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Hello @everyone I'm American Nationalist Ny on Instagram, I'm a New Yorker and lead a small group that attends rallies and goes against leftists, is there anyone interested in joining? Or perhaps can someone show me how to get me and my small group into a NY branch of antifa? ( Private message me or follow my IG if you want to : )

@Requiem my apologies

Is there an anticom division in Ny, However?

@Requiem New York City, Queens to be exact

@Requiem vetted?

Oh, I see, well how can I get vetted


I'll be damned, there are New Yorkers here

Yeah man I'm from Queens

I have 4 friends of mine who are right winged and from Queens as well, 1 from Brooklyn and others from parts of Manhattan and the Bronx and Staten island ( and one in upstate )

Dude that's pretty far

I saw an anticom Ny account that was from Brooklyn, that's how I found out about this

Honestly, if I could I'd start one if it doesn't exist and just recruit like crazy, I know alot of people who hate Communists

If a division does exist, but it's low in numbers, I'll join and recruit for it to get it more larger and effective

@DeusVolt I'm currently busy with ((( bank ))) related business but when I am available I will contact you

@DeusVolt I am free now

Anyone from New York @everyone

@DeusVolt , I got @Hatter who wants to be vetted, he's a New Yorker aswelp

@DeusVolt my friend from NY @blue_alpha wants to get vetted, can anyone get gim vetted?

@Ḁ̢̧̡̝̭̀̓̇̈̑yeExEye, @Christopher Walken#193 wants to get vetted

@everyone who's going to the rally in Washington Square Park, New York City?

@Hatter @blue_alpha need to be vetted


@everyone who can vett @SADF Blitzkrieg

@DeusVolt can you vett @Nick NolArabi and @irishnat88 @blue_alpha

Can someone vett the based trad girl @KirstenLauryn ? <@&278459485687644161>

Can I be vetted too? @SilverShill

@Crusading can I be vetted please? I'm @KirstenLauryn friend btw, you can ask her

I'm in my dude @Crusading

@DeusVolt got my mic fixed

I'm here @Crusading

What happened?

@Crusading it says the channel is locked


Who here is from New York? @everyone

What happened? @JKEMI


We're discussing the unitetheright rally from today, everyone join this: @everyone

Can someone send the new Anticom logo to me? @everyone

Can someone share the photo that the Anticom Twitter page use for their back round @everyone

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