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Sir, I am always a gentleman and a scholar.


My parents always told me to suck it the hell up when life got hard, not look for a safespace and people to cry to.

Maybe we need more parents beating their kids just the right amount.

"it's fun times that god can't see"

gg no reeeeee

I consider myself a common sense-a-list

I just wanna watch black dudes fuck my ugly wife.

and film it and put it on

Wrong think

That's not a nigger or a black man, that's a dark skinned alien.

Deus noster postulat tuba sanguinem

guy from work I'm training

he called me

and he just will not stfu

Talking about bug out bags for if this shit turns into a straight up civil war.

I want a gun that I only havce to fire once.



okay so their ages just reinforce the idea that their ideology is autistic.

Yeah seems about right

But we all seem to have our shit together

Whens the last time any of us went around beating people to nigh death with metal polls because "BUT HE IDNT MUH PREZADANT"

@Odalist Refrain that's a good idea, these guys seem like they're really comfortable with trying to kill people.

Can I be papabear?

bullet proof full helmet

3a rated

2.5" after a good hot shower on a summer day

I would do it to establish dominance.

Alaska girls spit babies out left and right

We need soldiers on the cold front

do your part and start fucking some alaskan girls.

I didn't say you had to look at them, goddamn son Alaskan grils are ugly

I'd rather fuck a moose than most of them.

But we have a duty.

I like dick


This has to be poe's law in action

There's no fucking way

"White hispanic"


I'm too tired for this shit honestly lol, I don't need to suffer an aneurysm.

Good night guy


Fuck I'm sorry I assume everyone's gender.


Holy fuck

Why is shit so expensive now a days, loaded question it's the jews.

Antifa member thinks grammar is racist

But....Muh diversitaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

edge lord aleart


Wow I think I had a stroke when I typed that


I'm angry at myself that I dun spelt alert aleart.

Fucking austism attack.

god damnit


fuck me

We had us a good old fashion snow storm baby


I moved from Tennessee to Alaska

So kinda?

@James_Coney - LA Fuuuck no, at least not yet. If we do though that little shit they try to pull will put them in the ground.

Feels fucking good man, feels real fucking good. People who want to be tumblr folks get taken care of really quickly here.

If Antifa shows it's ugly face up here the locals will stomp it out before it has time to fester.

Move to Alaska my friend we just got fiber optic cable.

Kind of

You get a nice chunky paycheck once a year from the state that can range anywhere from 500-3000 dollars

It's basically the oil companies paying Alaska and Alaska paying it's residents

And that's per person of household

so me and the wife get one and if we have a kid starting from the year they're born they get one as well


And I don't know about you but Ilove the hunting and fishing up here.

Anywho, I'm off gents don't let shit hit the fan while I'm gone please ><

What the hell did I just come into? Someone tldr me

We need more tarps

lots of tarps

Yeah but that's just sex

We need orgy

so more tarps

She bit her lip seductively, unfortunately it was her upper lip so she looked like a piranha.


Youtube keeps cucking me by taking away alerts for murdoch murdoch

because fuck twitter


I have to admit though, I've been balls deep in a girl and she's told me not to cum but I knew good and well she would make a fine single mother.

No, because I don't breed with non white girls

Virgins are worth their weight in gold now a days

You know, when shit hits the fan and sjw piss me off

I listen to one of the things that make me happy (and I ask why the fuck it even exists)

I hate it when I get band from club penguin.

You have no dea


How happy the CTF made me

I got 4 teeth removed due to an incident at work I'm at home miserable and yet you fucking autistic bros put a smile on my face

Is that from Sun-ken rock?


People are like this?

"Sir i'm not driving, I'm traveling"

Do these people who talk about the articles of the confederation not know that we replaced that shit with the constitution?

@πŸ…±arD I wish the people in the video were being ironic. I rank sovereign citizens right up there with Antifa in terms of the braindead scale.

*terminators window*

That officer was giving 0 shits

Some of these officers are alpha as fuck.

"Sir we are the police."

She squeeks

That one cop made a really good point

Driving is a privilege not a right.

Just like condoms and spandex

Dues vult

Demon's crest for the snes

best game for snes

Anyone ever grab this beta's info?

^^^Mom told me that's how babies are made.

can we dox this fucking beta


I need an adult


Me and the wife used o rent this place

when I lived in seldovia

some feels songs


Tactical gimp mask

Gimp mask = Goy, it's my protetice mask



So shit posting?

got it

So where is the new hwndu shit at?

Please say, I AM THE 4CHAN....DO IT

Oh anticom, Oh anticom how beautiful our flag is. We fly it high across the sky! defending normies and our rights. Oh anticom, Oh anitcom how beautiful our flag is. We shall purge antifa scum, freedom will reign for everyone!


When dealing with the prawns known as Antifa it's always a good idea to arm yourself.

When in a state that allows you to carry a gun do so and the problem is solved...However.
If you're unfortunate enough to be inhabiting You'll have to be alittle more creative.

Simple everyday objects can be turned into badass shitty looking defensive contraptions used to
Peel Antifa bottom feeders off of yourself and others.

Examples: Duct-tape, a pocket knife and a broom stick can be used to make yourself an awful looking
but effective spartan spear. Which is great when matched up with a metal trashcan lid for the
Martha stuart warrior in all of us.


Like I wan it nao

For those who haven't seen it

Fuck Canada, fuck canada they're not even a real country anyways.

TFW you tell a co-worker the truth about socialism and marxism and the negative effect the ideology has on our society that was founded on capitalism. Just to have them turn around and call you racist as their only retort.

TFW I had to explain to my store manager word for word what our conversation involved because the nigger skank reported me to home office.

TFW I nearly lost my fucking job because of this dumb black piece of shit.

Fucking niggers man.

I worked to god damned hard to get to my position in this company to have a damn low IQ chimp take it away from me because we have different opinions on shit.

Boys, girls, I believe a lynching is in order. Where's based gook?

Sad thing is I could get her fired but I know she would pull the race card and that would put my job in jeopardy.

> When your 7ft Aryan husband sneezes, so you say bless you so he gets you pregnant.

This is too


God damnit! I finally get something accomplished and youtube cucks out

Report this video for inciting terrorism πŸ˜›

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