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2017-12-02 01:52:58 UTC

We just want White Israel, brah. Pls no bully.

2017-12-02 01:53:05 UTC

Travel is cool.

2017-12-02 01:53:08 UTC

Return home.

2017-12-02 01:53:13 UTC

Hopping from state to state engaging in nazi shenanigans and pranks.

2017-12-02 01:53:17 UTC

live life the Slavros way

2017-12-02 01:53:24 UTC


2017-12-02 01:53:40 UTC

plane tickets to tel aviv are expensive though

2017-12-02 01:53:57 UTC



2017-12-02 01:54:27 UTC

tbh I'd like to live a simple life, in maybe the countryside.

2017-12-02 01:54:44 UTC

Every AgrARYAN would.

2017-12-02 01:54:58 UTC

That's peace. You can go do stuff. But have roots.

2017-12-02 01:55:14 UTC

Victory Garden Nationalism.

2017-12-02 01:55:53 UTC

We need a white wife/big tiddy goth GF cooking show NOW.

2017-12-02 01:56:03 UTC

TWP needs expansive media.

2017-12-02 01:56:07 UTC


2017-12-02 01:56:35 UTC


2017-12-02 01:56:39 UTC


2017-12-02 01:56:45 UTC


2017-12-02 01:56:48 UTC

TWP needs to have a youtube channel with videos like that one dude who builds huts in the woods

2017-12-02 01:56:51 UTC


2017-12-02 01:57:08 UTC


2017-12-02 01:57:18 UTC

one truth in life

2017-12-02 01:57:21 UTC


2017-12-02 01:57:21 UTC


2017-12-02 01:58:12 UTC

You guys remember a few years ago there was a ton of those "nazi kuche" cooking shows? We need them back.

2017-12-02 01:58:22 UTC


2017-12-02 01:58:36 UTC

Also rip crablord's response video to that

2017-12-02 01:58:42 UTC

Blonde Buttermaker. On Red Ice.

2017-12-02 01:58:47 UTC

Has the right idea.

2017-12-02 01:59:00 UTC

Whomst else drinking.

2017-12-02 01:59:00 UTC

I will never know how to make bear meat again @Kombat-Unit

2017-12-02 01:59:05 UTC


2017-12-02 01:59:10 UTC


2017-12-02 01:59:29 UTC

the virgin vegan meal vs the chad fascist bear meat sandwich

2017-12-02 01:59:33 UTC

Any TradCabbage/russian vodka nationalism tonight?

2017-12-02 01:59:41 UTC

We actually had a few cooking shows, one by SxE NRM vegan nazis, and other one by one NS cloth shop who did a parody of balaclava kuche and baked a cake or something dressed in Klan robes, howled IRL.

2017-12-02 02:00:03 UTC

That was good shit. Germans. Forever a faithful vanguard.

2017-12-02 02:00:14 UTC

A few at least. All you need.

2017-12-02 02:00:37 UTC

Heil Hitler muddafucca.

2017-12-02 02:03:11 UTC

@BootParty18 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zF8YkXDpm8

Ferus Finnum parody, potato mirror tho. I need to subtitle this shit one day.

2017-12-02 02:04:29 UTC

Btw Idk if we got most of his vids but I managed to save like 2 short ones.

Thanks dude

2017-12-02 02:05:38 UTC

Lmao what is going on haha

2017-12-02 02:07:08 UTC

Tfw no big toddy goth wife

2017-12-02 02:07:14 UTC

Btw what crabvideos are we missing?

2017-12-02 02:07:59 UTC


2017-12-02 02:30:22 UTC

No wonder the Germans lost.

2017-12-02 02:30:29 UTC

They got nothing on these dance moces.

2017-12-02 02:30:35 UTC


2017-12-02 02:31:15 UTC


2017-12-02 02:57:38 UTC

@Major (AL) oh shit, klan bro got fucked up? He gave me his card back @ pikeville


2017-12-02 03:00:36 UTC

"Family, Folk, and Faith" 🤔

2017-12-02 03:01:09 UTC

9 charges of Odinism @Vice Commander Hunt

2017-12-02 03:04:53 UTC


2017-12-02 03:08:21 UTC

Excuse me while I have a minor anyeurism


2017-12-02 03:12:01 UTC

@Vice Commander Hunt tfw- I'm literally 'klan bro' , now Major of the Parties Alabama battallion speaking about myself in third person lol

2017-12-02 03:14:03 UTC

@The Inquisitor [☧] The cancer I got from 8chan , finally in remission, has now returned from viewing that meme.

