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Cool house, where do I order?

He protecc from invaders


Wamen oppressed, tho ...

@Grumplebee normies are fine, it's the abnormies you gotta worry about

Also, Italians are midgets even to this day ... not very Chad-like

2019-07-13 18:54:16 UTC [Athens #tholos_general_news]  

@ETBrooD The point about Soph is that she isn't special, in a world where everyone wants to be so fucking special they have their own unique gender and sexual orientation. We're inundated with trans kids and other degenerate shit to a degree where a fucking average teen girl passes the bar for entertainment. It's kinda sad, actually.

2019-07-13 19:31:12 UTC [Athens #tholos_general_news]  


>She has nothing new or of value to add.
IDK, her videos are kinda fun. Fun is valuable.

>But she has "the correct opinions" so people follow her regardless of how much stupid shit she says.
Well, yeah ... what's the complaint here, exactly? People follow all sorts of stupider online shit-spewers. Nothing new happened here. She's just the one that stands out due to the Streisand effect.

>I think using her as a thought leader is going to backfire real hard
Well, not a lot of people here use her as a thought leader anyway (I assume y'all are not that stupid). She just has a certain flair for presentation. I'm betting most guys just watch her because she's kinda cute. And because edgy stuff is fun.

2019-07-13 19:40:51 UTC [Athens #tholos_general_news]  

Well, I agree she'd be better off starting her youtube stuff when she was old enough to make smarter content, but it's too late for that.

2019-07-13 20:30:51 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

TBH, anything that reduces India's populatin is positive ... nuclear war with Pakistan when?

Y'all are fucking autists

Makeup is art ... art sometimes lies, sometimes tells the truth, and what is and is not good art is largely subjective. I'd imagine most girls aren't gonna put so much shit on their face it makes them unrecognisable.

Bill Kiggers sounds like someone Hillary would have suicided because he leaked some pedo stuff.

Can't wait till the nibbas storming area 51 are greeted by an empty facility because everything was secretly moved through the stargate by then and the stargate beamed into orbit by Prometheus.

@Polekov It's always a problem, because it's illegal.

@Arthur Grayborn No, it's not. Unless you're a pure materialist neocon. Culture matters, too.

If anything, being in more danger makes your technology improve. Every war kickstarts invention. Africans weren't killing one another enough.

@Coolitic It's spelled lojjick

A: You don't if you're not a retard.

But imagine actually making a magnet-box that you put a USB drive in and it installs mario kart on it.

@Uksio Does ใ‹ใ•ใ„ mean ๆžœ่œ or ็ซ็ฝ?

I'm assuming ็ซ็ฝ

Although, the connection awesome = fire seems weird.

You're veggies! ... No, you're veggies!

2019-07-18 17:32:48 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  


First of all, I'd love to hear the reasoning behind your conclusion.

Second, there is such a thing, because we made it so. We recognise people have this right, and we punish those who violate others' right to live. Of course, there's nuance around abortion laws, self defence, the death penalty, ... and we definitely do not guarantee quality.

2019-07-18 17:54:02 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  

All of this misses the point

2019-07-18 17:54:42 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  

The distincion of noun/verb is meaningless.

2019-07-18 17:55:23 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  

In both cases, in its most basic form, it is the right to not have life taken away, that is people who kill you get punished.

2019-07-18 17:56:15 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  

Well, semantics it is then.

2019-07-18 17:57:34 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  

"regardless of anything else" ... if you remove context, rights are meaningless.

2019-07-18 17:58:49 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  

I consider rights to be principles of law.

2019-07-18 17:59:48 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  

If freedom of speech were independent of laws, all countries would have freedom of speech. And we wouldn't have to wage the culture war.

2019-07-18 18:07:17 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  

What does "Rights are inherent to the individual." even mean?

2019-07-18 18:08:44 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  

So it means what I think it means

2019-07-18 18:09:49 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  

In this case, I argue that even if they are, they are meaningless without enforcement, which is usually done via law.

Discord is biased towards the republicans, they have ๐Ÿ˜ emoji, but not a donkey. But we do have <:Communist:462285823824494592> to balance it out.

@Eccles Literally noone cares.

>having a muslim gf

@PureEvilPie U R ๐Ÿ’ฉ ๐Ÿ’ฉ, go away

@PureEvilPie >people jumping into random convos

It's a public chat, you mong

No mixing. Separate is beautiful.


@Iskandar Via media optima

@Uksio That's not really mixing anymore in this context

@Uksio Sad? Pathetic.

Like I said, via media optima.

I'd sue Google for defamation

>increase brightness 50%

I fucking clicked on the bomb first

It is if there's 6k in the trunk

@Muten Post full article, I need to know.

> And you can't change the culture.

What the fuck is this claim? What are the SJWs doing then? The culture went to shit outta nowhere?

