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2017-07-13 16:55:21 UTC

Yeah don't have my headphones in right now

2017-07-13 16:56:02 UTC

Because of work

2017-07-13 16:56:11 UTC

Will be with you shortly

2017-07-13 16:58:25 UTC


2017-07-13 17:03:34 UTC

@everyone time to get vetted

2017-07-13 17:03:37 UTC

go to public

2017-07-13 17:03:39 UTC


2017-07-13 17:04:35 UTC

all good

2017-07-13 17:17:57 UTC

Listening in but I can't speak without a mic.....

2017-07-13 17:18:23 UTC

You're literally alone in there m8


2017-07-13 17:18:52 UTC

Yeah I was thinking.....end mai laifu

2017-07-13 17:20:52 UTC

@Tangent Gael get in public chat

2017-07-13 17:20:55 UTC

i will vet you

2017-07-13 17:21:07 UTC

If ANYONE wants to be vetted get in public chat

2017-07-13 17:21:23 UTC

Thanks I'll try to get a mic sorted out with instructions.....

2017-07-13 17:21:47 UTC

No mic?

2017-07-13 17:22:03 UTC

Can you hear me....I can hear you....

2017-07-13 17:22:28 UTC


2017-07-13 17:22:31 UTC

Got it....following the help section now....

2017-07-13 17:23:23 UTC

'' Half kike'' I'm in fucking tears....

2017-07-13 17:23:44 UTC

Oreo master race

2017-07-13 17:24:29 UTC


2017-07-13 17:27:48 UTC

I think that worked.....Heads up I sound like an ultra faggot....

2017-07-13 17:30:02 UTC

Got my gun license today

2017-07-13 17:34:12 UTC

@Azrael congrats

Id love a gun but the uk has such strict gun laws it's a ball ache

2017-07-13 17:37:55 UTC

I am limited in the guns I can have in Massachusetts. But here are some of my rifles that I have (outside of Massachusetts). @Thunderwave


2017-07-13 17:38:01 UTC


2017-07-13 17:39:35 UTC

I thought you guys could own bolt actions and shotguns in the UK @Thunderwave

You can be you need a reason to have it, you also need 5 pieces of photo id

2017-07-13 17:40:45 UTC

5 pieces? lmao

```The UK banned handguns in 1997, but citizens are still able to own and shoot some shotguns and rifles with a license.

Shotguns and rifles may be licensed by applying for a certificate through the local police force, according to the government's guide on gun-licensing law.

The local authority will carry out a series of checks — including interviews, criminal-records checks, and a visit to the person's property — before granting permission.

For firearms other than a shotgun, applicants must give police a "good reason" for wanting to own one. Hunting or being a member of a shooting club, for example, might be seen as good reasons. Self-defence won't be considered a valid reason.```


2017-07-13 17:51:37 UTC

Oh shit

2017-07-13 17:52:10 UTC
2017-07-13 17:52:11 UTC

Self defence is a valid reason only in Northern Ireland

2017-07-13 17:52:13 UTC


2017-07-13 17:52:19 UTC

Luckily the US has the second amendment

2017-07-13 17:52:40 UTC

But lefties are trying as hard as they can to get rid of it

2017-07-13 17:52:55 UTC

@govenator and they eventually will

2017-07-13 17:53:22 UTC

What makes you think that

2017-07-13 17:53:31 UTC

Demographics brother

2017-07-13 17:53:53 UTC

Shit forgot about cultural enrichment

2017-07-13 17:54:13 UTC

We better get ready to deal with trucks of peace

2017-07-13 17:54:37 UTC

Shitskins don't get their guns legally anyways

2017-07-13 17:55:08 UTC

@govenator got a mic yet?

2017-07-13 17:55:14 UTC

want to be vetted?

2017-07-13 17:55:38 UTC

I am in the process of finding one

2017-07-13 17:57:40 UTC

I actually think that white Americans have held onto their guns mostly due to the presence of negroes here.

2017-07-13 18:03:16 UTC

@MOONMAN2NITE want to get vetted now?

2017-07-13 18:03:26 UTC


2017-07-13 18:03:30 UTC

go to public

2017-07-13 18:24:08 UTC

Anyone that tells you they're prepping for "the zombie apocalypse"

2017-07-13 18:24:21 UTC

It's fair to assume that's code for race war

2017-07-13 18:29:34 UTC

I tell them to bring their sister/daughter/whatever to trade for protection

2017-07-13 19:16:17 UTC

@everyone who's going to the rally in Washington Square Park, New York City?

2017-07-13 19:17:52 UTC

Have permission from @Ulstèr-Scotch, seeing as every other Irish person in Anticom is also a member I'm reaching out to those who know Irish people but who aren't on Anticom themselves. The National Party is basically the anticommunist party of Ireland. Right wing, anti EU etc. Please inform your Irish acquaintances of the National Party.



