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>by any means neccesary
imagine my shock

we need to kill 1000 babies to usher in the glorious utopia, how to do it the most efficient way

striving for utopia is a line for me full stop. you can justify any act that way

here is the thing about the demonitization algorithm

a sufficiently complex algorithm is indistinguishable from a random numbe rgenerator

its very possible the demonitizations apear random

but they are not, that i can almost guarantee

trump building fire got started in the cooling and heating system of the tower, it is plausible it was an failure of the system that caused the fire

warning, dutch

nahh well do just fine on our own

i like my country not smelling like cheese and tulips all the time

time to resurect Stephen Paddock

a wolf spider: you can identify it by its mark on the back part of the spider, it looks like uwu

its important to remember that you can wait forever for a political candidate/movement that is perfectly in line with what you believe

i wish they had succeded tbh, but they got hurt like so many before them, by the achiellies heel of the left. cant appear insensitive to issues, even if the issue at hand really is a non issue. not apologising means you will get chased out by the people concerned by optics, apoligising means you have accepted the Social Justice dogma as superior to your own.

this is why i think the only people that could fix the left are the edgy boi's. they wont care if people get upset, they just state what they think is the truth.

you cant for long, it prolly takes more to process the minerals and clay then you get out of it

a more reasonable example of why something even edible might not be a good idea to eat

during the USSR the people sent to the gulag where put on a train for a long time

they gave them salted fish

the thing was, if you ate the fish, it was soo salty you died due to lack of water

water, they didnt give out freely eighter

so ye, if a fish cant feed you if its covered in minirals, then pure minerals prolly cant eighter

well if they also get other food its possible the minerals at least dont cause that much damage

dont know about clay

like it might just pass trough you

eighter way, they have to be supplementing their diets somehow

pure mineral and clay will only last you if you are a thing from a jewish fairy tail

perhaps their motivationw as to silence the mind

so it stopped nagging them about not having anything in the stomage

the odds are that what you said is true

@GingaBomber#6296 ahh yes i always wanted to die from alcochol poisoning

JBP had an interview with someone over his new book, quitte the listen:

very combative interview, exiting tho


i got one

tim being sponsored by Supreme Beanies


his name should be Beenie

that makes sense

dont become a crazy cat ladie

i have a cat: astrophe

woke: porn turns people into sexual savants


vegan terrorism

it will be pretty easy to stop tho

they wont be able to help themselves, they will just tell you there plot and mention they are vegan while doing it

there used to be a tech channel here, but i guess i will have to ask here now

AirDroid, you guys use it? you got better alternatives?

the actual numbers of accounts information "abused" is 87 and not 50 million

from facebook

trigger warning: dutch

^ vehicle of peace event in Munster, Germany

might not be over yet, 2 additional perps still being hunted, alledgedly

@Timcast https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/830148525853396992 i don't know if you get notifications of people @ ing you on minds, so i figure id share it here as well just to be sure. i just watched the culture war podcast, and this post of mine on minds provides some sources to stuff that went down during #gamergate, since you asked for it

it seems one of the reasons we do not have more concrete proof of the chemical attacks in syria is that investigators are not allowed to go where they want to.. all other evidence like satelite and social media pics can be potentially doctored, but there have been a lot of incedents which put the blame with the syrian government.. these still use weak evidence though

so one of the reasons people cant put forward definitive proof, is that investigators are not allowed to go where they want to go

so crappy social media posts and satelite images is all we have to go on

Tbh that video has been done before, i wouldnt bother with it

Make a video when it changes, that would be news to me

i mean what are they gona do? the bully hunter joins the game and then what?

they play the game?

