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2017-12-10 21:40:26 UTC

its quiet

2017-12-10 21:41:07 UTC

lets face it, nothing is going to happen. the arabs will bitch and moan...hamas will fire some rockets and palis will throw rocks and burn flags

2017-12-10 21:41:15 UTC

iran doesn't have the balls to do shit

2017-12-10 21:41:21 UTC

and hezbollah is too busy in Syria

2017-12-10 21:41:56 UTC

Isn't Iran kind of up to their necks in Syra/Iraq too? Haven't been keeping up

2017-12-10 21:42:01 UTC


2017-12-10 21:42:24 UTC

as long as we back Israel, the arabs won't do any directly

2017-12-10 21:42:37 UTC

exception was Hezbollah in 2006 which made me quite happy

2017-12-10 21:52:55 UTC


2017-12-10 21:54:43 UTC

Tagged the Rock, then went flyering the town last night. Triggered some nogs and hindus, too.

2017-12-10 22:03:00 UTC

Good work bro

2017-12-10 22:03:29 UTC

We tangled last night as well\


2017-12-10 22:03:59 UTC

Put up well over 100 stickers

2017-12-10 22:04:56 UTC

I'm pretty sure

2017-12-10 22:09:05 UTC

Around 150-180 stickers

2017-12-10 22:09:29 UTC

damn son

2017-12-10 22:11:09 UTC

I walked around this afternoon and checked. A lot have been scratched or ripped off, but a surprising amount remain. I think we triggered a lot of shitlibs

2017-12-10 22:13:11 UTC

damn well done!

2017-12-10 22:13:16 UTC

how long did it take?

2017-12-10 22:13:55 UTC

Around 25-30 minutes from drop off to exfil. We had three teams cover a very large swath of campus

2017-12-10 22:14:15 UTC


2017-12-10 22:14:40 UTC

hey who got some good ww3 era artwork

2017-12-10 22:14:51 UTC

the concept of man striving towards a goal?

2017-12-10 22:15:05 UTC

teh chisel face style

2017-12-10 22:19:24 UTC

so this happened.

2017-12-10 22:19:29 UTC

knoxville is based

2017-12-10 22:19:38 UTC


2017-12-10 22:37:00 UTC

this is the style I'm looking for...any got pics like this? that forward look, chiseled frame, striving towards a goal


2017-12-10 23:26:49 UTC

Can anyone @here comment on the quality of the gear on this site? A lot of the stuff is only shippable to a LE address, so I suspect there's actually some good stuff to be found. https://www.galls.com/tactical-riot-gear

2017-12-10 23:27:09 UTC

Alternatively, just post good riot gear sites

2017-12-10 23:28:53 UTC

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe that's professional-tier. It's the stuff they actually use ftmp

2017-12-10 23:29:30 UTC

Awesome, I'm ordering a full-body anti-blunt trauma suit from them + ballistic helmet and steel-toed boots

2017-12-10 23:29:42 UTC

Will set me back about 700 but I'll be ready for Cville 4.0

2017-12-10 23:29:51 UTC


2017-12-10 23:29:54 UTC


2017-12-10 23:30:09 UTC

you think that's a good idea?

2017-12-10 23:30:12 UTC

Why not?

2017-12-10 23:30:28 UTC

At the very least it'll be a good Halloween costume.

2017-12-10 23:30:31 UTC

whatever man, you do you

2017-12-10 23:30:40 UTC

a very expensive halloween costume

2017-12-10 23:30:49 UTC

No, tell me what's wrong with it

2017-12-10 23:31:06 UTC

js, $700 for something you'll maybe use once or twice

2017-12-10 23:32:02 UTC

and on top of that, you're assuming cville 3 will be the same as cville 2

2017-12-10 23:32:27 UTC

I mean, if you're planning on going to the Kessler one, it probably will be

2017-12-10 23:32:37 UTC

because it doesn't look like he learns from his mistakes

2017-12-10 23:32:37 UTC

Well, Jason wants us all to march in as one group to Lee Park

2017-12-10 23:32:50 UTC

And I intend on being protected in CQB

2017-12-10 23:32:59 UTC

Don't want a brick to the head lul

2017-12-10 23:33:00 UTC

knock yourself out man

2017-12-10 23:33:04 UTC


2017-12-10 23:33:34 UTC

*buy cheap riot gear from online suppliers*

2017-12-10 23:33:40 UTC

*blacks are always bound to start fires*

2017-12-10 23:36:50 UTC

nigga, you got enough to share?

