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2019-07-11 06:32:38 UTC


2019-07-11 06:32:54 UTC


2019-07-11 09:09:50 UTC

Deyeet it!

2019-07-11 09:18:24 UTC

2019-07-11 09:18:45 UTC

i seriously cannot believe that kotaku is so fucking retarded it just hurts my head

2019-07-11 09:19:37 UTC

how come i see a reveiw for a brand new video game almost 3 times a week on my YT feed but kotaku seems to review games only every 3 months and complain about white people inbetween

2019-07-11 09:29:14 UTC

Hentai = perverted
There, that wasn’t so hard
Not something that needs an entire article

2019-07-11 09:29:37 UTC

journalism has peaked

2019-07-11 09:32:44 UTC

More like "horny".

2019-07-11 10:24:07 UTC

No is "lewd"

2019-07-11 10:24:48 UTC

Or that, yes.

2019-07-11 11:37:48 UTC

2019-07-11 15:21:44 UTC

Ladies and Gents, GG lives rent free in the heads of Journos.

2019-07-11 15:28:41 UTC

@SPOOKY Phil, Ruler of Heck Thank you for stating the obvious.

2019-07-11 15:28:54 UTC

Alright, default pfp

2019-07-11 15:28:57 UTC

stfu libtard

2019-07-11 15:29:47 UTC

@SPOOKY Phil, Ruler of Heck Seriously, what will it take for these idiots to stop obsessively writing about GG?

2019-07-11 15:29:54 UTC


2019-07-11 15:29:59 UTC

They're too far-left

2019-07-11 15:30:07 UTC

I'd say a stern slap to the face from a parent

2019-07-11 15:30:18 UTC

but let's be real, at this point that wouldn't even help.

2019-07-11 15:44:56 UTC

@SPOOKY Phil, Ruler of Heck These people are political Gnostics. Social Justice is their Sophia, and GamerGate their tyrannical demiurge.

2019-07-11 21:44:15 UTC


2019-07-11 21:56:16 UTC


2019-07-12 12:11:11 UTC

2019-07-12 12:12:35 UTC

Context: this man is the smartest dude in egypt. He publicly left islam & the mullahs in egypt are after him. Please support this guy because he is a shining light in a dark country

2019-07-12 13:23:44 UTC

*he's only option is to flee to a less shit country*

2019-07-12 13:24:00 UTC

***literally*** will be killed otherwise

2019-07-12 19:53:16 UTC

"smartest dude in egypt"

2019-07-12 19:53:18 UTC


2019-07-12 19:53:22 UTC

did you take a census?

2019-07-12 20:00:08 UTC


2019-07-13 00:36:41 UTC

Tbf, I doubt the average IQ in Egypt is high <:pot_of_kek:544849795433496586>

2019-07-13 02:48:54 UTC

It usually isn't in Arab/Muslim countries.

2019-07-13 03:26:16 UTC

>implying games developers ever listened to fans

2019-07-13 08:06:24 UTC
2019-07-13 11:31:12 UTC

nibbas gonna nib

2019-07-13 15:02:26 UTC

I said it and will say again - Cold War II is out there. Idiots in governments leads ideological war, but the ones who suffer are ordinary citizens. <:disgusteng:595338918044500041>

2019-07-13 17:03:33 UTC

the commies arent in power in Russia

2019-07-13 17:03:36 UTC

so no

2019-07-13 18:07:43 UTC

Goddamn, there's nothing special about Soph

2019-07-13 18:07:56 UTC

She's a kid, woop-dee-doo

2019-07-13 18:13:12 UTC


2019-07-13 18:13:32 UTC

@Coolitic, it's not about commies, it's about overall atmosphere "we vs. them".

2019-07-13 18:13:48 UTC

Polarized world.

2019-07-13 18:13:50 UTC


2019-07-13 18:14:03 UTC

Has nothing to do with "Cold War"

2019-07-13 18:14:17 UTC

Has everything to do with Cold War.

2019-07-13 18:14:23 UTC


2019-07-13 18:54:16 UTC

@ETBrooD The point about Soph is that she isn't special, in a world where everyone wants to be so fucking special they have their own unique gender and sexual orientation. We're inundated with trans kids and other degenerate shit to a degree where a fucking average teen girl passes the bar for entertainment. It's kinda sad, actually.

2019-07-13 18:59:52 UTC

And my point is that there's literally nothing special about her. She's a kid, she has opinions some people here agree with. Big deal.

2019-07-13 19:00:31 UTC

She has nothing new or of value to add. She's basically a freak show because she's a kid.

2019-07-13 19:00:59 UTC

The obsession with her is morbid.