what kind of punishment is that lmao

but as it turns out its just a steelseries promotional thing i think

for there brand new daddy issues headset line

someone on the steelseries marketing team drank the coolaid and thought this was a good idea

falko, there are systems in place against that sort of thing in most games

like you cant outnumber the other team too much, it wont allow you to join the team with too many people already

but even then, all they can do is play the game

if a "bully" is being hunted, he can use that to gain an advantage

people hunting bullies dont capture points

and if they dont they are just playing the game

its irrelevant

even if they are massive bullies, the bully being bullied can just use that to distract one or more members of the opposing team to gain an advantage

so what if he gets killed all the time, he is distracting the opposing team members

if you dont aim to win you lose

and then the bully wins

i dono

i guess there might be bullies who care

but i usually am of the opinion that people that talk smack can get smacktalked back without much problem too

its like a game

i suspect most bullies in that situation would get satisfaction out of the fact his smack talk allowed his team to gain an advatage in the competition

interesting bit of journalism if true

some matchups are staged

the absolute meme

literal "the hacker named 4chan"

beware though tim, if you do a video about this, they will bully you in your occasional hearthstone game

jade druid after jade druid you shall face

nibba i know took pics in france of fighter jets flying low overhead

i wonder what a jet like thats capacity is for white flags

bullyhunters update

diverse gaming coalition has withdrawn its support from the bullyhunters campaign

in part due to the behavior of Zombi unicorn

unrelated but.. well worrying escalation

"professor who was targeted by antifa found dead in his home"

pic with a hammer and sickle and some grafitti

this seems like the sauce for the minds post

inspired by SPK, a neo marxist group, who belive mental illness is a side effect of capitalism

death was not suspishious though

no sign of foul play...

weird, i mean

he was kinda old, but not heart attack old

unles he was really fat or something

i mean he is not that fat

medical examiner is still investigating, but so far not suspicious

more on the bullyhunters

meeki reports that steelseries has been removed from the site

however, going to the site atm gives a 505 error

there have been multiple gas attacks since the entire thing started though, not just the one recently. most where blamed on the regime.. tho from the evidence ive seen they just assume its them as they are the only people in the area that they concieve of that can make this shit

there has been no evidence i have seen that places the blame definitevly at the feet of anyone

its also pretty dificult, as you can make mustard gas with stuff you buy at the supermarket

obviously not recommending you do that, im just saying its pretty simple to do

ergo, even if you found a fully intact mustard gas cannister that has not gone of yet, if you have god like luck

the parts are probably going to have come from china, unles they make some retard mistake by forgetting to anon-ize it, you wont be able to trace it to anyone

proof would require a discovery of where the stuff is made, and then figure out who it is that works there

which seems unlikely, as there is a war going on atm

you can send investigators, but all they can tell you is what happened, not by who

and they are probably not setting off nerve gas cannisters where they are making the stuff


not surprised

if you want to start a campaign about something you can prolly get in touch with steelseries to make some custom headsets for you np, all they have to do is change the plastic a bit

this does leave open something though

who is the mastermind behind it all?

follow the money?

>doing the los-war-os
>Los clock os strikes 12 os
>Siesta time
>Wake up, lost the war

nibba use DDG if you gona be anti google

if they are the a team, does that mean we are the Beany team?

tesla factory dangerous cause elon doesnt like yellow

i mean i dont like yellow eighter, but safety first man

I think its on itunes.. but i have no idea how that works

i guess it could be possible they are trying to reclaim the word.. it could romantesize black culture in a way

if the owner of the restaurant is anything besides black though.. i could see this becoming something the US news crawls all over if it happens to be a slow news day

someone got shot at a train station for carrying a knife


he is hospitalized but no danger for his life

he appearently had threatened people with the knife prior to the police arriving

there is no additional information, so we dont know if he was a knife threatener of peace

hmm i think there are examples of reclaimed words

used to be a mean thing but then became a good thing

like nigger amoungst some black people

i think dyke used to be a bad thing too, but now it is not.. i think?