2017-12-10 23:36:56 UTC

Seems kind of waste of money, SWAT style helmet and a riot shield for the people responsible for defending would be about as much as you're gonna need. Having a manlet in full tacticool gear soloing around would be just pointless except for Halloween photo ops.

2017-12-10 23:37:34 UTC

@Kombat-Unit Actually, I was shopping for standardized gear for a group of about 10 people.

2017-12-10 23:37:41 UTC

Not just myself.

2017-12-10 23:38:10 UTC

@Vice Commander Hunt no, I earned my wagebux

2017-12-10 23:39:04 UTC

We're all coming from down south and renting out a cabin, and were discussing common gear lists.

2017-12-10 23:54:42 UTC

talks about twp

2017-12-11 00:11:47 UTC

Nigga i aint readin all that shit

2017-12-11 00:12:11 UTC

reading is for bigbrainnibbas

2017-12-11 00:12:45 UTC

Yeah i dont got the attention span for all the book learnin shit

2017-12-11 00:12:55 UTC

When is CVille 4.0?

2017-12-11 00:13:01 UTC

@Flaxxer August 12th 2018

2017-12-11 00:13:03 UTC

Aug 12

2017-12-11 00:13:05 UTC

anniversary edition

2017-12-11 00:13:08 UTC


2017-12-11 00:13:34 UTC

@BloodEagle Nibba you're in that Antifa Article

2017-12-11 00:14:05 UTC

Too bad its soooo long that no one will ever read far enough in to see him

2017-12-11 00:14:54 UTC

He's in the first video fam

2017-12-11 00:14:58 UTC

At the very beginning

2017-12-11 00:20:40 UTC

Lol that's just my role play character

2017-12-11 00:22:55 UTC

Take the nigger pill

2017-12-11 00:37:05 UTC


2017-12-11 00:37:33 UTC

fukin hell!

2017-12-11 00:37:46 UTC

how do I get discord to open chrome default

2017-12-11 00:37:54 UTC

instead of IE which blows

2017-12-11 00:48:58 UTC

@Der Jäger whoa friend, don't counter-signal IE in this server lol

2017-12-11 00:49:21 UTC

Ew ie

2017-12-11 00:49:34 UTC

They don't deserve the capital letters

2017-12-11 00:49:56 UTC

Internet explorer >ie

2017-12-11 00:50:25 UTC

Wait, there's a difference?

2017-12-11 00:50:34 UTC

Both gay

2017-12-11 00:51:18 UTC

Ohhh Took me a minute, good one

2017-12-11 00:51:54 UTC

Don't you mean Microsoft Edge which is in no way Internet Explorer why would you suggest that

2017-12-11 00:52:28 UTC

>implying everyone has windows 8 or higher

2017-12-11 00:52:36 UTC

7 supremacy

2017-12-11 00:52:58 UTC

Lol win 10 ultimate supremacy

2017-12-11 00:53:38 UTC

XP master race

2017-12-11 00:53:42 UTC

Windows 10 for internet use - A+

Windows 10 for anything else - F

2017-12-11 00:53:59 UTC

Have we not been bantzing internet explorer this whole time?

2017-12-11 00:54:17 UTC

>inb4 autistic Linux screeching

2017-12-11 00:54:37 UTC

Fuck baseline Firefox, tor supremacy

2017-12-11 00:56:12 UTC

>not creating your own web browser from scratch

2017-12-11 00:56:17 UTC

Tor is great but it’s slow

2017-12-11 00:57:00 UTC

I toggle between chrome and Tor

2017-12-11 00:57:04 UTC


2017-12-11 00:57:08 UTC


2017-12-11 00:58:18 UTC

I hate win10 updates like crazy though. Always affects my games for some reason. Or could just be straight effecting my GPU every time.

2017-12-11 00:58:49 UTC

It’s annoying. Worst thing about win10

2017-12-11 00:59:32 UTC

Does somebody have that Linux vs Windows vs OSX updates picture?

