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probably 10 years behind Sweden

depends, the NRM is also smaller here

i wasent

you was?

yeah, alot of people also attended,

like 600 people attended

No, i became a member recently

Someone join VC it's getting lonely in here? Matthew?

2 months

Wait, are you Nordic`?

Nice, are you in the NMR discord

Oh, with the same name?

hmm, might read it

heard some negative things about it though

oh seriously?

can't use the webshop. it's down

y e a h

thats' good

cant buy iy though, since the webshop has been down for like 3 months


ah, don't really fancy the AWD

They look like neo nazis though

National socialists,

True, i have seen the Roman salutes


Well yeah, but "The nazis are coming" posters are very counter productive

did a AWD dude convert to Islam?

you need to have good optics for the movement to grow


I've seen it

it's glorious

"he's been a nazi for two months" i've been NS for over a year, joined the movement 2 months ago


Ok thanks, will read when i have time.

When are you joining VC Matthew

sounds like a massive soup

Yanks and diabetes

i am dissapoint of america

God Jul


Btw you should get roles for verified members

but what about

le 56% 🤔

muh islamic europ hur dur

dont mind america beeing 56% white



58 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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