2017-12-02 03:15:22 UTC


2017-12-02 03:41:55 UTC

Is there any way to make non steel toe boots steel toe

2017-12-02 03:42:19 UTC

Without adding an obvious gay cap to the front

2017-12-02 03:44:29 UTC

Why not just get steel toe boots?

2017-12-02 03:44:49 UTC

Too expensive

2017-12-02 03:46:01 UTC

Ive never heard of aftermarket steel toe inserts unfortunately

2017-12-02 03:47:07 UTC

If its for a job u can always get some cheap wal mart steel toe boots till u can save for something better

2017-12-02 03:47:11 UTC

I ordered brand new jungle boots with steel toe/steel shank and there was no extra charge, somehow

2017-12-02 03:47:25 UTC

I've had a cheap pair of steel toed boots last me a year of mechanic work

2017-12-02 03:47:29 UTC

Only spent 40 bucks

2017-12-02 03:48:27 UTC

You can also go all out and have metatarsal boots

2017-12-02 03:48:35 UTC

Plate armor for your feet

2017-12-02 03:48:54 UTC

Those are popular at the steel mill around here

2017-12-02 03:50:31 UTC

The virgin steeltoe vs the chad plastic bag

2017-12-02 03:56:27 UTC


2017-12-02 03:59:27 UTC


2017-12-02 04:01:42 UTC

traditionalist workers party

2017-12-02 04:01:43 UTC


2017-12-02 04:01:44 UTC


2017-12-02 04:02:26 UTC

really jogs one's noggin

2017-12-02 04:03:03 UTC

It's 10PM here nibba

2017-12-02 04:03:07 UTC

I get up at 5 every day kamerad
Also it is 11pm for me

2017-12-02 04:03:21 UTC

ok forgot youre not europoors. DELETING my last message

2017-12-02 04:10:49 UTC

What about that other thing in South Africa? 🤔

2017-12-02 04:15:41 UTC

>literally pozzed muppet

2017-12-02 04:16:28 UTC

In the current year, Strasserism is just a smearword for "redpilled" alt-right bourgeoisie to use to attack anticapitalist proletarians

2017-12-02 04:22:09 UTC

That's a good way to put it

2017-12-02 04:24:05 UTC

Aids muppets

2017-12-02 04:24:44 UTC

looks mudshark-y too, now I think of it

2017-12-02 04:25:01 UTC

Holy shit. You're right

2017-12-02 04:28:54 UTC

@The Inquisitor [☧] You're not wrong, but part of me still has capitalist sympathies just because it makes reddit mad.

2017-12-02 04:29:21 UTC

I mean, I would normally support nat nootrality, but reddit being for it is enough for me to support the FCC instead

2017-12-02 04:29:43 UTC

None of it matters if you don't use the internet.

2017-12-02 04:30:15 UTC

But you're using it too

2017-12-02 04:30:45 UTC

Not as often as most. Plus eventually I'm not going to be using it

2017-12-02 04:31:14 UTC

Eventually everyone has to make the switch.

2017-12-02 04:31:53 UTC

I still think net neutrality is a good thing for us

2017-12-02 04:32:13 UTC

Yeah Google and Reddit like it, but it's still good

2017-12-02 04:32:50 UTC

Less internet, more agriculture.

2017-12-02 04:33:48 UTC

We have enough hurdles in reaching our audience, if NN is repealed them ISPs will be allowed to just block is from their customers. Another difficult layer of censorship to deal with

2017-12-02 04:35:18 UTC

@Hadrian but if NN is gone much of reddit won't have access to my imageboard

2017-12-02 04:35:29 UTC

poorfags gtfo of the chans

2017-12-02 04:40:43 UTC

Literally nobody has put forward any reason that repealing this specific regulation would do something good for our movement

2017-12-02 04:41:30 UTC

Only general grumbling about regulations as a whole, and distrust of Google

2017-12-02 04:47:14 UTC

Spic Fuentes mentioned last night's friendly visit

2017-12-02 04:47:28 UTC


2017-12-02 04:48:00 UTC

Pathetic. We must have really hurt that soy boys feelings.