2017-12-11 00:59:45 UTC


2017-12-11 01:01:09 UTC

I still havent updated since windows 95, see no need to at this point

2017-12-11 01:01:09 UTC


2017-12-11 01:01:54 UTC


2017-12-11 01:04:53 UTC


2017-12-11 01:06:42 UTC


2017-12-11 01:32:16 UTC
2017-12-11 01:51:35 UTC

Windows 10 is alright. I've gotten used to it

2017-12-11 01:51:54 UTC

I'm not some fuckin wizard though so maybe it just sucks for ways I've yet to use it

2017-12-11 01:53:57 UTC

its decent enough for me

2017-12-11 01:54:06 UTC

except for the update thing, which I've turned off

2017-12-11 01:54:09 UTC

Windows 7 is imo the best itteration of windows so far but I still use W10

2017-12-11 01:56:16 UTC

Coming to Xbox Kinect

2017-12-11 01:56:23 UTC


2017-12-11 02:02:24 UTC

Another flawless article @parrott

2017-12-11 02:02:31 UTC

Bit too short for my taste though.

2017-12-11 02:03:34 UTC

I prefer shorter. People are more likely to actually read the whole thing

2017-12-11 02:06:12 UTC

Why are cats so afraid of cucumbers?

2017-12-11 02:09:51 UTC

Are they? I'll have to test

2017-12-11 02:10:20 UTC

@fassel What have you done to them?

2017-12-11 02:11:56 UTC

Results inconclusive, cat sniffed the cucumber but was indifferent

2017-12-11 02:14:56 UTC

You have to put it down near that cat while it's not looking

2017-12-11 02:16:17 UTC

Yeah an unsuspecting cat who is then face to face with a cucumber will do backflips

2017-12-11 02:22:24 UTC

Theres hundreds of these cats and cucumbers videos on yt. If i had cucumbers or cats available id test myself but only outdoor cats around here and the total contents of my fridge consists of beer and hotdogs

2017-12-11 02:23:07 UTC

Who in here eats steak like a man

2017-12-11 02:23:23 UTC


2017-12-11 02:23:24 UTC

With horseradish sauce? Me

2017-12-11 02:23:35 UTC

Not even cooked, just seared

2017-12-11 02:23:54 UTC

It still moos

2017-12-11 02:24:19 UTC

I like to eat mine before the body heat has left

2017-12-11 02:24:50 UTC


2017-12-11 02:25:47 UTC

Blue rare = best flavor

2017-12-11 02:25:58 UTC

Sadly it's never quite hot enough

2017-12-11 02:26:21 UTC

My current steak isn't even room temperature

2017-12-11 02:28:02 UTC


2017-12-11 02:28:15 UTC

Thats how to steak

2017-12-11 02:29:18 UTC

I like it to taste like a peice of charcoal

2017-12-11 02:29:50 UTC

Pan sear for 5 to 7 mins in olive oil

2017-12-11 02:30:02 UTC

anyhing more cooked than medium is boot leather and <:gas:349472519603879937> awaits you in your future if you like it

2017-12-11 02:30:17 UTC

Eating blood is gay and pagan, @fassel you did good fam

2017-12-11 02:30:31 UTC

With a nice butter glaze

2017-12-11 02:30:40 UTC

Hey Boys

2017-12-11 02:30:42 UTC

Flavor is degenerate. Cook it till its gone

2017-12-11 02:30:50 UTC


2017-12-11 02:31:06 UTC

My dad took me out for a $100 steak a few weeks ago. That was the best meat I've ever tasted

2017-12-11 02:31:35 UTC

jesus christ that react

2017-12-11 02:31:46 UTC


2017-12-11 02:31:50 UTC

I don't like blue rare because it's not hot enough so you don't get the full experience

2017-12-11 02:31:53 UTC


2017-12-11 02:32:07 UTC

8 dollar steak, not cooked <:thumbsupreich:374715790693367808> <:thumbsupreich:374715790693367808>

2017-12-11 02:32:16 UTC

i don't like anything over medium because it doesn't have any flavor and it's too hot

2017-12-11 02:32:24 UTC

Not very tender though

2017-12-11 02:33:10 UTC

I think Church canons forbid rare stakes, though not sure. 🤔

2017-12-11 02:33:20 UTC


2017-12-11 02:33:46 UTC

Something something blood 🤔

2017-12-11 02:33:58 UTC

Work has been done on the Party song, this should be the final version unless someone has a bolt of brilliance for an improvement in the next few days. To the tune of the Horst Wessel Lied