2019-07-13 19:02:13 UTC

I'd call it "political fetishization"

2019-07-13 19:03:27 UTC

Some of her opinions aren't even that great. A lot of the things she says are pure spite.

2019-07-13 19:04:08 UTC

But she has "the correct opinions" so people follow her regardless of how much stupid shit she says.

2019-07-13 19:04:32 UTC

Plus the freak show factor

2019-07-13 19:06:34 UTC

Tbh I think using her as a thought leader is going to backfire real hard, and we better realize that sooner than later.

2019-07-13 19:31:12 UTC


>She has nothing new or of value to add.
IDK, her videos are kinda fun. Fun is valuable.

>But she has "the correct opinions" so people follow her regardless of how much stupid shit she says.
Well, yeah ... what's the complaint here, exactly? People follow all sorts of stupider online shit-spewers. Nothing new happened here. She's just the one that stands out due to the Streisand effect.

>I think using her as a thought leader is going to backfire real hard
Well, not a lot of people here use her as a thought leader anyway (I assume y'all are not that stupid). She just has a certain flair for presentation. I'm betting most guys just watch her because she's kinda cute. And because edgy stuff is fun.

2019-07-13 19:36:55 UTC

She disables comments on many of her videos. Clearly she herself is aware that she attracts fucking weirdos. These screenshots I just found in under one minute from her latest video.

2019-07-13 19:38:37 UTC

Soph is clearly being used as a thought leader, and we all know what kind of people she speaks to. There's no way this will end well. She should quit doing Youtube until she's old enough to be of a respectable age talking about these things to millions of people.

2019-07-13 19:39:55 UTC

She's not your "I don't like the direction things are going" political Youtuber critical of the establishment, she's straight up blackpilled.

2019-07-13 19:40:51 UTC

Well, I agree she'd be better off starting her youtube stuff when she was old enough to make smarter content, but it's too late for that.

2019-07-13 19:41:10 UTC

It's not too late, she can quit right now and come back when she's of an appropriate age.

2019-07-13 19:41:13 UTC

well, fwiw, Ben Shapiro has been doing his schtick since he was like 12.

2019-07-13 19:41:28 UTC

Not on Youtube he wasn't

2019-07-13 19:41:49 UTC

no, he was just getting paraded in front of CPAC

2019-07-13 19:42:07 UTC

Then that's equally wrong

2019-07-13 19:42:45 UTC

I don't get it, have we lost our collective minds over the political divide?

2019-07-13 19:43:07 UTC

When will common sense and decency return? Ever?

2019-07-13 19:43:26 UTC

Children should speak about politics, yes that's a good thing. But not like this.

2019-07-13 19:44:59 UTC

A 60 y/o conservative man tells Soph she speaks for him

2019-07-13 19:45:20 UTC

I'm sure that's gonna do wonders for her mentality

2019-07-13 19:45:44 UTC

And it's such a wonderful thing when adults worship a girl for her political views

2019-07-13 19:46:11 UTC

Now I understand why people are saying NPCs also exist on the right

2019-07-13 20:03:04 UTC

you're really just projecting a very specific scenario and assuming that it will be the case

2019-07-13 20:43:31 UTC

the west is going down by all appearances

2019-07-13 21:29:36 UTC

[citation needed]

2019-07-13 21:47:36 UTC

"Npc's on the right"
I thought thats what the boomer meme was for...

2019-07-13 21:56:36 UTC

Don't call *right* wing morons npcs, it dilutes the cultural artefact

2019-07-13 21:57:24 UTC

Create a new word, thus robbing ownership of the word from the marxists and giving it to the rest of us (Liberal, Libertarian, Conservative, Centrist etc.)

2019-07-13 21:58:31 UTC

That way, when they use the word, it has no impact and reveals their lack of originality (Like when they accuse others of being snowflakes etc.)

2019-07-13 21:59:06 UTC

Because they must add the addendum of *right-wing* to every artefact they steal, thus weakening their position without even realising it, as it tips the hat to the original source of that word

2019-07-13 21:59:25 UTC

i.e: Right-wing SJW. Right-wing snowflake. Right-wing npc. etc.

2019-07-13 21:59:41 UTC

They have to add right-wing as a pre-fix.

2019-07-13 22:00:30 UTC

Thus revealing their theft and linguistically weakening their position in *any* argument where they use these terms.

2019-07-13 22:07:00 UTC


2019-07-13 22:07:07 UTC

fuck off

2019-07-13 22:07:18 UTC

I'll criticize people on my own side as I please

2019-07-13 22:07:25 UTC

with the same words if the behavior applies

2019-07-13 22:07:37 UTC

No. Criticize away but don't dilute cultural artefacts.

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