Hmm nice

I was kinda hoping they would do this in belgium too

At least for minors

I doubt its gona happen anytime soom here thb, notbthe way the elections look

belgium my lass

keep in mind i am not in favor of more rules

im in favor of recognizing lootboxes as they are


and applying the rules of gambling to lootboxes too

aka no minors


maybe kids should not be allowed to buy random card packs too

though i have to admit, it seems ok for card packs

i bought plenty of pokemon card packs myself

well not plenty, but enough

im just wondering if i can justify the difference between card packs and lootboxes..

even if they are digital card packs...

if i recall correctly the overall value of a card pack from pokemon is always the same, if you count cathegories


1 shiny, couple of energies and a couple of basic pokemon

oh and tech cards

its also possible im just biased in favour of collectable cards cause i didnt feel like it effected me so much

never had any experience with lootboxes as a kid

500 is like my gaming budget for over a year lel

including components fyi

too give you an idea, i consider a game worth it, if it provided an hour of enjoyable gameplay for every euro spent

most games dont make that treshold tho

so i wait for sales

i never play shit on release anymore

issnt the reward set in stone?

but you pay for it only once..

well i guess lootboxes arent like gambling in that not all lootboxes give you shit you can trade with other people (liek you can win money at casinos)

the argument shouldnt be about how similar they are in mechanics i think

but on the spychological effect

though that might be too vague

its impossible to comply

well known example to illustrate my case

"hello im starting a pizza resaurant, anyone want to buy my Cheese Pizza?"

the gist is that you can use code words that can mean the illigal activities you want to sell

in other words, even if youd moderate every single post

it still would not be enough

well, you are looking at it wrong i think

by making the site liable, the site will do whatever it takes to protect itself

regardless of guilt

oh you mean like how twitter badge is now not only proof that the person is who he says he is, but also that his opinions are twitter aproved, on account of peoples whos opinions twitter doesnt aprove of lose there verification and maybe evem get banned?


the site shoudlnt do any moderation to get the protections associated with not being a publisher

peer to peer encyprion intercommunication with peer to peer cloud based decentralized storage of all relevant data that the person storing it cant even access cause its encrypted

downside: no one will own the platform, and anything goes

even stuff like child porn would not be able to be deleted

cause you can not detect who is holding it, and you can not detect what you are holding

on the plus side, it would be a completely free zone, where you could do anything you wanted to do on the internet and get away with it anonymously, unles you a dummy and dox urself

what people think would not matter in my example

there is nothing to witch hunt

unless you want to go after everyone that sends and receive encrypted data

you cant detect what is being sent or received though

wouldnt you be able to avoid all that using a vpn though? like what i just said but hidden behind a peer to peer encrypted vpn as well

no i mean a decentralized user hosted vpn

but they may not. innocent till proven guilty remember

gotta be able to prove you have illegal data, which is impossible if its encrypted and you cant be expected to know the password

but it might not be CP

it could be anything

but you arent storing the non decrypted data

anything anyone would ever be able to find is the encrypted data, which they cant decypher without a key, that the ownder of the computer doesnt have

you cant just decrypt data

thats the entire thing with encryption, why its so powerful

ofc there are, but a person would not care if he gets conviced of having child porn for example on a encrypted segment on his computer even he didnt have access too, if the encryption has a 20+ character passcode and uses any of the proven encryption methods, cause hed already have died 300 years ago

so discord deleted count dankulas discord server, and his account

vegans, otherwise known as b-12-o-phobes are racist against the vitally important vitamin b-12

vegetarianism untimately will conclude in animals we breed for meat to be redundant.
meat is murder
vegetarianism is genocide

long nose tribe say we gotta invade explody tribe area cus explody chief is almost clubbed by other explody tribe



i disagree that its newsworthy, but i am also not one to be a fan of anyone so

hassnt that been talked to death already by the anti sjws, as well as "pull yourselves up by the bootstraps (and float into space presumably)" republicans?

i mean they arent wrong.. i dont think its enough of a development to be newsworthy, unles you are a fan

you have a good point i guess, but i was thinking in the form of timcast video making rather then mainstream news

its not big enough to warrent a whole video, might get a mention though

someone found a bazooka and a rocket in Hasselt belgium

during renovations to an apartment building lel

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