```The National Party believes strongly in the principle of a Constitutional Republic, founded on individual personal freedoms, rights and responsibilities. We reject and resist a totalitarianism whose essence is found in the totality of State power and the exercise of State authority, and not the ideological direction of that totality.``` <:FeelsGladMan:313357656784109568>

2017-07-13 19:26:14 UTC

hey folks can anyone here message me details about this weekends anticom rally?

2017-07-13 19:26:38 UTC

Sorry misread you

2017-07-13 19:26:43 UTC


2017-07-13 19:43:37 UTC

Be sure to vote hillary

2017-07-13 19:43:43 UTC

It's the cool thing to do

2017-07-13 19:47:33 UTC

The difference is that these kids read meme pages run by us, or people like us

2017-07-13 19:47:54 UTC

we still have to make sure we don't fall into a fellow kids trap, but it's easier

2017-07-13 19:48:20 UTC

I'm torn tbh

2017-07-13 19:48:31 UTC

Recruiting people young is always good

2017-07-13 19:48:38 UTC

But also a pain

2017-07-13 19:48:52 UTC

Because you have to deal with the resulting bullshit

2017-07-13 19:49:04 UTC

hmm, good point

2017-07-13 19:49:12 UTC


2017-07-13 19:49:30 UTC

I know people who've been active since they were 14

2017-07-13 19:49:47 UTC

And are now in their 30s and 40s

2017-07-13 19:50:00 UTC

But a lot of kids tend to be dead weight

2017-07-13 19:50:11 UTC

A 14 year old can't fully understand what they are advocating for

2017-07-13 19:50:41 UTC

This is true too

2017-07-13 19:51:07 UTC

The idea is that they'll learn as they age

2017-07-13 19:51:46 UTC

I'm not fond of people being effectively brainwashed into the right thing

2017-07-13 19:51:58 UTC

They have to want it because they understand it's right, not because other people told them it's right

2017-07-13 19:54:10 UTC

That's a valid concern

2017-07-13 19:54:40 UTC

At the very least we should expose young people to these ideas

2017-07-13 19:55:00 UTC

Otherwise they're only exposed to system brainwashing

2017-07-13 19:55:10 UTC

@Greg88 Here's a really good 8/pol/ thread talking about left-anarchists

2017-07-13 19:55:22 UTC

it's actually a great discussion

2017-07-13 19:55:41 UTC

Saved for l88r

2017-07-13 21:42:16 UTC


2017-07-13 21:42:30 UTC

I got kicked. Can I get re vetted or some shit pla

2017-07-13 21:42:32 UTC


2017-07-13 21:48:08 UTC

Rest in peace

2017-07-13 21:48:11 UTC


2017-07-13 21:48:19 UTC

Why'd you get kicked

2017-07-13 21:48:20 UTC

But anyways thanks guys. I'm still on the youth server

2017-07-13 21:48:34 UTC

Idk because they said I'm underage but bazd

2017-07-13 21:48:52 UTC

They coulda just sent me to that server instead of banning me from. This one

2017-07-13 21:56:47 UTC

whats the youth server

2017-07-13 21:57:46 UTC

I have no clue

2017-07-13 21:57:59 UTC

Basically the staff decided that underage members go to that server

2017-07-13 21:58:07 UTC

If you're underage please say so to voodoo

2017-07-13 21:58:10 UTC

Youngies git out

2017-07-13 22:16:25 UTC

16+ here negros

2017-07-13 22:17:18 UTC

Why even have a youth server if it's not everyone under 18?

