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2018-01-27 04:14:27 UTC

show me a good example for something like this

2018-01-27 04:14:28 UTC

A minor concession.

2018-01-27 04:15:01 UTC


2018-01-27 04:15:15 UTC


2018-01-27 04:15:33 UTC


2018-01-27 04:15:57 UTC


2018-01-27 04:16:17 UTC


2018-01-27 04:16:45 UTC


2018-01-27 04:17:07 UTC

these are just pictures

2018-01-27 04:17:27 UTC

Then what'd you ask an example for exactly?

2018-01-27 04:17:34 UTC

i dunno a link

2018-01-27 04:17:36 UTC

whatever you where

2018-01-27 04:17:37 UTC


2018-01-27 04:17:42 UTC

either or

2018-01-27 04:18:03 UTC

Presently the most I have is a small one I made from a miniature cross I got out of wire and string,

2018-01-27 04:18:08 UTC

I hold it while I sleep.

2018-01-27 04:18:14 UTC

I didn't do well,

2018-01-27 04:18:16 UTC


2018-01-27 04:18:21 UTC

it's all I have.

2018-01-27 04:18:39 UTC

However there are many different icons that you can keep to help keep you close to God.

2018-01-27 04:19:01 UTC

I think rosary beads are a pretty solid choice.

2018-01-27 04:19:14 UTC

Maybe a bracelet, or bracer of some kind?

2018-01-27 04:19:21 UTC

Or simply perhaps a necklace.

2018-01-27 04:19:32 UTC

The one I made I wear on the buttons of my shirt.

2018-01-27 04:20:40 UTC


2018-01-27 04:20:46 UTC

at RCIA we all got St Benedict medal bracelets

2018-01-27 04:20:58 UTC
2018-01-27 04:22:00 UTC

Which color fellas


2018-01-27 04:22:15 UTC

Yes those are perfect.

2018-01-27 04:22:20 UTC


2018-01-27 04:22:26 UTC

Either gunmetal or copper.

2018-01-27 04:22:29 UTC

Humble colors.

2018-01-27 04:24:27 UTC

Brown is my color but gunmetal is definetly the siege readers choice

2018-01-27 04:24:40 UTC


2018-01-27 04:25:05 UTC

*the custodius cruciger*

2018-01-27 05:44:55 UTC

Pray for this depressed friend of mine. She's only a girl and she's got unmedicated schizophrenia.

2018-01-27 05:45:35 UTC

Poor girl. I’ll pray for her. Schizophrenia is the devil’s disease.

2018-01-27 05:51:58 UTC

girls ❤

2018-01-27 06:04:22 UTC

Memes aside they can be such innocent creatures if they aren't corrupted beyond reason.

2018-01-27 13:58:24 UTC

Prayed the rosary in a group for the first time this morning. Was beautiful

2018-01-27 15:07:39 UTC

is this the new america first merch?

2018-01-28 00:47:59 UTC

i want something primitive and brutal

2018-01-28 00:48:21 UTC

made of simple metals something i can stab into someones eye if i have to

2018-01-28 00:48:33 UTC

the ones i linked suit this purpose fine

2018-01-28 00:48:44 UTC

wrought iron

2018-01-28 00:48:53 UTC

that weighs on me

2018-01-28 00:48:59 UTC

reminds me

2018-01-28 00:50:35 UTC

something i could make myself with alittle bit of skill but i admire the simplcity

2018-01-28 20:18:32 UTC

anyone wanna go to nazbol 5 o clock mass with me


2018-01-29 01:54:41 UTC

i know these guys

2018-01-29 02:04:13 UTC

@Deleted User <:powerthink:402373351961788417>

2018-01-29 02:12:16 UTC

i actually know that guy

2018-01-29 02:12:21 UTC

the guy in the video

2018-01-29 02:12:23 UTC

my boy

2018-01-29 02:12:53 UTC

they sell books

2018-01-29 02:12:55 UTC

buy their books

2018-01-29 02:13:00 UTC

tumblar house .com

2018-01-29 02:13:03 UTC

good books

2018-01-29 03:53:05 UTC

Jesus Christ that's actually abhorrent in the eyes of God.

2018-01-29 03:53:18 UTC

I joke about that shit, but that could actually be considered abhorrent.

