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@puhfrugherterbrururbbpfthhft From that angle, with the white box on top of it, that tank looks like a shoe laying sideways

Q: Why is communism superior to capitalism?

A: Because it heroically overcomes problems that do not exist in any other system.

Q: Could ticks have a revolution of their own?

A: Yes, the blood of the working class runs through them.

Guys, I figured it out! If we take the DNA from bees and humans and mix it and breed a BEEMAN... we can make communism work!!

"[...] his confused notions of socialism can be read in The Lion and the Unicorn (1941) [...]"

"Orwell describes the Labour Party as โ€œsocialistโ€ and continues in the same paragraph to describe, quite accurately, why it is not and cannot be socialist."

>Orwell was a socialist
>Orwell didn't understand socialism
>Surprised Pikachu face

This is what happens when you debunk every single hero someone has

He loves to use Orwell's "socialist viewpoints" as a shield to claim that Orwell supported socialism. So proving that *other socialists* criticize Orwell's view of socialism fucks with his narrative

The far right is evil, because all evil is far right. Since Tommy is evil, therefore he is far right.

Tommy cares about Britain, that's very evil

Change my mind

What good person loves their country? Makes no sense

Oh noes, he recovered from the last blow

Correction: all because he wanted a fair trial

You don't get a fair trial in Britain when the media has (of course correctly praise be) determined that you're evil

@BabaBooey I think you deserve a fair trial, too, when the communist plague gets wiped out. And by fair trial I mean one that determines that you're evil and then prosecutes you with no jury.

"What sort of due process is this?"
"Your guilt has been determined Mr. Robinson, this is merely a sentencing hearing. So what will it be? Death or prison?"
"If you think I'm going to go down that Muslim shithole willingly, you have another thing coming."
"Death, then."
"Looks that way."
"Very well. Death... by prison."

Next level autism

White nationalautism

You shud

Sargon is in a weird place right now. Not a proper politician, but trying to be, thus also not a proper shitpostingYoutuber anymore, but still shitposting.

If Sargon doesn't get his act together soon, he could go up in flames. Not kidding.

Sargon shouldn't have attempted to get into politics, it was a mistake

He wasn't properly prepared

Yeah in Britain, politics may indeed be shitposting lol

Jess Phillips should've responded "What makes you think I'd let you rape me in the first place?"
And watch Sargon squirm out of that rhetorical trick

Oh boy, you're killing him

The point is, Sargon doesn't fucking think before he speaks

Because Sargon is too used to shitposting

You need to separate politics from shitposting, you don't shit where you eat, so you keep your shitposting private

That's what people are criticizing about Trump

lol, same idea, different conclusion

Trump didn't win because he was shitposting, he won because Hillary sucked

So a politician wins by shitposting?

You say no, that's my argument

They don't win by shitposting, so don't shitpost

I can't make sense of this

"No, shitposting doesn't help"
"Shitposting could help"
Pick one

So shitposting doesn't help, but it helps when you miraculously have knowledge that it does help

Teach me these powers

Do not speak ill of the power of the lliberalistisisticist

2019-07-11 20:51:44 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  

What if you go somewhere else not because you want to go somewhere else, but because it's away from where you are?

2019-07-11 20:52:04 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  

What if you go somewhere else not because you want to go somewhere else, but because it's away from where you are?

2019-07-11 20:52:19 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  

What if you go somewhere else not because you want to go somewhere else, but because it's away from where you are?

2019-07-11 21:16:40 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  


Need source explaining the full context

France has absurdly high tax rates, but it's going to reduce it in the coming years, in particular the corporate income tax


The idea is basically that they see globalism happening

They see money increasingly flowing out, not as much back in, since the internet is only gonna get stronger, so they try to get ahead of it

Look, I'm a proponent of less taxation, but I also want fair taxation. So France demanding Silicon Valley to pay up makes perfect sense to me.

That's why it's only 3%, it seems fair enough

I think Trump is probably just virtue signalling

Pretending to be against it maybe

I'm not American ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Oh right

In before "BREAKING NEWS: Amazon removing books from its store due to political bias"
oh, wait...

The day will come when taxation becomes an untenable concept

Yeah, I wonder how would this discussion go if Silicon Valley was politically indifferent towards non-leftard voices?

2019-07-11 22:46:12 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

I've talked to a lot of people who care

2019-07-11 22:46:44 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

They're just not so vocal about it when someone from the left is around

2019-07-12 01:23:48 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  

I don't know, I just think vacationing for the sake of getting away from home for a while makes a lot of sense. Everyone has a different motivation.

2019-07-12 01:25:35 UTC [Athens #palaestra_debates]  

Me for example, besides wanting to meet extended family, often I have no preferred location when I go on holiday.

Ok wow lol
I don't give a single fuck about the JQ but this is hilarious

Nationalist right-wing progressive, you're a special snowflake

You can't have an anarchic state period

Marxism only described there would be a revolution

Not that there should be

Fascism is a collectivist nationalist ideology, and it's very socialist, but socialism is not its core idea

It just so happens that collectivist ideologies must be more socialist than capitalist by their nature

Yeah, fascism allows for some capitalism

There are two basic things that define socialism:
1) Redistribute wealth
2) Collectivize the means of production

Collectivizing the means of production is not fascism, no

Sure you can, you just do it, you use force to do it

Collectivizing the means of production doesn't mean the whole society owns the factories

It means that the private individual does not own the factories, meaning an individual can only be *allowed to run* a factory, but it can't own it while running it

That's one of the problems, yes

The Soviet Union failed because of this exact problem, because you failed upwards

Being truthful was not smart, because it would get you punished. So you lied. And by lying you are a failure, because no one knows how much to produce, or how much you produced.

So incompetence got rewarded


Well, the manager is there so someone can get punished if things go wrong

So under communism your goal was to not get punished, not to produce optimally

Redistribution of wealth is the less dysfunctional part of socialism

Yeah, and also another things

Nothing in the socialist definition says that wealth must be redistributed to the less fortunate

It can go to the wealthy instead

Yeah idk either, this can also happen under capitalism

Whatever is owned doesn't neccessarily have to be used

Socialism or capitalism doesn't matter in that regard

Redistribution of wealth doesn't mean equal wealth

I think you're misunderstanding the meaning of socialism

Socialism is supposed to plug all the holes basically so no one has to suffer, that's the theory at least

It's not supposed to make everyone equal

It doesn't need to be owned by everyone, how often do I have to explain that

Socialism doesn't say anything about equality

No, not everyone is equal under communism

From each according to their ability to each according to their needs - that's not a matter of equality, nothing in there says that

I bet if you asked Marx right now, he'd probably scoff at the idea of equality

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