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What's up everyone, some of you might know me formerly as **Patrick Bowlman**, had to change aliases after a doxxing. I'm good friends with Dillon in VA, and used to be one of his commanders. Heil @MatthewHeimbach


haha hey @Vice Commander Hunt , i think i know you from somewhere?

remember me!??!?!?!

I used to talk about Denny's and stuff

bowlcuts too i think

I used to crack my dick when I was young

and I fell asleep 2 out of past 4 nights with my face using SIEGE as a pillow

arizona is basically western ohio already

i like fevs i think he is nice

@Kombat-Unit is right

we need to turn our enemy against the system

as they are not our friend and know we oppose their hiearchy

Heimbowl on a stroll

Keep bowling

The real bowl cut comes from within

Bowlcuts for all


@Billy Ray Jenkins understands more about the jewess than almost anyone

a properly done sidepart undercut can be combed into a tactical bowlcut

buttseks and bullets

that's one of my old films i did in college

the thing i do with my boner while diving over the fenceline though

i charge crystals like mad

im cleaning everythign in my house today

fuckloads of crystals to clean

its a pain in the ass

Groom those who you want to be like you are

Continue traditions starting young

he'd turn it into a ricehouse

yeah anglin wouldn't survive the day of hte rope

he'd be hung by lunch time

anglin would get the rope

if we destroy the system

lets burn down the american flag too

fuck that flag and what its stood for if it has allowed things to get the way they are

the swastiska will fly

on the day of the bowl

anything else is cowardice

accelerate the collapse

yeah probably

read SIEGE

this is gay


You can take my foreskin, but you cant take my bowl

@Krieg whats the latest on Eli and IE

Eli is a big of a sociopath, he was a friend for a while, but i dont think he was up for the corruption in IE

is my guess

from not tlaking to people

and being out of the loop from being doxed and having hardly any intel sources anymore


@YUGE i still am one who thinks IE is dirty with their money

I'd get into a huge huge windstorm i'm not sure i can summon

i have resentment and information going back to IE since the beginning

but have tried to remain a full blown shitstormagainst them as they threatened me at one point

I know someone who was one of the main people who quit like a year ago because of Nathan pocketing money

asked me not to reveal himself but he was one of the main people

i cant remember where every part of california is

where oaksdale is right

oh modesto?

i won't say

he really wanted to leave IE and not have it come back to him

DM me on who you think

i've known tons of people who left so could be someone else

@Blitz ⚡ i know you like me




it's usually 90-120 min

Bowlsta I have a T H I C C one

I've never experienced what to me is a loose goose

i need to keep the hot thots away

i need to somehow manifest a decent looking respectable women

im just alt thot candy



who wants to fight me

im getting back on adderall soon since im too lazy and gonna be on psycho mode soon

my final .308 part came today but i have a 6 day delay due to stolen classified info

i agree

or get a savage

remington or savage gets my vote

screw armalites $3k rifle

you want a lapua you can make a cool one cheaper

just fucking buy a 5.56 before all this bro

you are in a city

standard engagement ranges

dont buy some sniper rifle if you dont even have something for close quarters

be deadly from 15m to 500m

yeah, if you have no rifle

get a 5.56 AR

yeah that's a good choice

just get the AR first

the market is SO flooded with cheap ones now

get one of quality while price is down

you don't have to be like me, just get a fucking AR first

then get your AK, then build your custom .308 AR

I've seen AR's i'd buy in the $500s with features that wouldnt turn me off

@Sir88 I'd avoid Yugo

no chrome line bore

more accuracy but a lot more maintenance and corrosion

there are so many good 9s

and with Yugos, parts are not as easy to get

just get stuff that you can throw a bolt in from another one and it will work

@Sir88 is this your first pistol purchase?

then dont buy that gun

go try out, rent, shoot a lot first

yeah, a polymer striker fire is good

its what id get first pistol

yeah the new polymer striker sigs are cool

and dont rule out FNS

they are my prefered

and CZ has some new polymer striker fire thats a glock killer too

fuck .40

too much snap to get 2-3 shots right on target

a .45 is like 5 or 6 on my list of guns maybe earlier

i always am planning more weapons to buy

just get a polymer striker fired pistol that has good reviews and stuff for your first pistol, and that you like

there's like 30 choices for good options

its because he's a fagggot

kleves hipster tattoos

get a P229

for IDK its too big

you dont strike me as a huge guy able to conceal

plus the magazine law will make a gun that big stupid to carry in your state

this is my EDC

its to me a better glock

glocks are overrated

cut the price $200 and they are on par

oh watever

its not helping us talk sense into gesta

like honestly man

get a 5.56 AR first

its gonna cost you as much as a glock 19

in combat we always were taught to fight to our rifle

get a pistol after

my M249 killed more afghans than i know

i know

ill shoot down any stupid ideas

the rule is just to listen to me

and you wont fuck up

which one


kills great

you want semi auto fire

you can get that for less than $600 for a decent platform now

.308 is expensive to shoot

and to get a semi auto one you're gonna spend over $1k to get one thats good

no, don't get a 5.45 AK

ammo is more expensive, and more scarce


just get a 7.62x39 AK

im JUST SAYING, the AR market is cheap AF right now

and THATS what i'd buy

why build some expensive AR pistol when you cant even figure out other guns you want

good luck on 500 yds with a 10 in barrel without a stock

regardless caliber

yeah with the braces you can do coolshit

i might get a 6.5 creedmore upper later for my .308 AR or something

but also want a 1000m bolt action rifle

the funny thing is i only have one pistol right now

but rifles is about all i care about

i should pick up another pistol soon tbh

im debating sticking to all 9mm for ammo sake, since i already have 3 different rifle rounds, but a 45 sounds cool

i miss my FNX45

i don't mind them

i just know i can kill as well with a 9mm

i just kinda want one again...

me too its fun

i wouldnt get a 1911 tho, its way down the line of stuff i want.

i dont mind them

bowlsta, 45 was my EDC gun for a long time

subcompact 10+1 .45

but if i get a .45 again, im going for some sort double stack, maybe full size

@Sir88 lol dont go down that road

@YUGE a lot of money for a pistol for me

but i like them

dont open carry

its stupid

I know....sigs are my fav

its why i like FNs, they are like the cheaper ones

glocks are

they need to come down $200

i shoot them well

i just wont pay for them

want a glock? kinda like sigs?

get an FNS

comes with night sites

high capacity

will. not. fuck. up.

nice trigger too

its on my top 5 of striker polymer pistols

i carry the full sized steel slide 9mm everywhere

my holster lets my hide it, alien gear rules

@YUGE work buying one

you want a subcompact, a shield is one of the first id suggest of random brands

S and W are worth buying

thats my point

stupid question

go to run ranges

figure out what has snags you dont like

everything you do or dont like

buy something you are like "FUCK YEAH" to have

i know

im refuseing to

i wont give one

anyone who would would be ignorant

you need to find what works best for you

dont make me me get aggro and smart

i wouldn't either

i wouldn't go 380

but a a SW shield is an AWESOME pocket pistol

@YUGE the full sized FNS9 is the size of the glock 19 almost so i just carry that

single stack


in .380 too i think

Glock, Sig, S&W, FN (my fav), Canik TP9 (those turkish glock killers are fucking good), and a CZ P10

thats my short list that you need to dig into brands for for a astarter 9mm pistol

dont ask me any more about htem

you most find what you like

just to have lemmings die

@TheBowlFather who makes that AR you got

or did you build it, it seemed to my liking from the pic i remmember

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