2017-12-02 04:49:49 UTC

I tried listening to find it, but his faggot ass mug staring at me to the tune of nigger music was too much to bear.

2017-12-02 04:51:59 UTC

Go to the timestamp, nibba

2017-12-02 04:52:03 UTC


2017-12-02 04:52:32 UTC

Will do. Larping as an 80s talk show host looking ass neocon

2017-12-02 04:52:36 UTC

Smh lol

2017-12-02 04:52:53 UTC

I should do something like that, but wearing a skull balaclava and talking about SIEGE nonstop

2017-12-02 04:56:11 UTC

James Mason truly made you in His image , my child.

2017-12-02 04:56:50 UTC

The Trinity: James Mason, Charles Manson, and LeVay

2017-12-02 04:59:53 UTC

^^^ This

2017-12-02 05:01:06 UTC

LeVay is a kike

2017-12-02 05:01:07 UTC


2017-12-02 05:01:31 UTC

Damned if Spic Fuentes don't think he's pretty AND likes to hear himself talk hahahaha jeeeesus

2017-12-02 05:02:33 UTC


2017-12-02 05:03:33 UTC

"I do six hours of talking to a microphone a week. What have you done for the movement , which by the way is actually a business"

2017-12-02 05:04:40 UTC


2017-12-02 05:06:39 UTC

A hundred bucks that Heimbach could knock Spic Fuentes' ass out in less than a minute.

2017-12-02 05:09:52 UTC

NatSoc wins

*Flawless Victory*

2017-12-02 05:11:07 UTC


2017-12-02 05:11:54 UTC

Ha! Let us know when you get a reply

2017-12-02 05:20:48 UTC


2017-12-02 05:21:17 UTC

Omfg lol

2017-12-02 05:25:03 UTC

i only ever heard of nick fuentes when he was on red ice

2017-12-02 05:25:06 UTC

never watched his show

2017-12-02 05:25:27 UTC

seemed like a reasonable guy just very energized cuckservative i always thought

2017-12-02 05:26:22 UTC


2017-12-02 05:27:45 UTC

We need a James Mason reaction

2017-12-02 05:40:44 UTC

Btw, thanks to whoever suggested reading The Brigade. It's hands down the authors best book. I first started reading his books with Dreaming the Iron Dream, then stopped for a while because of all the 1.0 tier slander against Dr. Duke ,Pastor Butler and Dr. Pierce

2017-12-02 06:12:34 UTC

We should get another channel for writing campaigns <@&274905555318079488>

2017-12-02 06:16:22 UTC


2017-12-02 06:16:54 UTC

Hail Syria, Hail Assad, Hail Iran lol

2017-12-02 06:17:36 UTC

Hail hezbollah!

2017-12-02 06:19:05 UTC


2017-12-02 06:19:54 UTC


2017-12-02 06:20:39 UTC

In reponse to the first article on their website


2017-12-02 06:22:01 UTC

Great work brother

2017-12-02 06:25:14 UTC

Lot of people coming by when we did it. Fed up on the spacing, cuz we were dealing with that.

Gonna hit it again this week with "it's ok to be white".

2017-12-02 06:26:17 UTC

Wtf even is that

2017-12-02 06:26:28 UTC

Some rock they let students draw on

2017-12-02 06:26:28 UTC


2017-12-02 06:26:37 UTC

100% legal

2017-12-02 06:27:30 UTC

It's a huge rock, called "The Rock" at UT. Anyone can paint it, at any time.

2017-12-02 06:29:11 UTC

Most people think it is only for students, but we found an obscure bylaw that states it is open to the public...woulda been hitting it a lot more, in the past, had we known.

2017-12-02 06:30:05 UTC

Good on you man. Sure to get some press

2017-12-02 06:30:22 UTC

What does it say in the middle tho?

