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Krieg 2017-12-09 15:19:12 [tradworker #tradworker]

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:20:45 [tradworker #tradworker]

The cop has already been fired for "unrelated dissapointing performance" if my sources aren't full of shit

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:22:23 [tradworker #tradworker]

my favorite part about it is that the video wasn't released until after the trial

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:22:26 [tradworker #tradworker]

the jury never saw it

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:24:47 [tradworker #tradworker]

A dozen wacos would do us some good. the more people who hate the system the better

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:24:56 [tradworker #tradworker]

pragmatically speaking

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:26:27 [tradworker #tradworker]

Not true at all

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:26:59 [tradworker #tradworker]

I'm not saying that though

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:28:27 [tradworker #tradworker]

Waco and RR weren't nazis one was a christianesque cult and the other was a weird libertarian and his family.

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:28:54 [tradworker #tradworker]

But it convinced a nazi to scare the government

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:29:51 [tradworker #tradworker]

I haven't made my point exactly

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:31:08 [tradworker #tradworker]

Not that I can find

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:31:14 [tradworker #tradworker]

he's not even dead

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:31:22 [tradworker #tradworker]

find him and ask him yourself

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:32:51 [tradworker #tradworker]


Krieg 2017-12-09 16:32:51 [tradworker #tradworker]


Krieg 2017-12-09 16:33:18 [tradworker #tradworker]

I thought he was just some fundamentalist weirdo with libertarian ideas

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:34:41 [tradworker #tradworker]

>Everyone dies except the actual nazi

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:35:34 [tradworker #tradworker]

He also killed a federal agent and got paid 380,000 dollars for it so who's the real winner

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:36:24 [tradworker #tradworker]

honestly yeah

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:37:08 [tradworker #tradworker]

I don't care what position of power you think you have if you shoot a man's dog he is entirely justified in aerating you

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:45:47 [tradworker #tradworker]

People don't understand there's a difference between a nation and a state. That's the one that blows my mind the most.

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:48:23 [tradworker #tradworker]

I don't like the term great satan for the simple fact that it sounds silly like you know the person who came up with it isn't a native english speaker

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:48:48 [tradworker #tradworker]

It's like saying "hitting him about the face"

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:48:58 [tradworker #tradworker]

Like yeah I know what you're talking about but it sounds silly

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:49:56 [tradworker #tradworker]

American Futurism now

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:52:22 [tradworker #tradworker]

@Vice Commander Hunt What's this one like does it go pretty in depth about it because I have friends who need to learn about AF and refuse to read the IM backups for it

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:54:47 [tradworker #tradworker]

Alright cool

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:56:28 [tradworker #tradworker]

I don't understand why Anglin is talking about AF

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:56:34 [tradworker #tradworker]

but eveything with Natt in it is good

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:56:38 [tradworker #tradworker]

and Zeiger knows his shit

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:57:21 [tradworker #tradworker]

Oh so he wasn't full retard at the time of recording

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:57:24 [tradworker #tradworker]

fair enough

Krieg 2017-12-09 16:57:43 [tradworker #tradworker]


Krieg 2017-12-09 16:59:51 [tradworker #tradworker]

I honestly don't like Anglin

Krieg 2017-12-09 17:00:03 [tradworker #tradworker]

he used to be -okay- but not good

Krieg 2017-12-09 17:00:10 [tradworker #tradworker]

now he says stupid shit that makes no sense

Krieg 2017-12-09 17:00:20 [tradworker #tradworker]

"I'm Esoteric Hitlerist but not national socialist"

Krieg 2017-12-09 17:02:15 [tradworker #tradworker]

If you don't give your firstborn child three middle names of "Hitler Rockwell Pierce" you're a cuck

Krieg 2017-12-09 17:02:38 [tradworker #tradworker]

Your secon child's middle name should be mason

Krieg 2017-12-09 17:06:03 [tradworker #tradworker]

@Kombat-Unit#0484 just name him gook

Krieg 2017-12-09 17:06:40 [tradworker #tradworker]

why cant I tag you

Krieg 2017-12-09 17:06:53 [tradworker #tradworker]


Krieg 2017-12-11 01:54:09 [tradworker #tradworker]

Windows 7 is imo the best itteration of windows so far but I still use W10

Krieg 2017-12-11 02:14:56 [tradworker #tradworker]

You have to put it down near that cat while it's not looking

Krieg 2017-12-11 02:30:02 [tradworker #tradworker]

anyhing more cooked than medium is boot leather and <:gas:349472519603879937> awaits you in your future if you like it

Krieg 2017-12-11 02:31:50 [tradworker #tradworker]

I don't like blue rare because it's not hot enough so you don't get the full experience

Krieg 2017-12-11 02:32:16 [tradworker #tradworker]

i don't like anything over medium because it doesn't have any flavor and it's too hot

Krieg 2017-12-11 02:34:40 [tradworker #tradworker]

Rare/medium rare is the perfect steak range

Only "Torah Christians" forbid rare steaks

Krieg 2017-12-11 22:11:24 [tradworker #tradworker]

I hope ya'll make enough money to eat again for many years to come<:heimbowlstroll:388542976269221888>

Krieg 2017-12-12 05:53:57 [tradworker #tradworker]

read siege

Krieg 2017-12-12 06:54:12 [tradworker #tradworker]

That audiobook is terrible

Krieg 2017-12-12 06:54:41 [tradworker #tradworker]

The quality isn't bad but he stops every five minutes to interject

Krieg 2017-12-12 06:54:48 [tradworker #tradworker]

you're better off reading it yourself

Krieg 2017-12-12 06:55:32 [tradworker #tradworker]

Fascist literature always has this problem

Krieg 2017-12-12 06:55:44 [tradworker #tradworker]

either the person reading it sucks at reading it or it's read by a robot

Krieg 2017-12-12 07:00:57 [tradworker #tradworker]

The only audiobook I've ever found is the Linder one and it's a bad reading. Like I said you're better off reading it on your own

Krieg 2017-12-13 04:10:00 [tradworker #tradworker]

@Mike_The_Monsta Making games about traditional european ages and being historically accurate with it is super subtle

Krieg 2017-12-14 00:10:02 [tradworker #tradworker]

Reminder that the entire argument never had to happen

Krieg 2017-12-14 00:10:19 [tradworker #tradworker]

Reminder that it was all Noseby starting shit with people everyone knows are really opinionated

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