19 here

2017-07-13 22:18:09 UTC

Because 16+ is reasonable

2017-07-13 22:18:28 UTC

I'm 18

2017-07-13 22:19:59 UTC

I guess but doesn't really protect us from legal repercussions which was what I thought was the point of having a youth server. I mean fuck it. Antifa get young kids to commit crimes and shit and none of their leaders ever get charged and we're just advocating non violent activism

2017-07-13 22:20:32 UTC

None of it's illegal to have a 16+ age limit

2017-07-13 22:20:45 UTC

We pride ourselves on not doing illegal shit

I have a mate (under 16) that wants in to the youth divison

2017-07-13 23:25:20 UTC

@Templar-CA you free to vet me in about 15 minutes?

2017-07-13 23:36:51 UTC

God damnit! I finally get something accomplished and youtube cucks out

2017-07-13 23:37:04 UTC

Report this video for inciting terrorism 😛

2017-07-13 23:37:55 UTC

I'm actually okay with leaving it up

2017-07-13 23:38:04 UTC

It's ~~almost~~ a parody of itself

2017-07-13 23:42:27 UTC

Botnet swatnet

2017-07-13 23:42:46 UTC

I'll show them knocked the fuck out

2017-07-13 23:49:57 UTC

Anyone free to vet me? I was invited by Sacramento Anticom on twitter

2017-07-13 23:51:34 UTC

If not, I'm gonna head home from work and ask again. About 40 minutes.

2017-07-14 00:24:49 UTC

Wait so is there a youth wing now?

2017-07-14 00:24:59 UTC
2017-07-14 00:25:09 UTC

And your name gives me flashbacks

2017-07-14 00:25:28 UTC

How do I join that?

2017-07-14 00:25:52 UTC

Pm me @Salami

2017-07-14 00:47:48 UTC
2017-07-14 00:59:09 UTC

how do i get vetted?

2017-07-14 00:59:14 UTC

kevin macdonald is doing an AMA in the Politics discord @Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe can i drop a link to the discord? <@&284498674887688192>

2017-07-14 00:59:22 UTC


2017-07-14 00:59:24 UTC

<@&278459485687644161> ^ that guy needs vetting

2017-07-14 00:59:34 UTC

thank you^

2017-07-14 00:59:45 UTC

No problem

2017-07-14 01:00:23 UTC

@Hatter @blue_alpha need to be vetted

2017-07-14 01:03:57 UTC

@SADF Blitzkrieg I'll vet u m8 get in voice chat

2017-07-14 01:04:10 UTC

had to go

2017-07-14 01:04:20 UTC

ill be back

2017-07-14 01:07:10 UTC

@SADF Blitzkrieg when should you be back

2017-07-14 01:16:29 UTC

@Templar-CA you free?

2017-07-14 01:16:53 UTC

Hey man!!

2017-07-14 01:16:59 UTC

Yeah I'll vet you

2017-07-14 01:17:02 UTC

One second

2017-07-14 01:18:54 UTC

hop in chat

2017-07-14 01:19:08 UTC

@Templar-CA in mentoring some IiT mind if I vet him

2017-07-14 01:19:17 UTC


2017-07-14 01:19:41 UTC

@Johnny this @Requiem guy will vet. you. He is radical centrist. but trustworthy

2017-07-14 01:20:30 UTC

IM going to head to the gym right now so I can make the livesteram

2017-07-14 01:21:27 UTC

@Johnny join the public chat

2017-07-14 01:40:45 UTC

What's everyone up to

2017-07-14 01:43:28 UTC

Burger king drive through roll playing

2017-07-14 01:43:44 UTC

Who is Kevin Macdonald

2017-07-14 01:43:58 UTC

@irishnat88 You from Ireland?