2017-12-02 06:30:30 UTC

Brown needs help?

2017-12-02 06:30:41 UTC

Or hell

2017-12-02 06:31:57 UTC

"Brown needs help"

Refering to the bearded sjw tranny on UT's front page.

2017-12-02 06:32:41 UTC

The rules, regarding painting on the rock, stipulate that u can't be hash on it...

2017-12-02 06:36:06 UTC


2017-12-02 06:36:37 UTC


2017-12-02 06:38:14 UTC

We will make it prettier next time. A lot of people were distracting.

2017-12-02 06:42:23 UTC


2017-12-02 06:43:44 UTC


2017-12-02 06:43:56 UTC


2017-12-02 06:44:09 UTC


2017-12-02 06:51:13 UTC


2017-12-02 06:51:14 UTC


2017-12-02 07:10:56 UTC

Are dues on hold at the moment?

2017-12-02 07:19:52 UTC


2017-12-02 07:28:26 UTC


2017-12-02 07:34:50 UTC

@here yall should have come over to my house with @Vice Commander Hunt to read SIEGE tonight.


2017-12-02 07:36:48 UTC


2017-12-02 07:38:45 UTC

@AltCelt(IL) who is hosting that new years

2017-12-02 07:44:03 UTC

is @Vice Commander Hunt Coming to the meet tomorrow?

2017-12-02 07:44:07 UTC
2017-12-02 07:44:27 UTC

@Fevs <:hellyeah:374715727833464836>


2017-12-02 07:45:30 UTC

Yeah, I just gotta see how long I'm legally required to be in cbus

2017-12-02 07:46:18 UTC

Real SIEGE hours


2017-12-02 07:46:38 UTC


2017-12-02 07:52:24 UTC

@ghostofthevolk myself at a close buddy's house in a nice rural part of IL. I held my Black Sun celebration there.

Open season for target practice also. Hes a Libertarian dude but sympathetic to certain extents and would like to have us. Nice and secluded place.

2017-12-02 07:53:09 UTC

@AltCelt(IL) hope thats not to far away as im broke as all hell right now

2017-12-02 07:53:10 UTC

Trying to get some buzz and interest going for now

2017-12-02 07:53:27 UTC

What area are you in?

2017-12-02 07:53:33 UTC

It is in Feb, after all lol

2017-12-02 07:53:40 UTC

Months to plan

2017-12-02 07:53:42 UTC

south dakota

2017-12-02 07:56:05 UTC

if its more northern IL Ill think about trying to join and car pooling up with a friend possibly

2017-12-02 07:56:15 UTC

Its the Bloomington area of IL, without giving the actual town away for now lol

2017-12-02 07:56:27 UTC


2017-12-02 08:04:44 UTC

Baste Libertarian

2017-12-02 08:04:58 UTC

I think a sizeable amount of us came from Libertarian backgrounds tbh

2017-12-02 08:05:51 UTC

Ur wrong fagbag

2017-12-02 08:05:53 UTC

He tends to be the dissonant kind but i think deep down he gets it. More of a privileged background but real good guy and my pal lol

2017-12-02 08:06:11 UTC

Actually jk I did come from a lolbertarian background too.

2017-12-02 08:07:01 UTC

Yea I honestly never got a handle on Libertarianism until I fell back into being full-fledged Nazi again. Pretty much always been this way, in one fashion or another

2017-12-02 08:07:06 UTC


2017-12-02 08:07:54 UTC

Too much of a want for Law and Order to be Lolbertarian

2017-12-02 08:08:10 UTC

I was honestly more siegepilled as a libertarian than during the election

2017-12-02 08:08:13 UTC

Rip me

2017-12-02 08:08:16 UTC

Back in highschool a guy named Dale Craft gave me a pamphlet on Libertarianism and I was sold up until 2010 lol

2017-12-02 08:08:50 UTC

I was given World Church of Creativity material at 16 lol

2017-12-02 08:08:51 UTC

Some of yall may even know him. He tried to stay relevant til the end of the election.

