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IIRC a more-or-less exact translation is "White Left"

PyroNinja is a black woman confirmed? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

So that's the render for your D&D character and not a render for how you look IRL?

The hair honestly reminds me of a haircut that a black wahmen would have

That's exactly what someone who hasn't would say!

It's a pretty good render tbh

Much better than I could do lmao

that is....concerning

there is no amount of context that would make it any less....odd

I'm not really knowledgeable of the subject (aside from hearing about the lack of user reviews), but your vid is pretty good, GG.

No problem, dude.



@Apollo, Plague Lord the comic above has Angels, you'll probably love it ๐Ÿ˜›


fucking retard

holy shit, I haven't ever seen that man in my life!

pls jail @Soxelius



that's horrifying

Bat-Boy, but yeah

I think

@ReignbowRay I think the response from the people would depend on the hero

I think Superman WOULD be Anti-Abortion, to an extent

not to the extent of say.....that Alabama bill

he'd presumably allow Abortion in the case of rape, incest, or health complications

There isn't really anything stopping superheroes from being used as excuses for people to do shitty things

I don't even think that's been a storyline in comics before

(but it seems really interesting)

I reckon it'd be a great thing to see that concept turned into a miniseries or story-arc tbh


Tbf, a lot of fortnite players are playing fornite instead of procreating

Too early to explore space, too late to explore the seas, but just in time to explore the possibility of a female Metokur.

What a great time we live in

"You so fuckin' precious when you...SMIILLLEEEE"

>When you join a group that you are ideologically opposed to, just to own the conservatives

I'm pretty sure that's the fox from Zootopia

in the Mad Max universe

@Muten alright buddy, no need to project your inadequacies on me, buddy

I'm not your pal, bro

I'm not your man, dude

I'm not your guy, chap

I'm not your bucko, friend

I'm not your sir, ma'am

I'm not an it, zir

I'm not a xe, xim

I'm not an ix, zim


Meowzers can't even work

did you get deplatformed from Dank Memer, Meowzers?

this is so sad

Alexa, play despacito

pls daily

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pls balance

This statement is true if this statement is false <:pot_of_kek:544849795433496586>

Yeah, fair.

That IS an absolute win

bruh moment

pick one

pls daily

10/10 best LGBT pair in JJBA


pls kill

pls kill @BabaBooey


That's pretty gay tbh

My internal clock is one minute earlier than the time on Discord wtf



pls search

pls beg



pls beg

pls search

hell yeah

pls inventory

pls sell cookie

pls balance

pls deposit all

pls beg

80,591 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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