2018-01-29 03:53:40 UTC


2018-01-29 03:54:14 UTC

I saw it

2018-01-29 03:54:17 UTC

and to an extent

2018-01-29 03:54:23 UTC

*I do to*

2018-01-29 03:55:19 UTC


2018-01-29 04:01:27 UTC

Sometimes i think about becoming a monk

2018-01-29 04:01:34 UTC

Is this normal

2018-01-29 04:02:15 UTC

I definintely think about becoming worse things

2018-01-29 04:02:55 UTC

It's the only worthwhile idea that makes sense to me

2018-01-29 04:03:37 UTC

God is the only incorruptible substance, why wouldn't i devote my life to that

2018-01-29 04:04:37 UTC

To consider a monastic lifestyle is somewhat normal for our time.

2018-01-29 04:04:49 UTC

However as of this moment, we, as a people, cannot afford celibacy.

2018-01-29 04:04:58 UTC

"Go forth, and multiply."

2018-01-29 04:05:03 UTC

That's my issue

2018-01-29 04:05:18 UTC

I feel so conflicted when i read Augustine

2018-01-29 04:05:54 UTC

Sins of the flesh can destroy our relationship with God

2018-01-29 04:06:10 UTC

I feel like the modern world holds no value

2018-01-29 04:06:24 UTC

"And you, be fruitful and multiply, increase greatly on the earth and multiply in it.”-Genesis 9:7

2018-01-29 04:06:38 UTC

The modern world holds no value presently,

2018-01-29 04:07:00 UTC

in the same way a molecule of carbon holds no intrinsic value alone.

2018-01-29 04:07:24 UTC

But over time, and cultivation of pressure, and friction, and an excess of work on behalf of nature and geological force,

2018-01-29 04:07:35 UTC

that carbon molecule, binds with others,

2018-01-29 04:07:38 UTC

and grows in mass

2018-01-29 04:07:42 UTC

and become coal,

2018-01-29 04:07:50 UTC

and as the same process occurs,

2018-01-29 04:07:55 UTC

that coal compresses

2018-01-29 04:07:59 UTC

into a diamond.

2018-01-29 04:08:11 UTC

Our lot is a special type of earthly hell,

2018-01-29 04:08:33 UTC

one that was in essence cultivated by our recent ancestors fulfilled by their own ignorance, lust and subsequent guilt.

2018-01-29 04:08:58 UTC

But it can and will be reversed, it's just a matter of our own hope and determination.

2018-01-29 04:09:30 UTC

But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart

2018-01-29 04:10:12 UTC

Women have really negatively impacted my relationship with God

2018-01-29 04:10:25 UTC

I'm not even disagreeing with you

2018-01-29 04:10:42 UTC

But i am not certain if it is for me

2018-01-29 04:10:47 UTC

They can, but they can also add to it.

2018-01-29 04:10:56 UTC

And it all depends on who.

2018-01-29 04:11:20 UTC

Our modern society, and negligence towards our culture and religion has turned an alarming amount of women into vapid whores with no other desire than the moment.

2018-01-29 04:11:50 UTC

A vaginal generation of pure carpe diem

2018-01-29 04:12:01 UTC

But, it can, and will be reversed.

2018-01-29 04:12:19 UTC

Only with proper awareness and care from the remainder of society.

2018-01-29 04:14:10 UTC

And it's such a shame. But, I've lost myself several times in fleeting affairs, and I'm afraid of ruining myself.

2018-01-29 04:14:53 UTC

I cannot disagree with what you're saying, I do understand

2018-01-29 04:15:05 UTC

Then find a wife, a real wife, at your church or elsewhere, a wholesome place, and court her. Don't date her, court her. Show that you can provide (if you can do so sufficiently, that is)

2018-01-29 04:15:09 UTC

That's our hope.

2018-01-29 04:15:18 UTC

Your situation sounds depressing

2018-01-29 04:15:22 UTC

and it has every right to be.

2018-01-29 04:15:57 UTC

But it's my earnest belief that a white man today does more harm than good by settling down in the Benedictine order rather than starting a family.

2018-01-29 04:17:08 UTC

I'm the last heir in my family, this wasn't an easy conclusion

2018-01-29 04:17:49 UTC

I worry too much about my relationship with the Lord

2018-01-29 04:18:13 UTC

I think I'd throw away my faith to protect my wife and children

2018-01-29 04:18:45 UTC

Not quite as visceral as that, but i don't have the words to explain it

2018-01-29 04:21:16 UTC

There is a way to let those aspects of your life strengthen your faith.

2018-01-29 04:21:21 UTC

If you look at them as gifts.

