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It was created by rebellious jews and a greek, actually.

christianity is not white tbh

it was forced on our ancestors by a failed empire

I use christianity as a vector for redpilling people

Just use the Bible as a reference for all the horrible things jews did to people, and compare it to today's jews.

That's because they had geography

Some of the finest art I've ever seen.

"People who have unpopular opinions are cowards"

What a wonderful way to live.

Golden Corral can be pretty hit or miss

I just eat as much steak there as I can

everything else isn't really worth eating, besides fried okra and soft-serve ice cream

It's just like Ryan's, if they have one of those anywhere you've lived before. Though the steak tends to be better tasting at Ryan's.

It's definitely better than S&S Cafeteria

Suggestion for eating there. Go to GC when you want to eat a lot of cheap steak with friends.

You do have to stand in a line to get it, and sometimes the line can get big late in the day.

He's literally a faggot

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Intel Core i7-4790K @ 4.00GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 970
Sennheiser 3D G4ME1 Headset
ASUS ROG Maximus VI Impact
Corsair RM750x PSU
Cooler Master Elite 130 [Mini-ITX]

Direct link to the CDN

image is real indeed

I suppose PH caught onto the hot new trend of yentas

The ergonomic mice are even weirder

Dark elves are thieving, enslaving, corrupt, and murdering dark ones who are refugees from a terrible land

The weird thing about dark elves is that they have a lot of cultures mixed in. They have asian architecture, katanas and tanto, worship ancestor spirits like the chinese, and their ancient ruins and tribes have assyrian/babylonian names.

hard to tell who the groid race is. orcs fit the stereotype, redguard fit the appearance, but beast races often play the role.

It's amusing to think that the first orc was literally poo

and the others were elves who wiped poo on their faces

Wood Elves are a racial version of that short kid everyone picked on in school

wood elves are the most "fantastic" of the elves. They live in the woods, talk to animals and use bows.

The wood elves seem very gaelic and celtic


IDK I actually liked the Enclave in spite of the fact they're (((feds)))

They ethnically cleansed the wasteland

The enclave is the holdover from the federal government, a shadow government in fact

They were sheltered in their own vaults and came out to reconquer the wasteland for America

they had a line of "presidents" who were of the same bloodline

Their HQ was in a oil rig and used tribal people for experiments.

Did not shy from poisoning water just to kill wastelanders due to their impurity

They storm vaults and take the vault dwellers for recruiting into their military

Zero problem

it's ultra based




You could even join them in FO2



They do require reducing the human population to make more of their own

so they're quite dindu


Fawkes wasn't in prior games I think

Yeah NV is in the same place as 1/2

In fact, NV is probably the most "true" of all the newer FO games

I like watching him change throughout the games

Honestly I didn't like the combat system of the earlier fallouts

I kinda just went with it

I never liked old CRPG combat systems really

But that's what VATS is a reference to

Since it freezes everything and lets you have turns

even makes the same sound effect

The games are essentially the same game engine wise

FO2 has a bigger map

and more fluff

and more characters

just more content in general

Just think of it this way

it could have been like FF7, Ultima Online or Zork: Grand Inquisitor.

all 1997 releases like FO1

Probably was the best possible RPG system at the time

Knowing Bethesda, they won't.

Another company would need to buy them out first

and force them to.

I never really thought about it, but a lot of my irl friends are actually Gen Zers.

I met them through my youngest cousin and they were so redpilled

we play tabletop games and vidya

I was jelly

when I was growing up I had to censor myself because everyone was PC. Couldn't express views on economics because that made me racist. Always was in trouble for thought crime.

Gen X has a lot of hypocrites concerning racism, too. They're often selectively racist, so you're only allowed to be racist about certain things.

like it's okay to hate towelheads

but the second you start presenting the JQ

instant PC attitude

yeah same here

Mine is what I like to call "bipolar-racist"

he's only racist when he's upset or having an episode

Consequently I think I like my father when he is angry more than I do when he is calm


yep, they turn racist temporarily when chimpouts happen


Well yeah, old people feel like they outrank you

hence hypocrisy is okay because they stomped on dirt for longer than you did

I wonder what America is going to be like when X completely takes over for boomers

They're disaffected and often nihilistic. Known for being slackers.

They'd let the world burn around them so long as it didn't affect them.

The most lemming out of all gens

I still feel optimistic about my gen even though it's the most PC.

They're motivated at least.

post-conversion they could be very useful if motivated for other causes

My complaint about Gen Zers is that they always ask me to buy alcohol when I hang out with them

No worries, I obey the law.

alcoholism is degenerate


Guy is such a clown

I drink, but I don't support alcoholism.

So I don't want to introduce kids to the stuff.

My parents are alcoholics and made me miserable growing up

I would wish that fate on nobody nor their children

I only drank alone. usually just 1 or 2 shots.

That's probably the coolest cover the atlantic has ever made

all red and everything

I want a poster


It would motivate you to get up and leave your room at least

you know, for those days when you just don't want to get up

Isn't a blue downward facing triangle one of the symbols used to mark immigrants in concentration camps?

