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2017-09-18 23:52:48 UTC

any information is welcome, wether its a book, video, podcast, whatever. It helps if you include a descrition/review of any book you post.

2017-09-18 23:53:39 UTC

we may also build a recommended reading list, so feel free to contribute suggestions.

2017-09-19 01:40:42 UTC

2017-09-20 16:24:25 UTC

Basically a retelling of old norse myths

2017-09-20 20:21:32 UTC

Propaganda by Edward Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud, and father of modern advertising)
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
All Quiet On The Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque

2017-09-20 20:25:36 UTC

Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger
The Pity of War by Niall Ferguson

2017-09-20 20:29:32 UTC

48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

2017-09-20 20:33:13 UTC

For podcasts:
Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
History on Fire
Jocko Podcast
The History of Rome
(I know he's a liberal shill, but he has on interesting guests) Waking Up with Sam Harris
War on the Rocks
The Art of Manliness podcast
The Boiling Frogs(with former FBI agent Sibel Edmonds, who blew the whistle on a very interesting Covert program)
Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal

2017-09-20 22:16:49 UTC

speaking of joko

2017-09-20 22:43:06 UTC

im currently listening through this ^, the author is a bit blue pilled on race, but it's a very fascinating account of all the catastrophic problems convering on America and modern civilization as a whole.

2017-09-20 22:49:48 UTC

Took some caps of rec'd reading and infodumps from SIG, want me to post them here?

2017-09-20 23:01:32 UTC

yeah reading lists are welcome, however dont dump inforgraphics, theyre usually little use to anyone that way, rather post one when its relevant to some discussion

2017-09-20 23:08:03 UTC

Currently reading 2 books, one on the finnish winterwar and the other on Sparta. Next is Yukio Mishima's Sun and Steel! πŸ˜„

2017-09-20 23:10:11 UTC

Good taste

2017-09-20 23:10:53 UTC

2017-09-20 23:11:15 UTC

2017-09-20 23:11:25 UTC

2017-09-20 23:22:55 UTC

oh man, is there a pastebin for these

2017-09-20 23:35:54 UTC

@Orchid found it

2017-09-21 01:48:40 UTC

Jared Diamond? Isn't that the man who wrote Guns, Germs and Steel?

2017-09-21 01:48:46 UTC

^^ this is from the guy who wrote guns germs and steel so take his stuff with a grain of salt, how ever he is very good at observing societies and cultures and his writing is good

2017-09-21 01:48:56 UTC


2017-09-21 01:49:57 UTC

Ah. Gotcha. I'll give it a look over

2017-09-21 01:51:43 UTC

im only half way through world until yesterday, so far it basically talks about how small tribal cultures resolve conflicts and deal justice,
How societies collapse is a historical retelling of past cultures that got wiped out such as easter island and some isolated viking tribes, and tries to find connections between all of them

2017-09-21 01:54:33 UTC

You would like: "On Heroes, Hero Worship and The Heroic in History" by Thomas Carlyle. It's what I'm reading right now

2017-09-21 01:57:20 UTC

interesting, i would like that

2017-09-21 01:58:10 UTC

It's from the late 1800s if I'm not mistaken, so the writing is a bit hard to mount if you're not used to reading it, but it's intelligible enough once you start going.

2017-09-21 01:58:57 UTC

Here's the ebook

2017-09-21 03:24:56 UTC

I would like to generally put forth three classic Sci-Fi books, if you haven't read them already:
George Orwell's _1984_, Aldous Huxley's _Brave New World_, and Ray Bradbury's _Fahrenheit 451_. In that order, given their relevance. If you must pick only one, do choose _1984_. I'll be working to find a PDF for everyone, in case you don't have the means to purchase it or it's banned/restricted.
And yes, I know it's likely most people here have read this, but given the impact these books have and the parallels there are, I find it important to make sure.

2017-09-21 03:25:45 UTC

Great list, I was going to suggest Orwell as well as Brave New World too.

2017-09-21 03:26:10 UTC

1984 is definitely the most important.

2017-09-21 03:45:22 UTC

Jack Donovan. Start with 'the way of men' and 'becoming a barbarian'

2017-09-21 03:45:46 UTC

^ i just bought way of men, gonna read soon

2017-09-21 15:48:55 UTC

Cool, you won't be disappointed. It's a quick book but packed with good info. I'm working my way through 'a sky without eagles' currently, it's a collection of his speeches and essays on a good variety of topics.

