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>by any means neccesary
imagine my shock

we need to kill 1000 babies to usher in the glorious utopia, how to do it the most efficient way

striving for utopia is a line for me full stop. you can justify any act that way

here is the thing about the demonitization algorithm

a sufficiently complex algorithm is indistinguishable from a random numbe rgenerator

its very possible the demonitizations apear random

but they are not, that i can almost guarantee

trump building fire got started in the cooling and heating system of the tower, it is plausible it was an failure of the system that caused the fire

warning, dutch

nahh well do just fine on our own

i like my country not smelling like cheese and tulips all the time

time to resurect Stephen Paddock

a wolf spider: you can identify it by its mark on the back part of the spider, it looks like uwu

its important to remember that you can wait forever for a political candidate/movement that is perfectly in line with what you believe

i wish they had succeded tbh, but they got hurt like so many before them, by the achiellies heel of the left. cant appear insensitive to issues, even if the issue at hand really is a non issue. not apologising means you will get chased out by the people concerned by optics, apoligising means you have accepted the Social Justice dogma as superior to your own.

this is why i think the only people that could fix the left are the edgy boi's. they wont care if people get upset, they just state what they think is the truth.

you cant for long, it prolly takes more to process the minerals and clay then you get out of it

a more reasonable example of why something even edible might not be a good idea to eat

during the USSR the people sent to the gulag where put on a train for a long time

they gave them salted fish

the thing was, if you ate the fish, it was soo salty you died due to lack of water

water, they didnt give out freely eighter

so ye, if a fish cant feed you if its covered in minirals, then pure minerals prolly cant eighter

well if they also get other food its possible the minerals at least dont cause that much damage

dont know about clay

like it might just pass trough you

eighter way, they have to be supplementing their diets somehow

pure mineral and clay will only last you if you are a thing from a jewish fairy tail

perhaps their motivationw as to silence the mind

so it stopped nagging them about not having anything in the stomage

the odds are that what you said is true

@GingaBomber#6296 ahh yes i always wanted to die from alcochol poisoning

JBP had an interview with someone over his new book, quitte the listen:

very combative interview, exiting tho


i got one

tim being sponsored by Supreme Beanies


his name should be Beenie

that makes sense

dont become a crazy cat ladie

i have a cat: astrophe

woke: porn turns people into sexual savants


vegan terrorism

it will be pretty easy to stop tho

they wont be able to help themselves, they will just tell you there plot and mention they are vegan while doing it

there used to be a tech channel here, but i guess i will have to ask here now

AirDroid, you guys use it? you got better alternatives?

the actual numbers of accounts information "abused" is 87 and not 50 million

from facebook

trigger warning: dutch

^ vehicle of peace event in Munster, Germany

might not be over yet, 2 additional perps still being hunted, alledgedly

@Timcast https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/830148525853396992 i don't know if you get notifications of people @ ing you on minds, so i figure id share it here as well just to be sure. i just watched the culture war podcast, and this post of mine on minds provides some sources to stuff that went down during #gamergate, since you asked for it

it seems one of the reasons we do not have more concrete proof of the chemical attacks in syria is that investigators are not allowed to go where they want to.. all other evidence like satelite and social media pics can be potentially doctored, but there have been a lot of incedents which put the blame with the syrian government.. these still use weak evidence though

so one of the reasons people cant put forward definitive proof, is that investigators are not allowed to go where they want to go

so crappy social media posts and satelite images is all we have to go on

Tbh that video has been done before, i wouldnt bother with it

Make a video when it changes, that would be news to me

i mean what are they gona do? the bully hunter joins the game and then what?

they play the game?

what kind of punishment is that lmao

but as it turns out its just a steelseries promotional thing i think

for there brand new daddy issues headset line

someone on the steelseries marketing team drank the coolaid and thought this was a good idea

falko, there are systems in place against that sort of thing in most games

like you cant outnumber the other team too much, it wont allow you to join the team with too many people already

but even then, all they can do is play the game

if a "bully" is being hunted, he can use that to gain an advantage

people hunting bullies dont capture points

and if they dont they are just playing the game

its irrelevant

even if they are massive bullies, the bully being bullied can just use that to distract one or more members of the opposing team to gain an advantage

so what if he gets killed all the time, he is distracting the opposing team members

if you dont aim to win you lose

and then the bully wins

i dono

i guess there might be bullies who care

but i usually am of the opinion that people that talk smack can get smacktalked back without much problem too

its like a game

i suspect most bullies in that situation would get satisfaction out of the fact his smack talk allowed his team to gain an advatage in the competition

interesting bit of journalism if true

some matchups are staged

the absolute meme

literal "the hacker named 4chan"

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