2019-07-29 21:27:06 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

Every time I see shitty news I'm convinced more of the inevitability that is the need for a hard reset of certain countries. If even BoJo is too pussy to do shit right, imagine the fucking madman who will have to achieve power to get Britain in order ... the same goes for Trump. They're both thumping the economy button when the economy doesn't even fucking matter. Anglos are so fucking rich they can afford the economy to go apeshit for a while. What they can't afford is for the culture to go apeshit.

Thank god I'm a filthy slav. We're years behind. We can deal with it in time, unlike y'all.

2019-07-30 15:41:12 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

The reason I stopped arguing with ancaps and objectivists and neocons and all the other shitheads from this ideological field is that they straight up ignore culture.
Y'all should do the same.
Culture > economy.

2019-07-30 15:43:38 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

And even then, the way these numbskulls describe liberty straight up makes families an oppressive force.

2019-07-30 15:44:10 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

They're basically doing the same thing in this regard than the SJWs.

Okay, so I kinda need help finding the title of a book. So, it's about a group of kids who work for a pair of dudes (IIRC). They solve a bunch of mysteries and stuff. At the beginning of one book, the generic smart kids picks up a Kris (a weapon used by the Malays), and they have to figure out a mystery about a treasure. There's a tree that looks like it has a face, on an island. There's also a dude named Roary.

First of all, it would be a sensible kind of economics, provided your nationals were sufficient competitors to one another.
And I believe it's just called national capitalism (in the same vein as NatSoc).

Almost like China.

It's most definitely not a win-win.

The chinese are defeating us in cultural terms

It's not just movies. Remember, Chinese are collectivists, and who do we have a huge problem with in the West?

How much do you bet that chinese students in US don't just do spy stuff, but SJW activism too?

> yeh but they probably learned it in the us!

Makes it even worse. It's literally us giving them the dagger they use to slit our throats.

Yay, you're talking consent again ... let's do it to death yet another time.

The brain is fully developed at around 25. Ergo, people can consent to sex only from ages 20-30. Prove me wrong.

Hard to believe one's life has purpose when one's country fails to protect one's culture and there's nothing beyond oneself to believe in.

2019-08-03 20:00:10 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  


> unknown how many were cowboys, and how many were evil

This implies cowboys are good. Which is hilarious. There's a whole movie about Kurt Russel as Wyatt Earp shooting the hell out of them. It's good. You should watch it if you're not put off by westerns.

^ I have to retake this shit, see how I changed

Notable difference: nationalism score went up by a third

Well, I can't, 'cause bad with computerz.

Another notable difference: a lot less white space. Must be all that anti-white rhetoric I'm seeing.

That's probably those "should transportation and energy sectors be privatized" questions.

Over here in Slovenia, privatizing something is fucking always a scam.

Though, to be fair, my capitalism score increased by a similar percentage.

I'm merely less undecided

What hasn't changed is my priorities.

Although, I'd have put family before fatherland, but whatever.

Had to be reworded to not be mistaken for the progressivism you're more familiar with.

@Ayylmao I'm pretty certain that question doesn't refer to tourists.

Yeah, but "enrich our culture" implies they change stuff, which tourists don't usually do since they're not there for long.

Well, I guess it does depend on the country.

We throw illegals out on the daily, and it's not like a fuckload of people can arrive here.

We actually have detention centers for illegals coming over from Croatia, but fucking every day in the papers I read something akin to:

"Joint military-police patrol captured X Afghanis and X Syrians crossing illegaly. They were promptly kicked back over the border. Somewhere else, they chased a suspicious vehicle all the way to Trieste. Turns out, they were hiding migrants."

The fuckers sometimes drown in the Kolpa river, which is hilarious, because I take kids to swim there. They're weaker than our kids.


Well, they had to cross a fuckton of rivers on the way.

The best part about the drownings is that some lefties in parliament blamed the government.

Bitch, you what?

We also fenced off a few areas with concertina wire, and while fewer crossings occured there, the locals were pissed because they couldn't go swimming in the river.

lol, no

Having different rules for whites and blacks does not mean whites were untouchable.

2019-08-08 20:35:08 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  

This probably fits here. A good reflection with more examples pertaining to why "anti-movements" basically suck.


DVS makes good content overall, might wanna check him out.

How the fuck does a haircut cost that much anyway?

I pay like 15โ‚ฌ

For dudes it's about 10โ‚ฌ

2019-08-09 11:05:17 UTC [Athens #gymnasium_games]  

That's a rookie hole. Gotta go deeper.

2019-08-09 11:06:02 UTC [Athens #gymnasium_games]  

Not as much as you

2019-08-09 11:11:50 UTC [Athens #gymnasium_games]  

TBH, it looks relatively shallow. I could swear mine was deeper. Though, it was also narrower, so that may skew perspective. Not to mention I made train tracks to the bottom.

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