2017-07-14 01:43:59 UTC

Wrote culture of critique

2017-07-14 01:44:05 UTC


2017-07-14 01:44:06 UTC


2017-07-14 01:44:07 UTC


2017-07-14 01:44:11 UTC

Does shit on evo bio

2017-07-14 01:44:18 UTC

That makes me sound like a retard

2017-07-14 01:44:22 UTC

Didn't recognise the na,e

2017-07-14 01:44:24 UTC


2017-07-14 01:44:26 UTC


2017-07-14 01:44:31 UTC


2017-07-14 01:44:47 UTC

Right-Wing nationalist or a spastic shinner?

2017-07-14 01:45:50 UTC

MacDonald is a white nationalist

2017-07-14 01:48:23 UTC

makes me think

2017-07-14 01:52:27 UTC

<:dynoSuccess:314691591484866560> Voodoo#4796 has been muted.

2017-07-14 01:52:56 UTC


2017-07-14 01:53:10 UTC

@Voodoo when can I get vetted?

2017-07-14 01:53:30 UTC

@LibertySnek I'll be able to vet you in a minute

2017-07-14 01:53:56 UTC


2017-07-14 01:56:37 UTC

How's someone get vetted

2017-07-14 01:56:45 UTC


2017-07-14 01:59:06 UTC

@irishnat88 Are you in Ireland?

2017-07-14 01:59:23 UTC

No, currently I live in America

2017-07-14 01:59:49 UTC

I lived in Ireland when I was a boy and it's my second home

2017-07-14 02:00:28 UTC


2017-07-14 02:00:34 UTC

I was about to shill the National Party to you

2017-07-14 02:00:41 UTC

@An Craoibhín Aoibhinn There truly is no hope for America

2017-07-14 02:00:54 UTC

If you were to pay attention to the voice chat you'd realise

2017-07-14 02:01:14 UTC

u wot

2017-07-14 02:01:17 UTC

Gonna have to disagree

2017-07-14 02:01:17 UTC

>anticom movie night

2017-07-14 02:01:20 UTC

Jesus christ

2017-07-14 02:02:23 UTC

>chris chan documentary

2017-07-14 02:12:53 UTC


2017-07-14 02:12:58 UTC

>3 millimeters

2017-07-14 02:13:09 UTC

Guys we have to stop climate change before it's too late

2017-07-14 02:15:30 UTC

someone on /g/ had a mental breakdown and made a cyberpunk suicide cult

2017-07-14 02:15:38 UTC

mute on open, it's loud

2017-07-14 02:16:21 UTC

I'll join some time tn

2017-07-14 02:46:51 UTC



2017-07-14 02:47:33 UTC


2017-07-14 02:47:51 UTC

mike "dropping fags and loading mags" pence

Heared I have to get vetted?

2017-07-14 02:49:09 UTC

>Tfw When the biggest iceberg in history breaks off from antartica and people are saying it will have huge effects on the environment when in reality if the iceberg metler it would cause no visible difference in the sea levels

2017-07-14 02:49:19 UTC


2017-07-14 02:49:45 UTC

Yes, you do have to get vetted if you want to gain access to other channels.

James referred me, I'm from the Politics server

2017-07-14 02:50:25 UTC

Still have to get vetted.

2017-07-14 02:51:04 UTC

Right now somebody else is being vetted by @tittywizard88 and @Requiem , once they are done they will probably be able to vet you.

alright, that sounds cool

2017-07-14 03:05:51 UTC

i bet lefties are the best scrabble players, making up words,

2017-07-14 03:06:14 UTC

o....fuck, i posted something in teh wrong channel, rip

2017-07-14 03:06:47 UTC

or maybe i didn't

2017-07-14 03:06:48 UTC

"this transmisogynistic world"

2017-07-14 03:08:02 UTC

I need vetting

2017-07-14 03:21:19 UTC

Can I be vetted

2017-07-14 03:35:07 UTC

I'm not sure what I think of that guy

2017-07-14 03:35:12 UTC

I've heard his accent is fake

2017-07-14 03:44:53 UTC

Augustus Invictus is great

2017-07-14 03:49:11 UTC

he's a lolberg

2017-07-14 03:49:59 UTC

@The Inquisitor [☧] If he were a natsoc we would already be fighing in the counter revolution.