"Our flag flies high! We stand as one together
In steadfast rows, the youth marches ahead
And through our deeds, we shall live forever
Our battle cry, fills our foes with dread

No more in shame! We raise our holy banner
Reduced to slaves, never was our fate
Stand for our Folk, our nation, pride, and honor
We shall act now, before it is too late

The time is now! Our people have awoken
Proudly we march, in uniforms of black
There won’t be peace, until our chains are broken
We’ve crossed the line, there is no turning back

The fight goes on! Against the rootless strangers
We’ll shed our blood, until the final end
We shall not fall, our people are in danger
So stand your ground, be loyal now comrades"

2017-12-11 02:34:40 UTC

Rare/medium rare is the perfect steak range

Only "Torah Christians" forbid rare steaks

2017-12-11 02:34:52 UTC

Blue rare

2017-12-11 02:35:09 UTC

I have blood on my hands

2017-12-11 02:35:10 UTC

Theres no lines about stomping niggers... or beating faggots...

2017-12-11 02:35:31 UTC


2017-12-11 02:37:21 UTC

Doesn't even mention The Jew by name, just implicitly

2017-12-11 02:37:42 UTC


2017-12-11 02:37:53 UTC

Dinner at the fasselhoff house

2017-12-11 02:37:56 UTC


2017-12-11 02:38:23 UTC

Song doesn't mention Esoteric Heimbowlism not interested

2017-12-11 02:40:31 UTC

I got demoted

2017-12-11 02:40:53 UTC

Heimbach for Fuhrer

2017-12-11 02:46:26 UTC

never cooking steak again

2017-12-11 02:46:52 UTC

the steak wasnt tough, just where it was cooked was tough

2017-12-11 02:47:05 UTC

cut it off, and now its just falling apart

2017-12-11 03:06:51 UTC

Hey guise im having issues w my windows 95


2017-12-11 03:09:53 UTC

Windows 95 LOL

2017-12-11 03:10:14 UTC

i doubt many ppl even have a computer that can run it

2017-12-11 03:11:14 UTC

how to go without nicotine

2017-12-11 03:11:38 UTC

If it aint broke dont fix it

2017-12-11 03:26:33 UTC

I've been happy to see even some of the basic bitch WNs finally take the anti-cop pill. It got tiresome having to BTFO "b-buh #NotAllCops" faggots all the time.

2017-12-11 03:27:54 UTC

who is this faggot

2017-12-11 03:28:31 UTC


2017-12-11 03:29:17 UTC

Cramming siegepills down everyone's throats finally paid off, the comment section is like 300 posts of pure copdeath.

2017-12-11 03:29:34 UTC

Bout damn time

2017-12-11 03:30:00 UTC

All Cop cucking used to make me cringe

2017-12-11 03:30:05 UTC


2017-12-11 03:30:10 UTC

Yeah, no fucking kidding.

2017-12-11 03:30:23 UTC

@Kombat-Unit some faggot I was talking to yesterday was so anti-alcohol that he went full circle into being pro-zog

2017-12-11 03:30:30 UTC

And it's always without fail some complete faggots who never do shit and have never had to deal with cops beyond a parking ticket.

2017-12-11 03:30:33 UTC


2017-12-11 03:30:37 UTC

He's literally a faggot

2017-12-11 03:30:47 UTC

I agree, they get wrongfully blamed for a good bit, but people must also realize, they are not on anyonesside but the ones who pay their check.

2017-12-11 03:30:49 UTC

Yeah, even in supposedly fascist discords I have had faggots tell me how SOME OF THEM SUPPORT US DONT COUNTERSIGNAL COPS

2017-12-11 03:31:46 UTC

Its like hello if they will burn down a compound filled with children what do you think they will do to you lol

2017-12-11 03:31:50 UTC

Cops are the greatest enemy of our movement as an extension of the System, nonwhites and reds are a non issue, without zogbots there'd be nothing to stop us from making them dangle from trees like christmas decorations.

2017-12-11 03:32:05 UTC

Zog dogs

2017-12-11 03:32:43 UTC

But dont say that because its Autism and you dont like clean water

2017-12-11 03:32:52 UTC

@Kombat-Unit is right

2017-12-11 03:32:55 UTC

Or something

2017-12-11 03:32:57 UTC

we need to turn our enemy against the system

2017-12-11 03:33:09 UTC

as they are not our friend and know we oppose their hiearchy

2017-12-11 03:34:06 UTC

Cops are the only consistently functional antifascist organization in the world.