2018-01-29 04:23:29 UTC

I will think about it. I'm not dead set on anything yet. I know the older i get the call for monastic life will grow louder

2018-01-29 07:48:13 UTC

I wonder how long confessions go. I’ve done the same thing since I was a kid so mine only take about 2 minutes. I just go through the process and list any sins I remember. The Priest never really pries deeper or asks questions. I don’t really need spiritual guidance (any more than an average person does) but I feel kinda underachieving when they last so short. Anyone else have a similar instance?

2018-01-29 12:47:03 UTC

wish we could have those cool priests who actually wanna help people with advice and stuff

2018-01-29 12:47:21 UTC

the church has really dropped the damn ball

2018-01-29 13:48:04 UTC

I know a few like that who help a lot if you go to them, but I just feel like I’m not doing enough because I don’t go to them

2018-01-29 13:55:49 UTC


2018-01-29 13:56:23 UTC

well the churh doesnt do enough in my opinion to foment outside of church community activities buti havent looked in my area so i cant be sure of that

2018-01-29 14:15:39 UTC

Yes, not enough, which is sad since they do the most. Shows how little charity exists today

2018-01-29 17:22:02 UTC


2018-01-29 19:59:10 UTC

Talked to some crazy prots at my uni

2018-01-29 19:59:34 UTC

Literally were trying to tell me the pope is the antichrist

2018-01-29 21:03:30 UTC

Here's their website

2018-01-29 21:58:48 UTC

@Simon Sasquatch Isn't he an atheist?

2018-01-29 21:59:02 UTC

I don't think so

2018-01-29 21:59:07 UTC

I could be wrong

2018-01-29 21:59:39 UTC


2018-01-30 01:16:05 UTC


2018-01-30 03:53:08 UTC



2018-01-30 03:53:08 UTC

really feel like a heretic

2018-01-30 03:53:35 UTC

It's alright,

2018-01-30 03:53:46 UTC

I haven't attended church in several months.

2018-01-30 03:54:02 UTC

Mostly because I've been disenchanted with all the same stuff.

2018-01-30 03:54:13 UTC

I intend to go when I can.

2018-01-30 03:54:16 UTC

at least I have been going to mass

2018-01-30 03:54:24 UTC

What kind?

2018-01-30 03:55:03 UTC

ordinary stuff

2018-01-30 03:55:14 UTC

Novus Ordo?

2018-01-30 03:55:19 UTC

Pope Francis heresy?

2018-01-30 04:05:57 UTC

I've been going to norvus ordo regularly

2018-01-30 04:06:21 UTC

But when i transfer schools there's a sspx parish near there and boy

2018-01-30 04:06:48 UTC


2018-01-30 04:25:58 UTC

isnt sspx heresy though

2018-01-30 04:26:04 UTC

I mean rn I wouldnt care

2018-01-30 04:27:26 UTC

@🎭🎵 if you have sometime, watch this: https://youtu.be/H633jb0YX2c

2018-01-30 04:29:05 UTC

Wtf isn't heresy

2018-01-30 04:31:39 UTC

Pray the rosary everyday

2018-01-30 04:32:30 UTC

I've said this before but there's only novus ordo near me rn so i don't have a choice

2018-01-30 05:52:04 UTC

This is the pendant I want to get.

2018-01-30 06:35:43 UTC

*"Man is the guardian of nature, but woman is the custodian of life."*

2018-01-30 06:35:49 UTC

-Fulton Sheen

2018-01-30 12:32:13 UTC

@here sspx is not heresy

2018-01-30 12:32:28 UTC

sspx is epic and based

2018-01-30 14:14:59 UTC

I'm def going to their parish when i move

2018-01-30 14:43:41 UTC

its not easy being pro life the cult of death is strong

2018-01-30 15:53:39 UTC

@🎭🎵 what is that

2018-01-30 15:53:42 UTC


2018-01-30 16:10:01 UTC

Church softening their stance on contraceptives seemingly

2018-01-30 16:10:33 UTC

I mean I guess I'd like to use them when my wife is 40 and if I get her pregnant the kid will be full potato

2018-01-30 16:33:26 UTC

The risks are only high when it’s the first child at 40

2018-01-30 16:33:38 UTC

If you’ve had children before 40 the risk goes down a lot

2018-01-30 16:40:36 UTC

Good video for any "Orthodox" Jay Dyer fanboys

2018-01-30 16:44:21 UTC

what a man

2018-01-30 16:45:42 UTC

helped blacks in the civil rights era wrote books for the troops during ww2 was fervant anti nazi and anti commie and on his death bed he blessed the jew dying next to him in hospital. just a few highlights .reminds me as a kid i wanted to be a priest but i could never be one

2018-01-30 16:46:32 UTC

superhuman man

2018-01-30 17:30:07 UTC

I don't love Novus ordo but i live in the bible belt so it's better than no church at all

2018-01-30 18:10:02 UTC


2018-01-30 19:36:18 UTC


2018-01-31 05:25:53 UTC

@Simon Sasquatch Matter of fact the situation has gotten so poor in contrast to what it was, during the thirties, Francisco Franco's fight against the communists and republicans was sanctioned by the pope as a holy crusade at the behest of the bishop of Seville.

