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Hello goys

who is that?


everyone make your profile pic, your pic on here, so i can keep track of you goys

My phone died goys


Hey, this is Justin Burger, i was a shield carrier at Shelbyville, can you good goys vet me for the chat.


They hit one of our girls.

We hit no one.

Lol, in the video, our guy is just trying to walk away and she is grabbing his jacket.

If the coal burner wasnt there, we would drank and been on our merry way.

Some good pics of our guys i got.

Can one of you guys approve me for the regular chat?




We should of beat his ass.

Wife beating is fucking degen.

Paddy Tarleton is fucking magic.

If IE "optics" are so good, then why are tons of them leaving to join TWP?

5 guys i was with literally left IE at the event.


Damigo is fucking annoying.

He is a convicted felon for robbing a brown person at gun point, and cries optics


He disavowed us.

Nah man, tough loss, where did you last see it?

Yeah, should ask Heimbach.

When Nazi santa finds a naughty child.

Did you see how white farmers and laborers are blocking all highways and express ways with cars in South Africa to protest their genocide.
tens of thousands.

They might refuse to produce food, causing a massive famine in SA to force their demands.
Only make enough food for themselves.

They want guaranteed government protection of their farms.

This is the first step the Afrikaners has taken since Apartheid. This movement has no name yet, but you can search it through #blackmonday. "

Yeah, paid actors are blown out of proportion.

Lots of it is just for show.

Yeah, in Murfrees it showed them marching in formation chanting an old German Antifa chant.

Will find it.

Yeah, Antifa was not in Shelby, they were waiting to attack us at Murfrees.

only 1 Antifa flag and like 10 people tops at shelby.

Heimbach looking swole in this pic.


According to opticucks, we NAZBOL now.

Glad Damigo the Felon/money stealer is no longer leader of IE

Antifa now openly defend pedos.
>No pedo bashing.

Yet we have bad optics, give me a fucking break you idiots.

Tbh, i feel bad for not looking closer, i would of gone in and beat a wife beater.

"Nazis defend woman from abusive husband"

that headline would be great.

Yeah, thats me.

Hey, cowboy, they have your pic on a news website.


I am a Accelerationist.

We have to go full Weimar before it gets better.

Any other Georgia goys? Me and my buddy Ian are the only 2 i know of here.

Where you at?



"house gets raided by antifags"

I had Antifa threaten to attack when i leave work.

They know where i work.

The leader of Catalonia has fled to Belgium.
He is seeking to be executed for treason.

I wonder if Belgium will take him back to Spain by force.

Damn, i found a Ted Cruz pic, but it cucked me and wont let me send.

New patch possibility.


The average black urbanite.



Amazingly i havnt, my face is every fucking where.

Their leader did stick a butt plug up his ass on camera, and kissed another guy.

@☦Colton of Yore☦ yeah, my shield was fucked up from the beginning, i was assuming someone ran out of K's.

Hey, my girlfriend just reported that Antifa is rioting in St Augustine, Florida, they want the local confederate cavalry statues taken down.

She is in the same town.

They are also pissed because a local bakery owner came to work in blackface.

And the owner is refusing to say sorry.


OY VEY, how dare you impersonate my people


Damigo will cry himself to sleep, but thats about it.

Not sure, but he will have a twitterfit.

Paddy is great.

Any have an idea on the next Rally location?

Yeah, there wont be another one for the winter.

Until probably fall.

Yeah, my mistake.

IE and Proud boys and a couple others will no longer rally with us.

Yeah, all of those groups made NF take the fighting.

We are just muscle to them.

We essentially the same dream, just a different way of doing it.

share the same*


So Niggers probably?

Troubled disadvantaged youth.


Any of you Nibbers have Day Of Infamy?

Add me on Steam if you have it.

I know he was very keen on protecting his identity.

Why did Anglin go all lite on us all of a sudden?

Yeah, the news is reporting that we are attacking one another.

Literally articles on it.

Damigo is a Felon for robbing a brown person and punched that woman at a rally, he has no right to cry optics

Yeah, NF is the muscle, that is what they use us for.

I like in Urban Georgia.



I know the head of the Arizona branch of the NSM works with local police catching illegals and finding drug smugglers and their stashes.

Good guy.

Me and my friend are starting a website about white news, culture , crime, and events, called Caucasian Policy Center

What do you goys think about the 4TH?

True, shivering my ass off, worth it though.


>Heimbach >Fed

>pic one


Heimbach is the one leader i trust.

5 guys i was with at Shelby left IE and joined TWP.

I also dont like how Richard Spencer is your groups poster boy.

Richard literally likes token gays.

