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Hello everyone

Welding like crazy today for my cousin's husband on their farm. Working on a Percy for the alt right called alt Aspen. I'll link you guys in a bit

It's a personal project. My name is Alex Mackey. I just wanted to share my working document with anyone interested. I'll be attending Pikeville

Anywho hope everyone is well

Awah. Duties to your kids is as important as it gets

I've had a decent amount of real life experience helping people get their lives on track and I realized it was time to put together a more fashy idealist oriented project for the movement. There's a lot to add.

This is all going to turn into videos, hopefully some sort of online community, and a full blown lifestyle training organization within the alt right

I have a bit of help as is.

But if anyone has critique or contributions feel free to send it my way via DM or however, don't wanna crowd the chat too much or sound too shilly

Morning all

I mean, he has been surrounded by jews since before his run

I've heard a LOT of worries about this happening at some point


Antisemitism, while I am not very openly aggressive about, is fortunately a BIG player in my assesment of situations, so I don't really get caught off guard by this sort of thing

I grew up in south florida, and spent all my time at a church in boca raton

I've been to like, 8-12 passover dinners with orthodox jews, half the time it was a whole big to do that i was there

The JQ has always been kinda ...obvious to me in terms of "Yea no, these are not the same ppl"

Important digits today goys


Hey there, what park was pikeville originally going to be atl?

Hey all. Just back from pikeville

and damn that all sounds frustrating

little writeup i did on something that happened that you guys will deeply appreciate

Heavens yes.

I intend to do a much more in depth writeup after a bit more reflection this week. Might also make some videos regarding my thoughts on ideas that were talked about. I'd love some input on the development of these ideas.

Hell yeah. I need to make a video about that. I need to start writing down all the video ideas I got

I'm a green welder (out of school just 5 months ago and been working). I'm in OH and going to move to Missouri/AK (ozarks) by the end of the year. I was wondering if there was any specific unions or industries I should shoot for, if anyone would know.

Also hello all

^^ will start digging into

I did get some basica experience on pipe actually

even internal pipe welding from the outside kinda stuff

but still basic

I mean, I could get into the oil pipeline thing, but I plan on having kids by 3 years, and then a new kid every 3 years after that

^ hell yea! My whole welding class was almost completely white in a super diverse area

But yea, pipeline welding requires traveling, and if I want to settle and live on a piece of property and be able to spend time with my children consistently, it won't happen so well if I'm welding on a pipeline

that's just not the sort of father I'm willing to be

@dd✳555 thanks for the heads up. Also I was at pikeville fyi. Alex Mackey

There, gonna do this

I'm intending to start branding myself 100% real name, real face

Alt Aspen project is the things I was working on.

I was the Vanguard America flag bear

the one with the guardian?

I caught her ignoring what I was saying because her response was answered in my statement beforehand.

"Did you actually hear the last sentence I said"
She got really fuckin embarassed

and damn

yea naw

the other crew I was fine with tho

Coulda been lying

but they really did seem sincere to me

yea it is

Hey, also, we need internal media in the future

Hm. I'll have to see what comes of it

The interna guys I did see were pretty sparse

at least that weren't NSM

Hell yes

My brother is an audio engineer and I've worked with him on lighting/setting up. Music is vital in my eyes


yes, that was hilarious

she apologized

I agree with this article and I agree with the criticism. Like, I'm noot gonna go give em shit or anything, but I'm happy that the stormer went there

hello people

I didn't even know i was on this discord holybutts

Yea I feel like an idiot. I'm just neve ron discord


you guys will be the first to hear, it probably won't fall through either, i might be moving to central florida to work on a farm

so if anyone lives in FL i'll be within hitting range

Yea but not near where i'm from really

at all

south florida yes, very terrible

highest concentration of jews outside of NY in boca raton

I grew up kinda dodging them all the time

not knowing it


my mom taught me what to avoid without telling me what she was referring to...

anyways, going to bed, gnight all

Goooood morning

what? Thorogoods are excellent boots

worn among iron workers. I dunno. There's a lot of good boots honestly nowadays

Anywhoo good morning goys

@Fevs ah yea I didn't know we were talking tactical, i was talkin work

also wherein Ohio are you? I might be moving very soon, but i'm near Youngstown

Oh hai there.

Well, also what sells it to people is the amount of dishonesty he had regarding some of these questions I think.

oh shit things moved


and ah alright cool @Fevs
I'm probably relocating to somewhere in central florida come jan (ugh car insurance i can't afford it)

Not to be totally off topic but I figured someone around here might really enjoy this breakdown of the Carcano

cucked it but there,

^that's a rad name

Very good carry gun for very inexpensive

4-5lb trigger pull, compact, $250, single stack

i'd buy it, but i'm running on savings until jan/feb

any of you goys in central FL? (other than joanna, I know her)

Damn what a lovely community of truth seekers

Dude the rhetoric around here sucks

You people suck at having conversations

Not everyone here, just mostly mosby

He is utterly disrespectful and does not treat people with dignity.

There is no virtue in that.