2018-01-31 05:25:59 UTC

Just as a contrast to what we have now.

2018-01-31 05:26:11 UTC


2018-01-31 05:26:18 UTC

I didn't know that

2018-01-31 05:26:25 UTC


2018-01-31 05:26:25 UTC

I believe he also said the Mussolini was something of a godsend warrior.

2018-01-31 05:26:26 UTC

That's pretty awesome

2018-01-31 05:26:32 UTC


2018-01-31 05:26:37 UTC

unironically though

2018-01-31 05:26:41 UTC


2018-01-31 05:26:59 UTC

There were such wonderful popes before Vatican II...

2018-01-31 05:27:14 UTC


2018-01-31 05:27:27 UTC

SPX was baste

2018-01-31 05:27:49 UTC

Yeah man, it's hard to imagine, it's been so long since we've had a really strong Christian leader

2018-01-31 05:28:32 UTC

That quote is powerful

2018-01-31 05:29:16 UTC

I have my eyes set on a Benedictine cross as it's supposed to expel vexations as well as give off a warding to demonic essence.

2018-01-31 05:30:02 UTC

I could use something like that lol

2018-01-31 05:30:16 UTC

Yes, it seems very useful, unironically.

2018-01-31 05:30:23 UTC

For vexations in particular.

2018-01-31 05:30:34 UTC

Especially for people in this movement how easy it is to be blackpilled.

2018-01-31 05:31:13 UTC

It actually has the abbreviations of a prayer of exorcism around the edges of the medallion itself.

2018-01-31 05:33:13 UTC

C. S. S. M. L. (Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux): “The Holy Cross be my light”

N. D. S. M. D. (Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux) “May the dragon never be my guide!”

Around the edge of the medal are more letters that stand for the Latin exorcism prayers:

V. R. S. (Vade Retro Satan): “Get away, Satan”
N. S. M. V. (Not Suade Mihi Vana): “Never tempt me with your vanities!”
S. M. Q. L. (Sunt Mala Quae Libas): “What you offer me is evil.”
I. V. B. (Ipse Venena Bibas): “Drink the poison yourself!”

2018-01-31 05:36:09 UTC

That's awesome! I'm going to look into these

2018-01-31 05:37:33 UTC

Very cool

2018-01-31 05:47:08 UTC

1. How should people dress at the Traditional Latin Mass? Do men need to wear a suit? Do women need to wear a chapel veil (i.e. mantilla)?

Whenever Catholics attend Mass, whether it is in the Roman Rite, in the Byzantine Rite, the Chaldean Rite, or any other approved Rite of the Church, everyone should dress modestly and in a manner that is suitable to the occasion. One should avoid coming to Mass dressed in attire that is physically revealing, vain or especially casual.

It is always most edifying to note that gentlemen wear a coat and tie to Holy Mass. Going back to the tradition of the early Church, many women, in imitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, choose to wear the chapel veil (i.e. mantilla), as a way of expressing their modesty and femininity.

2018-01-31 05:47:27 UTC

3. Do young people attend the Latin Mass?

Some people are surprised at how many young families choose to attend the Mass in the Extraordinary Form. Typically, it is the large families in a parish who crave the Latin Mass most. While young people are the largest group that attends the Tridentine Mass, adults are returning today to be spiritually fed by the Mass of their youth. The Latin Mass must be available to any Catholic who wants to enjoy its rich spiritual fruits.
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4. Does the Latin Mass fulfill my Sunday obligation?

Catholics of any rite can fulfill their obligation for Mass on Sundays and Holy Days at the Roman Mass in the Extraordinary Form. The traditional Latin Mass, of course, was the norm for centuries and as Pope Benedict XVI has stated, it has never been outlawed (i.e. abrogated).

In light of the proper understanding of the documents of the Second Vatican Counsel, and the clear teaching of Pope Benedict XVI in Summorum Ponficum, who today would dare question the validity, excellence, or spiritual benefits of the Mass that for centuries nourished the souls of the great saints and martyrs!

