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Wow good list

Read siege

Its bretty good

MK is best

Whats the book about

My wife just took after my beliefs

I didnt try and redpill her it just naturally happened

You just now saw

Today has been a good day for national socialism


Good job TWP from Atomwaffen

Heard yall were on the frontlines

One of our initiates was there and got some commie blood on his flag

Does someone keep kicking me ๐Ÿค”

Do i really have to take a picture of my wrist

Whatโ€™s worse is the TRS death panel continually attempted to defend Ghoul and deny all the allegations made as more evidence came out

And the one time they had Ghoul back on the show not a word was said about it all

Honestly not surprised he hangs out with far leftists now

Hey guys

Hello Redds


Sounds like the perfect place for me

Iโ€™m actually anarchoprimitive

The fuck

Praise kek

James Futurist

I think my biggest motivation is securing Total Aryan Victory for the future whether I live to see it or not

Some ethnic Europeans are higher than others imo

Meds being inferior to Nords, etc.

DNA and origins tracing back to indo Aryan Blood

Just because you have white skin doesnโ€™t mean shit

Iranians have white skin so does Assad

To an extent

We wuz Hyperboreanz

Pery the only people who use the term white in such a broad sense is Burgers

Was that perry guy banned

Oh no heโ€™s still here

Itโ€™s been forever since I actually talked to a civnat

Do yโ€™all want to see the new AWD uniforms?

Im not a goy either

Not some brainless cow

Goyim are not National Socialists. - James Mason

Well I mean

It isnโ€™t just a few subjects

The JQ is a huge subject

It is the main thing that will make or break you

I agree he needs to be gassed.

I donโ€™t care for his positions neither should you:

@Chunk Yogurt are you an American nationalist

I swear

I think civ nats are more retarded than antifa at this point

@Chunk Yogurt begum American Futurist

Antifa just needs lessons from their brethren overseas

Whatever happened to the reds throwing Molotovs and shit

I have an easier time talking to a red than a conservative

If they start throwing Molotovs

Like tomassi said

Sieze the time


Boomer memes


Heโ€™ll yeah brothers

Some skins have hair


^ basically

Thanks Huff


I love TWP because TWP is attempting to gather/save as many salvageable people of America within the sinking ship while AWD intends to sink the ship through the drop out and agitate method.

โ€œWe donโ€™t intend to rock the boat, we intend to SINK IT.โ€ - James Mason

Yeah Redds you look fat as fuck

No one is a satanist

He probably has a bad case of ptsd


The VA is shit Iโ€™m trying to get at least 80% when I get out

I saw this guys profile and watched some of his videos ptsd was the first thing that came to my mind

A cry for attention

I have that same Hitler banner @fassel

@Arcturus No one in AWD stabbed any nigger

Thatโ€™s the way AWD sees TWP regarding National Socialism. AWD intends to sink the boat while TWP is entirely focused on saving whatโ€™s left of our people from the sinking ship.

I personally donโ€™t forsake white outreach. I help out white homeless people as much as I can.

The reason why SIEGE is good is because he is very honest and truthful. Mason tells it like it is. Itโ€™s an evaluation of failures within the movement. What works what doesnโ€™t work what can work.

Itโ€™s very practical too.

Itโ€™s a book of wisdom that is meant to be applied and lived out.

That and WLP basically saved Mason.

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