And its why I don't join any of these groups

Thank you

I'm happy I'm not the only one upset by this discourse


I felt bad about getting off topic posting an inexpensive carry gun

oh no for everyone

oh no that's good, i just meant one with some history and it's inexpesnive af right now

spanish military police 1911
No backstrap safety (which is great), double action, single stack, under $300, made between 74 and 90something

they're pretty solid from reviews I've seen. New guns are nice, but I do have a thing with older pistols specifically

just a single stack 9 i believe

8 or 9 i thinnnk


don't EVER discourage people from apologizing

Seriously dudde

What the hell?

Obviously we should use ICQ



Yea I don't see any reason to get rid of it other than moderation being annoying

but so many people use it as a standard

but yea the other server being up would be rad for more serious conversations



I'm happy that you guys have correct priority.


I get disagreeing, but not coming into a discord and spitting on the floor at their feet.

Hey now

Some people broke their faith.

-I agree
-People should to be gentlemanly to their brothers honestly

^apologese are very important things

Precisely. I do agree.

I will say though, I want to start making videos on etiquette and how to internalize virtues, especially for our younger folks.

by 'our' i just mean nationalsts at large

Ad naseum is a really good phrase and I think people should use it.

ah good

that's better

It's also fun to say

I'm a sucker for thing sthat end in '-tia'

was with a russian girl named katia

"Sometimes it is useful to crush an argument with many words, but other times it makes more sense to insert the needle into the spinal chord and watch them crumple."

ha i'll be moving from NE ohio to central FL during winter

and i just moved up here last winter

Oooo, might be on a show, Kristoff Bornholm "The Right Voice"

oh i love those

but for function like seriously

I wish ctrl alt delete and the start menu worked better on win10

as someone who games with too many mods sometimes...

@Odalman weather they like it or not it will be one way or another

what is old enough now?

ah yea my brothers age, i'm 26

people in that range are in a weird spot

vanguarding right now trying to herd cats

"Yes I'm the pathfinder"

Ah yea the young and I get along, but I'm a fire dancers who was just at drum circles last year

not degenerate, but it's traditionally been my friendgroop

nah i'm all clean cut nshit

and also those kids are all white kids and our message sits well with them given the right approach

you'd be surprised how many guys are just waiting for a mentor to come along in that crowd


oh and i'm absurdly sincere rather than sarcastic

ah yea i suppose

but also i'm relating to the younger 20s ppl mostly lately, they tend to be myt friend group

I have a few guys i talk to younger. People appreciate the sincerity on the field from what I've seen. The assholes run away from it

But I know how to not be aggro also

which, a lot of people don't do


i grew up in south florida in the thick of it

so it was either adapt to those white kids, or get stuck with the christian private school types

annnnnnnd that wasn't gonna happen


hey can anyone here appraise gun prices at all?

Because I really wanna sell this enfield but I have no idea what to start asking at

sporterized not og

um in terms of stock, and chromed bolt

which is kinda wild

I have a pistol

and i'm selling this gun _to_ buy another long rifle

So that i have something i can actually afford to train with

ah yea i couldn't fathom lower than 250 lol

but regardless right now i'm in a transitional period, so i need to hold onto liquid for a bit. Long rifle won't hurt

ah good to know thanks


right on

Added you guys

mine is the one with the face that looks like a psycho

ha i was just listeniging to a youtube video where someone linkeed their myspace

Really fun music from back in 09/10 that no one is ever going to know about or care that i love

(he links to his myspace inthe description thats why this is relavant)

yea i'm from them days

i was early sneaking on facebook when it was a college only thing

i barely remember those things

it's allllll fuzzy

I just remember writing

I wasn't that active on myspace and stuff though

honestly that shit gets so under my skin

but that's because my exs tend to fall under that category and i'm still bitter

not mommy part


Mine were all gothy/animey.

Eh, I'll always end up with someone on that end of things because of how actively pagan I am.

and the friends i keep

but like, as you get older it because much more subtle regardless, and the lables are uselses

i just need an italian girl or an irish girl and i'm happy

those always tend to work

literally every ex i've had lol

I'm irish italian sry

Yup, the ol northeastern tango

i know


Eh, it smells like nhilism and fritzed out aesthetic taste

reflects on a chaotic spirit

Oh fevs

I know that feel

*teen days*



I'll always believe that's a relatively normal thing

just from personal experience

even if it's just because my world is fucked up *shrug*


no gud

Man the social world isn't great though so I can understand

ah oki i guess. I think it's weird for me because I am one of those dudes with all the friends who are girls

so i forget

deff a ltitle too feminine and flamboyant growing up yea

not gay though


They like me because I give them affection without having a sex drive that controls me and leads me to give them attention.

and no

I have a fine relationship with my mom and day both

I wasn't until I found the utility of it

There are ways to own the feminine things about yourself and still run with the masculine spirit

I sure as hell do

You're a weirdo

yea that's fine you can just do whatever you wanna do

I don't know what you're talking about

I have friends who i do things with

and then there are girls that i have relationships with

cuck, i don't view females as things to fuck

I actually make jewlry, wirewrap, console, mentor, teach calligraphy, etcetcetc

I don't do the 'girls are just there to fuck and play with' thing

you talk like it

and i would spit at your feet

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