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2018-05-31 18:40:27 UTC

das rite

2018-05-31 18:41:16 UTC

as typical with the left, they keep raising how long people are considered children

2018-05-31 18:41:32 UTC

first drinking age, then age to buy cigs, now rifles and shotguns

2018-05-31 18:41:53 UTC

eventually everything will be 21 and they will raise the drinking age to 25 or something

2018-05-31 19:07:41 UTC

Poor puppy

2018-05-31 19:08:48 UTC

someone call john wick

2018-05-31 19:15:34 UTC


2018-05-31 19:15:51 UTC

ISIS took it one step to far.

Now Baba Yaga has been unleashed upon them.πŸ•΄πŸ»πŸΆ

2018-05-31 19:16:21 UTC


2018-05-31 19:16:23 UTC

gotta watch out for the aloha snackbar

2018-05-31 19:19:51 UTC

If killing a doggo doesn't wake the alt left up then I don't know what will. RIP doggo

2018-05-31 19:20:51 UTC

nah, many will just say "he had mental issues"

2018-05-31 19:25:49 UTC

Yes he did have mental issues, that doesn't unstab the doggo.
I never understood how the 'mental issues' somehow makes it okay

2018-05-31 19:27:05 UTC

Doesn't every violent criminal and every terrorist have mental issues, otherwise they wouldn't be a criminal or terrorist

2018-05-31 19:27:26 UTC

they will blame it on the police

2018-05-31 19:31:39 UTC

But it wasn't a white dog

2018-05-31 19:36:06 UTC

When it comes to Religion I don't think you need to be mentally ill to commit an atrocity. It helps but I don't think it is necessary.

2018-05-31 19:49:45 UTC

Well mental illness/issues can only ever be a comparison to the norm.

2018-05-31 19:55:07 UTC

No, coz then you get into the long grass of everyone is different, what is normal and all that nonsense. People can and do do horrible things for no other reason than they think it is right. Some people do horrible things coz they are mentally disturbed.

2018-05-31 20:03:42 UTC

But it still needs a control group

2018-05-31 20:05:26 UTC

You and I are different, yet neither of us rape people (I hope). Yet in a country where rape is the norm, you and I would be the ones that have a mental illness

2018-05-31 20:07:56 UTC

It's like men wear pants, not skirts, we all wear different pants for different reasons, yet we all got pants on. Yet Scottish wear skirts and it's normal for them, I put a skirt on and say it's a kilt and everyone laughs at me

2018-05-31 20:08:37 UTC

Yeah, I understand that. But when your control group encompasses everything from genius with an eccentric why of playing the bongos to a near retard that likes watching grass grow, both harmless and certainly not the 'norm'

2018-05-31 20:09:49 UTC

You'r talking about morals when it comes to the rape thing. And that when you can have a group of ppl that aren't ill. They see nothing wrong with what they are doing.

2018-05-31 20:10:42 UTC

Wearing clothes again is a cultural norm. This is not something that can be messured in the head to say this person is different from that one.,

2018-05-31 20:11:19 UTC

Yes mental issues is not an exact science, but society has a part too, if the guy that watches grass grow isn't the norm, but isn't really that far from the norm, is still accepted by society, then morally and mentally he passes the bar.

2018-05-31 20:12:49 UTC

Mentality is directly and utterly related to society, the mental state of a human or animal is that of how different it is to it's peers

2018-05-31 20:15:36 UTC

Only to a degree. You could not have a society solely populated by paranoid schizophrenics or psychopaths.

2018-05-31 20:16:43 UTC

i think the problem I'm having is that I know there is an ill but I'm hesitant to say everything that's not ill is normal or 'the norm'

2018-05-31 20:37:04 UTC

Hey @Timcast pretty good take on that article 13

2018-05-31 20:37:59 UTC

Also i expect czechs might throw spanner into it when it gets to the part where national governments put their input

2018-05-31 20:38:28 UTC

Unless it already got through it

2018-05-31 20:45:24 UTC

Yes they are different things, but will always have a big overlap. If a jew wasn't depressed in 1945 then they were probably mentally ill, if a white south African isn't paranoid then they probably are mentally ill. Yet depression and paranoia are both mental illnesses in the norm of earth.

