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Bro nat was never an orthodox priest or anything

it was always a getup for memes really

but he is actually orthodox christian religiously

thats not how abortion works. They have 5 kids regardless of how many abortions they have. And the more kids they have the less they can have more

assuming every one they had is added to the amount they have now doesn't work

you know who shouldn't have nukes?

pakistan more than isreal

jews take over countries without going all ALLAHU AKBAR

pakistan will just start shooting as soon as a super muslim gets elected

they already have nukes

all they need to do is be stupid enough to nuke india or try nuking isreal and then they all go flying

>he thinks an india-pakistan nuke war wouldn't affect the enitre planet

yeah shitskins would be vaporized cool

but everything else would suck afterwards

and the only country unstable enough to not give a shit about MAD is pakistan

>china starts building a great southern wall

wonder if poos have the balls to try and ask china for asylum

>not a multiple of 6

1. You can make beer from your vagina.
2. You can make sourdough bread from your vagina.

3. You aren’t alone if you worry about how your vagina looks.

>rally against advocates of race war

>Do more studies with it, discover race differences

31 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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