He isnt gay, but he is fine with gays.

Yeah, thinking of posting the around the local churches at night.


Fuck those who insult Heimbach, one current leader I would follow to hell and back.

Yeah, if he is, then Parrot is as well, both accusations are bullshit.

How fucking tall is Spencer? or is every fucking 5'4?


every one*


I am a short guy, as you can tell at the rally, shortest of the shield wall, i am nicknamed Manlet king.

RIP my life.


Same, the Klan has a cool history, but they are dead and should move on.

I dont think TWP allows dual membership.

I know Heimbach met with their leader.

He also met with the leader of the massive Russian Fascist movement.

The Hammers are classified as the largest Neo-Nazi group in the US according to WIKI.

Once we get big enough, we need to send volunteers to fight for Assad, oh how i wish TWP was big enough.

If we helped, we could get funding from Syria after they win.

As a political party friendly to them.

I know, just thoughts.


Yeah, lets stop.


Bad Optics and doing something illegal are completely different.

We need to fund buying a banner plane, then get someone to fly a TWP sign around the country lmfao

Even if they dont matter, yeah, we should stop.

I also agree no more Klan allowed.

I am on edge about NSM already.

Dont trust them.


The NDF could be a different group, then they join TWP at all events.

Just hope they dont betray us like the SA did....

Purging of the SA caused the death of many innocent men.

Schoep has a history of interracial relationships.

Which makesme weary.


makes me*

Wtf, it wont let me turn it off of push to talk, and it wont let me set a key.

Matt "Two sips, two genders" Heimbach


GD are larpers mahhhhhhm

Does daddy Heimbach want us to wear banana hammocks now?

I own a 1968 Soviet gas mask.

with extra filters.

They said they are going to attack people dressed as NF members.

To make people turn on us.

I live in Altanta and i have one.


I bet its a ebil nahtzee


Talking with out action is useless.

You will die with no accomplishment.

He loves stroking his own cock so hard.


I shut the bitch boy down.

He is messaging me since he doesnt want to get smeared in public.

He is saying i am "lol triggered"

Yeah, i am banned.

Its fine, he is now refusing to argue with me on chat.

Anglin cant fucking argue, his whole thing is triggering the left, he cannot debate.

We are donating clothes to people in the name of TWP?

I can get behind that/

Ok, can i invite her?

Idk, i am a new member of TWP.

Tfw Anglin says we need to be more like GD, and Heimbach has personally met with GD.

I love how i just shot down half of the Alt-Rights idle.

Anglin is not Alt-Lite in my eyes.


Lol, its up to you boss.


Its deleted.

I know.

We are currently in the Bunker in New Vegas, once a great people forced into hiding, waiting for out courier.



Opticocks seem to claim to follow the teachings of Pierce.

Pierce never said to attack others for going their own way.

Oh and about the military, they did research and found 25% of our military sympathizes with us, that's around 300,000, including one major fleet admiral who declined to give his name.

Pierce's current "followers" disgrace him.

Yeah, good idea.


Mine has a law that if you work for over 90 days at the same job, they are required to have a legitimate issue with you concerning you at work to fire you.

@☦Colton of Yore☦ you are required to grow a bowlcut for the next rally.

<:totenthink:374717028012916746> >reflect

Anglin or Damigo are doing none of that


Anglin literally made a post and said "HAIL ANGLIN' at the end, he loves stroking his own cock

Anglin loves extremism, as long as it's from people that worship him, and not others.

He thinks he is the single most God figure of our entire movement.

I am glad DS keeps going down tbh

And Anglin hit on under age (by US standards) girls in Asia.

I just hate it when people insult for carrying the torch of other movements around the world, and hate being useless fake armchair "intellectuals"

Insult us*

All of TWP, even our leaders are blue collar workers/laborers

Damn, we need s funder.


Antifa and BLM have millionaire backing.

We do not.

Could you imagine a Abhrams decorated in TWP fashion.

You can buy a heavily armord cold war APC for like 20,000


We could do it, but the police might get intimidated at a rally.

Found a working Czech one for 18,000 that needs repairs.

Also comes with a turret slot that we could easily turn into a high-powered water hose, which isn't illegal.

This is it, but it needs repairs.

And APC are legal as long as they have no lethal turret and the tires are regular civilian and nothing like armored military tires.

True, but having one isn't.

Yeah, we own a bear farm and that APC is the only way to water our crop.

Free range bear farm


Takes a minimum 3 men to operate.

Fully.of course all you need is 1 to drive


I was thinking about buying it on my own accord if I get money

It's dirt cheap.

A fucking armored troop transport for 18,000

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