2018-05-31 20:45:51 UTC

I just want a shirt that says "Save our memes"

2018-05-31 21:01:22 UTC

Just checked

2018-05-31 21:01:40 UTC

It already got through national parliaments

2018-05-31 21:02:08 UTC

So it realy is left to eu parliament only now

2018-05-31 21:09:37 UTC

I really hate when politicians try to regulate internet

2018-05-31 21:09:54 UTC

In gb they have the porn registry plans

2018-05-31 21:10:03 UTC

And now this

2018-05-31 21:29:01 UTC

I'm guessing that EU bureaucrats still don't use this new fangled internets thing.

2018-05-31 21:29:13 UTC

They seems so clueless.

2018-05-31 21:41:06 UTC

All politicians are like this tbh

2018-05-31 21:41:26 UTC

Half of them cant even use internet properly

2018-05-31 21:56:29 UTC

@Timcast If you want to read on the issue - here is the document. You may want to read Article 11 and Article 12, that are "Link Tax" related. Article 13, and 14 with recitals 38 and 39 are most related to "Content ID filtering" on sites. https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=CELEX:52016PC0593

2018-06-01 00:00:01 UTC

At jbp be jealous

2018-06-01 00:31:03 UTC

β€œ Google listed β€œ Nazism” as the ideology of the California Republican Party” by Alex Thompson on Vice

I don’t think this was an accident.


2018-06-01 00:51:18 UTC

lol ya I saw that

2018-06-01 00:51:18 UTC


2018-06-01 00:54:43 UTC

Lol, why are all the accidents always in favour of the left?

2018-06-01 01:13:33 UTC

Apparently it was on the Wikipedia side

2018-06-01 02:18:47 UTC

doesn't wikipedia supervise changes?

2018-06-01 02:19:38 UTC

7 days before someone noticed...

2018-06-01 02:58:16 UTC

Funny huh. Especially funny since YouTube is fighting fake news and conspiracy theories by putting Wikipedia links in videos.

2018-06-01 03:11:28 UTC

Wiki is lefty, that sounds like a "good way" for propaganda

2018-06-01 04:13:53 UTC

Imagine that. Peterson is the same in person as in his videos.

2018-06-01 04:23:57 UTC

Supposedly some student tested wikipedia's supervision of its content in the 1990s and posted some fake information

2018-06-01 04:24:13 UTC

Wikipedia took it down, but not before the press got a hold of it

2018-06-01 06:18:52 UTC

What the EU forget, is Egypt already tried this, and the invention of VPN sprouted, all they are doing is making people become anonymous online, and if you aren't identifiable then you will have no reason to hold back.

2018-06-01 06:21:12 UTC

This is basically just the EU calling for the next-generation of VPNs that aren't server based, everything will be hidden in video instead of straight encrypted for example, and shared on a torrent type system.

2018-06-01 10:52:57 UTC

Partly true

2018-06-01 10:53:20 UTC

It is aimed mainly on service providers

2018-06-01 11:03:27 UTC

Can’t they just block the VPNs?

2018-06-01 11:30:46 UTC

are they actually trying to do something here? or is trump just holding an opinion? https://twitter.com/brosandprose/status/1002269050351833088?s=20

2018-06-01 11:31:19 UTC

(by they I mean the gov)

2018-06-01 11:35:16 UTC

It’s probably an opinion.

2018-06-01 11:35:33 UTC

Of course the media would try pushing it as a demand.

2018-06-01 11:36:05 UTC

I don’t think it’s the first time it’s happened either.

2018-06-01 11:37:29 UTC

Clearly not as bad as the media says it is.

2018-06-01 11:39:57 UTC

I'm guessing that Ella Dawson hasn't mentioned the Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive

2018-06-01 11:40:55 UTC

EU good, DRUMPF Bad.

