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2017-12-14 03:20:23 UTC

wat i didnt know jail accepted btc

2017-12-14 03:20:35 UTC

Hes out

2017-12-14 03:20:40 UTC

oh yeah i forgot

2017-12-14 03:20:46 UTC


2017-12-14 03:20:58 UTC

we're gonna send Christmas cards to any POW remaining after the bail hearings tmmrw

2017-12-14 03:21:01 UTC

so please stay tuned

2017-12-14 03:21:43 UTC

You guys send Christmas cards there. And ill work on the Hanukkah cards for you dudez lol

2017-12-14 03:23:04 UTC

I only send kwanzaa cards.

2017-12-14 03:23:19 UTC

We should also send cards to people’s intermediate families like kids and wives as well, would be v nice.

2017-12-14 03:24:03 UTC

In that instance where I want to send stuff to the Party as a whole, who would I send it to as the intermediate? Leadershipwise

2017-12-14 03:24:18 UTC

Bc I dont wana ask for everyones addresses lol

2017-12-14 03:24:21 UTC

Buy me BTC.

2017-12-14 03:27:31 UTC

What was that? Hanukkah card? You got it lol

2017-12-14 03:27:44 UTC

one of my CI buddies wives and kids were hanging out with my wife and kiddos today

2017-12-14 03:28:02 UTC

i went in their house and saw a menorrah and about flipped before i remembered "we wuz Israelites"

2017-12-14 03:28:15 UTC

Is it the goy we all know? Lol

2017-12-14 03:30:19 UTC

diff goy

2017-12-14 03:30:21 UTC

a local

2017-12-14 03:30:23 UTC

oh jeeze

2017-12-14 03:30:36 UTC

i know that feel growing up in boca raton area on and off

2017-12-14 03:30:44 UTC

i never really knew who was who

2017-12-14 03:30:45 UTC

yeah CI kinda oddly exist just out there in primitive protestant churches

2017-12-14 03:31:05 UTC

yea that is, but the poison runs deep sadly

2017-12-14 03:32:29 UTC


2017-12-14 03:32:42 UTC

wanted to tell you pikeville got me an opprotunity to go live/work on a farm jan

2017-12-14 03:32:52 UTC

and i was just laid off as a welder up here in OH so that works out alright

2017-12-14 03:33:01 UTC

thats awesome comrade!

2017-12-14 03:33:09 UTC

yea back to Florida with me though ha!

2017-12-14 03:33:13 UTC

central this time at least

2017-12-14 03:33:28 UTC

but yes so success eventually

2017-12-14 03:36:45 UTC


2017-12-14 03:51:01 UTC

>mfw Matt was Titus the whole time


2017-12-14 04:05:51 UTC

I hope my boy is getting released in the morning

2017-12-14 04:06:02 UTC

Many prayers

2017-12-14 04:07:28 UTC

Lol who made me a reacc?

2017-12-14 04:07:35 UTC

I have faith. I know hes coming home. I just talked to his parents theyre already there

2017-12-14 04:58:46 UTC

@johanC Who's getting released?

2017-12-14 04:59:31 UTC

I want to say Jacob

2017-12-14 05:14:46 UTC

When you and the squad walk into a restaurant, run into other friends at said restaurant and Roman Salute in the middle of everyone eating, then proceed to sit down together like nothing happened.

Feels good.


2017-12-14 05:23:56 UTC

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe jacob goodwin i hope

2017-12-14 05:27:01 UTC

4Chan is a wonderfully terrible place.

2017-12-14 05:27:20 UTC

Id say keep it there lol

2017-12-14 05:42:59 UTC


2017-12-14 05:59:57 UTC

I am trying to convince this guy to join TWP, his father was in the ANP.

