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whats this discord going to be doing? RWSS stuff?


@Jarimus our cops kill

lefty town cops dont unfortunately

i wonder if volunteer cops can, just out of curiosity


my non-vetted color here is the same as my voicemod color on another pol discord, feels strange man

is there a site repository for ancom like there is for rwss?

@SHIASDIRTYUNDIES is my personal rabbi, i vouch for him 100%. We kill cows together on thursdays.

realtalk he's good

spirit science shit

@Lemonadeaholic no, ancom needs furries for the front lines.

u will be the best target ever to protect humans

go get em fido

@Blank @Lemonadeaholic i have no doubt of that.

actually... fur suits aren't tight on the inside right?

wrap some ar500 on the front and ceramic on the shoulder

literally run into them


How do I get vetted?

im on mic

comfy bunker

Is there a youtube for this group?

like for vetted PR ads?

@Dangerlurking i love the california exit movement

55 electors gone forever

100% support

ANCOM needs an official image repository if there isnt one


giphy means html5 for facebook videos

this chart should be updated. its missing the jew part cause facebook im guessing, but good for PR.


If anyone is doing ad collabs i want in

i like parallax, its my fetish


@fashyGoyim damn son

i broke my arm saving that

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5p-j4eRZMyY submitting this for extreme vetting

Watch out nazis


kek, the "civic nationalist" we wuz all da saem meme

Crime clusters at the ~85-90IQ range when you sample inmates

below that they get too retarded and sometimes less violent as a result

something like that


Hispanic is a wide category and numbers are probably artificially lowered as a result

people are getting harder to kill with medicine

the number should drop

spaniards basically have similar crime rates with whites as they ars smart enough to have actual jobs

u have to separate @Charlemango

mestizo is average 5' and very stupid


hispanic = of spanish SPEAKING origin

if ur parents speak a romantic language u probably mark hispanic

even if u are fresh off the boat from portugal or spain

if they were to separate mestizos into a group it would rekt that chart

"hispanic" would be right along black

the idea is to keep mestizos secret

and pretend that mexico = spain

mutations have to occur

but blacks are a hivemind

they dont like deviation

even positive deviation

basically they are objectively a garbage race

they need to get patched

devs are afk

@EcoDIckmcgee not exactly. They are geneticaqlly supertitious and fearful of any deviation that could lead to inner tribal conflict

studies prove that blacks are FAR more afraid of ghost stories and woowoo

we evolved from the chinks

sort of

like up and over the mountains

my anthro chart shows the branch occuring within the proto-asian

common chink ancestor

the migration patterns

unless there is non-woowoo that counters the current happlo migration pattern model

no spirit science history tho

woowoo = spirit science or a theory that cannot be tested at all

okay what do you have @gabe_brouse

@gabe_brouse as far as non-jewed migration patterns

something that can be tested

All i know are the genetic migration models

everything else is written (((history)))

@gabe_brouse so its a humanities model? nothnx

i want to see where it was tested

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