2017-12-11 03:34:43 UTC

Was it Randy Weaver who they killed his wife while breast feeding his infant daughter

2017-12-11 03:34:47 UTC


2017-12-11 03:35:02 UTC

Yeah and splattered her brains on the baby, shot his kid too.

2017-12-11 03:35:04 UTC


2017-12-11 03:35:34 UTC

When some serious shit goes down, you won't see some BAMN faggots running around trying to stop us but the cops. And after DOTR, the few remains can be easily and systematically removed.

2017-12-11 03:36:09 UTC


2017-12-11 03:36:19 UTC

Blue Lives Splatter

2017-12-11 03:36:25 UTC


2017-12-11 03:36:41 UTC

Every time I get mad at zogbots I watch that video where we break that pig's arm and it never fails to improve my mood.

2017-12-11 03:37:06 UTC

It's almost porn.

2017-12-11 03:37:11 UTC

Oooo mind a link compadre

2017-12-11 03:38:14 UTC

It's even better because I was there behind that cop car.

2017-12-11 03:44:54 UTC


2017-12-11 03:45:05 UTC

That shield wall doe

2017-12-11 03:45:38 UTC

That pig's screams make my day.

2017-12-11 03:45:41 UTC

Muh Optics cucks reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'ing into a gundam space colony

2017-12-11 03:46:39 UTC

Oh and his cries as he was carried away ..... by a girl lol delicious

2017-12-11 03:47:29 UTC

😔 👌🏻

2017-12-11 03:47:44 UTC

Rape and sodomize any optic cuck countersignaling NRM-SWAT gear.

2017-12-11 03:49:27 UTC

Its so funny because burgers just fucking felate NRM optics

2017-12-11 03:49:38 UTC

Pigs had actually forbidden us from carrying defensive gear but they cucked out when we started handing them out, not giving a fuck.

2017-12-11 03:49:58 UTC

Because the alternative was rushing several hundred nazis, yeah, nah.

2017-12-11 03:50:11 UTC

Because of 1 rally with dress shirts lol

2017-12-11 03:50:49 UTC

Cops in the US are a little more how should i say............ muderious

2017-12-11 03:51:13 UTC

I have been in NRM three years and I have worn the uniform exactly three times. It's even banned in Finland, here we just use super scary all black.

2017-12-11 03:51:31 UTC

Oh No

2017-12-11 03:52:19 UTC

How can you tell the difference with you and Antifa its like impossible dur

2017-12-11 03:53:39 UTC

Cops will always do just what is easiest to them. This is something US nazis should really learn from EU ones and black block, surprisingly often just falling back into the crowd is enough to discourage cops from arresting you even if you had just fed some antifa the steel tip of your boot in broad daylight.

2017-12-11 03:54:04 UTC

^ truth

2017-12-11 03:54:05 UTC

Like you saw the shirt pic? There was a cop like 10 metres away, didn't do shit as the commie was screaming on the ground.

2017-12-11 03:54:42 UTC

No i didnt see it

2017-12-11 03:54:48 UTC

Oh? sec.

2017-12-11 03:55:04 UTC

Took this from a race traitor.

2017-12-11 03:55:20 UTC

Ooooh that yea i remember lol

2017-12-11 03:56:09 UTC

Pretty shitty pic as it was taken less than two minutes after the clash and taken on the movve I was still unsure what the cops are gonna do

2017-12-11 03:56:17 UTC


2017-12-11 03:56:24 UTC

What a fucking queer

2017-12-11 03:56:27 UTC

Btw, did you see the clip of the clash, that ws some enjoyable screaming as well

2017-12-11 03:56:45 UTC

Ryan braun is shit talking me and TWP.

2017-12-11 03:57:39 UTC

@Kombat-Unit No i actually didnt see the clash i say some of the march but and speeches then had to go to work

2017-12-11 03:57:42 UTC

@MACrusader https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGTl81XCSQc&feature=youtu.be&t=2h13m59s

Here's video of the antifa losing his shirt, some red bitch squeals like a pig in heat while the NRM guy keeps bantering the faggot on the ground.

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