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<@&278459485687644161> @Moderator Is voice chat required or can I do it in text?

Is there a particular reason for that?

Well aren't you going to let me in on it?

Jesus cool the jets mate it's only a fucking question


I can do voice vetting in a while from now

Bad mic but that will have to do

I can do it now

I was just eating

Let me know when you can

@Requiem what happened to me being vetted?

Day 500, still not vetted

I'm here for the next few hours, ready to be vetted

@BlackMetalWitch <@&278459485687644161>

Okay I'm in now

Add me back in

Hail our people gas the newfags

Anticom , so pathetic they need to beg the authoritarian left to join

That's what you're putting out

making us look like

Whoever made this

Jesus christ what a shitshow

You publicly advertise and show new members the first thing is the head person doxxing someone

Well done

Ah yes the donald is our model


Mussolini was a pizza

The one stance that anticom has is that it's anti com

There are other movements for fascism

We don't need you to explain fascism to us

If you think that you're gracing us here with your intelligence then you're most likely not going to enjoy it here

Your experience will be getting told to fuck off

As per the census there was one left winger

And one neocon

The rest were men of the right

Go through vetting

Harass a mod until they do it for you

It's voluntary harassment, they agreed to it by becoming mods

Just don't be a retard


It has a hoppean demeanour

You're activating my almonds pretty hard my man

We get it, you read books

You don't need roads in space

6 0 %

We get it you're the most intelligent man in the room

I can also write long paragraphs with a thesaurus

Anticom will not change for one man

So goodbye

Political persuasions encompassing conservatism, reaction and right wing economics


Social stratification, nationalism, natural law and traditionalism, populism, anti marxism

It's not one thing, it is many

Wow what a great question, really makes you think

No shithead your neocons are not right wing

They comes from the antistalinist left

You should know this

They are leftists who are religious

That's not NRx, that's libertarianism

I would have thought an NRx would consider that degenerate

Wow you're so smart

No one knew what geopolitics was before you said that

I'm only for federalism within a totally homogeneous nation

Like Ireland

It's small, and has very clear boundaries historically

I like Jeffersonian Agrarianism, pity the Federalists won


Ireland is agrarian

Ireland has low population density, barely any foreigners

If it can be done here other countries can do it

Lower population doesn't matter unless you have foreigners coming in

Because you've subsidised animal like breeding in cities

Cut the money and it will naturally return

That's a meme, they don't pay any taxes

The taxes they do pay are bribes

Apple owes us 14 billion



My nigger watches NTD


I assumed you watched china uncensored

Not many actually know about there

Russia is twice as muslim as sweden

The kremlin is pro muslim

20% of the army is muslim

Chechnya is sharia

Putin builds more mosques per year than all but saudis and iran

Parts of russia have 80% of all babies aborted

It being a shithole

Russia has a lower life expectancg than afghanistan

t. Dugin

Not an argument

Yes on both

Dugin isn't worth time unless you are russian

His geopolitical aims are opposed to those of my group

For it generally

He's anti white

Supports what's happening in SA

Communism but more aggressive

Fuck off with that shit you cuck

Go get circumcised

I know someone like you

He started with your faggot talk

"islam is redpilled"

He has since converted

You are a race traitor

He was converted by him

Yeah Bases Salafist

Feels good that the jews didn't rob my foreskin


Rationalise your mutilation how you want

You fat americans are too lazy to wash

Cut off your ears so you don't get wax

I don't have any problems, there's this thing called a shower

>getting mutilated with the brand of the semite because of what a cunt wants

Ah yes the american whore who thinks the natural penis looks ugly


FGM is less bad than male

I hope your rabbi was tender

One is a cut, the other is the flaying of an infant penis

Both evil

I never see people pro circumcision who aren't circumcised


So do it older instead of forcing it on children

So you be sayin we should forcibly do it

We wuz jews

ITT /hm/

"a hint of olive complexion"

Okay Mohammed


The absolute state of this Discord

You can't post pictures if you're not vetted you retard

This is why you niggers shouldn't have advertised on 4chan

This is the sort of human garbage we get from there

Kek hit a nerve

Shave for god's sake

You look like thoreau

You should also do something with the hair

Looks like a combover

I'm not gay

Not gay faggot

You're white don't be an idiot

Please god no

@Tangent Gael an bhfuil an Gaeilge agat a chara?