2017-09-24 20:03:05 UTC

I was very disappointed with Becoming a Barbarian.

2017-09-24 20:03:34 UTC

The Way of Men was amazing and the second was rage tear of a cringy Neo-Pagan.

2017-09-24 20:03:43 UTC


2017-09-24 20:03:58 UTC

Along with a 'dindu nuffin' ethics system.

2017-09-25 00:59:53 UTC

2017-09-25 01:00:06 UTC

2017-09-25 16:54:24 UTC

Just a reminder we are non ideological, our only goal is a white state.

2017-09-25 17:07:42 UTC

that is ideological

2017-09-25 17:08:00 UTC

but we will have to figure out a governmental system at some point

2017-09-25 17:08:18 UTC

But I get what you're saying

2017-09-25 19:57:09 UTC

Ayy, my order (Sun and Steel) has arrived πŸ˜„ Now that's /fitlit/ for you

2017-09-25 19:57:29 UTC

have fun reading it

2017-09-25 19:57:32 UTC
2017-09-25 19:57:46 UTC

I will!

2017-09-25 19:57:50 UTC

Got 2 books first though :3

2017-09-25 19:57:57 UTC

One about Sparta and one about the finnish winterwar

2017-09-25 19:58:34 UTC

Do you have pdfs of them?

2017-09-25 22:24:54 UTC

Of my books? I bought them at the book store πŸ˜…

2017-09-25 23:13:42 UTC

Something I listened to a while back - its an interesting summary of various major inventions throughout human history and how they work

2017-09-25 23:15:50 UTC

I haven't listened to this one yet, but I heard good things about it and it might be really useful for those of you who are still in school

2017-09-25 23:17:21 UTC

a classic

2017-09-25 23:18:09 UTC

its a few decades old, but still very relevant today

2017-09-25 23:24:10 UTC

also a classic

2017-09-25 23:36:47 UTC
2017-09-26 02:13:40 UTC


2017-09-26 13:41:57 UTC

^long ass blogpost, a very interesting read about africa

2017-09-26 19:51:33 UTC

Iβ€˜m currently reading β€žA Race Against Timeβ€œ, which is a collection of different articles. Itβ€˜s not a fun read, but there are a lot of interesting facts in there. I skipped a few articles that did not sound that interesting. Most of the ones I skipped regarded SJW tactics.
I would recommend you read it and skip articles that donβ€˜t sound that important.

2017-09-27 02:01:58 UTC

whats it about? do you have a link to it?

2017-09-27 02:28:37 UTC

started listening to this podcast recently, about the social decay in the west:

2017-09-27 12:33:35 UTC

@Orchid Well the article's topics vary, but mostly about race, politics and organisations regarding race, a little bit of history, social matter and philosophy.

2017-09-27 12:33:43 UTC

All focused on race

2017-09-27 12:35:14 UTC

I dont have a pdf of it, but it shouldn't be that hard to find.

2017-09-29 19:20:50 UTC

2017-09-30 12:04:53 UTC

I finished reading Euthyphro and the Apology. What should I read next?

2017-09-30 12:05:34 UTC


2017-09-30 12:07:38 UTC

I recommend A Practical Heathens Guide to Asatru to anyone interested in Nordic Paganism or Proto-Indo-European history in general

2017-09-30 15:36:48 UTC

There is one about about Socrates' death. Comes right after Crito but I forget its name @P14 ... Phaedo?

2017-09-30 15:42:19 UTC

Yes, Phaedo

2017-09-30 15:42:29 UTC

I think I'll read Crito first though.

2017-09-30 15:48:10 UTC

Yes, you have to

2017-09-30 16:59:46 UTC

just started watching this guys videos, has some interesting stuff:

2017-09-30 18:51:52 UTC

someone on pol mentioned cd3wd, a giagantic collection of information

2017-09-30 18:52:09 UTC

theres a ton of stuff in this thing, but the info in that site is incomplete

2017-09-30 18:52:21 UTC

im downloading a 26gb torrent that should have all of it

2017-09-30 18:52:50 UTC

here it is if anyones interested

2017-09-30 22:51:02 UTC

2017-10-01 11:26:45 UTC

A report about how fragile the world food supply is

2017-10-01 13:32:31 UTC

^ I highly recommend "The Vikings" and "Hitlers Empire"

2017-10-01 20:30:14 UTC

Taller people have lower longevity, a higher chance of getting cancer and CHD.

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