2017-12-14 06:11:22 UTC

Reminder that Rockwell was an Illinoisan

2017-12-14 06:11:45 UTC

The only good thing to come.out of this state

2017-12-14 06:13:29 UTC

Same with Matt Hale

2017-12-14 06:41:20 UTC

James Mason was an Ohioan 🤔

2017-12-14 06:43:05 UTC

Matt heimbach was from Indiana

2017-12-14 06:43:28 UTC

(I hope that's right)

2017-12-14 06:44:45 UTC

Heimbach is from Maryland lmao

2017-12-14 06:44:59 UTC

Definitely seems like a Hoosier though

2017-12-14 06:47:58 UTC

"If I was from Chillicothe, I'd write SIEGE too" - @Tony Hovater

2017-12-14 06:51:42 UTC

Lol there's a town called Chillicothe in IL

2017-12-14 06:51:55 UTC

there's a big hippie fest there every year

2017-12-14 06:52:15 UTC

I hated going to the Walmart there during that week

2017-12-14 07:19:18 UTC

Man down @everyone Matthew Richey, a recruiter for TWP in Oregon isnt in the discord and i require a invite link for him.

2017-12-14 07:27:46 UTC


2017-12-14 07:27:48 UTC


2017-12-14 07:35:25 UTC

Delete that.

2017-12-14 07:35:28 UTC

When done.

2017-12-14 07:41:10 UTC

How come i cant spawn invite codes?

2017-12-14 07:41:29 UTC

Is it due to the idiots people kept inviting?

2017-12-14 09:41:42 UTC


2017-12-14 13:25:58 UTC


2017-12-14 13:44:04 UTC

Got my google account suspended for calling people niggers on youtube

2017-12-14 13:44:24 UTC

Some old habits don’t die

2017-12-14 13:44:27 UTC


2017-12-14 13:44:40 UTC


2017-12-14 13:44:57 UTC

It’s a burner email and account

2017-12-14 13:45:08 UTC

My professional shit is still cool

2017-12-14 13:45:28 UTC

No more Pepe Topkek on youtube though lol

2017-12-14 13:46:13 UTC

My videos are gonna be gone :/ that part sucks

2017-12-14 13:46:24 UTC

I did not back them up in any way

2017-12-14 13:46:36 UTC

But they were just simple activism videos

2017-12-14 13:46:42 UTC

I can always make more

2017-12-14 13:55:06 UTC

What pisses me off the most is it said I verbally attacked a protected group

2017-12-14 13:55:20 UTC

So is every race except white people a protected group now?

2017-12-14 13:55:31 UTC

Has America gone full anti white?

2017-12-14 13:55:47 UTC

Or are we still at partially anti white levels

2017-12-14 13:55:50 UTC


2017-12-14 13:57:41 UTC

Fuck, I hate niggers and these corporate jews. Land of the free my ass. 1st amendment my ass. Freedom of speech as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone MY ASS

2017-12-14 13:58:01 UTC

*sings freedom isn’t free in a somber tone*

2017-12-14 14:55:37 UTC

Its a sad day when a native son takes up with his oppressor.... Theres a name for that back home.

The Penalty's death...

2017-12-14 15:00:42 UTC


2017-12-14 15:01:17 UTC

Mike Enoch circa 2020 addressing the Nationalist masses

2017-12-14 15:22:58 UTC


2017-12-14 15:23:16 UTC

What group do you think keaton's dad is in

2017-12-14 15:24:21 UTC

prob Aryan Nations or AB

2017-12-14 15:27:27 UTC

Because.. Yknow.. Those tattoos make it easy to pin that down haha

2017-12-14 15:27:55 UTC

i wonder how we can reach out to them

2017-12-14 15:28:23 UTC

Are they justifying whatever happened?

2017-12-14 15:28:28 UTC

The attack on this family is pretty sick

2017-12-14 15:30:13 UTC

The gofundme got shut down

2017-12-14 15:30:16 UTC

We were just talking about that over in the knox discord. Yeah, pretty much. Look at what the person who made the vid said to the boy's mother

2017-12-14 15:30:22 UTC


2017-12-14 15:30:27 UTC

However I believe it was set up by a anon third party

2017-12-14 15:30:48 UTC


2017-12-14 15:31:30 UTC

Can somebody give me some good material on what and who Aryans are/were?

2017-12-14 15:31:35 UTC


2017-12-14 15:31:40 UTC

Real Esoteric hours who up

2017-12-14 15:31:40 UTC

We could try and raise what they couldn't get on gofundme through another platform

2017-12-14 15:31:42 UTC

This could be a good chance for goyfundme

2017-12-14 15:31:46 UTC

And his fam

2017-12-14 15:32:13 UTC

The newsweek thread is fairly sympathetic and it is a very anti white publication

2017-12-14 15:32:59 UTC

Let me grab this screen shot off of Facebook omg

2017-12-14 15:37:23 UTC

well we need to make contact with them

2017-12-14 15:37:34 UTC

@John Mosby how far are they from y'all?