Deleted mine 4 years ago

don't miss it one bit

sites like FB are just a distraction

sounds typical

Strip clubs would hardly exist without thirsty sailors

When I went to my first command the first thing my mentor did when he was done with the base tour was pay for a ticket to a strip club

"We're eating mexican tonight, seaman"

hah that's based


I had fun that one time but I wouldn't go to a club again.

Especially when you're in the service

some of the girls actually know the base quarterdeck number

Yeah the natural way is the best way

Pretty sure this would have been illegal 10 years ago

@Sir88 Encryption isn't necessary for radio comms

Full digital protocol radio is almost as good

since there are several different kinds of digital transmissions

In fact it's how people legally bypass encryption rules

Post-SHTF, digital radios will still be pretty uncommon.

The people who do have them are police officers and feds (non-military) for the most part.

Yeah, a pack of D-Star radios would be pretty useful

Well yeah, everyone will be watching the waves.

Shouldn't be too much of a problem if you stick to handsets

Not accounting for how much lower the noise floor might be

Now I want shtf to happen just so I can try DXing

Nerds with SDRs and spectrometers probably won't survive. I'd be very surprised if anyone with that kinda tech would still be around post-collapse

I have one too

So that means you have to kick their ass and make them submit

"Stop being so black fragile and fight me"



so existing is fragility

Since when did a dictionary need a blog?

More interestingly does the webster and oxford dictionary fight on twitter?

nope. Looks like they both are cucked.

Since when were dictionaries supposed to be politically dictated anyway? Are they going to remove non-PC words too?

I've gained pounds since I got out. They can't draft me. 😂

IT Degree, tech support, networking, database management, and web design.

country master race

idk how people can afford to live in cities anyway. no job I've ever had pays enough.

Why attack your mailman when your dog already does a fine job at it?

that's great

Why can't that poor dude catch a break?


guess you can't say the j-word anymore


I never remembered wikileaks being so based

one of the founders stole a yacht from Aleister Crowley's student.

It was supposedly the first boat in the scientologist fleet.

I can think of better commodities to invest in that have zero fees for transactions.

You must really hate fiat money

I'm glad I never fell for the kekistan meme back when it was actually relevant

just imagine how much kek related crap some retards had to throw out

pretty creepy

I've met people of romanian descent before

Had to go wayyy out of dixieland to meet them

I imagine they're more common in non-coastal northern states

But when I first met him I thought he was part asian though, admittedly.

He looked like the fedora guy

In fact I'm pretty sure the fedora guy meme is part romanian

Meteor shower

Caused a flash in the sky in 3 states last night

Good time to go hunting for meteorites

they're not so bad. they mostly smack talk boomers. That's what they're probably referring to as "fascists"

The point of siege is not doing anything for the movement, and rather preparing for a time when the term "movement" is no longer relevant, and accelerating the collapse of society

There will be no movement

rather a reconstruction of civilization from its ashes

Being armed isn't being prepared

it's a lot more complicated

it isn't, actually

e-celebs are hardly the answer to the white man's problem.

I think the movement is great, certainly not against its existence

Based China

Yeah that's true, I've never had spics chimp out on nor near me, ever.

Spics are sort of like low-level jews. They have merchant-like tendencies and tend to manipulate people more.

I've known many a spic who manipulated chimps and made them attack people

technically speaking there are your "folks"

which is a different concept than your "folk"

kind of like the difference between your people and the people you love.

You don't necessarily love random white people

"hey random white guy from my country, I love you. Good night."

there's familial love, there's racial love, and there's love between lovers. they're all different kinds of love.

The racial love is "jesus-like" for lack of better term.

it was a figure of speech

I tend to use "love" for strangers in a way similar to respecting people as a golden rule

if you can wait for the collapse of american society

there will be more than you could count


Of course, Kohai-chan.

So Obama is part of a cloning project

Not only is he a kenyan AND muslim, he's a test tube baby replica of a muslim terrorist

and a communist

actually wrong

The mistake here is that there isn't a particulate filter on the respirator

you need a particulate filter for filtering out OC spray

OV only neutralizes CN and CS gas

or stink chemicals


magenta is just the particulate element

btw these go bad after you open up the pack and let them sit for a few months

the particulate part lasts indefinitely

it filters out OC spray

and dust

and fallout

and germs

won't do anything for tear gas

or anything that stinks

If you don't know what will be used, buy a Olive/Magenta filter like the one I posted


you might be better off with a ABEKP type filter

6099 model is similar to the standard issue CBRN filters that come with gas masks for military

it is

mold is a spore

spores are huge particles

this might be a gimme, but your gas mask doesn't make you invincible. If you get mustard gassed, your plastic or butyl mask will get eaten by the shit

if you're being gassed by chemical weapons, gtfo immediately

It's cheap and easy to produce

That's a rumor

pissrags are ineffective

Also you shouldn't have to have a NBC suit if you decontaminate your clothes

NBC suits only protect against splash

not vapors

your skin will still get blisters from mustard gas in your suit

unless it's like one of those inflatable CDC suits

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