2017-12-02 08:13:24 UTC

Military/Conservative/sorta Libertarian Dad and a Socialist, anti-Israel gramps... In some weird way that threw me in a meat-grinder and what came out was a NatSoc lol the material just pushed me in the specific direction

2017-12-02 08:13:26 UTC

Ron Paul was unironically the first redpill for me

2017-12-02 08:13:32 UTC

Exposing the (((Fed)))

2017-12-02 08:16:04 UTC


2017-12-02 08:22:25 UTC


2017-12-02 08:22:27 UTC


2017-12-02 08:22:28 UTC


2017-12-02 08:22:58 UTC

Bernanke was the first person that made me real (((they))) are always behind it

2017-12-02 09:00:10 UTC

A report by an independent commission on cville came out and said that the virginia state police pushed us in to the counter protesters

2017-12-02 09:00:55 UTC

" Lieutenant Hatter described the dispersal of Emancipation Park on August 12 as the “most messed up thing I ever saw.” Hatter noted that the Alt-Right demonstrators were screaming at the VSP and CPD officers as the mobile field force pushed from the rear of Emancipation Park, commenting that “you are pushing us right into the crowd.” Hatter agreed with this assessment, noting that the effort was “causing confrontations and pushing [the Alt-Right] right into their enemies.” Lieutenant Mooney similarly told us that several of the Alt-Right demonstrators complained to him that the dispersal order “is pushing us right into our enemies.”"
" As the VSP field force pushed the crowd south onto Market Street, it forced the demonstrators into the angry crowd of counter-protesters.

2017-12-02 09:48:24 UTC

I heard this on national new on the radio as I was heading to the store.

2017-12-02 09:59:39 UTC

The rock at UT Campus

2017-12-02 09:59:52 UTC

Prepare for an onslaught of damage control in the face of their humiliation. Things are gona get bad.

2017-12-02 09:59:52 UTC




2017-12-02 14:57:36 UTC

In just a few hours, the Alabama TradGoyim are going to make Tim Wise and pals kvetch. Stay tuned

2017-12-02 15:17:58 UTC


2017-12-02 15:26:14 UTC


2017-12-02 15:27:01 UTC

Nice work @tom_p

2017-12-02 15:30:36 UTC
2017-12-02 15:30:45 UTC

That rock looks much better now

2017-12-02 16:03:54 UTC

John mosby is a man among men.

2017-12-02 16:03:57 UTC


2017-12-02 16:04:24 UTC

^ Troof

2017-12-02 16:14:25 UTC

I have a #BasedLesbian that believes in White Genocide that wants to join.

2017-12-02 16:14:43 UTC

<:hitlerdab:374715737799131146> <:hitlerdab:374715737799131146> <:hitlerdab:374715737799131146>

2017-12-02 16:17:15 UTC

Only if she gets the turkey baster as a requisite

2017-12-02 16:18:58 UTC

so you be sayin' we accept baste lesbians?

2017-12-02 16:20:28 UTC


2017-12-02 16:20:55 UTC

TWP needs some #Diversity

2017-12-02 16:27:34 UTC

What, more Irish?

2017-12-02 16:27:56 UTC

TWP so white

2017-12-02 16:42:59 UTC


2017-12-02 16:45:05 UTC

How are we an ORG if we have no #BasedNigresses

2017-12-02 17:30:34 UTC

Two types of right-wingers


2017-12-02 18:39:23 UTC

@Hadrian did you see the author of that?

2017-12-02 18:46:21 UTC


2017-12-02 19:34:56 UTC

shit, and I just picked up a shift Monday

2017-12-02 19:57:36 UTC

Does somebody have the Heimbach gas chamber template?

2017-12-02 19:57:43 UTC

I foresee great things

2017-12-02 20:01:19 UTC

!!! FLASH DEMO IN D.C. !!! Enoch and Spencer will lead. Lafayette Square 2pm this Sunday 12/03/17. Organize carpools. MOBILIZE! Tell everyone you can to get ready. Kate Steinle DID NOT die in vain.

Bring signs of blue checkmarks celebrating this as an “immigration win”, the quote of Kates last words, and American flags. We are keeping this non-group affiliated entirely since this is for Kate and isn’t a PR move for any of our groups right now. Normie whites and right wingers are pissed over this and we want to show that there are right wing activists who care about this.

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