2018-06-01 11:40:55 UTC

β€œThe language used by Samantha Bee last night is vile and vicious. The collective silence by the left and its media allies is appalling,” Sanders said in a statement. β€œHer disgusting comments and show are not fit for broadcast, and executives at Time Warner and TBS must demonstrate that such explicit profanity about female members of this administration will not be condoned on its network.” Also probably an opinion not an actual demand.

2018-06-01 12:39:59 UTC

it was a demand, but not an official order. The difference is if force gets involved. but given that according to the left, words = force, then i guess this is government censorship

2018-06-01 12:40:56 UTC

its about the same demand children make

2018-06-01 12:42:41 UTC

you can chose to ignore it, and if they throw a tantrum, then you punish them for it. In this case, the punishment for the white house trying to actual enforce this "demand" would probably be harsh. I don't think anyone would support the move. For the left it would be government censorship of people they like. for the right it would be trampling on the rights of businesses

2018-06-01 13:17:07 UTC

people should be allowed to be mean

2018-06-01 13:17:13 UTC

forcing them not to doesnt make anyone want to

2018-06-01 13:17:16 UTC

be ncie

2018-06-01 13:22:31 UTC

in a way.. stopping others from speaking is mean

2018-06-01 13:28:15 UTC

The trouble is, is that in today's media environment it's usually not a two way street. The reason Samantha Bee is news is because there was pushback for once. Man bites dog.

2018-06-01 13:28:54 UTC

what did she say anyway... also who is she πŸ˜›

2018-06-01 13:29:01 UTC

idk what she said

2018-06-01 13:29:07 UTC

but shes some shitty tv show host

2018-06-01 13:29:25 UTC

Mean comments have been flowing towards figures on the right for years and it's so normal and expected that it's ignored.

2018-06-01 13:29:42 UTC

mean comments towards the right are fine

2018-06-01 13:29:53 UTC

mean comments towards the left are violent and hateful

2018-06-01 13:29:56 UTC

ty double standards

2018-06-01 13:30:44 UTC

hmm I dont recognise her

2018-06-01 13:30:54 UTC

nor should you

2018-06-01 13:30:57 UTC

she's more or less a nobody

2018-06-01 13:31:00 UTC

I don't really give a fuck about mean comments. If people want to publicly demonstrate that they're classless slime go right ahead. And TV is dead to me anyway so I don't give a damn about shitty left wing comedians or shitty right wing comedians. Cancel the lot as far as I care.

2018-06-01 13:31:36 UTC

The double standard is demonstrative of a power imbalance though, and that's the troublesome part.

2018-06-01 13:32:40 UTC

I don't want one viewpoint to have institutional power over another because that's dangerous to society. We need each other. Right now the left has near complete dominance over all media.

2018-06-01 13:33:10 UTC

For fuck's sake Anita Sarkessian is a guest of honor at Gencon They're coming after my warhams.

2018-06-01 13:33:51 UTC

We can talk about the culture war as much as we want but it's more of a culture insurgency.

2018-06-01 13:34:05 UTC

It's asymmetrical warfare.

2018-06-01 13:36:40 UTC
2018-06-01 13:37:15 UTC

although interesting that she went through all those words he used to describe trump... and missed out one of them from the very clip they showed... "baboon"

2018-06-01 13:37:20 UTC

What has Trump said that is racist?

2018-06-01 13:37:59 UTC

He has said a lot of racist stuff with the words they have put in his mouth

2018-06-01 13:38:55 UTC

Is this newscaster referring to the MS13 'animals' comment?

2018-06-01 13:39:09 UTC

they have been calling him racist since forever

2018-06-01 13:39:59 UTC

New York's Attourney General is openly calling for the abolishment of double jeopardy protections.

2018-06-01 13:40:29 UTC

Nothing overrides presidential pardon. It's incredibly powerful.

2018-06-01 13:41:02 UTC

NY can pass laws all they want, and the presidential pardon still works.

2018-06-01 13:41:27 UTC

heh... "loophole"

2018-06-01 13:41:55 UTC

how about that 1st amendment loophole.. how do get we get rid of that next πŸ˜›

2018-06-01 13:42:28 UTC

The only thing that cannot be pardoned is impeachment.