2017-12-14 15:37:56 UTC


2017-12-14 15:39:41 UTC

The Aryans were the ethnic group of white people who emerged in the Volga River valley, then leveraged their invention of the chariot to flash conquer the known arable world. Their linguistic and cultural impact outspans their actual genetic impact, and most Europeans who call themselves "Aryan" actually belong to old stock Corded Ware Hg R1b and Hg I Europeans who were genetically similar to them but linguistically and culturally distinct.

2017-12-14 15:46:20 UTC

Would be a great show of support if we could get something going for the Keaton family.

That kid needs to know he has a large group of people standing behind him. If we had a sizable group of TWP members in his area to escort him to school each day for a few weeks until this all died down, that might turn the tables for him.

2017-12-14 15:49:17 UTC

I need any and all pics of antifa and leftist scum getting btfo

2017-12-14 15:49:26 UTC

About to go on a posting spree

2017-12-14 15:49:31 UTC

I have this video

2017-12-14 15:49:41 UTC

But that’s it

2017-12-14 15:53:48 UTC

@Der Jäger lol at the RAM bro

2017-12-14 15:53:54 UTC

He aint having it

2017-12-14 15:54:49 UTC


2017-12-14 15:55:17 UTC

I just read up on the situation with that kid

2017-12-14 15:55:24 UTC

Holy FUCK does that trigger me

2017-12-14 15:55:47 UTC

Had a great pic of a boot party for

2017-12-14 15:55:52 UTC


2017-12-14 16:04:36 UTC

Why the fuck do Mexicans refuse to learn English

2017-12-14 16:04:38 UTC

Every time

2017-12-14 16:05:26 UTC

@Flaxxer lo siento, no hablo Inglés

2017-12-14 16:05:41 UTC

We need a wall reacc

2017-12-14 16:07:43 UTC

My bad

2017-12-14 16:07:49 UTC

It was a Puerto Rican

2017-12-14 16:07:58 UTC

Island Mexicans get out reeeeee

2017-12-14 16:09:07 UTC

Me no speako El spic-o

2017-12-14 16:11:53 UTC

1) boil Red Bull
2) Steep caffeinated tea in red bull
3) use tea/red bull mixture to brew coffee
4) break open stacker energy pills, dump into finished product like sugar
Serve with a line of cocaine and two fried eggs

2017-12-14 16:14:52 UTC

TWP Laundromat of the day


2017-12-14 16:52:03 UTC
2017-12-14 16:55:55 UTC
2017-12-14 17:03:46 UTC
2017-12-14 17:03:54 UTC

Wow wtf were they thinking

2017-12-14 17:05:07 UTC

Someone must owe Adam Driver’s daddy a big favor. Who on earth would cast such an ugly kike as a main character?

2017-12-14 17:12:41 UTC


2017-12-14 17:15:56 UTC


2017-12-14 17:41:49 UTC

By now, I think most of my friends know that on Tuesday night in Linden Park, I was shot (three times: once in each thigh, once through my right foot). My friend Samantha , who was there playing Pokémon GO with me, was robbed and beaten. It's a pretty scary thing to have happen, but the outpouring of support I've received has been incredible. What I want to share now are my feelings about the whole thing.
I'm not angry at those who attacked me, though I am saddened and concerned. The group of about a dozen was entirely composed of children, looking like 11 to 17, both boys and girls, all black. I remember that I felt so worried that the police would arrive and just open fire on anyone who "fit the description", even while I lay there bleeding on a stranger's porch.

Why? Even through all of this, I firmly believe that #BlackLivesMatter -- even AFTER a crime has been committed (and remember, most of the kids there did not strike or shoot anyone, some even tried to stop it). This epidemic of extrajudicial killings by the police needs to stop. Everyone deserves a fair trial and a chance at rehabilitation.

The boy who shot me was taken into custody by Columbus PD and gave a full confession. I really applaud the officers for handling this so well, even though they knew he was armed. Seems like other cities could learn a lot from our law enforcement. Still, because of our punishment-not-rehabilitation criminal justice system, I fear that at only 14 years old his future has already been decided for him.