Ní hé @Ulstèr-Scotch an t-aon Ghael anseo

Hahaha you fucking retard

"Pope Francis Calls For ‘One World Government’ To ‘Save Humanity’


I was baptised but every day that this satanic Marxist sits in Rome is another day where I become more receptive to the Protestant notion that the Pope is actually the Antichrist

Not always

Even the last pope was fine

The church itself is the problem

The protestant churches that split because of corruption became even worse in that regard

Sectarianism is cancer

Based Martin Luther starting the religious wars of Europe and being responsible for tens of millions of deaths

tfw you convince a German prince to set armies on peasants who refuse to convert to your weird new sect

That's not even the half of it

Do you know about Calvinism?

Wear all black, no music or entertainment allowed, no religious iconography

They were Christian Muslims holed up in Geneva

They also believed that god had already chosen who was worthy of salvation before they were born so it totally defeated the point of it

I don't even care at this point

Saving them will do nothing

This is a symptom not the problem

Well I'm certainly not going to sign it now

"The servicemen are part of a multiracial men’s club called The Proud Boys which is anti-Nazi, not to mention that two of the five servicemen are Metis and another is gay.


This is why I don't care

They are already in apology mode

They can go fuck off

Fuck off harassing me over this

You won't take no for an answer

Go annoy 4chan


You would just ruin Poland

Anticom meeting in fucking *sligo*?

And stating it publicly on twitter

Won't be attending, don't want to sit awkwardly with about 4 people waiting to get bricked by antifa

Also *sligo*

Middle of nowhere

Post 1969 they were

And it wasn't actually marxism, just pretending to be marxist for soviet guns

But somewhere along the way they actually believed their own memes

Make no mistake the Troubles were ethnonationalistic

I'm all for attending anticom meetings

But not when they're publicly broadcast for every leftist from here to Berlin to see

Wrong but okay

Everywhere is full of them

We have about 200 of them

Actual militant leftists

I have to ask you

Do you actually know anything about Ireland or are you just assuming?

The biggest party in Northern Ireland is the DUP

Ireland is a deeply conservative and religious country

The only countries more right wing than Ireland in Europe are in the Vizegrad block

Ireland has never had a left wing power hold the office of our prime minister

All parties are nationalistic towards the north

Even the far left wants a united ireland

You are totally uninformed

Northern Ireland is actually less left wing than the south


The only left influence comes from Americanism trying to turn Ireland into a satellite state

The only actual leftists come from the universities

Anyone who has either not gone to university or is older than attending in the 90s is free of marxim

Basically imagine if Poland started allowing bullshit in their universities

Fast forward 20 years

That's Ireland now

We have laws against blasphemy and fucking suicide was illegal for god's sake


SNP are marxists

But it's not that left wing, just that the nationalism has been coopted by the SNP

Similar to Sinn Féin

Americans are the worst

Honestly Americans are poisoning Ireland and eroding Irish culture through their presence

Too fucking many

Refuses to assimilate

They think that their half Irish ancestry means they're assimilated already

We had a minister for children who was a pro abortion childless american lesbian

10,519 americans as of last year

For some it's economic colonisation like what China is doing to Taiwan and what Russia is doing to Central Asia

For others it's to larp as one of us

Typical tourist nonsense

We don't have a "party school" whatever that degenerate american shit is

They come because we have better economy here

inb4 americanism

We are higher in economic freedom

That sounds awful

They sound dystopian

The idea of free education is so funny to a lot of people here



There's this thing called a library

You pay to be taught not for education

The people in the east of Ukraine are duginists

Dugin is the founder of the National Bolshevik party of Russia

He wants to retake the near abroad, neo soviet expansionism

I have no problem with the breaking down of the Kiev hegemony, but not under Russia

Dugin is a very real threat to western civilisation

Oh so you don't actually know what Duginism is

No, you don't

What the fuck are you talking about?

You clearly don't know

Putin is a Duginist

Novorossiyans are Duginist

SYRIZA is duginist

Dugin was Putin's top adviser for a long time

Hey, that's not an argument

Calling something a meme is also not an argument

Dugin is being published in English by the NPI as well

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