2018-06-01 13:42:40 UTC

damn, people getting caught on this "lack of evidence loophole" how do get rid of that thing πŸ˜›

2018-06-01 13:42:43 UTC

It's explicitly stated in the constitution.

2018-06-01 13:47:11 UTC

How is it that, in his capacity as a commentator on a sports network, Keith Olbermann was in a position to talk about a Trump policy, let alone call him a mindless evil baboon?

2018-06-01 13:47:28 UTC

Isn't he supposed to be talking about sports if he's on ESPN?

2018-06-01 13:47:59 UTC

Nevermind, the subtitle is kinda misleading

2018-06-01 13:48:43 UTC

The video is from GQ. Don't know why they mention ESPN.

2018-06-01 13:52:00 UTC

I perceive this CNN piece as duplicitous. Liberals cooperating to get support for being over-the-top offensive, and also by taking the moral high ground against offensive behavior. Preemptively laying their moral defense against any retaliation in kind by conservative figures.

2018-06-01 13:52:28 UTC

'You mean the CONSTITUTIONALLY protected right in the 5th Amendment "loophole?"'

some of these comments to the AG are pretty great

2018-06-01 13:52:29 UTC

But I admit that I'm heavily biased here.

2018-06-01 13:53:52 UTC


2018-06-01 13:59:45 UTC

I should start buying stuff from rival companies and then eat it in starbucks.

2018-06-01 13:59:52 UTC

because that is what those 2 black guys did

2018-06-01 14:00:06 UTC

they said they didn't want to buy anything, and when asked they said they had their own water

2018-06-01 14:00:20 UTC

yeah people are saying theyre going to get their coffee at costa and drink it in starbucks

2018-06-01 14:00:37 UTC

(Im just kinda assuming you have costa coffee where you are :P)

2018-06-01 14:02:17 UTC


2018-06-01 14:02:31 UTC

or dunkin

2018-06-01 14:02:43 UTC

but there is plenty of other coffee stores. I mean, its america's number 1 addiction

2018-06-01 14:03:15 UTC

costa is basically the main competitor of starbucks here

2018-06-01 14:03:41 UTC

i prefer local coffee shops over chains. they usually have better coffee too.

2018-06-01 14:09:07 UTC

Eh, local coffee shops think they have better coffee sometimes.

2018-06-01 14:28:59 UTC
2018-06-01 14:32:55 UTC

even snopes isnt completely denying its real

2018-06-01 14:33:32 UTC

one of their excuses to be wary of it is the fact that nothing on the group exists before 2016... which seems like a stupid excuse if the group only started then :/

2018-06-01 14:38:56 UTC

This isn't the first leaflet like that that has come from that group, they put them on lamp posts as well. Ppl tried to say it was fake then and could manage to. This was early last year.

2018-06-01 14:50:18 UTC

wow never saw so many donations on livestream....

2018-06-01 14:50:22 UTC
2018-06-01 14:52:28 UTC

zackTV1 was youtuber killed in chicago few days ago

2018-06-01 14:56:04 UTC

can confirm chicargo... https://i.imgur.com/QMPxrVz.png lemme try LA...

2018-06-01 14:57:13 UTC

ummm I take it they are all owned by the same group or something? https://i.imgur.com/JmnWDYm.png

2018-06-01 15:03:05 UTC

ID’d her husband which really didn't have anything to do with whether or not she was a bot which got him fired from WWE

2018-06-01 15:03:49 UTC

interesting that they use anti-muslim and not anti-islam

2018-06-01 15:04:39 UTC

The spirit of Gawker is alive and well it seems

2018-06-01 15:06:01 UTC

wow she posted a cartoon and quoted ghadaffi ... what a bigot!

2018-06-01 15:10:21 UTC

i don't like her but not to fire her husband for it.... its like he is responsible for actions of his wife... like she is property. Would anyone fire a wife of a man twitter troll?