2017-12-14 17:42:23 UTC

If by some chance any of the young people involved are reading this: though you may be angry at society (and rightfully so, in light of some current events), please realize that this path does not lead anywhere you want to go. The community really does care about you. That's why we push for safer parks, better education, after-school programs, and the like. Because we want you to have a future you can be proud of!

And if anyone's wondering, yes, I will keep playing Pokémon GO. I think it's done so much good. I've walked new places, made new friends, picked up trash, got some sun, got a date, and beaten my depression. I would still recommend it to almost anyone -- but please, be careful and safe!

2017-12-14 17:44:07 UTC


2017-12-14 17:44:56 UTC

Evolved bugman

2017-12-14 17:45:31 UTC


2017-12-14 17:46:27 UTC

Maybe the second attack will do the trick

2017-12-14 17:47:06 UTC

@K Martin He's going to OSU lul

2017-12-14 17:47:23 UTC

He better get used to it, all the somalis

2017-12-14 17:52:50 UTC


2017-12-14 17:59:31 UTC

skyrim is the ideal ethnostate

2017-12-14 17:59:44 UTC

>killing local skooma dealer

2017-12-14 17:59:53 UTC

>getting paid to do it

2017-12-14 18:00:07 UTC

Rip kitty kitty

2017-12-14 18:00:28 UTC

>the irony is im playing a gypsy ass khajit myself

2017-12-14 18:00:34 UTC


2017-12-14 18:00:48 UTC

im playing an unarmed character

2017-12-14 18:01:03 UTC

need that +15 unarmed boost

2017-12-14 18:01:09 UTC

Pretty awful until you get the heavy armor perk tbh

2017-12-14 18:01:14 UTC


2017-12-14 18:01:28 UTC

that and enchanting goes a long way

2017-12-14 18:01:31 UTC

@Bob Oliver We must secure the existence of our people and a future for Nord children.

2017-12-14 18:01:38 UTC


2017-12-14 18:01:50 UTC

Ah ye forgot about the pugilist gloves or whatever

2017-12-14 18:01:57 UTC


2017-12-14 18:02:00 UTC

I have put way too much time into that game

2017-12-14 18:02:04 UTC


2017-12-14 18:02:21 UTC

Orcs are still the objectively best class tho

2017-12-14 18:02:32 UTC


2017-12-14 18:02:38 UTC

any elven race sucks

2017-12-14 18:02:49 UTC

Orcs are OP fam they've always been

2017-12-14 18:02:54 UTC


2017-12-14 18:03:00 UTC

Deal 2x damage take .5x damage for 60 seconds

2017-12-14 18:03:03 UTC

true, but theyre basically somolians

2017-12-14 18:03:03 UTC

Shit's broken

2017-12-14 18:03:16 UTC

Stormcloaks are cucks

2017-12-14 18:03:20 UTC

Reminder that Ulfric is Hitler, the Imperial-Thalmor war is WW1, the Empire is now the Weimar Republic, the Thalmor are the Allies, and the White-Gold Concordat is the Treaty of Versailles. @Fevs @Bob Oliver

2017-12-14 18:03:22 UTC

Not killing every non nord

2017-12-14 18:03:28 UTC

Letting dark elves run around

2017-12-14 18:03:38 UTC

hitler didnt kill non whites, they fought for him

2017-12-14 18:03:41 UTC


2017-12-14 18:03:45 UTC

that said, i kill every fucking elf i see

2017-12-14 18:04:07 UTC

Like Adolf, Ulfric fought against international tyranny only to have his empire capitulate to the enemy and impose harsh laws which banned parts of his culture.

2017-12-14 18:04:33 UTC

The Stormcloaks are literally the Nord NSDAP

2017-12-14 18:04:38 UTC


2017-12-14 18:04:48 UTC

@Spiritchef#2826 My ancestors are smiling at me Imperial, can you say the same?

2017-12-14 18:05:29 UTC

Ulfric and Adolf both came home to an Emperor/Kaiser who cracked under pressure and let their culture die.

2017-12-14 18:05:44 UTC

And tho thanks was given for their service in the Great War.