2017-07-14 03:51:35 UTC


2017-07-14 03:51:39 UTC

Fuck off punching right

2017-07-14 03:51:41 UTC

You keep doing it

2017-07-14 03:52:53 UTC

he's to my left

2017-07-14 03:52:57 UTC

therefore, I'm punching left

2017-07-14 03:53:07 UTC

How so/

2017-07-14 03:53:23 UTC

Nothing to the right of me but the wall.

2017-07-14 03:53:28 UTC

^ this tbh

2017-07-14 03:53:37 UTC

Not an answer

2017-07-14 03:53:45 UTC

"Punching right" refers to attacking people who are more radical than you

2017-07-14 03:53:59 UTC

No, it refers to attacking people further right to you

2017-07-14 03:54:00 UTC

it's a term created by the TRSodomites to insult the cuckservatives attacking *them*

2017-07-14 03:54:00 UTC

but when you're at the most radical position possible within your perception and framework.

2017-07-14 03:54:18 UTC

@An Craoibhín Aoibhinn I'm moving to <#292864919584374784>

2017-07-14 04:41:42 UTC
2017-07-14 04:56:29 UTC

<@&278459485687644161> <@&328003659193516043> I need to get @Breen vetted please

2017-07-14 04:57:22 UTC

I can help with but I don't know if I will be able to without a interrogator, because I'm in training

2017-07-14 04:57:31 UTC


2017-07-14 04:59:12 UTC

But It can be done tomorrow I think, here is almost 2AM and I would like to do it on a better moment

2017-07-14 04:59:19 UTC

I'm kinde sleepy right now

2017-07-14 05:11:33 UTC

BLM server. have fun discord / qQHv2UJ

2017-07-14 05:12:26 UTC

Will put alt discords in it when I get home from class.

2017-07-14 05:12:38 UTC

Education first, memes next.

2017-07-14 05:13:25 UTC

Is it a sort of main thing or some small 12 member thing?

2017-07-14 05:15:38 UTC


2017-07-14 05:16:05 UTC

^ Read this, it seems like hillary has been killing people again.

2017-07-14 05:26:23 UTC


2017-07-14 05:27:19 UTC

"The Ukrainian investigation case connected to commercial banks that laundered IMF's money from the National Bank of Ukraine is still going on. According to the investigation, such banks as Tavrika, Pivdenkom Bank, Avtokraz Bank, CityCommerce Bank, Finrost Bank, Terra Bank, Kyivska Rus Bank, Vernum Bank, Credit Dnepr Bank, Delta Bank were involved in the criminal scheme. Funds were transferred through Austrian Meinl Bank AG.

We, CyberBerkut, decided to contribute to the investigation.

Having examined the materials published on the Internet we focused on two financial organizations named Credit Dnepr Bank and Delta Bank. In comparison with other banks these two financial organizations offshored much more money. These banks are closely related to Victor Pinchuk – one of the richest Ukrainian bankers. He is also a son-in-law of former Ukraine's President Leonid Kuchma. As it turns out, the offshore organizations that received IMF's money such as Melfa Group LTD (Belize), Tandice Limited (Cyprus), Tosalan Traiding Limited (Cyprus), Agalusko Investment Limited (Cyprus), Winten Trading LTD (Cyprus), Silisten Trading Limited, Nasterno Commercial Limited, are also connected to this gentleman. Moreover, most of money went to the account of his main money-laundering machine – the Victor Pinchuk Foundation."

2017-07-14 05:27:26 UTC

"So, we decided to track down the stolen funds.

We've hacked Thomas Weihe's email. This man is the Head of the Board of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. As you can see from his correspondence the oligarch's foundation is closely cooperating with the Clinton Foundation. And it is worth to mention that Pinchuk and his wife often meet with former American president's family members. Mr. Weihe regularly communicates with the Clinton Foundation representatives and constantly arranges meetings between the Pinchuks and the Clintons. Here are some Mr Weihe's emails."

2017-07-14 05:38:26 UTC

i think it's neurons not neutrons

2017-07-14 05:38:39 UTC

yo can I get vetted?

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