Maine

2017-09-22 01:22:34 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Then Vermont, then West Virginia

2017-09-22 01:24:28 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

One thing I was just going to touch on for the voice chat, be subtle. Don't go to protests or public events. A couple guys on /k/ did that

2017-09-22 01:25:43 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  
2017-09-22 01:40:13 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Good chat.

2017-09-24 00:46:34 UTC [Cascade Front #off-topic]  

@K_Wagner which branch?

2017-09-24 00:48:53 UTC [Cascade Front #off-topic]  


2017-09-24 00:52:00 UTC [Cascade Front #off-topic]  


2017-09-24 00:52:08 UTC [Cascade Front #off-topic]  


2017-09-24 00:54:07 UTC [Cascade Front #off-topic]  


2017-09-24 22:43:09 UTC [Cascade Front #propaganda]  

Humans are inherently followers. They'd rather follow a poor leader than become one.

2017-09-24 22:54:30 UTC [Cascade Front #propaganda]  

"We should be following the footsteps of Anarchists and such."


2017-09-24 22:54:46 UTC [Cascade Front #propaganda]  


2017-09-24 22:55:12 UTC [Cascade Front #propaganda]  

The Boers lost South Africa when Mandela became president.

2017-09-25 00:27:06 UTC [Cascade Front #propaganda]  


2017-09-25 00:27:52 UTC [Cascade Front #propaganda]  

A public desire for White Supremacy is for those with a hardon for being on watch lists.

2017-09-30 22:25:36 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

@!papa If you're British you might like this video.

2017-09-30 22:26:34 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Now is not the time for violence.

2017-09-30 22:27:26 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

@Merk506 if you use violence against them, you are giving them a target. THe media will paint the picture as they were defending themselves, despite starting the violence. Don't fall for it.

2017-09-30 22:28:14 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Still you might like the video I linked you.

2017-09-30 22:59:16 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

More people would die.

2017-09-30 22:59:39 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Remember the riot during the election in Chicago? People were blocking ambulances.

2017-09-30 23:00:22 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

I've heard. Interesting to see what will happen.

2017-09-30 23:04:00 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Don't walk around alone either. Stick with a group. They're like jackals and seek out individuals and attack them from behind.

2017-09-30 23:04:46 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

I imagine there will be others like there.

2017-09-30 23:05:16 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

@ram3n I wouldn't recommend going with a gun. In some local ordinances it's illegal to open carry at public events, Chicago is VERY restrictive too.

2017-09-30 23:52:27 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

@ram3n careful now, that's the kind of juicy comment an infiltrator would love to screenshot and put up on a Buzzefeed article.

2017-09-30 23:53:35 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

I'm only saying, Discord the company has a habit of deleting discord servers that get too "right wing"

2017-09-30 23:54:40 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Vice killed the Namibia movement by doing an article about it after screen shotting some particularly damning comments on the 8chan board.

2017-10-01 00:49:15 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Ironically even communists don't like "primmies" people that would prefer to live a primitive lifestyle.

2017-10-01 01:27:56 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Goats are a great replacement for cows. They produce a lot of milk and it tastes just like cow milk.

2017-10-01 01:28:00 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

I've had it before.

2017-10-01 01:28:49 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

@!papa you're right, goat milk tastes better than cow milk

2017-10-01 01:32:32 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

@_CREWMAN the issue with cows is that each cow needs 1 acre of land for grazing. You can produce more milk by having multiple goats on 1 acre.

2017-10-01 01:32:58 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Goats produce more milk per acre of land required per animal.

2017-10-01 01:34:20 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

@dmac100 exactly, they need 1 acre for eating and you need a second acre to regrow.

2017-10-01 01:36:44 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Heck, you can burn corn cobs for heat.

2017-10-01 01:38:23 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

@!papa agreed

2017-10-01 01:39:00 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Self sufficiency should be a long term goal, but thinking that we'd be using Amish level technology starting out is silly.

2017-10-01 01:39:41 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

I think it's completely reasonble to have non-powered tools to use in a SHTF long term scenario but also make use of modern technology while we have it.

2017-10-01 01:41:12 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

IRCC biodiesel corn farmers only get a profit through government subsidies. IF they didn't get govn't funding for "Green energy" they wouldn't break even.

2017-10-01 01:41:36 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Like how Wind turbines cost more in maintenance than they provide in power.

2017-10-01 01:41:44 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Cool concept, but not practical.

2017-10-01 01:44:14 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Solar does seem to be the best source of "off the grid power"

2017-10-01 01:44:48 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  


2017-10-01 01:44:57 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Corn is still a staple for feeding farm animals and farmers.

2017-10-01 01:45:24 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

@Mercer nearly every homsteader I've met that lives away from power has solar and can most modern comforts with it

2017-10-01 01:47:15 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Corn has been a part of the American diet since the time of the Native Americans.

2017-10-01 01:47:22 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

It is literally one of the most American foods out there.

2017-10-01 01:49:35 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

I don't think American Indians made many tamales...

2017-10-01 01:49:42 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Pretty sure they ate it on the cob.

2017-10-01 01:50:24 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

The Native Americans used fish as fertilizer and it worked for them for thousands of years.

2017-10-01 01:50:45 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Long before we had artificial nitrates and fertilizers.

2017-10-01 01:51:20 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

So you're pointing out the benefit of corn now?

2017-10-01 01:51:59 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

You can also make corn bread and corn tortillas.

2017-10-01 01:52:20 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

I love southern Corn bread. especially with butter.

2017-10-01 01:52:28 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  


2017-10-01 01:52:52 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

I'm just debating for the sake of debating. Corn is not the hinge point of my interest here.

2017-10-01 01:53:37 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

What is healthy.

2017-10-01 01:53:42 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Oats are good too.

2017-10-01 01:53:54 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  


2017-10-01 01:54:05 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Diversity (ironically) is good when it comes to crops.

2017-10-01 01:54:44 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

If you only have one type of grain, or fruit, or vegetable you're asking for a famine when a pest or disease comes and kills off that particular crop.

2017-10-01 01:55:27 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Hell, the Mormons damn near died out when they settled Utah when snails began to overwhelm their fields and entire their entire harvest.

2017-10-01 01:55:50 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

They were saved by a passing flock of birds than came and ate all the snails.

2017-10-01 01:56:26 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

There's a type of Oat that can be eaten without being processed or cooked, you just soak it in water for a bit. I forget the name they call it "Something Berries"

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