2018-06-01 15:11:51 UTC

i mean how much of your online activity is known to your family anyway... specialy if anonimous

2018-06-01 15:11:57 UTC

Posting that HS pic with the buffont-mullet i'd say so

2018-06-01 15:13:24 UTC

You don't have to like a word on her Twitter to think what has been done here is malpractice

2018-06-01 15:44:46 UTC

@wacka the comments on that dog thing seem to indicate that this was a hoax that was spread around at least 2 years ago and is making a comeback as these things do

2018-06-01 16:26:34 UTC

You know, at many points in history, independent journalism was a check and balance system for goverments

2018-06-01 16:26:41 UTC

now a days they're basically on the payroll

2018-06-01 16:28:22 UTC

"He appointed himself a journalist".. apparently someone else has to confirm you're a journalist before you are one

2018-06-01 16:29:37 UTC

And still these people that write these articles just don't seem to care that he was arrested, convicted, sentenced in the span of 5 hours

2018-06-01 16:40:35 UTC

A country should reserve the right to close its borders to immigration if having a country is to be the moral thing.

2018-06-01 16:41:08 UTC

true, but he usually says outlandish things just to get discusson on it

2018-06-01 16:41:13 UTC

its his mo

2018-06-01 16:41:20 UTC

Oh, I agree.

2018-06-01 16:41:28 UTC

whether or not you agree a president should do such a thing

2018-06-01 16:41:41 UTC

I just think the left's demonization of this concept is silly.

2018-06-01 16:42:14 UTC

I'm not sure why the left thinks we owe the rest of the world *anything*

2018-06-01 16:43:03 UTC

we being the West right, from UK to France, to whatever

2018-06-01 16:43:52 UTC

or any country bending over backwards enabling mass immigration that just isn't sustainable

2018-06-01 16:44:07 UTC

you can only integrate so many people of different cultures so quickly

2018-06-01 16:44:21 UTC

what we have now, in many places, is akin to invasion with open doors

2018-06-01 16:44:31 UTC

This is for later.

2018-06-01 16:44:35 UTC

and these immigrants are saying as much

2018-06-01 16:44:50 UTC

oh shit

2018-06-01 16:44:50 UTC

Our immigration policies are lenient as fuck.

2018-06-01 16:45:06 UTC

I'm talking the west in general

2018-06-01 16:45:13 UTC

not just the US

2018-06-01 16:46:21 UTC

Oh, my bad.

2018-06-01 16:46:27 UTC

Our immigration policies are lenient as fuck.

2018-06-01 16:46:34 UTC


2018-06-01 16:46:35 UTC


2018-06-01 16:46:43 UTC

yoru article: "No charges were filed against Newman, who said he shot Hill because he brandished a handgun."

2018-06-01 16:46:51 UTC

it never says he actually had a gun

2018-06-01 16:46:57 UTC

I hadn't actually read that yet.

2018-06-01 16:46:58 UTC

you'd think by now that this would be confirmed

2018-06-01 16:47:11 UTC

Yeah. Florida stinks.

2018-06-01 16:47:22 UTC

And I don't mean it because HAHA MEMES

2018-06-01 16:47:27 UTC

I mean something smells.

2018-06-01 16:47:36 UTC

I'll stay here in TX πŸ˜„

2018-06-01 16:47:53 UTC

Amen, brother. At least in Texas, you get to SEE the corruption.

2018-06-01 16:50:06 UTC

What's that phrase though?

2018-06-01 16:50:12 UTC

Something's rotten in the state of Denmark?

2018-06-01 16:50:25 UTC

Man. My midwest is showing.

2018-06-01 16:50:38 UTC

I have no idea how to apply my colloquialisms.

2018-06-01 16:52:12 UTC

Tim should copy pewdiepie... do a LWAY ... people post news, he reviews it πŸ˜›

2018-06-01 16:55:41 UTC


2018-06-01 17:02:55 UTC

timnews timtimtitmtimtimtim *shoots lasers*

2018-06-01 17:05:05 UTC

πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ NEWS REVIEW πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ NEWS REVIEW

2018-06-01 17:06:10 UTC

Tim Pool 399$ gaming chair when?