2017-12-14 18:06:27 UTC

You know

2017-12-14 18:06:38 UTC

Imperials look white, and they are in control of all of Tamriel

2017-12-14 18:06:56 UTC


2017-12-14 18:07:05 UTC

imperials are white
just cucked

2017-12-14 18:07:08 UTC

think rome

2017-12-14 18:07:15 UTC


2017-12-14 18:07:31 UTC

@Bob Oliver Can you fix that emote

2017-12-14 18:07:38 UTC

Dark elves are thieving, enslaving, corrupt, and murdering dark ones who are refugees from a terrible land

2017-12-14 18:07:51 UTC

Imperial are cucked whites

2017-12-14 18:07:57 UTC

i could attempt it, but ill probably fuck it up
dont have photoshop, just ms paint

2017-12-14 18:08:05 UTC

Ah nvm I'll do it then

2017-12-14 18:08:07 UTC

Altmer are jews

2017-12-14 18:08:13 UTC

Orcs are mongols

2017-12-14 18:08:20 UTC

What are khajets

2017-12-14 18:08:24 UTC


2017-12-14 18:08:39 UTC

Bretons? Kek

2017-12-14 18:08:47 UTC

bretons are bretons lol

2017-12-14 18:08:52 UTC

Celts too

2017-12-14 18:09:15 UTC

Dark elves are Indians. They're smart but they're dirty and act like assholes.

2017-12-14 18:10:17 UTC


2017-12-14 18:10:19 UTC

Much better

2017-12-14 18:10:22 UTC


2017-12-14 18:10:58 UTC

good thing we protested the tyrannical opression of emoji permissions

2017-12-14 18:11:12 UTC

We siezed the means of emoji permissions

2017-12-14 18:11:22 UTC

siezed the means of reaction

2017-12-14 18:11:42 UTC

I like how nobody changed the names of the new emojis

2017-12-14 18:11:49 UTC

"png1" "png2"

2017-12-14 18:11:49 UTC

that was me lol

2017-12-14 18:11:53 UTC

too much work

2017-12-14 18:11:58 UTC

feel free to

2017-12-14 18:12:09 UTC

only one i changed was colton <:colton:390702415650750464>

2017-12-14 18:13:00 UTC

The weird thing about dark elves is that they have a lot of cultures mixed in. They have asian architecture, katanas and tanto, worship ancestor spirits like the chinese, and their ancient ruins and tribes have assyrian/babylonian names.

2017-12-14 18:13:21 UTC

They're a mongrol race, much like arabs

2017-12-14 18:13:55 UTC

Kk fixed the emojis

2017-12-14 18:13:58 UTC

they have names now

2017-12-14 18:15:04 UTC


2017-12-14 18:15:08 UTC

hard to tell who the groid race is. orcs fit the stereotype, redguard fit the appearance, but beast races often play the role.

2017-12-14 18:15:36 UTC

Nah orcs are pretty chill they keep to themselves

2017-12-14 18:15:36 UTC

redgaurds are normal nigs

2017-12-14 18:15:42 UTC

orcs are somolians

2017-12-14 18:15:50 UTC


2017-12-14 18:16:00 UTC

How much experience do you have with somalians

2017-12-14 18:16:14 UTC

Orcs just keep to themselves in their little communities

2017-12-14 18:16:19 UTC


2017-12-14 18:16:34 UTC

It's amusing to think that the first orc was literally poo

2017-12-14 18:16:41 UTC

They're still overly violent, and fucking nasty

2017-12-14 18:16:41 UTC

and the others were elves who wiped poo on their faces

2017-12-14 18:16:46 UTC

Orcs are mongols

2017-12-14 18:17:07 UTC

What are Wood Elves?

2017-12-14 18:17:09 UTC

When it comes to Fallout, the Brotherhood of Steel are our guys.

2017-12-14 18:17:10 UTC


2017-12-14 18:17:20 UTC

They're definitely Finns lmao

2017-12-14 18:17:28 UTC

Elder Maxson is literally James Mason

2017-12-14 18:17:31 UTC

I've been wondering about wood elves myself

2017-12-14 18:17:35 UTC

Raised in a fascist party

2017-12-14 18:17:39 UTC

Led it at a young age

2017-12-14 18:17:44 UTC

Supremely radical

2017-12-14 18:17:54 UTC

Wood Elves are a racial version of that short kid everyone picked on in school

2017-12-14 18:18:02 UTC

The commonwealth chapter of BOS is siegepilled

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