Mass in the Extraordinary Form (1962 Missale Romanum) fulfills the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days, and there is no reason to doubt the authenticity or legality of the Mass that is our proud heritage.

2018-01-31 05:48:17 UTC

The Mass is one continuous action, reproducing in a mysterious way the Life, Passion and Death of Jesus Christ. The structure of the Mass is as follows:

§ The Preparation – beginning with the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar, the Introit, Kyrie and Gloria.

§ The Instruction -- including the Collect, the Epistle, Gradual, Alleluia, (or Tract, and on certain feasts the Sequence), the Gospel (usually followed by a sermon), and the Credo.

§ The Offertory -- which includes the Offertory antiphon, the offering of bread, the pouring of water and wine into the chalice, the offering of the chalice, the washing of the hands, the prayer to the Blessed Trinity, the "Orate fratres" and the Secret.

§ The Consecration -- including the Preface and the Canon of the Mass, embracing the prayer "Te igitur," the Memento of the living, the Communicantes and the other two prayers before the Consecration and Elevation, the three prayers after the Consecration, the Commemoration for the Dead, the "Nobis quoque peccatoribus" and the Minor Elevation.

§ The Communion -- including the Pater Noster, the Libera, the Agnus Dei, the three prayers before the Communion, the "Domine non sum dignus," and the Communion of the Priest and the Faithful.

§ The Thanksgiving--which includes the Communion antiphon, the Post- communion prayer, the "Ite missa est," and the Last Gospel.

2018-01-31 05:48:57 UTC

2018-01-31 05:57:32 UTC

@here For those with questions about the attendance of Latin Mass, here's a nice Q&A I found. Also, see the above conversation for a brief description of blessed talismans and their respective functions.

2018-01-31 05:58:10 UTC

@Thomas Thanks man, I'll read over all of this asap!

2018-01-31 05:59:22 UTC

@Thomas ty ty

2018-01-31 06:00:35 UTC

Im planning on starting to go to my "local" SSPX (kinda far) but i think if i plan it out correctly each sunday i can arrive on time

2018-01-31 06:00:47 UTC

I always love clerical work. Being a monk or a preacher seems incredibly enticing, but I want a family more.

2018-01-31 06:00:58 UTC

Probably a monk now that I think about it.

2018-01-31 06:01:17 UTC

The different blessings and rites and such.

2018-01-31 06:01:19 UTC

I've been going to the TLM exclusively for about two and a half years.

2018-01-31 06:02:42 UTC

Now see, the Q&A says to wear a tie, but is that mandated specifically?

2018-01-31 06:05:10 UTC

There isn't anything mandating ties as far as I know, although dressing formally is highly preferred

2018-01-31 06:05:51 UTC

Alright. Because I've got to be honest when I say I don't think there's a single tie in my house.

2018-01-31 06:09:37 UTC

When it comes to formality of dress, including veils for women, you'll see higher standards practiced the more traditional you go, in terms of which 'group' the Mass is associated with

2018-01-31 06:17:18 UTC

a shade of divinity

2018-01-31 06:19:45 UTC

A light from the heavens shining down mercifully on us all to be cherished- music is god's gift to us. A way of experiencing the raw immaterial beauty of the human soul

2018-01-31 06:22:18 UTC

Music can only be spiritually justified. Any other attempt to explain the phenomenon of such yearning, splendor, pain and love that cries out in every note--that brings man to his knees when he hears them--can only be hopelessly inadequete.

2018-01-31 06:24:35 UTC


2018-01-31 06:24:58 UTC

the pictures are great too

2018-01-31 06:26:32 UTC

yes the catholic religion is infinitely more aesthetically beautiful than the ugly prots

2018-01-31 06:55:43 UTC

Imagine thinking you can receive our Lord standing up. Novus Ordo is so whack

>tfw go to normie novus ordo mass

>tfw don't really care about the differences really



they ruin everything

2018-01-31 06:59:08 UTC

does the priest give a homily in English at TLM? do they do announcements?

My church got an influx of pinoys. Now because discount spanish culture there's a guitar guy now


ALL PINOYS in the choir now too

and they sing heretic songs like amazing grace

literally ruined everything

And i asked around with relatives that go to other churches

2018-01-31 07:01:05 UTC

The novus ordo was crafted by judeo-masonic liberals in the Church. Stay away if at all possible

Every catholic church in Canada with a guitar guy is filipino

2018-01-31 07:01:28 UTC

Yes, @manes, and the epistle (reading) is also repeated in english

without fail

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