2018-06-01 17:06:42 UTC

but can it do thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis

2018-06-01 17:08:37 UTC

Nah. He should copy reviewbrah.

2018-06-01 17:08:54 UTC

"Hello, everyone. It's time for another 'running on empty' Tim Review!"

2018-06-01 17:12:44 UTC

I just want someone to cover this.

2018-06-01 17:17:25 UTC

πŸ‘ πŸ‘ Tim Review πŸ‘ πŸ‘ Tim Review πŸ‘ πŸ‘

2018-06-01 17:30:59 UTC

oh.. theres a north korean official in the whitehouse

2018-06-01 17:32:52 UTC

that's kinda big news

2018-06-01 17:34:31 UTC

"trump receives NK envoy" ....phrasing...

2018-06-01 17:35:15 UTC

yeah that's some news

2018-06-01 17:35:17 UTC


2018-06-01 17:35:24 UTC

shows some seriousness I think

2018-06-01 17:40:49 UTC

I dont think hes going to give up the nukes... after his meeting with Russia

2018-06-01 17:41:26 UTC

probably not

2018-06-01 17:41:43 UTC

but still big

2018-06-01 17:42:44 UTC

also got to wonder what the NK people will think of it... their schools have pictures of american soldiers stomping on koreans heads, and driving nails into them

2018-06-01 17:43:04 UTC

stuff the grew up with is not easy to dispell

2018-06-01 17:43:26 UTC


2018-06-01 17:45:05 UTC

Fun fact: North Koreans are required by law to insult the Japanese every time they are mentioned in conversation.

2018-06-01 17:47:15 UTC

thats seems like it would be a difficult law to enforce πŸ˜ƒ

2018-06-01 17:50:00 UTC

They probably just use the same derogatory slur constantly.

2018-06-01 18:03:25 UTC

if its the same word everytime, how long until thats just the korean word for japanese people?

2018-06-01 18:13:33 UTC


2018-06-01 18:17:14 UTC

"Is it possible for two people to simultaneously sexually assault each other? This is the question"

2018-06-01 18:20:25 UTC

*Is* that the question, though?

2018-06-01 18:20:27 UTC

Tim Felix collab when

2018-06-01 18:22:33 UTC

nother good update by dave cullen on a13

2018-06-01 18:31:24 UTC

The NK envoy says he has a letter to trump from Kim

2018-06-01 18:32:01 UTC

Which is a rather strange method of delivering negotiations, usually the leader himself would appear or hed send a representative in his place

2018-06-01 18:32:42 UTC

"hed send a representative in his place" .... "The NK envoy" ?!

2018-06-01 18:58:29 UTC

NK summit is back on

2018-06-01 18:58:33 UTC

june 12th

2018-06-01 19:03:02 UTC

im pretty sure its possible for 2 people to sexually assault each other during the same sex "session"

2018-06-01 19:07:17 UTC

is it sexual assault at that point? its like two people beating the crap out of each other in near equal measure. Can you really charge either with assault or do you just go "break it up you two and go your separate ways"

2018-06-01 19:13:59 UTC

If two people get into a fistfight are they both guilty of assault? Same logic probably applies to both situations

2018-06-01 19:18:04 UTC

that said, i think it is possible both are technically guilty of assault, but charges are dropped by default so that neither are actually charged with assault

2018-06-01 19:20:47 UTC

example: man is roofied and raped by another man, but the effect wears off and he then rapes the other guy for revenge when he eventually can. id say both parties sexually assaulted each other in that case

2018-06-01 19:21:09 UTC

not saying this is a likely example, but its possible enough me thinks

2018-06-01 19:31:00 UTC

i think the easier example is two drunk people

2018-06-01 19:31:16 UTC

technically having sex with a drunk person is sexual assault on the drunk person

2018-06-01 19:31:24 UTC

or at least can be if the drunk person says it was

2018-06-01 19:41:53 UTC

everything is sexist

2018-06-01 19:41:56 UTC

and you gotta point it all out

2018-06-01 19:44:16 UTC
2018-06-01 19:44:26 UTC

thats a bit of a bush moment tbh

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