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Bro nat was never an orthodox priest or anything

it was always a getup for memes really

but he is actually orthodox christian religiously

thats not how abortion works. They have 5 kids regardless of how many abortions they have. And the more kids they have the less they can have more

assuming every one they had is added to the amount they have now doesn't work

you know who shouldn't have nukes?

pakistan more than isreal

jews take over countries without going all ALLAHU AKBAR

pakistan will just start shooting as soon as a super muslim gets elected

they already have nukes

all they need to do is be stupid enough to nuke india or try nuking isreal and then they all go flying

>he thinks an india-pakistan nuke war wouldn't affect the enitre planet

yeah shitskins would be vaporized cool

but everything else would suck afterwards

and the only country unstable enough to not give a shit about MAD is pakistan

>china starts building a great southern wall

wonder if poos have the balls to try and ask china for asylum

>not a multiple of 6

1. You can make beer from your vagina.
2. You can make sourdough bread from your vagina.

3. You aren’t alone if you worry about how your vagina looks.

wtf is this article

>rally against advocates of race war

>Do more studies with it, discover race differences

>implying there's a link in the description

consider the following


Toji's sister grown up from 3.33

the true esoteric third position instead of misato

How did i not see this

dumping /pol/ book recommendation pics i have saved from 4chan a while back, Idk what they all are but whatever


inb4 half of them are retarded


have some veriety instead of literally everybody reading SIEGE

all of that was fine and all BUT

kino is a good anime high recommend


I liked the new series


I adored the somewhat pretentious air the old one had

But kino always had its shitpostier moments, and im happy they included those in this one

Sheep episode is the determining factor on whether you know the humorous nature of the books or whether you watched it for babies first philosophy class

(I did both tbh)

But the scanlines and dull colors of the 2003 were a great asthetic


Somebody shopped it to the new season and it woulda looked amazing

So long as anime is low budget, CG will exist

they had to, they have no idea how many people watched the old series

have to re-educate the new audience

colesseum episode in the new one was rushed tho

it NEEDED 2 episodes

you aren't wrong

First time I watched Kino no tabi Kino became the waifu and the favourite anime

but the new series was good, i liked it

eeeehhhh potato kino was ok, wasn't the strongest part of the show

I liked everything else about it

But i didnt hate it either

reminder loli is a body type

people develop at different ages

There are 18 year olds that look like kids and 12 year olds that look like models

Hence just no sex until after marriage works


Due to the smaller life expectancy it was earlier

Women having children at 16 was normal

ESPECIALLY in arab countries which is why they're all pedos

well define free market

Because you can have competition and markets and stuff while still telling the banks to fuck off

But Even still the market can't be perfectly free if you're religious

For example, i don't care if there's a market for it

State ban on dragon dildos

>tfw don't really care about the differences really

My church got an influx of pinoys. Now because discount spanish culture there's a guitar guy now

and they sing heretic songs like amazing grace

And i asked around with relatives that go to other churches

Every catholic church in Canada with a guitar guy is filipino

>tfw family now has to go to italian mass at 7am rather than sleeping in a little for 9am mass

I think my church only did that once, because the usual guys wern't there


just search your name

and leave any alt-right discord servers and you should be good

Most of the ones that are "leaked" had shitty ospec anyways

basically let anybody into the discord

whomst antifa is probably reading right now

meh not like Ive done anything other than post edgy memes

well if it came back with 0 results you're good

but supposedly they release stuff in chunks

since they autistically read all of it to try and dox people

Barron trump 2040

Need to build a forcefield around mars

and make the ayy lmaos pay for it

they do have the dictator thing with FDR

>allied to Stalin

if trump gets 2 terms he's getting at bare minimum 1 more seat

Ruth Ginsberg is running out of childs blood to stay alive

yeah ik about the ribbentrop pact

Hot take: Trump is going to comission the space force to build the wall

don't worry there's no getting lazy

the liberals are going to double down on their insanity

meaning the republican base will come vote just to avoid child drag queens at pride parades

>campaign to abolish ice

>expect to win

put all the liberal tears in jars and save em while you can

Once the Trump Dynasty is established there will be no more liberals to extract tears from

they'll become a delicacy

idk i only have a couple bloom pauls

the rest are all the doom versions

the rest are all the usual doom pauls

when I saw trump run for office I expected a meme candidate

what I got was a meme candidate

but in a COMPLETELY different sense

Spain stayed out of teh war and beat teh super marxist communists who were digging up nun corpses to put on display

nothing i said was wrong tho

Spainish communists unironically dug up the corpses of nuns

to mock christianity

US industry and population with Canadas recourses = literally indestructable

fun fact - Canada has an incredibly large amount of uranium stored in its cold af northern regions that you cant mine atm

space nukes when?

elf is a "fellow white man"

did you ban him?

real talk. How does the asian wife thing even seem appealing given their family is going to be over-bearing in trying to turn your halfling into a full asian culturally

all i did was ask lol

>nice knowin ya elf

>followed by no more chats

Hitler is obama because the democrats are the real racists

imagine being underage b&

summerfags plz go

Not nicks list but here's the christian reading list from /pol/ and /lit/


dat soyboy checking out that lack of ass

while trump is in office

just remember every single liberal who tweets and says "just you wait until we get the presidency"

"once trump is impeached XXX"

Almost kinda makes you want to never give them power ever again <:powerthink:402373351961788417>

step 1) edgy name

step 2) anime profile pic

step 3) use discord tbh

English food btfo


anime avatars are the most persecuted race

there's no escape

you're a nazi even when you try not to be lmao

Lain is good if you understand it

A lotta people have trouble for some reason. Its ahead of its time with its comments on the internet/internet culture

I remember back in ye old days when your elementary school teacher made sex ed such a boring class you actualy got discouraged from sex because of it

reminder most dubbed anime voice actors are liberal leftys and bad at dubs anyways

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